Todd Bowles Lauds YaYa Diaby

November 20th, 2023

Gets love from coach, not snaps.

Mixed messages seeped from the bowels of Levi’s Stadium last night.

Maybe a bit irrationally, Joe is hung up why rookie outside linebacker YaYa Diaby, a guy Bucs coach Todd Bowles has said earned more snaps (along with fellow rookie Markees Watts) was pulled off the field from late in the second quarter until the fourth quarter (by Joe’s estimation) after getting a sack yesterday against the 49ers).

It was a crucial part of the game and with San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy putting up numbers that hasn’t been seen in Northern California by a 49ers quarterback since the great Joe Montana ruled the land, why not get your better pass rushers in the game?

Sadly, Joe Tryon-Shoyinka is not one of them.

Joe asked Bowles this and Bowles said the reason for Diaby rotting on the sideline is that he is in a rotation. Joe can only guess this means Diaby had a preset number of snaps/drives that he was allotted and no matter how the game turned out, short of an injury, the Bucs were not going to budge from that predetermined snaps/drives.

So a few moments later Bowles was asked again about Diaby, who got his second sack of the game when he returned. Imagine that. Bowles’ response was a bit odd considering Diaby was pulled for a good chunk of the game.

“We play him a lot,” Bowles said of the rookie from Louisville. “We play all those guys a lot and we rotate depending on what we see.

“Obviously he is a very good football player and he is coming on like gangbusters and it’s hard to keep him off the field and he’s getting more and more time.”

Something really doesn’t add up here. So the coaches couldn’t see JTS was doing his weekly vanishing act? The coaches like Diaby so much they kept him off the field for roughly 17 minutes?

It’s almost beginning to sound as if some of the defensive coaches don’t trust rookie outside linebackers unless they are first-round draft picks and have no choice but to start them.

Diaby logged 21 snaps yesterday and got two sacks, two quarterback hits and four tackles.

In his last 334 snaps, JTS has one sack, one quarterback hit and 19 tackles. But Diaby can’t get on the field more? C’mon man.

Markees Watts, who the Bucs talked up last week like he was Micah Parsons, had a grand total of three snaps yesterday.

In his first game one week ago, Watts had a key quarterback hit (which caused a pick) and a strong effort tackle. Nothing like following up an encouraging debut chained to a bench.

Hope to take advantage of momentum? Nah!

44 Responses to “Todd Bowles Lauds YaYa Diaby”

  1. #99 the big fella Says:

    Coaching malpractice!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe can call it Levi Stadium….(presume not getting paid for it) but fails to name Raymond James Stadium…….just sayin’

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    The articles title should read, Todd Bowles already has his bags packed..

  4. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Because Bowles sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    “Diaby logged 21 snaps yesterday and got two sacks, two quarterback hits and four tackles.

    In his last 334 snaps, JTS has one sack, one quarterback hit and 19 tackles. But Diaby can’t get on the field more? C’mon man.“


    This should and will get you fired! Don’t play your best players – just really dumb! Set rotations for the sake of rotating is just dumb! This guys aren’t old or tired. What is old and tired is this coaching malpractice!!

  6. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    You want to keep seeing if JTS can make an impact, play him in mop up time ONLY! JTS played the 3rd quarter, and that just happens to be the only quarter we got boat raced. Hmmmm. Dumb and stubborn!

  7. Pewter Power Says:

    I don’t think Bowles will keep his job. Jason Licht just had to go along with BA but he gets a pass for it. Licht is crazy about his draft picks, Bowles should have benched JTS by now. He doesn’t know how to adapt. He must be getting his advice from lovie smith in the offseason

  8. Jerseybuc Says:

    I’ll keep saying it. Just a few more weeks of coach radio. God he’s terrible

  9. rrsrq Says:

    I am convinced the Bucs probably could have gotten more out of Jose Ramirez, the late round draft pick than what they are getting presently from some of our more seasoned pass rushers, did Watts play yesterday (oh 3 whole snaps) when the QB had a perfect passer rating.

  10. DS Says:

    Clean house with the coaching regime keep Licht even tho he can’t draft edge rushers

  11. Statguy Says:

    Rather see one of the Joes Try out than another week of this Shoyinka-show

  12. crasey Says:

    Game after game we see Bowles believes in the scheme and that the players are just interchangeable pieces.

  13. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    holy smokes…

    “Diaby logged 21 snaps yesterday and got two sacks, two quarterback hits and four tackles.

    In his last 334 snaps, JTS has one sack, one quarterback hit and 19 tackles. But Diaby can’t get on the field more? C’mon man.”

  14. Jason m Says:

    Fire Bowles

  15. Licht House of Cards Says:

    Jason Licht is 70-86 in his 10 years as GM, with the BA era (success) in the rearview mirror. But everyone is “Mostly” positive on him according to the Joe Poll. Yes he won a super bowl, but so did trent dilfer. Dilfer won with an all time great D, GM Jason won with a GOAT and his friends.

  16. ElioT Says:

    JTS is totally useless.

    He shouldn’t get another snap this year.

    Looks like a tranny Jane

    Plays like Jane

  17. TonySoprano Says:

    It’s just so odd. Bowles knows his job is on the line, and seemingly just doesn’t care. Watts with 3 snaps in inexcusable. Let’s also not forget the starter opposite of JTS. Shaq has been almost just as invisible. The $20M a year man hasn’t done anything in the last 8 games.

  18. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    70-86 as a GM should get you run. Greenberg is ready to take Licht’s job when Harbaugh is brought on board.

  19. jugheadfla Says:

    Just by the ridiculous and unearned contracts that he handed to possibly the worst CB tandem in the league (Dean/Davis) alone should get Licht tossed. It also pains me to say it, but that Shaq contract is almost just as bad based off of what he has done on the field since he signed it.

  20. TonySoprano Says:

    Jason Licht had the 9th worst winning percentage in the league during his 10 year tenure as GM.

    He has 3 winning seasons and 7 losing seasons.

    He has overseen 4 coaching regimes. 3 have losing records.

    Yet on this site, he’s seemingly infallible. It’s weird.

  21. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    JTS looks like Tarzan plays like Jane play #0 a lot more toilet Bowles

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    Again I ask….does anyone else notice Mike Evans comes out of the game after nearly every catch?

    Like he’s no good for the next down or something…


  23. WillieG Says:

    “It’s almost beginning to sound as if some of the defensive coaches don’t trust rookie outside linebackers unless they are first-round draft picks and have no choice but to start them.“

    From what I’ve seen of Bucs’ D-line first round draft picks, I’m inclined to trust anyone other than a first round pick.

  24. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Someone should’ve had a bucket of rotten tomatoes to show him how dumb he is talking out the side of his neck like that when walking dead JTS takes his snaps away. Diaby should only cone out when he’s tired. Bowles should’ve been laughed off the podium then fired on the spot for such lunacy

  25. Voice of Truth Says:

    Bowles is downright dishonest

    YaYa and Watts are light years better than JTS – the only reason JTS sees the field is his draft cost, dude is a complete waste of space on the field

  26. Why Not Says:

    Our coaches are too conservative. Clearly YaYa has shown that he is more productive that JTS. There is no reason to not give him more playing time unless they feel that his conditioning is not where it needs to be. In that case, I can understand saving him until the 4th quarter.

  27. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Joe, that caption is hilarious.

  28. NE Fan Says:

    #99,@ BINGO!!!

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    In 2015 the Bucs signed Bruce Carter to be the starting MLB, but they also spent a 4th rounder on Kwon Alexander.

    In training camp it became immediately apparent that Kwon was outplaying Carter.

    Lovie Smith (who everyone here bashes despite the fact he took a terrible offense all the way to the SB with Bears, and got a top 10 defense out of that 2015 team), saw what was happening and told Carter to hit the bricks, there was a new kid in town that just took his job.

    That is why Lovie Smith is a superior head coach to Todd Bowles. Well, that and a lot of other reasons. While I’d still want Bowles as my DC, as a head coach he’s a complete and total failure, and is the only guy who was so terrible he caused Tom Brady to have a losing season for the first time ever – and drove Brady into retirement.

  30. Joe Says:

    Joe, that caption is hilarious.

    Gracias. 🙂👍

  31. DungyDance Says:

    Not to pile on (ok… yes to pile on), but why were we playing zone on the 2nd snap of the game? Really, the defense was gassed or we had to resort to “just keep it in front of you” tactics by the 2nd snap?! We rotated in and out of that look, but playing that soft so early in the game just seemed dumb.

  32. sasquatch Says:

    It’s been obvious since Bowles has been in Tampa that rotating guys through is a big part of his philosophy on defense, to a fault. This is not a mystery. Most of us don’t agree with it, if the best guys are not on the field for most of the snaps.

    Bowles needs to go.

  33. CChead Says:

    Clueless Todd and his hand picked staff are great.

  34. Bojim Says:

    Adjust Todd! Whoops, too late.

  35. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    I think it happens more than people realize where a head coach simply doesn’t really know who his best players are. Case in point. Ya ya playing only 21 snaps. And getting 2 sacks and 4 tackles.
    The proof is in the pie.

  36. unbelievable Says:

    Let me make it pretty simple for you Joe:

    Bowles is stubborn and clueless

    Stubborn: His game plan called for limited snaps, so rather than make an adjustment and change it up… he’s gotta stick with his game plan.

    Clueless: JTS ain’t cutting it, so he keeps trotting him out there to improve. Sorta like our edict to run no matter what.

  37. Crunchbuc76 Says:

    who was it that called JTS a bust his rookie season? That would
    be me. Hall too. Yell didn’t believe me so yell can k8ss my ass.

  38. Worst corners ever Says:

    I have to say we have 2 of if not the worst corners in the league. Dean is way over paid. Licht should be fired for giving Dean such a huge contract. Seriously is it just me or everyt ime Dean gets beat in coverage or there’s a star reciever on the the other side he’s suddenly hurt. Nothing gets hurt more than Dean a Davis’s pride. Please for the love of God get rid of them in the off season. The D&D show must come to an end.

  39. Drunkinybor Says:

    Local 9ers broadcast was literally laughing at little joey shrinkcantboinkya getting destroyed over and over. He was getting plowed over like a rag doll they said. They lauded Tristan witfs bring able to consistently block Bosa one on one said he will be a hall of famer if healthy. They laughed at some of our schemes end called out big gains before they happened. If the broadcasters can call plays from the booth that actually happen and exploit our defense that’s bad. Just bad

  40. Joe Says:

    Local 9ers broadcast

    Tim Ryan?

  41. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    Bowles needs to roll his way out of Tampa Bay. Since the Superbowl this team has steadily regressed on offense and defense. The numbers don’t lie. Open the flood gates it’s time to clean house, everything’s for sale except Lavonte David. White, Davis, Dean, JTS, Shaw, Hall, Gaines etc.

  42. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Todd is stuck in the early 80’s football wise. No more defensive head coaches ever please. He should have been fired when he blew the end of the Rams game in the playoffs. Calling an all out blitz against Matt Stafford was so incredibly stupid that the players were in shock at the call and were all caught flat footed.

    News Flash Coach, the NFL doesn’t keep Turnovers, they keep SCORE!!!! Points win games not freaking turnovers!!!!

    You have one of the best turnover rates in the league and your record still sucks. If you are plus 7 turnovers and have a 7-10 record you are still getting fired! Wake the F up coach!!
    Don’t even have to mention how sorry JTS is, she is a total waste of a roster spot.

  43. garro Says:

    i am oficially done with reading or believing anything form Bowles Joe.
    Insutling excuses ore not worthy of my time or the effort to read them.

    Go Bucs!

  44. Nybuccguy Says:

    I remember a preseason game where Diaby was gassed by the 2nd quarter. I think he has some endurance issues.