Todd Bowles Changed Midweek Coaching Tactic, Sought Input

November 12th, 2023

Joe confirmed with a Buccaneers player in the locker room what was revealed on today’s Bucs-Titans game broadcast on CBS.

The broadcast crew revealed in the fourth quarter, via their pregame conversation with linebacker Devin White, that Todd Bowles didn’t have his players watch the heinous Texans-Bucs film from a week ago with their position coaches last week. That was a departure from the normal activity after a game.

Instead, White said Bowles watched the film together with the whole defense together.

Apparently, Bowles told his players throughout the meeting “this is an open discussion” — and this was the time to “speak up now”and identify what you don’t like about the defense.

White told the CBS team that players spoke up and the defensive unit walked away from the Bowles film sesson/meeting with a focus on simplifying their play today so they could operate faster.

Hey, it worked! The Bucs defense turned Derrick Henry into Peyton Barber and the pass defense was stellar.

Former Falcons QB Matt Ryan, a CBS game analyst, praised Bowels for changing his approach and giving players more of a voice.

Well done, Coach.

25 Responses to “Todd Bowles Changed Midweek Coaching Tactic, Sought Input”

  1. SufferingSince76 Says:

    That’s once.

  2. Jerseybuc Says:

    I like it. Now stick with it and adjust when need be!! O just might be turning the corner a bit. 9 ers are going to be tough but plenty of winnable game’s coming up. Shame they couldn’t get last weeks and Atlanta. 6-3 would of been nice

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    This is the first time he has asked his professional players for their input?
    This isn’t a good thing.

  4. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Players begged him to bench JTS and Neal. lol

  5. I remember 21 Says:

    A few things I don’t like about the defense:
    1) Charmin soft zone coverage and an allergy to man to man coverage
    2) Ryan Neal still being on our roster
    3) JTS starting over YaYa
    4) DW45 & Davis playing not to get injured
    5) Our worst in the league third down D
    6) White playing so much coverage (his weakness) instead of blitzing (his strength)

  6. Jack Clark Says:

    “Instead, White said Bowles watched the film together with the whole defense together. Apparently, Bowles told his players throughout the meeting “this is an open discussion” — and this was the time to “speak up now”and identify what you don’t like about the defense.”

    The head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, and special teams coordinator should always watch films together with the offense/defense/special teams and exchanging ideas with each other all the time, that shouldn’t be new or surprising. What’s interesting is that our players are comfortable enough with Todd Bowles to criticize what he does during the game (e.g. play calling, play designs, role assignments, etc.), admit what they don’t understand, and also Todd Bowles being willing to adapt/change/adjust what he wants to do to suit what the people following his instructions want to do for us to win more games. That solidifies him as a leader. I hope Dave Canales does or is already doing the same thing. Go Bucs!

  7. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I didn’t see much Ryan Neal in the 2d half…Dee Delany looked meh but I guess meh is better than what Neal does.

  8. ElioT Says:

    Todd really enjoyed his press conference.

    You’d think they won a playoff game.

    They’re still losers and heading into a buzz-saw in San Francisco.

  9. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Its a good change to make, and it keeps the players invested. It worked today. The whole team played tough all day. Felt like Vea was taking more snaps, and showed up a lot. One of the better offensive performances this season, with plenty of room for improvement. Well needed win before the trip to the West.

  10. UKBuccaneer Says:

    San Fran look like a buzz-saw at their best, yes.

    They also lost 3 in a row and lost that mojo. Any given Sunday.

  11. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    The defensive meltdowns are all Mayfield is all his fault

  12. Miller5252 Says:

    If they want to make the D even better, all they have to do is one simple task…..leave JTS at the practice field in Tampa and let Yaya go full time! JTS experience needs to be over…. dudes a joke. He’s just like OJ Howard. Looks like Tarazan but plays like someone who licks windows. Enough is enough already, dude is a total bust. Could have gotten an upgrade from Washington for a crappy pick, but someone thought JTS was better. Bench him already!

  13. David Says:

    Toilet Bowl will gets his butt blown away next week. If that happens, he shoul dbe fired on spot and Baker benched.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    The difference was, once the Bucs got the lead, they didn’t sit back in a soft passive zone the entire rest of the game. They actually allowed Devin White to bring pressure more – which they didn’t do nearly enough, but it was the best game this year by Bowles, and White had a huge part to do with that.

    Also, didn’t Vita have 2 sacks today? Stat sheet says 1.

  15. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    The Question is:

    Will Bowles stick with what worked this week?

    Because the D was obviously better and more in-sinc.

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    Erik Hesson – No no no, you got it all wrong. The 49ers will now think the Bucs will do what worked, they’ll never see it coming when the Bucs revert back to the Texans game defense. This is 4D chess, man!

  17. Darin Says:

    Lol. Better late than never isn’t always true. And what are you saying coach? The players are better coaches than you?? Weak. He’s past his due date

  18. Mord Says:

    Jeez, some of these comments.

    Let’s appreciate the good thing this was, and the good results it brought

    This was a good win!

  19. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Mord I’m with ya. These so called fans still belly aching even after a win. Baker plays good ball and again so called fans want to bench him. Some of y’all are delusional. Lay off the sauce

  20. orlbucfan Says:

    This is the usual SOP on here, and it’s supposed to be a Bucs fan site. I’m glad White got off his arse and played some defense. He’s bellyaching about a raise? The one who deserves that is the ageless one: LVD. Mord and 1#bucsfan, these yahoos on here never suffered through the 1980s. They’re just airheads.

  21. Mike Malarkey Says:

    I dont like the overload blitz in the middle with 5 yard cushion by the secondary. It worked that time but I just don’t like the design

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    Yeah Mike, better to sit back in a soft passive zone with everyone 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. You could be the next Todd Bowles with that kind of thinking!

  23. William Walls Says:

    I understand wanting to see more Diaby and less JTS. But Yaya being a rookie, don’t y’all think a reason he’s not on the field more might be because he’s still learning some important aspects of our complex defense? I mean, name one rookie who ever saw much playing time in their first year of a Bowles defense. I can’t think of one. But we are gradually seeing more and more Diaby as the season goes on, so I think the staff is doing the best they can to get him on the field more.

  24. lambchop Says:

    @Rod Munch,

    He’s saying he doesn’t like the 5 yard cushion. Did you read cushion and comprehend the meaning? Obviously not.

  25. Eli Says:

    Too little too late. Get a real HC in here who will focus on the big picture and a def coach who focuses on defense.