Still Slapping Baker Mayfield

November 13th, 2023

“Mike, I told ya before that guy’s a clown.”

NFL super insider Peter King of NBC Sports can’t help himself.

He’s not a Baker Mayfield fan and despite admitting he misjudged the Bucs and Mayfield, King is back to poking Mayfield and considering him a poor starting quarterback.

(This from the man who picked the Saints to be the No. 1 seed in the NFC last season with Jameis Winston at quarterback.)

Mayfield ranks tied for 12th in the NFL in touchdown passes this season with Jared Goff, Joe Burrow and Jordan Love. Mayfield ranks 16th in total passing yards, though he’s played one less game than three QBs ranked ahead of him.

Interceptions? Only five starting quarterbacks have thrown fewer.

For those who subscribe to the “quarterback rating” stat (Joe doesn’t), Mayfield ranks 13th, one slot behind Patrick Mahomes.

Mayfield’s escapablity has been exceptional this season, best of his career. And he’s scrambling wisely and performing well under fourth-quarter pressure.

For a guy with zero running game to help him, the worst running game in the NFL since 2013 (as Joe documented last week), Joe thinks Mayfield is doing a heck of a job.

Joe feels comfortable calling Mayfield the best quarterback in the NFC South.

But for King, well, Mayfield needs to be replaced.

King ranted in his popular Monday morning column today about how 8 of the 15 quarterbacks chosen in the upper half of the NFL Draft’s first round from 2018-2022 have proven to be busts or average at best.

He lumped Mayfield into the group. And then he noted the Bucs need to replace him.

1. I think the biggest mystery in sports—not just football, but all of sports—is how difficult it is to project who’s going to be a good NFL quarterback coming from college football. In the five drafts from 2018 to 2022, 15 quarterbacks were picked in the top 15. As of this morning, eight have either failed or been average or worse: Zach WilsonTrey LanceJustin FieldsMac JonesDwayne HaskinsBaker MayfieldSam DarnoldJosh Rosen. The jury’s out on two more, Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray. Only five—Burrow, Herbert, Tagovailoa, Allen, Lawrence—are solid starters or better. This year, as I look at all the teams with QB needs, I wonder how the Giants and Patriots and Bears and Seahawks and Bucs are going to make sure they’re not part of the majority that flunk QB Prospecting 101.

Joe is not calling Mayfield a Pro Bowler. He’s not. But Joe will say the following:

If Mayfield continues his solid play and, say, finishes as a consensus top-13 or top-14 starter for the 2023 season at 28 years old, it would be such a Bucs thing to do to let Mayfield walk out the door.

124 Responses to “Still Slapping Baker Mayfield”

  1. Beeej Says:

    We were quite certain that Steve Young couldn’t play NFL ball

  2. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Mayfield is doing a a good job as a Bucs QB considering the fact that he has a weak Offensive line, no running back and a scheme that is as plain as a vanilla ice cream.

  3. Jason Says:

    Mayfield isn’t great and I don’t think he’s the long term answer.

  4. Dacake Says:

    Mayfield isn’t the guy, but he would be a good backup.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Need him at a bargain price…..$15 mil should do it

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think everyone is underrating Mayfield.
    He is far from our problem. He is in fact the only reason we have won any games. Damn sure not our Running game.
    Our biggest needs are DE, center, Og.
    If we spend our first 3 picks on those positions, we become the NFC south favorite for the next few Years.

    Drafting a rookie QB isnt gonna do that for us. We will still need those 3 spots addresses, and now we have a Rookie trying to win behind a weak line.

    And if Godeke plays like he did yesterday- you can add RT to our list of desperate needs.

  7. Old Sombrero Says:

    Baker was best available at the time and he’s done a heck of a job…comeback player of the year type of job. He himself isn’t a franchise QB but in the right situation he’s more than adequate.

  8. Oz Len Says:

    Here’s a little context for you. Peter KIng is is a friend and fellow alumni of Browns beat writer/espn Cleveland commentator, Tony Grossi. Grossi is a longtime Baker Mayfield hater and nemesis. He called Mayfield a midget and was suspended from the air for weeks. He constantly asked combative questions at news conferences. The Mayfield-Grossi feud was a long-running thing and still continues to this day in Cleveland. Grossi always had King in for chats when King had his other gig.

  9. Ed Says:

    Not a franchise quarterback but with defense like they played yesterday he is a good game manager. I will say that the whether its Bowles or Canales, the wasted first and second down runs for less than 2 yards is wasting what Godwin, Evans and White can do with the ball in the open field.

    This team can move the ball through the air yet it continues to beat a dead horse by running the ball.

    As far a Mayfield’s passing, he is fine rolling out or throwing intermediate to short routes very efficiently. His deep ball needs a lot of work. Too many overthrows and doesn’t put enough air under the ball to allow the receiver to make a play on the ball while its midair.

    Evans had a monster game stat-wise but a first down drop on third down and a touchdown drop with no one covering him shows he is pressing and not concentrating on catching the ball with his hands. That must be corrected, he is too important to the offense to bobble those easy catches.

  10. zzbucs Says:

    To be honest Joe, I couldn´t care less what King or your boy Florio has to say……Not a hater, I just don´t like what they say and how they say…Plain and simple……

  11. DS Says:

    He ain’t perfect, I wouldn’t give him a huge deal but he is better than nothing

  12. Andrew Fish Says:

    Godeke played great yesterday. he allowed one sack but if you watch it again he was clearly held by the DT so the DE could get around him.

  13. RGA Says:

    If Mayfield is resigned the Bucs will be stuck in mediocrity, Baker is a solid back-up at best.

  14. Jonny Says:

    Mayfield is like a younger version of Jeff Garcia. Not great QBing, just above average, but good enough to give this team a chance to compete week in and week out. Detroit was the only game where Bucs lost because Baker played terrible. I have been pleasantly surprised by him.

  15. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Mayfield started slow again yesterday, which has been a theme all season. He finished pretty strong and a good running game would help the starts. I think we’ve seen what Mayfield is and we’ve gotten his best, which is pretty good at times. However he is inconsistent and capable of some bad games like we’ve also seen. He’s not a championship QB but not a bust either.

  16. Jonny Says:

    Capt Tim, Goedeke was pretty damn good yesterday. Disregard the sack, the refs should have called a hold or unsportsmanlike conduct on the DT who pulled Goedeke’s jersey, preventing him from sliding to his right.

  17. Ken Says:

    Why does anyone still listen to Peter King? Baker hasn’t been absolutely great but he has been very solid. Also, if you look at his numbers this year, he is ahead of Trevor Lawrence and his career has been at least as good as Lawrence’s. He is very close but just slightly under Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert this year. Not saying his ceiling is as good as those guys but he’s really not far off.

    Also, this is Baker’s first year in this offense with new guys around him and a first year OC. Not too shabby, especially when you compare him to some of those other guys that Peter King loves who have been in the same system with the same players for several years.

  18. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Most NFL QBs are game managers at best and liabilities at worst (as in turnover machines). And too many young guys get thrown in the fire and ruined. Mahomes got to sit a year. Lamar and Josh Allen had low amounts of passes the first year, then the workload gradually increased. The Jets and Browns have ruined more young QBs than any other teams

  19. Seattle Buc Says:

    I would call 20 points at home against a team that is 0-5 in away games is less than impressive.

  20. Seattle Buc Says:

    Not franchise quarterback material, put it that way.

  21. Saedron Says:

    Man, it’s such a Joe thing to do, to watch the football Baker has played his entire career, and then here, and pretend like he isn’t part of the problem. It is such a Joe thing to do to be upset at the team for trying to make a real long term plan, not just boomer bash our heads into a wall for a win every week to hell with the future. It’s such a Joe thing to do, to think that being the QB of this team winning this miserable division, merits any sort of future role on the team. Please get out of the 1990s, it’s over.

  22. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Here’s how you know Peter is too old and only cares about baseball now: he calls Trevor Lawrence a success and Baker Mayfield average, and Baker this year AND his career has a better passer rating.

  23. Jeremy Says:

    Mayfield is playing good football. He has not been the reason we have lost any games this season. He has good receivers but no running game whatsoever. Wish that would stop running on 1st down so much. I am very glad we beat this evenly matched team. Friggin defense sucked a lot last week and cost us that game. Glad they pulled their head out there ass yesterday but that was a very mediocre team. Let’s see how we handle the 49ers

  24. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Canales is helping revive Mayfields career like he did with Geno Smith.

    Is Baker a top 5 QB? No but goodluck moving on from a top 13 quarterback in search for a a top 5 one.

    There’s not a football opinion I care less about than Peter King’s

  25. Craig Says:

    Baker’s game has too many flat spots and his accuracy on passes of more than a couple of yards is atrocious.

    He has been escaping because he isn’t processing the play fast enough. That almost makes him a running QB and the problem with running QBs is that they get hurt.

    I still need to see what Trask can do, because giving Baker a big contract next season will be a disaster, and the Bucs are not going to score enough for Trask to get garbage time.

    It will not be a fair sample if he gets put in when the Bucs have obviously lost a game because Trask will need to find his footing and that might be a whole game or two.

  26. SlyPirate Says:

    Jameis Winston is a huge mystery, too. He had all the tools and intangibles.

    Still surprising he never learned how not to throw INTs (at a high rate).

  27. ModHairKen Says:

    Can Baker become a Top 10 QB? Sure. Give him a semblance of a running game and C and Gs that don’t get pushed around like drapes. The kid has been running for his life all season. Love Brady, but behind this line, he’d be getting clobbered.

  28. D-Rome Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    Year in and year out you continue to be one of the most sensible commenter on JBF, and I’ve been here for a long time. Baker is on pace to throw for over 4000 yards, 26 TDs, and 9 INTs. He’s shown to be a good leader with no locker room drama. There isn’t a head coach in the NFL that would bench that kind of production and I can’t think of a team in the NFL that would let that kind of production walk out the door. The last one I can think of, apart from the Patriots in 2020 (which was a different situation), was the Chargers with Drew Brees.

    If Baker finishes the season with those kind of numbers he’ll be back next year, possibly as a franchised player. The team is not that far away from being a top team.

    DE, OG, and C are the team’s biggest needs. Last year’s team and this year’s team would have looked completely different if Ali Marpet and Ryan Jensen were on that line. The loss of those players correspond with an inept running game.

  29. Mike Johnson Says:

    I like the fact Baker will throw the long ball. He knows what he has in his receivers.

  30. Bobby M. Says:

    At this point, I would resign Baker….he’s done what’s been asked, manage the game and protect the ball. He’s been exceptionally efficient despite a lot of dropped balls and pitiful running game all in his first year in the system with a rookie OC. He’s a top 10-15 QB….you can win consistently with that, especially in our division.

  31. JK Says:

    Give Baker a 3 yr deal, draft a QB high and let him learn or ascend to starter. Who’s got a better plan? ( If you say Trask you’re disqualified………he hasn’t ascended, and he’s not gonna)

  32. realistic-optimistic Says:

    He has definitely revived his career. But pump the brakes on him being the future.

    Yes the draft is a bit of a craps shoot, but you still roll the dice and try to land a Mahommes/Herbert/Burrow/Stroud in a strong QB draft. Good scouting and development are the key.

    I already watched this team embrace mediocrity with Jeff Garcia. Don’t hand out bags of money to a journeyman QB. If he wants to come back for 2 years at 15-20 mil per, I’ll take him. But I’m not interested in throwing away a chance at a HoF QB in this upcoming draft.

  33. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:

    If you watch this offense and can’t see how the OC is undermining his QB’s success, you might be looking at the wrong things

    It’s not just the commitment to the (bad) running game, it’s the timing and sequencing of WHEN run plays are called.

    A good (or even decent) OC lets their QB and RB get into rhythm by building long drives, by mixing passing and runs. Canales calls plays in streaks (2-3 passes, 2-3 runs, 2-3 to the same player). No one gets a rhythm then (QB or RBs)

    Mayfield’s passing numbers and accuracy are skewed (negatively) by the need to throw on 3rd and long, because of this. Run>Run>Long pass against 2 high safety.

    The same would be true for Trask (or Wolford).

    Canales needs to get better and get out of his players’ ways.

  34. 1sparkybuc Says:

    There’s no shame in losing to teams with a winning record. The Bucs lose to teams with losing records. This coaching staff sucks, and a QB that is forced to run because he can’t find the open receiver, is another. Anyone who believes we are going to sweep the rest of the divisional games is delusional. Start Trask against San Francisco. He is under contract for 2024. He surprised as a backup in HS. He surprised as a backup in college, and excelled. Find out if he can surprise San Francisco. For certain they’re not game planning for him. Mayfield is not the future. Trask might be, but we’ll never know if we never play him.

  35. DS Says:

    Joe loves baker like a son but come on man we can barely score

  36. unbelievable Says:

    Mayfield has been decent. His escapability in the pocket has been great. His touch and long throws has been so-so. And he has more passes batted down than any QB in the league.

    But ultimately, to really win in this league, you need a QB to throw more than 2 TDs per game.

  37. WyomingJoe Says:

    Baker Mayfield has already shown that he can be a franchise QB. HOF lineman Joe Thomas called him one 2018 (and deservedly so) when Baker broke Peyton Manning’s record for most TDs (27) by a rookie. And he did it in 13 games! He had an off season in 2019 (new HC, new OC) but still threw for 3800 yards. Then he bounced back in 2020 taking the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in 20+ years! In 2021, he was injured in the second quarter of the second game. They literally had to pop his shoulder back into place in the Blue Tent but he didn’t miss a snap. He played the rest of the season with a completely torn labrum. That was a HUGE mistake and was the beginning of the end of his career in Cleveland. The Browns rewarded his courage by signing that crusader for women’s rights, Deshaun Watson. And what’s Watson done so far? Crap! So don’t tell me Baker can’t be the guy because that just shows your ignorance.

  38. Duane in Sanford Says:

    You are not a true Bucs fan if you are still holding out hope for a saviour quarterback. Its never happened. There are franchises that have had franchise quarterbacks, and have never won it all. Stop with the wet behind the ears silliness. This team is not currently talented enough to make the playoffs, and you think adding any inexperienced kid is going to play better than what we have AND improve the situation? Stop eating those gummies- they’re not candy.

  39. sdm5821 Says:

    Of all the Free Agent QB’s signed at the beginning of 2023 (for larger contracts) Derrik Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo, Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold, etc. How many of their teams wish they would have signed Baker instead? I’ll take Baker over any of them. The Bucs have greater needs than QB as others have mentioned. Additionally, Baker is smart and knows he is in a good situation, so it also wouldn’t surprise me if the Bucs can re-sign him to a team friendly contract.

  40. Bojim Says:

    King’s slapping the wrong guy. He may not be the longterm answer. I don’t know but he could take a team to the playoffs. He’s a tough dude. You see it every week.

  41. Gipper Says:

    Mayfield has an elite arm, great football smarts, and is a great team leader. If he stays healthy the rest of the year, here is what his season end numbers will look like….30TDs, 10Int……This will put him in the top 8 QB’s in the NFL. All this with no running game. Mayfield played all of 2021 with a shoulder injury. The thanks he got for that was to be replaced with Deshaun Watson. Baker will have a Drew Brees like career. He is the QB Bucs need going forward and is well on his way to becoming a fan favorite.

  42. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Resign Baker….Spend our picks on beefing up the trenches

  43. WyomingJoe Says:

    GIPPER: We’ll said.

    Bakers already taken a team to the Playoffs and Won! So, sign Baker to a 3-year deal (he’s only 28). Draft a center, guard and RB. Rinse, repeat…

  44. Bobby Says:

    Wyoming Joe said it best. Mayfield is doing the best he can with a completely new scheme and so is the rest in f the offense. I’m seeing signs of this train starting to roll. We’ll win the NFC south and we’ll see what happens from there. I think next year will be a much better year.

  45. Rod Munch Says:

    Baker is a great fit, if your goal is to win 6 games. The Bucs are 2-5 over the last 7, and about to go 2-6.

    In a career day yesterday, he had 270 yards and 2 TDs — and that’s the issue. He was fine, the best we’ve seen him, and against a really bad team he got the Bucs 20 points.

    A team that could use Baker would be the NY Jets. He’d be a massive upgrade to them – in that all he’d have to do is not lose the game. But this Bucs team doesn’t have a defense that asks nothing of the QB — at least not since Bowles went to his super soft zone defense that I’m certainly he’ll return to vs the 49ers.

    With Mayfield, yesterday, his best day as a Buc, he still missed a bunch of throws and was fairly unproductive vs the opportunities available. But at least he didn’t turn it over… I mean he did, but I don’t count that as it was the same as a punt, and I never have an issue with QBs being aggressive downfield on 3rd and long.

    So yeah, if you want Baker back, it means you’re a Todd Bowles guy, a guy who thinks a QB’s job is first and foremost not to mess up, ie, the loser mentalty.

  46. Beeej Says:

    Derek Carr: $32 million
    Baker: $4-8 million

    Is Carr 4X better?

  47. Duane in Sanford Says:

    I see a lot of people catching on. Imagine how much better our qb can play if we gave him more talent up front. Now, is anyone else noticing how difficult it has been for Baker to connect on the right side from the hash to the sidelines? Batted balls, and a bunch of miscues to CG. Baker has done a good job of moving in the pocket to even have a chance to throw out of that window. Mauch should get better, but its tough to watch so far.

  48. BakerBucs Says:

    Wyoming joe&thegippersays u 2 r the most realistic of the post givers on this site we know what we got the day they signed Baker he has been a pleasure to watch even listen to his press conferences he is humble & has plenty of play knowledge to perform weekly this team can go places in the future with baker.even when they lose it is an exciting event for everyone but plz win

  49. Earl S Says:

    Baker is a good quarterback, he needs a lot of help from the O-line. We must get a running game, teams know when we’re going to pass. Don’t be so quick to give up on Baker. Teams are to quick to give up on their veterans and QB’s. Bottom line, the team needs to play better, maybe this win will get everyone on track. Go Bucs!

  50. BakerBucs Says:

    Oh yes 1 more thing so a guy that is 6’1″ is a midget do I get that rite or was that just a remark from a jacka**

  51. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Everybody with “Baker” in their profile name is forming up like Voltron around here. Where were they last season? Oh, posting on Rams and Panthers boards. Where will they be when Bowles gets canned and Baker moves on?

    As I said earlier, he has revived his career. But he’s still a middling QB. Not a 35+ mil franchise QB.

  52. m milligan Says:

    Have to agree with most, Think BM has exceeded all expectations. The closer they get to winning division, the more $’s it’s going to take to get a favorable 3 yr deal. Let’s not forget about Evans. Evans is not going to command high $’s this late in his career. Not only that, these college kids are lethal.
    Think they need upgrades on both O & D lines, don’t have a sht load of cash or room under cap. Maybe they will get both to be team players??

  53. Crickett Baker Says:

    Good post Bobby M. Some of you may remember that we won a Super Bowl in 2003 with a pretty average QB.

  54. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @Cricket, and then promptly descended into the abyss

  55. m milligan Says:

    Band of brothers in the locker room and what happened to that maturity, trouble maker BS we heard out of the Browns, RIGHT
    Have Veta head down to Austin with BM and see if they can’t recover his 12MM from his Dad’s cronnies. LMAO

  56. Rod Munch Says:

    realistic-optimistic Says:
    November 13th, 2023 at 12:43 pm
    Everybody with “Baker” in their profile name is forming up like Voltron around here. Where were they last season? Oh, posting on Rams and Panthers boards. Where will they be when Bowles gets canned and Baker moves on?


    I’m pretty sure it’s the same person just posting over and over again under different names. Literally none of them can ever make a conhentant football argument for anything, they just accuse everyone else of being a ‘hater’ and talk about what a victim Baker is. The person is most likely not even a football fan, probably just watched the commercials they played over and over again, and now they’re here to protect their friend they met on the TV. I’m talking legit stalker lever stuff – probably already have a long string of restraining orders against them.

  57. Rod Munch Says:

    Crickett Baker Says:
    November 13th, 2023 at 12:47 pm
    Good post Bobby M. Some of you may remember that we won a Super Bowl in 2003 with a pretty average QB.


    And literally the best defense in the history of the NFL.

    Sort of an important part to leave out.

  58. realistic-optimistic Says:

    now they’re here to protect their friend they met on the TV

    Too damned funny! lol

  59. NEOhiobuc Says:

    He’ll make a solid bridge QB, rebuild the offense while he’s the starter. Then draft the franchise QB when the offense is solid and gives you time to get some things done on defense, depth anyone ?

  60. TampabayDJ Says:

    The Refs DIDN’T call the hit on Mayfield , but called it on our D when Levis got hit ? The hit on Levis was a bang bang play and if you look at the replay , he didn’t even get hit ! Our JTS hit L.D. and D.W. as they all collided together. This stuff with the refs is out of control. It’s been going on for YEARS.

    And on the Baker talk . Do you think that Trask could slip those would be sacks the way Baker has ALL SEASON ? No … If Brady was here, he would have been hurt in the first few games. But Baker has been not only slipping them , but also making positive if not great plays under pressure. We have 8 games to play, and outside of next week against the 49ers , and the Jags, we can win the other 6 . Bucs are past the hardest part of the schedule. Bucs can finish 10-7 , 9-8 at worst. I think O.C. Dave finally figured out that he needs to throw to Evans and Godwin more, not Tompkins and the rookies… Go Bucs

  61. TampabayDJ Says:

    Well said Rod Munch ! That was the greatest defense of all time. I don’t care what the mainstream media says. Nobody could score or move the ball for that matter on the 2002 Bucs D…

  62. Buc4evr Says:

    Actually to my surprise Baker has been pretty solid. I wish he were about 5 inches taller as he has passes batted down. The guy is managing pretty well with a bad O line and no running game. Play calling by Canales is just pathetic and clock management has been terrible. All things considered Baker is the least of the Bucs worries. More concerned about fixing play calling on the offense and bad clock management.

  63. Rod Munch Says:

    TampabayDJ Says:
    November 13th, 2023 at 1:10 pm
    Well said Rod Munch ! That was the greatest defense of all time. I don’t care what the mainstream media says. Nobody could score or move the ball for that matter on the 2002 Bucs D…


    It’s not just me saying it, Football Outsiders did a detailed analysis of the best defenses of all time, looking at everything, adjusted for the era, and out of teams that won the SB, the 2002 Bucs were #1 – and they had, by far, the NFL’s all-time best passing defense, and it wasn’t even close. The only team that did better than the Bucs was the 1990 Eagles, who didn’t win a SB.

    Put Baker Mayfield on the 2002 Bucs, and yeah, he’s good enough to lead that team to a Super Bowl. That could be said of 95% of the starting QBs in football today, and probably half the backups as well.

  64. David Says:

    Peter King is right on with all the busted qb’s he listed including Baker. We do not need 15 ranked qb to win in sorry weak NFC South. We need a top 5 to win the super bowl. Dump this bag of turd with his HC and start with Trask and 2024 draft.

  65. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Hey Rod,

    Keep moving those goal post, you called Baker Mayfield the “worst starting QB in the NFL” all off-season….

    The here are the facts….Baker Mayfield has a QB rating of 93.7 of all starting QBs which is now 12TH best in the NFL.

    Bkaer has not only been safe with the football but is consistently moving the ball downfield (despite no running game) and has been clutch late in games.

    You also said that Mayfield would be benched by the bye week. WRONG AGAIN! Can’t wait for Mayfield to keep proving you and all the other haters wrong including that troll Bucaneer Bonzai.

  66. m milligan Says:

    I’m with u tampaDJ,
    I look for them to win division, agree on 49ers, to bad we didn’t catch them a wk or 2 ago with trent williams et al out.
    Getting White out to the edge on screens continues to work well and offset OL troubles.
    49ers liable to eat mayfield alive, I hope they see their edge rushers coming.

  67. m milligan Says:

    Indeed Munch u do suck and I’ve seen your vacillating on BM as well, regardless ur prediction on finishing 2-6 is stupid and I will remind you of the same when all is said and done.

  68. Oz Len Says:

    Hey! You ever seen the Browns t-shirt with 31 ex-bad quarterbacks on it? I got one! Google that. Ever gone through two 17-game losing streaks? I have. Ever win one game in two seasons, back to back? I have. You know who stopped that and won a playoff game against the hated Steelers, in Pittsburgh? Baker Mayfield did. If a franchise QB was available in every draft, let alone a winning one, everyone would have one. Mayfield at least gives you a shot, ask Joe Burrow who lost every time he played Mayfield. I’d like a Patrick Mahomes too but try doing that. You can also pick a guy who gives you one win in two years. There is no fun in that, believe me. Treat your quarterbacks like a girlfriend, don’t breakup on the assumption that you’ll find better one down the road.

  69. Rod Munch Says:

    Tbbucs3 Says:
    November 13th, 2023 at 1:20 pm
    Hey Rod,

    Keep moving those goal post, you called Baker Mayfield the “worst starting QB in the NFL” all off-season….


    Hey, just so you’re feelings are not hurt, I wasn’t actually talking about you when I was talking about stalkers – I’m talking about those nuts that put Baker in their name.

    With that said, let’s start with your fake news intro. What I said was Baker WAS the worst starting QB in football for the LAST TWO seasons. That is literally a fact – which is why I said it, since, unlike yourself, I don’t deal in lies and taking people out of context.

    His 2022 total quarterback rating, for example, was 26.3, which is literally the worst rating I’ve ever seen out of a guy that qualifies for a full year of stats. Also, no one other than simpletons quotes the old QB rating number – what year is this that you still think that’s a valid number?

    Also, if you bothered to watch his tape, which I did, what you saw was a QB who was inaccurate, would get a bunch of balls batted down, and was afraid to take chances. Pretty much what we’re seeing this year, except Evans has been there to catch those inaccurate passes and turn them into big plays. Which, by the way, is to the credit of Mayfield. It’s the one thing I repeatedly said I wish Brady would have done – just throw it in the general area of Evans and let him get the ball.

    But lets take yesterday – a career game from Mayfield, and it’s what, 270 yards and 2 TDs. How did I call that last week? Well, it’s because he is what he is, and that’s a QB that will get you 5 or 6 wins on the season. I had the team 4-5 right now on my 5-12 prediction – and considering they’re about to 2-6 over their last 8, I’ll stand by my prediction (well, I’ll go to 6 wins since Indy lost their starting QB)

    Anywho, if you’re so confident in Baker, why are you so upset that anyone would point out things like stats and history? All you need to do is say the Bucs will win X games, and win in the playoffs, and get another ring. If you believe that, just say that, and stand by it. I literally did nothing but praise Baker yesterday, and you were still raging and demanding more respect for Baker.

    If Baker can go out on Sunday vs the 49ers and win that game, because of him, then that will go a long ways towards erasing that stench that emanates from him for his half-decade of garbage football playing.

  70. Rod Munch Says:

    Oz Len – If you were the Bengals GM, you’d trade Burrow for Baker? LOL!

    This is what I mean by the nutjob Baker fans.

    Also Ohio boi, you’re talking to Buccaneers fans. I don’t want to hear your crybaby stories about losing. Did you ever experience losing 24 in a row? Are you the most losing franchise in NFL history? Has your team ever signed a QB they drafted to a second contract?

    Go back up north to your brown city that is so disgusting that your rivers catch on fire, but leave the real football talk to the men.

    God bless.

  71. Oz Len Says:

    Hey Rod Munch, I would not trade Burrow for Baker! Just stating a fact. And don’t call me a nutjob or anyone else who takes part in a discussion. My point is that you can do a lot worse than Mayfield at QB and you should have something lined up before moving on. Burrow is a far superior Qb when comparing him to Baker but I will say this. When those skinny legs of dancer that Burrows has finally fail him for good, stubby Baker will still be slinging balls somewhere.

  72. RamblingRhino Says:

    WHAT? A Peter King post without all the Red BS links??? Hey Joe’s are ya feeling well? All that love fest in red hyperlink gone bad? Or does the posts from Peter King only get that love when you are both in agreement, Joe’s and Peter King??? I actually red this Peter King post… Now I feel less intelligent than before…. Does this guy ever get called out to his fat face? Asking for a Baker friend…


  73. m milligan Says:


    You mean 22 when he played the whole season hurt, pull ur head out of arse.

  74. m milligan Says:

    Baker Mayfield had a passer rating of 83.1 with 3,010 yards, 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 14 games in 2021.

  75. m milligan Says:

    Baker Mayfield had a passer rating of 95.9 with 3,563 yards, 26 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in 16 games in 2020.

  76. m milligan Says:

    Mayfield was obviously the problem with Panthers / RIGHT
    Couldn’t get out of there fast enough

  77. Rod Munch Says:

    Oz Len Says:
    November 13th, 2023 at 2:03 pm
    Hey Rod Munch, I would not trade Burrow for Baker! Just stating a fact. And don’t call me a nutjob or anyone else who takes part in a discussion.


    Actually I was just having some fun with you. You can’t tell the difference between real hatred and someone busting your balls?

  78. Tony Marks Says:

    LOl relax guys

    The more you see Mush post is the more you know he is seething mad that Baker is doing well and Kyle is nowhere near on the horizon of getting off the pine barring injury to Baker. This is Rod’s “tell”. He always types more to work out this anger. and disappointment at Baker blowing up his Kyle dreams.

    Why argue with a kid silly enough to argue that RBs are not needed in the NFL anymore because in 2023 “you can run the ball in the air”?..lololol

    This is what Kyle cultists do along with LYING as follows

    Ron Munch Says:
    “In a career day yesterday, he had 270 yards and 2 TDs — and that’s the issue.”

    NO thats not the issue . LOLOL…Its just Rod’s latest LIE and is easy to see it

    Just look up the stats and you will see SEVERAL games in Baker’s career where he has thrown for more yards and more TDs. Yesterday was not even close to be Baker’s “career day”. He’s just hoping enough people won’t look it up.

    This is the kind of clown show you are dealing with with Kyle cultists. They care neither about Logic or Fact and they are Buc fans only in their day dreams.

  79. Buclover1988 Says:

    If Tampa could run the ball more efficiently, you’d see another level to Mayfield. Mayfield is actually the least of our worries. Even Patrick mahomes has had his hiccups this year. Mayfield needs to continue doing what he’s doing and keep getting more and more comfortable with the offense. Gotta do a little more play action on first down. The defense needs to keep playing agressive. San Francisco will be a problem as they run a ton of screens. IDC. Play man and hit these dudes in their mouths.

  80. Don'tBmad Says:

    Peter King is the perfect example of every liberal democrat ever……will deny facts all the way to the end no matter and will never ever admit they’re wrong.

  81. Student of the Game Says:

    Hey David, are you Trask’s mom? You clearly don’t know football. Trask ain’t got it. He couldn’t beat out a guy you think sucks, so he clearly sucks more. Everywhere Mayfield played since Cleveland the team sucked sucked, and Cleveland sucked before he and Chubbs arrived.

    Mayfield will be as good as the team around him. He has the arm and talent of a top 5 QB. Face it, he is not getting a lot of help on offense. Even so, TB will make the playoffs this year barring Baker or Evans injury. Give him a great line in the draft to improve pass protection and run game, he will be a great QB. You have never seen Mayfield play when he is not running for his life. I have and it is why he was chosen #1. Stop bitching about his play and get the guy some help! Decisions are much easier when you don’t have to improvise every other play.

  82. DBS Says:

    Baker is not a receiver. He does not dorp TD’s passes. So 2 should have been 3 easy. Nor does he play defense and lose games that way. Get it through your heads. The only way Trask plays is if Bowles lets him because of injury to Baker. Not because everyday some of us say we want to see him get a chance to play.

  83. LW420BUCS Says:

    Including Dwayne Haskins in this list feels like a scumbag move. Never got to see how he would shake out as a QB because of a horrible accident. Tasteless and Classless from his court.

  84. Mark hardt Says:

    I would hold off judgement until after this season and if the Bucs make them the playoffs. Bakers best season was 2020. The Browns started slow but ended up 11-5, creamed the Steelers in round one and were one missed helmet targeting call from.beating the Chiefs in round 2. Baker is much better now then in 2020. He is much better at the mechanics of being a QB but also at leadership..Did you see how he went over to Evans after the dropped TD who is older than Baker to console and pump him.up? Mike responded with a high level of difficulty TD.

  85. Seattle Buc Says:

    Student of the Game Says: “Trask ain’t got it. He couldn’t beat out a guy you think sucks.”

    You’re not much of a student. Unlike you and me, Joe attended training camp and has said that in training camp Trask “outplayed” Mayfield. So Trask did “beat out” Mayfield on the field; Mayfield was just gifted the starting job because he is a veteran. Look it up in the JBF Archives. It’s all there, Skippy.

  86. OldeTymeBuc Says:

    If I remember correctly we won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson. He was tough, hung in the pocket (knowing he was going to get hit), and a really strong arm.
    Seems Baker has the same qualities. The difference is a running game. We have a really good back, just no line to open holes for him. I say Baker deserves time with this team, one more year. Draft some linemen going to need them no matter what we do draft a late round Qb.

  87. Seattle Buc Says:


    Have we really never signed a QB we drafted to a second contract? Never? That’s stunning. 😲

  88. Student of the Game Says:

    Seattle Buc, correct, I did not attend training camp. I have a non-football job. Yet, I have watched thousands of hours of film in my playing days, and most games of the teams I follow I run the play back and forth to see what is going on. Hint, don’t always follow the ball if you want to know the real story of a play. Seattle, Joe just wanted to keep you Trask guys commenting and getting his “hits” count up. Joe doesn’t say that now.

    So…For the love of God, Trask did not play better or beat out Mayfield in the training camp or he would be the QB1 now and TB would be no better than 2-7, likely 1-8 with you guys wanting to draft Williams who is the same height as Mayfield. Yea, the guy you claim is too short. Lesson over.

  89. orlbucfan Says:

    TampabayDJ Says:
    November 13th, 2023 at 1:07 pm
    The Refs DIDN’T call the hit on Mayfield , but called it on our D when Levis got hit ? The hit on Levis was a bang bang play and if you look at the replay , he didn’t even get hit ! Our JTS hit L.D. and D.W. as they all collided together. This stuff with the refs is out of control. It’s been going on for YEARS.
    No manure, sherlock. Just wait until this weekend. Bucs will be ready for both teams: 49ers and refs.

  90. Seattle Buc Says:

    Student of the Game Says:

    “Seattle, Joe just wanted to keep you Trask guys commenting and getting his ‘hits’ count up. [YOU HAVE ZERO EVIDENCE FOR THAT]. Joe doesn’t say that now. [HE HAS NEVER DENIED SAYING THAT TRASK OUTPLAYED MAYFIELD. HE CAN’T. IT’S ALL IN HIS ARCHIVES.”

    Like I said, poor, very poor student. SMH

  91. Fansince76 Says:

    The way Mayfield has played this year with no running game i think he is our guy.
    Buc’s can win with him and should definitely re-sign the dude he’s a good QB not great but very good and with Buc’s D they can win with good!

  92. Larrd Says:

    It’s odd folks want to hate Baker so much. Like women scorned or something.

    He has played very well. If the next Mahomes is available when the Bucs pick at 20 next spring, they should draft him. If not, Mayfield’s great.

    How’s Herbert doing? He’s a “franchise” guy, no? All the bells a whistles, but none of the playoff victories. Maybe if he’d been coached by Hue Jackson, Gregg Williams, and Freddie Kitchens his first three seasons, he would have broken through by now.

  93. David Says:

    Baker fans, Stop selling Baker to Bucs fans.
    We are out of playoffs more than halfway to the season in the NFL toilet bowl division . He is a busted number one pick.

  94. Nancy Says:

    Who is this Joe jerk?? I’ve watched Baker since he was with the Browns. He has played while hurting like a lot of players. Keep your big mouth shut about Baket! Get smart!

  95. Student of the Game Says:

    David, Bucs are 1/2 game out of 1st in their division and they beat the guys at their place that are in 1st. You’re like the people in the Dr. Pepper commercials.

  96. Student of the Game Says:

    Seattle, quote by Joe “Joe feels comfortable calling Mayfield the best quarterback in the NFC South.” That sound like he thinks Trask beat him out? You think Trask would be considered the best QB in the division at this point. Man, you need to go back to school cause quitting early did you no good.

  97. TB bolts Says:

    All bakes has done is beat the worst teams in the league. TN is a dumpster fire and that was obvious. He put up a couple TDs against a poverty defense and now wee should sign him long term? Lets see how that works out.

  98. Shamas Says:

    Most real good teams come out and initially establish their run game to open up their passing game. Someone commented that Mayfield starts slow. That’s because there is no run game. He has to dunk and dunk because defenses don’t have to respect run game and can load up on receivers and pass rush. The main strength of the offense is Mayfield. Improve the O-line and running game. Mayfield would not have to carry the offense on every play.

  99. Stan says Says:

    Thanks Joe, I for one have been never believe Baker is the problem. No running game, no blocking for the running game and very little pass protection are the main problems we have on offense. Don’t believe me about being seemingly the only Baker guy except Joe. Then go back to the first couple of games and read my comments on I called out the uneducated bucs football fans we have in Tampa. It’s about time people give this guy his credit. Again uneducated fans favorite player is the backup quarterback. Trask is a backup for a reason. Great Job Baker I hope your thumb is OK.

  100. m milligan Says:

    For the true fans out there and canales
    Best outside pressure in league coming,
    need shovel pass inside Watts or Chase, BANG, did u notice White has some wheels. (:
    Tall task ahead, GO BUCS

  101. m milligan Says:


  102. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Peter King is a lib POS. Who cares what he thinks.

  103. m milligan Says:

    Caneles came from same division, u would think he knows whats coming,
    U saw how Cowboys fared, think Bucs will put up better game.

  104. Seattle Buc Says:

    Student of the Game Says: “Seattle, quote by Joe ‘Joe feels comfortable calling Mayfield the best quarterback in the NFC South.’ That sound like he thinks Trask beat him out?”

    In TRAINING CAMP, YES! It’s what Joe said, and SAID IT SEVERAL TIMES. You must be new here. TIP: The Archives are your friend.

  105. ScottyMack Says:

    I’d take Mayfield over totally overpaid ($40 million per year) Daniel Jones in a heartbeat.

  106. ScottyMack Says:

    “Have we really never signed a QB we drafted to a second contract? Never? That’s stunning. 😲”

    And yet, the loser, pretend Bucs “fans” want the team to tank so that they can try, try again to find a QB in the draft that will be the team’s savior behind a bad O-line and with no running game.

    No matter where the Bucs finish, a new QB is WAAAAYYYYY down the list of priorities for this team at the moment.

  107. August 1976 Buc Says:

    R Morris category for Baker. ” I will tolerate you until I can replace you” Baker is hard to watch so many plays, his accuracy is not good. If He throws deep, it is a crap shoot how far he is off on connecting with WR. Overall Bake is a good guy, but sorry, he is just to inconsistant to go anywhere. The sooner the Bucs get another QB the better. Again Bake is a good guy, but it is so hard to watch an offense led by Mr inconsistant, a super slow starting QB.

  108. TF Says:

    Baker is surrounded by Offensive talent everywhere. With at least 2 HOFers and maybe 3. He is “serviceable” at best because of this reason. No Baker hate but you can’t tell me the 3 other NFL teams missed something that we suddenly picked up on? He is a back-up plain and simple. NOTHING short of a SB appearance this year will convince me other wise. Not the answer!

  109. Tony Marks Says:

    Seattle Buc Says:
    November 13th, 2023 at 7:39 pm

    In TRAINING CAMP, YES! It’s what Joe said, and SAID IT SEVERAL TIMES. You must be new here. TIP: The Archives are your friend.


    I am not new here since I have been reading since the beginning of the off season and I can say

    I’ve seen No Joe ever state that Kyle won the QB competition

    What you are trying to do with “SEVERAL TIMES” is convert a Joe saying Kyle won some days into the entire competition.

    Even by traskies own standards Kyle lost. I remember when the rage from Kyle cultist was who had the least ints in practice. In the beginning it was Baker as he tried out things with new receivers. Then it became trask throwing more in practice and then more in preseason games ( Baker had ZERO) and then traskies did a flip flop and it wasn’t about who was producing more ints going into the real season.

    GO ahead – give me the title of one post where a joe stated at the end of preseason Kyle won the competition so we all can google it and find it.

    If you don’t I will then say your nose is as long as Pinnochio’s.

  110. GottiDog052084 Says:

    Dwayne Haskins is dead. Kinda hard to get on board with an “expert” that includes him on any type of list…

  111. Seattle Buc Says:

    Tony Marks Says: “I’ve seen No Joe ever state that Kyle won the QB competition.”

    Check your eyes.

    In articles dated August 13, 2023 and August 23, 2023, which were after trainingAFTER TRAINING CAMP ENDED – Joe wrote: “TRASK OUTPLAYED MAYFIELD A LITTLE IN TRAINING CAMP” “BUT HE WASN’T HEAD-AND-SHOULDERS BETTER THAN MAYFIELD.”

    There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

  112. Seattle Buc Says:

    Tony Marks Says: “I’ve seen No Joe ever state that Kyle won the QB competition.”

    Check your eyes.

    In articles dated August 13, 2023 and August 23, 2023, which were after training camp ended, Joe wrote: “TRASK OUTPLAYED MAYFIELD A LITTLE IN TRAINING CAMP” “BUT HE WASN’T HEAD-AND-SHOULDERS BETTER THAN MAYFIELD.”

    There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

  113. Deserted Goat Says:

    Mayfield sucks, has sucked and continues to suck. He’s the same inconsistent qb he’s been the last few years (good days and bad days) being carried by his recievers, what I don’t understand is the people defending him. Dude’s already proven to be a below average starting qb from his record, whoever decided to pick him up in the first place should probably be moved on from the organization, the only surprising thing is Jamsis still has the int record. Bucs have just had and continues to have poor qb hiring practices and its been that way since before Gruden, tbf at least Jamsis was a decent draft pick gamble, but Mayfield is more like Kirk Cousins, too inconsistent to be a super bowl winning qb but at least Cousins has proven to be more reliable and less streaky than Mayfield is. Been some pretty poor off field management last off-season and we are still seeing the effects of that.

  114. Keith frye Says:


  115. David B Says:

    Last I checked there is 11 on each side, why is it that Baker is to blame for the uncontrollables, he’s the quarterback, no the coaching staff. He handles what he can control better than more than half of the other 32 people who have the same job which only 32 people out of 8 billion. So how about we enjoy the game instead of whining behind a pen, two thumb tough guy(phone) or keyboard. Let’s watch football and have a beer. You win some you lose some.

  116. Tony marks Says:

    Check your eyes.

    In articles dated August 13, 2023 and August 23, 2023, which were after training camp ended, Joe wrote: “TRASK OUTPLAYED MAYFIELD A LITTLE IN TRAINING CAMP” “BUT HE WASN’T HEAD-AND-SHOULDERS BETTER THAN MAYFIELD.”


    Check your brain. Just as I suspected you are full of nonsense

    Here is the full paragraph from the Joe on the august 13th entry –

    “For Trask to get the QB1 gig, Joe believes, he had to out-practice/play Mayfield by a lot. He outplayed Mayfield a little in training camp. BUT FRIDAY NIGHT MAYFIELD WAS CLEARLY THE BEST QB.”

    SO just like I knew – the joes never said Kyle won the whole comptition as the above CLEARLY indicates that by that Friday referenced it was obvious who the better qb was and it was BAKER

    You thought you could slice out the last part with your quote and thats why you didn’t specify the exact post which was Titled

    “More Bucs Observations From Friday Night”

    typical Trask Cultist – always bending the truth. The above refrences training camp BEFORE preseason games showed who the best QB clearly was

    and THATS straight from the Horse’s mouth – not your dishonest edit.

  117. RichieRich Says:

    Lol some of these comments are hilarious especially about Playing Trask. Listen to Bowles when people ask him about Baker he wouldn’t admit this publicly but in his heart, I’m sure he prefers Mayfield ( at this point) over last years version of Brady. …..btw He isn’t playing Trask until they’re mathematically eliminated.

  118. Seattle Buc Says:


    Friday was August 11, 2023 …THE JETS GAME!



    Once again. On August 13, after training camp closed and after the first preseason game against the Jets, Joe wrote: “TRASK OUTPLAYED MAYFIELD A LITTLE IN TRAINING CAMP.”


  119. Tony marks Says:

    Seattle Buc Says:
    November 14th, 2023 at 10:42 am

    Friday was August 11, 2023 …THE JETS GAME!




    thats the point nit. The qb competition Included the preseason games and Joe was stating that from that game it was obvious who the better QB was.

    You were asked to show where the Joes said that Kyle won the competition which ALWAYS was to include th preseason game perforrmance- you failed because instead they claimed that Baker was the obvious winner by the time the preseason games started to be played.

    You aren’t laughing your Ass off you laughed your brains off.
    Sheesh all Traskies are so dull.

  120. Jeremy Says:

    Our former 1st round quarterback was throwing picks for the saints . I’ll take Baker all day over that. He is doing a good job and deserves some credit. His o line and running game are both kinda weak so give him a break. Defense did very well against a mediocre team but they have the same record as us going in so what do you think that says about us?

  121. Chris Says:

    @Rid Munch: This nat not sit well with toy but, here is what a career day for Bake4 Mayfield actually looks like.Browns and Baker Mayfield has a career game in a dynamic and exciting 37-34 win over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 7.

    Baker Mayfield answered back. After a rough first quarter that saw Mayfield go 0-5 with an interception, the Browns quarterback would not miss a throw for the rest of the game, going 22-22, with 297 yards and a whopping five touchdowns as the Browns come from behind to beat the Bengals 37-34.

    It should be noted that Mayfield technically broke the franchise record of completed passes at 21, not 22, as Mayfield had to spike the ball in the waning seconds of the 4th quarter, which officially counts as an incompletion.

    It really wasn’t that hard to look up, so try some low level research before you post out of your backside again 🙄👍

  122. BAKERSBucs Says:

    Almost every game baker has had many dropped balls & sure td’s yes he has missed some bombs but he hasn’t enough time together with this squad timing those r on the way so when you say only 20 points isn’t impressive but add at least 1 TD lost per game that puts him atb27 per game on average with a high of 37 I don’t c many other teams blowing hi,m away in stats so be happy we have this guy. Brady had 20 years to get his results not 2 or 3

  123. Oneilbuc Says:

    Jeremy. Baker Mayfield don’t take the chances but I can say one thing he’s a 3 and out man though!! The only time we drove up the field is because of pis in the Texans game. Why do bucs fans love average so much Baker Mayfield ain’t getting us to a Superbowl and every one knows that but Joe and some bucs fans.

  124. Lawson Says:

    You might want to consider banning Rod Munch for racially based remarks and insulting comments that should have no place on a respectable site.