Physicality The Standard For Bucs Defense

November 12th, 2023

Calijah Kancey explains.

Bucs rookie Calijah Kancey may not have blown up today. That doesn’t mean the Titans’ offense didn’t feel him.

Specifically quarterback Will Levis and beastly running back Derrick Henry.

Kancey did not have a sack — Joe has an erection for sacks — but Kancey did have a pair of quarterback hits and a pair of tackles for loss.

One came when Kancey seemed to swallow the locomotive-like Henry whole with a perfect, square-shouldered tackle for a loss.

The Bucs defense as a whole seemed more aggressive and hard-hitting today, including Kancey. And the Bucs’ rookie said that is what his teammates and coaches expect.

“I think that’s what we do,” Kancey said. “That is our standard here on our defense. That’s just something that we had to get back toas a whole and we had to find ourselves.

“So I think today is the standard of what we do as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense.”

Levis looked every bit the rookie today. Part of that was the physical play of the Bucs. Levis seemed to wilt as a result.

“That’s really just what we want to do,” Kancey said. “We want to affect the quarterback. We want to make his job hard.

“We have to make it uncomfortable for him. We have to make him make hard decisions.”

Levis completed just 19 of 39 attempts for 199 yards and the Bucs defense made a difference.

The Bucs had 13 quarterback hits and four sacks. So yeah, you can say Levis felt the Bucs defense.

28 Responses to “Physicality The Standard For Bucs Defense”

  1. Buccos Says:

    Where were these guys last week. I just dropped Tampas D in fantasy

  2. Leopold Stotch Says:

    CK94 looked like a stud. Very impressive today. We need to build off these young guys.

  3. Jack Clark Says:

    If “Physicality The Standard For Bucs Defense” then why is JTS soft, sorry, weak, useless as still starting?! 😂

  4. Bobby Says:

    Here is a thought, with all these potentially good QBs coming out in next year’s draft. In the offseason, Why not attempt to trade a pick for next year or even the year after for a guy like Will Levis or another guy. At least we have will already have NFL film on that guy. It’s less of an unknown commodity. Why don’t NFL teams do team building maneuvers like this one more often. Henrybis getting older, there coach may be in NE next season. Titans may be in rebuilding mode this offseason. Draft picks from the Bucs could be premium this offseason. By the way, I know Bucs just came off a goid win. But my feelings remain constant with Bowles and this coaching staff. Belichick is available via trade from so many reports out there. Think Glazers should do anything and everything to get him to Tampa at end of this season.

  5. Bobby Says:

    Levis had pressure in his face all game and saw alot of good things that make him Buccaneer trade worthy today and from prior games

  6. Bobby Says:

    I’m saying trade for a yound starting qb on another team that we already have film on versus the every year college qbs that come out and are all unknown and it’s like a crap shhot to hit on a good qb. The NFL draft for drafting qbs like 90% doesn’t work out for most NFL teams in the first round yet teams continue to invest there entire franchise’s future fir a guy that are not sure he is going to pan out for the team. NFL draft is flawed. Heck most college teams don’t even run NFL style offenses so why are teams putting so much into getting them if they are not sure that player is going to pan out.

  7. Bobby Says:

    For example, Look the Bears are probably going to have number 1 pick and get Drake Maye or Caleb Williams. Either will play for brand new head coach who is brand new to the entire team as well. And that rookie QB will have to play in front of a horrible offensive line and lack of running game and lack of quality receiving options. And hope that the QB survives injury free until season 3 or 4 when a team management is able to put a quality surrounding cast around said top QB. I see the NFL going to a new draft system one day. That way the league can capitalize more on the top QB talent coming out of colleges year end and year out. Too many good QBs coming out of college are wasted on bad NFL teams.

  8. Miller5252 Says:

    It’s hard to believe that the Titans beat the Falcons with this rookie QB. The Titans don’t look like a good team at all and what does that say about our lost to the crappy Falcons. With all the talent on this team, the Bucs should be competitive with any team but the coaching staff is killing this team with no accountability.

  9. Bobby Says:

    Justin Fields is another guy that could be had by an NFL team for what a second or 3rd round pick this offseason. He can be another Hurts or Lamar Jackson on the right team and coaching staff. Versus the horrible surrounding cast and coaching he has had in Chicago. Why not turn the stone up and see what is there. Or someone else that is still young and new on a bad team and there is NFL film on. Bucs management should start thinking outside the box on building our next Super Bowl winning team. Looks like the Bucs may end up with another 1st round pick in the teen’s next offseason. Therefore Bucs management thinking outside the box should be an option. Let’s Go Bucs!!

  10. Beeej Says:

    Titans O line is hurt. Give the worst 3rd stringer on the league enough time and he’ll pick you apart

  11. Bobby Says:

    Joe Bucs Fan didn’t like my previous message and didn’t like my suggestion for Bucs management to go after Justin Fields in the offseason because he is on a poor team with a poor coaching staff who has 2 top 10 picks coming this offseason. Fields could be used as in the way Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson are and a team can win with that guy. Fields could probably be had for say a 3rd round pick, maybe 2nd at tops and who is to say you have to trade next season’s picks you have the following seasons picks as compensation as well. Or Will Levis or someone else that is a top yound NFL drafted QB from recent years who spent there intial time on bad football teams. Heck Steve Young started with the Bucs bad football team in 86 and then was traded to the niners and history speaks for itself with him. Not saying Justin Fields is going to be the next Steve Young, just pointing out small detail comparisons in the world of the unknown future of recently high drafted QBs. It doesn’t always work out on there first teams.

  12. Bobby Says:

    I was wrong Joe Bucs Fan has some comment moderation system. Sorry about my misinterpretation of your moderation of my comment and sorry for my redundancy of Justin Fields

  13. Bobby Says:

    Steve Young is perfect example of a QB that started on a bad NFL team then was traded to the niners and history speaks for itself regarding him

  14. Bobby Says:

    Although it wasn’t all bad for Steve Young in Tampa. He did have the great and should be a Hall of Famer Jimmie Giles to throw too. Jimmie was a great tight End period. He should have been in Hall of Fame along time ago. Giles was Tony Gonzalez, Gronk, Antonio Gates, Kelce l, Shannon Sharpe and etc before those players ever came along. Jimme Giles should be in the Hall, come on Ira, do a Jimmie Giles presentation to that Hall of Fame board one day. Or heck do a James Wilder presentation too. James Wilder was exceptional. Just played on a bad football team

  15. geno711 Says:

    Bobby. You may be right about Justin Fields but actually there are more examples of quarterbacks in the NFL that never succeeded after their college years.

    You may partially consider what Fields did in college and still think that he will be a good NFL quarterback. But you still should more consider what he has done in the pros.

    My opinion of him in the pros is that he has unbelievable ability. However, his ability to process plays and recognize defenses is well below average.

    My opinion is he will always have a lot of good fantasy football stats, but he will never be an elite quarterback in the NFL.

    Just a difference of opinion.

    For every Steve Young, there are 20 JaMarcus Russell’s.

  16. Steven007 Says:

    Bobby, lay off the Ritalin.

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    The pass rush was great today.
    I hope we keep it up.

  18. Larrd Says:

    Teams don’t usually trade good young franchise QBs.

  19. orlbucfan Says:

    Getting tired of the JTS garbage.

  20. Buccos Says:

    Seriously dude. That’s not how this works. Bobby should change his name to Bobby Munch

  21. Sneedy16 Says:


  22. Brandon Says:

    I think Levis threw for 139 yards, not 199.

  23. Bobby Says:

    Stevin 007 Ritalin?? That’s not how thats spelled lol. Fatfingered that on your phone. I feel ya, happens to me often on this platform. I mispell things like every comment lol. But no drugs here brother , just straight hyped and passionate about Bucs football

  24. Bobby Says:

    Hey Buccos, munch huh!?? Confused, simple, straightforward to your point will get you far in life sir and especially on a public platform lol.

  25. Bobby Says:

    Sneedy, yes ??? Your question marks are warranted and justified based on my previous comments regarding Justin Fields. Look at this way, imagine a Bucs offense next season with Justin Fields who they aquired for say a 3rd round pick with the plan of a total heavy qb option system like Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. And Carolina did this for years and got to a Super Bowl with this system. Jaken Hurts and the Eagles nearly won the SB last season and are just succeeding this season with this strategy.Thats outside the box thinking. Why not, the Qbs in college are now doing that there and coming trained and ready to do it. That means quicker turnaround transition from College to Pros and therefore could produce faster turnaround results to wins and losses on the field for the Bucs. If not this guy, then come up with another besides investing all this into a brand new starting quarterback out of the draft next season. You think some of our veteran players on this team want to sign up for a 3-4 yr project Qb starting next season. Fields is an interesting option fir a run first qb system. Just a thought folks. Who am i, just a fan making an outside observation

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Kancey … “So I think today is the standard of what we do as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense.”

    Bucs DLine held their gaps to shut down the Titans running game AND consistently pressured QB Will Levis all game long. OLBs did the same for a change. Our Secondary wasn’t allowing 10-yard cushions on all plays. Thus the Titans only got 42 TOTAL yards rushing on 16 plays (2.6 YPC), and Levis was only able to complete 19-of-39 passes (less than 50% completions) for ZERO TDs and 2 FGs.

    Before we start viewing yesterday’s performance as our new defensive ‘standard’, we need to answer 2 questions:

    1 – Was it that our defense played lights-out yesterday or that the Titans’ offense, OLine specifically, really sucked yesterday?

    2 – But IF this is the Bucs’ defensive ‘standard’, where the he11 have you guys been during our recent losing streak?

  27. BUC_MY_LIFE Says:

    Kancey is going to be a hell of a player. A duo of a him next to Vita is going to be HELL for opposing offensive lines. They compliment each other very well and Bowles uses them both all over the defensive front. Just make sure these guys are playing to their strengths and not dropping in coverage, Todd!!

  28. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Bobby Munch with the book