Ira Kaufman Talks Winning Formula Against The Texans, Mayfield Math, Kyle Trask Math, The Mike Evans Approach, Sunday Predictions & More

November 4th, 2023

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Massive midseason road game tomorrow for Tampa Bay and Joe and Ira dive head first into that and more. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks Winning Formula Against The Texans, Mayfield Math, Kyle Trask Math, The Mike Evans Approach, Sunday Predictions & More”

  1. Bobby Says:

    If the Bucs season continues to go in the wrong direction. Think next season’s head coach needs to be a guy with a track record of success. Belichick could be available that would be something insane if that happened by the way lol, Harbaugh could be available. I was going through the list of candidates who are coordinators on other teams that could be available next season. None sound promising to me. So I’m digging into old names now. Hey, here is an old name from the past. Now just hear me out. Jon Gruden could be available next season if the legal stuff goes his way. I know his relationship with the Glazers is probably iffy after that email thing. But he is a brilliant offensive mind. And I bet if he is able to come back next season. He will probably be humbled considering what he has had to endure. He win Super Bowl here and if Gruden were able to come here and turn this ship around into a winning direction. Then why not bring Gruden back to Tampa in 2024. If he wins and that may mend things with the Glazers right? Crazy idea, I know. Also why not consider bringing Arians back too if all options are on the table. Anyway, just thoughts.

  2. Bobby Says:

    I just thought of another name. Think some of you may find this one intriguing. For next season HC, this guy has a relationship with Licht and the Glazers. He use to to be our OC. I know from listening to podcast episodes of the Ira show over the years that this guy is well liked by the Joe Bucs Fan trio. This guy had success coaching in college at Georgia, helped them win a championship and had success with Baker to at Cleveland and is the current OC for Baltimore Ravens. How about Todd Monken for your next Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC for 2024?? What say you all to that huh?? I think it sounds intriguing. What say you???

  3. Bobby Says:

    Todd Monken for next Bucs HC in January 2024, he has over 30 years of coaching experience and use to be HC at Southern Miss and was OC at Georgia University 2 yrs ago and they won a National Championship that season. Is currently the Baltimore Ravens OC and Baltimore’s offense is doing well this season.Todd also use to be on Clevelands staff when Baker was there too. So if Todd Monken came back here. Baker would already be familiar with that offense too and the coach. Todd Monken use to be our OC here from 2016 – 2018. Todd Monken for your next Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC in 2024. I’m excited thinking about it.

  4. Bobby Says:

    Todd is also already familiar with some players currently on this team. Evans, Godwin, David, Vea, Gholston, Carlton Davis, and most importantly Baker Mayfield. Baker already knows Todd from working with him in Cleveland and Baker, Evans and Godwin are all familiar with his offensive imput. Why not Todd Monken. Sounds like a fit in Tampa Bay to me.

  5. ElioT Says:

    Bucs are stuck in the past under Jason Licht.

    They’re not a modern football team.

    Times are changing and the Glazers need to see this.

  6. ElioT Says:


    You’re bat-**** crazy dude.

    Monken wouldn’t do anything with this roster.

    No top tier QB, RB, TE, questionable OL and no depth at WR.

    We have an archaic mentality and the roster to support.

  7. ElioT Says:




  8. Bobby Says:

    I didn’t think Monken could do wonders with this roster as it currently stands. Obviously he would make changes and significant changes. Just pointing out the positives to him being next HC. The important thing is you disregarded the main info in my comments regarding his coaching background and exp and how it relates to the Bycs infrastructure as it is today and you went straight to commenting about the roster as it stands today. Not what I was commenting or thinking. Todd M would definitely make changes to the roster in his own image. But how can you deny the smooth fit it would be In Tampa as HC in 2024, considering all the contributing factors I mentioned in previous posts. Your bat**** crazy not see the intrigue Im giving you here and for free. Yes the Gruden thing is crazy but I still think that may work if it were to be allowed by Glazers. That’s likely laughed out of the board room though by the Glazers. Focus on Todd Monken, this is a fantastic candidate for next Bucs HC 2024. I’m done commenting on this and say what you will.

  9. Since76 Says:

    Belichick is a losing below average coach without Brady. Belichick would need a franchise QB like Brady…mahomes….Manning. I don’t see any on our roster.

  10. Bobby Says:

    Know I said I would not comment further but EllioT said Jason Licht is archaic. I completely disagree. Jason has snd continues to be one of if not the Best General Manger of the Bucs. Only other 2 I can think of that would be in the conversation with Licht as the Bucs Gm and compared to org history is Ron Wolf, who was Bucs first and led them from inaugural season to 1979 championship game. That defense almost got the Bucs to the Super Bowl led by 63, David logan and Batman and Doug Williams and Ricky Bell, Jimmie Giles was an outstanding Running Back. Injuries derailed his career. Then you have Rich McKay, one of the architects of the Bucs winning Super Bowl and All-time great defenses in NFL lore. Then you have Jason Licht who just managed the Bucs to sign and attract Tom Brady and win a Super Bowl in Tampa too. Jason also managed to put a possible division championship winner this season while under a 35 mil cap hit from Tom Brady’s departure. Jason has inefficiency with drafting Running Backs. That is clear now after all these years. But Jason played OL at Nebraska In college and he drafted Ali Marpet, Wirfs and yearly continues to do wonders throughout the yearly straights of cap to put out quality offense lines and this season could very well turn out to be a quality OL by end of season. Jason overall drafted Evans, Godwin, Vea, Winfield and made all time great signings of Barrett and Suh, traded for JPP for only a 3rd round pick too. Actually Bucs could use JPP right now lol. Jason brought Baker here under a 3 mil to 8 mil contract and without Baker our team would look so much worse right now too. Jason also brought Fournette here, drafted D-White. Now D-White is not same player he was in yrs ago but don’t dismiss how important Devin White was to the Bycs winning a Super Bowl. Devin White is a fantastic talent and great player when his own head doesn’t prevent him from being that. Devin White has head issues that are significantly holding him back. That is not Jason Licht’s fault. Licht also Brought Arians here. Arians is in my opinion ine of the greatest Bucs coaches ever. And a great coach overall. If any of you disagree with that. Just look at the ugly football that has been displayed by the Bucs since Bruce Arians left. Many of you bad mouthed Bruce Arians on this platform. You ney sayers were wrong about Arians. Anyway, if I’m the Glazers I’m extending Jason Lichts contract and giving him a pay raise. Let’s Go Bucs!!

  11. Bobby Says:

    Since 76, I agree Belichick would need a franchise qb if he came here. Therefore I believe if Belichick came here. Him working with Baker would be a possibility. If the Bucs drafted a qb, not sure an old Belichick would want to sign up for that at his age and point in his career. As Joe said previously, Bill is likely staying in coaching till he surpasses Don Shula’s win record. Back to the point of Since 76 though. Mark my words Bucs fans, if Belichick is available at end of this season. I would bet my house that Licht and the Glazers would do anything and everything to get Bill here. Being that Tom was here already only helps that possibility and Licht was in the Patriots organization previously. Lucht has a relationship with Bill. But before I get too far that insanity if it ever became a possibility. It’s Bill B and me as a fan do not care about any of the lack of franchise qb and whatever else factors you all come up with. If Bill B HOF cosch was available and I’m Licht snd the Glazers. My mindset would be do whatever it takes to get him here and we will figure out rest afterwards. But as it stands today Bill is on an extended contract and still Patriots HC. But media reports continue to come out about his possible departure after this season. I’m sure those reports have serious sources telling them this stuff. Coach contracts don’t mean anything to NFL organizations folks and do not count against the team salary caps. So don’t get stuck on Bill’s contract. If he is available, I believe this is a Bucs possibility. But in the event he is still HC next season. Todd Monken is a great candidate for next Bucs HC. Look at his resume man, it speaks for itself. I think Todd Monken would be a great choice for next Bucs HC in 2024.

  12. rickym Says:

    Love Monken but didn’t he decline an interview for Bucs oc for this season?

  13. Bobby Says:

    I didn’t hear anything about him being a candidate for this season’s OC. Other than joe bucs trio saying he ought to be a one.

  14. Joe Says:

    Love Monken but didn’t he decline an interview for Bucs oc for this season?

    Unless the Bucs were pumping out misinformation. The team’s own website wrote how the Bucs “completed” an interview with Monken.

    The Bucs gig for Monken was not even an option. At the time, the Bucs didn’t have a quarterback. Monken was offered a job to work with Lamar Jackson on a playoff team. That’s as slam dunk as it gets.