Inside Baker Mayfield’s Work Ethic

November 9th, 2023

Cool nugget dropped by Buccaneers wide receivers coach Brad Idzik.

He was a guest last night on the Buccaneers Radio Network and was very Dave Canales-like in his optimism about the Bucs offense.

Idzik dove into ways that quarterback Baker Mayfield has the respect of teammates and isn’t a QB on a pedastal receiving special treatment.

Idzik said Mayfield pushes players to know him personally, and that’s a two-way street. “Baker feels like he knows each individual,” Idzik said.

On the practice field, literally, Idzik said Mayfield gets into deep dialogue with all his receivers.

“We review every play. We have the little [tablets] out there to review the plays in practice immediately after,” Idzik said. “And Baker’s going from receiver to receiver about each play. ‘Hey, here’s what I see here; what do you see different?’ So he’s done a phenomenal job with that.”

Joe can’t ignore the surge of the Bucs offense — 45 points in the past five quarters. Though it hasn’t looked smooth, it sure doesn’t look like a fluke.

While the Bucs defense may be tuning out Todd Bowles a bit in his fifth season as Tampa Bay’s defensive guru, it seems like the offense is a much hungrier and focused bunch — especially at quarterback.

121 Responses to “Inside Baker Mayfield’s Work Ethic”

  1. ATLBuc Says:

    I think we would be better off down the line with Trask starting. But, whoever lines up behind center on game day, I’m going to be pulling for him.

  2. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Bargaining phase

  3. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    So why do you only see Baker sitting by himself all alone on the sideline with no tablet in every in game shot that is shown of him?????????

  4. Chris Stewart Says:

    Just win games

  5. Mort Says:

    I mean, that’s what you want from a process standpoint. So, good on him for that. Should be expected and not considered something special, however. Certainly good to hear that it’s happening though. It beats the alternative.

  6. Craig Says:

    So, does he not have enough talent to make those plays he picks over?

    Maybe it is a mental block, either from nightmares of teams past or can’t keep his mind out of his pants.

  7. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Baker is the only leader on this team

  8. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    All good but we got Urkel running the team.

  9. David Says:

    This is a joke. If you notice there was no positive comments on Baker’s mechanics, techniques, his timing with his receivers, lack of throwing to Mike E. & Chris G.

    The only thing we hear from coaches is leadership and being a good teammate. LOL

    You are crediting Baker with his good plays for the last five quarters. How about the 16 quarters when he didn’t score a single point in the first quarters with three losses at home ? He averaged 12 points a game before the Texans Game.

    Can Bucs got to playoff and win a playoff game with Baker being so inconsistent in the most crappiest division in NFL ? If yes, it will only result in extension of Toilet Bowl and Baker combo for another year without any further advancement into playoffs beyond first round.
    Bench Baker and dismiss HC if Bucs to lose any of next two games. Time to re-build starts with seeing what Bucs have in Trask.

  10. Couch Fan Says:

    You really are milking 37 points against a very bad and injury riddled team. Lets see that same energy after the Titans smack us around.

  11. Texasbucsfan Says:

    More propaganda from one of the coaches that should be let go along with the
    rest of the staff. Mayfield should be a backup in the NFL, not a starter.

  12. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bucs are not winning any more games if the D gives up 5 TD’s and 2FG’s every game- Brady, Montana, Manning, whoever wouldn’t make much difference

  13. David Says:

    Toilet Bowl said himself that he chose Baker due to his six years experience in NFL over Trask. He didn’t say Baker beat Trask out of training camp.

    MR. HC,
    If the experience is the main factor, then why did even have a qb competition to begin with ? We should just kept Gabbert that you and BA bragged about over Trask for the past two years.

  14. Lombardi Lenny Says:

    For the record, I despise Dave Canales too. He’s so soft and his upbeat “we’re gonna win guys” or “watching the offense in practice game me chills”

    Just STFU Dave and put a plan together that ,ight actually give a chance to win.

  15. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:

    How about all the same 5 fools who post anti-Mayfield nonsense on here spend the time they’re going to post their next comment and take a little time looking up analytics, metrics, rankings (data) and see that Mayfield is in the top 10 of all the important metrics for strong QB play.

    It’s not hard to find.

    And it completely invalidates almost every comment each of you make 40 times a day on this website.

  16. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:

    Here I’ll start you off…

    Mayfield is the only ONLY QB in the NFL with +0.9 EPA under pressure in the ENTIRE NFL.

    No other QB is even in the positive. Josh Allen is next, but in the negatives.

  17. Couch Fan Says:

    Ohh Bakers little dump off passes when he’s under pressure is so amazing. Again whatever would we do without the All Pro QB that 4 other teams let go of. Theres no possible way we can replace his incredible 3900 yards that hes on pace for. LMAO

  18. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  19. CHRISTOS Says:

    I will not question his leadership skills since i dont know what is going on behind the scenes.
    I will not question his toughness because we can see it on the field.
    But we have to be honest that his abilities on the field and what he can provide as a QB are with a limit. We can see that too.
    Go Bucs

  20. David Says:

    Baker hasn’t had a 300 yard passing game with his poor man avg. per passing yard even when Texans had their third string defenders in the game.

  21. NJbucs23 Says:

    He will be in the XFL next year. Get this bum out of here

  22. David Says:

    Baker Fans;
    Do you really want to post on Baker’s potential magic ? Stop following him through this blog. This is for Bucs Fans.

  23. David Says:

    Toilet Bowl will be the latest Baker’s victim who gambled on him and lost.

  24. ScottyMack Says:

    37 is more than Brady’s Bucs scored all last season and this team has slightly less talent than last year’s team.

  25. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    Baker has passion and heart and I respect the heck out of the way he plays.

    I hope we do turn this thing around and start winning and finish strong, but man I want Bowles (and his lack of passion etc) outta here asap and Idk if we can have it both ways, Bucs Fans…. SMH, it’s a Bucs Life.

    I’ll still take winning and keeping Bowles over losing right now, just because I want to see us all succeed in everything we do…


  26. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:

    @Couch Fan – Mayfield’s average depth of target is top 6 in the NFL. Translation.

    Educate yourself instead of posting comments here.

    @David – Mayfield threw for 300 yards this season (Chicago). YOU are the worst commenter on this site. Please STOP. You clog every comment thread with nonsense.

    Literally everything you same people post each and every post is easily refutable by casual look up in stats.

    Trask lost the QB, Trask is not starting because he played poorly in the preseason when it mattered and he is not going to see the field until this team is eliminated from the playoffs, at the earliest.

    Let it go and root for you Bucs team and your QB who is playing much better than expected in a worst situation than expected (no run game, no defense, rookie playcaller with no sense for calling a game).

  27. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:


    You calling yourself a BUCs fan? You are a Trask fan. Move on. If you were an actual BUCS fan you’d be appreciating the good to very good QB play.

    Now stop commenting and clogging up these threads.

  28. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Baker is trash and we’re sick and tired of him being forced on us as fans.

    It’s a lost season because of that and we’ll be glad to be rid of his overrated diva ass come next year.

    We’re already thinking about 2024. The only thing that interests us about this season is how the young players develop including Trask.

  29. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “How about all the same 5 fools who post anti-Mayfield nonsense on here”

    Exactly, from what I see at the games the majority of fans back Baker Mayfield and don’t view him as the problem….

    it’s the same 5 basement dwellers that are spewing this anti Baker nonsense in favor of another 2d round miss by Jason Licht.

  30. Couch Fan Says:

    You heard it folks Baker is top 6 in the NFL. Like I said theres no way we can replace his 3900 yards. And yes theres no way Trask could ever replace him according to the cheerleaders. Despite the fact hes never started in a real game with the starters but dont worry Im sure the cheerleaders will pull some stats out of there rectums to prove that to! top 6 LMAO

  31. Couch Fan Says:

    Funny thing is I like Baker dont think hes playing all that bad I just think its comical how these cheerleaders are pretending he’s been so good that he’s untouchable. LMAO top 6.

  32. D-Rome Says:

    How about all the same 5 fools who post anti-Mayfield nonsense on here spend the time they’re going to post their next comment and take a little time looking up analytics, metrics, rankings (data) and see that Mayfield is in the top 10 of all the important metrics for strong QB play.


    Baker Mayfield has thrown 12 TDs and 4 INTs on just about 65% passing with a rating of 92.7. There isn’t a head coach in the NFL that would bench that production. Sitting Mayfield only makes sense if the Bucs are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

  33. David Says:

    Baker should be benched if we trail at the end of the first half against Titans.

  34. Irish Laughter Says:

    I will take a great QB on a pedestal any day of the week. Brady made the mistake of coming to Tampa Bay in the first place. Why do I say that? Because after he leaves he gets trashed by the Joes of the world who are only used to QB sex offenders (Winston) and other non performers. I’m not taking anything away from Mayfield, but lets face facts Joe. Until Brady showed up, us Buc fans had lost all hope of even sniffing a Super Bowl. The other undeniable fact is that Joe, you are a Brady hater and Joe you have an ax to grind for some warped reason. Keeping it real across the pond. This is anything but real. –Joe

  35. pmarcello Says:

    The same dirty dozen idiots bsah Baker on this site every day. They are nauweating. Baker is getting better and better as the seaon goes on. The coaching is holding him back and even possibly dicoiuraging him by forcing him to play small ball. Barring a division title I personlly see Mcvay grabbing him with a lucrative contract after the seaon. I hate to see him go but what ever is good for Baker I approve. He is proving hi detractors wrong this season and I can asure you there are Coache and GMs taking notice all over the league. The dumb creeps in this town don’t deserve him.

  36. David Says:

    Most of Baker’s TD’s were thrown at garbage time when the games had already decide. He has been so bad in our losses except Texans game.

  37. Couch Fan Says:

    And the same 5 Butt kissers with chapped lips are here puckering up to Mayfield every day. Whats your point?

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    “the Bucs are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.”

    Almost there D-Rome

  39. David Says:

    Baker is a game manger who can make some plays while trying to limit mistakes. Bucs are losing due Baker’s inability to elevate the team around him, coupled with the environment he brings, creates a recipe for becoming a journeyman and a trade candidate in the past 6 years.

  40. First Last Says:

    The Trask fans are unbearable lately. Go find a team that you can root for gosh dang. Why even waste your time reading this blog? Are you itching to see Trask in place of Baker? It isn’t happen. How are the Gators doing this year btw? I bet you all flocked here after Anthony Richardson got destroyed for the season (next Cam Newton btw). Enjoy the ride man. The NFL is unbalanced at the moment so it is just nice to see a competitive team. Do you honestly think anyone is going to field a team that’ll beat the Bengals, Ravens, Eagles, Chiefs, or 49ers? They are all the new power houses, and people want to play for those teams. It isnt going to happen, the bucs arent going to the superbowl this year. Just enjoy football. Gosh dang you Trask fans make me not even want to be interested in the Bucs anymore. Y’all are insufferable.

  41. Couch Fan Says:

    Then Jump ship and quit crying like a little girl because you cant handle a opinion different than yours. LMAO

  42. SlyPirate Says:


    This is standard operating procedure. The offense runs plays and discusses what’s working and not working. Then, adjusts to the defense. They do this in college and high school.

  43. NE Fan Says:

    Baker is who he is a average NFL QB, to expect more is not fair. I am sure his work ethic is driven by the fact this maybe his last hurrah as a starting QB. Make no mistake he is fighting for a decent contract. Anyone that compares Baker to Brady or any elite QB loses all credibility. Baker throws up 37 points against a bad team with a depleted defense is reaching. Baker nor Trask is NOT taking any team to a SB. It’s a QB league now and the best QB’s will go the furthest. That’s why San Fran couldn’t and won’t go to the SB. If Baker was really that involved Godwin would be targeted far more than he is. Brady recognized his talent, Evan’s should be #2.

  44. RC Says:

    Not much dropped here, Joe. Review the series after it is over, pretty common. How many times did we see Brady slam the tablet down, likely because he saw stuff he didn’t like.

    Baker is playing OK. He is out playing any of the other free agent QBs that were available and signed for way more. His INTs have been low. And he has made some key plays. Better offensive line and a good running game, who knows what this team could be. Case in point, Steve Young. With the Bucs, he had nothing to work with. Goes to 49ers, sits behind Joe, becomes HOF Super Bowl winning QB. If Bowles has to win, and win now, he cannot go to Trask.

    As for how Trask would do, I think he would struggle. He is less mobile and will have a learning curve (more sacks, more INTs). Not saying it would be bad for him, he would gain tremendously from the reps. But this team will not be better with him unless they are better around him.

  45. optimisticbucsfan Says:


  46. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    @scottycrack – So Baker is better than Baker because? One game?

    Your post is rated 5 out of 5 Come on man’s



  47. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    *Baker better than Brady

    Your post was so awful I screwed up typing it.

  48. NYbucsfan Says:

    If your argument for keeping Baker is that has thrown 12 touchdowns and 4 interceptions just stop. We’ve played 8 games that’s 1.5 touchdowns a game 10.5 points with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. How is that good? He is not going to lead a team to a championship let’s face the facts, people.

  49. D-Rome Says:

    Almost there D-Rome

    Yeah, great. Well, not really. At that point if and/or when the Bucs are mathematically eliminated then start Trask. I’m not rooting for that and neither should any actual Bucs fans.

  50. StormyInFl Says:

    I didn’t hate Kyle Trask until these insufferable Trask/Gator fans showed up here and everywhere with their incessant whining. Non stop since they signed Baker. They somehow believe Trask was somehow entitled to the job.

    It’s getting to the point where I hope, when they finally do put him in, he falls flat on his face. That way I can pollute a game day threads like they do, calling for his benching after every bad play or less than ideal result.

  51. Couch Fan Says:

    Funny if you look through these posts the only ones whining are the Mayfield groupies who cant stand that others would like to try something different that could help us win more games than we lose. And it also seems the Mayfield groupies all use the same brain since they keep repeating how annoyed they are with “trask fans”.

  52. D1 Says:

    This is after the Steelers preseason game

    Mayfield does not have the edge over Trask for the starting job. 
    He looked sharper in the pocket against the Steelers and although he has thrown more interceptions than Trask in training camp, his deep passes have led to other wide receivers making highlight-tier plays. 

    Trask has taken a more conservative approach with his plays in training camp. His fewer interceptions come down to taking the “safer option” with check downs and not taking as many risks of throwing the ball downfield compared to Mayfield. 
    It’s not a bad approach to compete with Mayfield for the job, but to win football games, shots down the field must be taken to help put points on the board. 

    Trask seemed to start doing that toward the latter days of training camp, but it also led to him causing more interceptions.

    Mayfield and Trask] had [reps with the first team offesne] all camp, they’ve had it all spring. We don’t worry about the continuity part – everybody has gotten plenty of reps together,” he said. ”

    Kyle Trask stinks,” King said, via JoeBucsFan.

  53. Tony Marks Says:

    “Stop following him through this blog. This is for Bucs Fans.”

    Then you can leave David because you are no bucs fan and take the rest of the Kyle Cult with you. No group more consistently talks about one player and roots for the Bucs to lose for that one player than your cult.. If you guys even had well reasoned arguments it would be okay but all you have are idiotic ones

    “baker is backup in this league”

    while fact – Baker is rated top 15 among STARTING QBs. 32 teams in the NFL The Kylecult can’t even do basic maths

    “Bowles knows Kyle is the better QB”

    while fact no coach puts in players he thinks are worse. Spare us the idiotic conspiracy theories

    “kyle would do this or that or move the ball”

    fact: 3 of 9 for 23 yards when called upon in an actual game. What a trail blazer in stats over imagination.

    Kyle could still become a good player but its pure imagination you guys off of to make your claims.

    So No Baker fan is going anywhere unless one of the Joes says so (and it was a JOE that I first read calling you guys a cult ). Meanwhile we root for the QB and the team. You only root for Trask and its been that way the WHOLE season even when we were winning. That group which you headline doesn’t give a rip about the Bucs. Its all about Trask. is probably available. Go start a blog there. Us BUCS fans will stay right here.

    You got about as much clout on who posts here as you do onw ho starts at QB and the maths so far says thts


  54. Mdg1966 Says:

    Let’s be honest here about the whole Mayfield/Trask situation. Bowles went with Mayfield because he’s in the second year of a two-year deal as head coach. Anyone in that situation would much rather hitch their wagon to someone who’s got experience quarterbacking in the NFL as opposed to throwing caution to the wind on an unproven commodity, like Trask. Trask won’t start a game or play unless Mayfield gets injured or the Bucs are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs at which point Bowles is guaranteed to be blown out on Black Monday with a number of other head coaches. That’s the deal. No need to talk about Mayfield’s stats or Trask’s potential. I’m not so sure either topic matters at this point.

  55. Tony Marks Says:

    David Says:
    November 9th, 2023 at 11:49 am
    This is a joke. If you notice there was no positive comments on Baker’s mechanics, techniques, his timing with his receivers, lack of throwing to Mike E. & Chris G.


    He’s the receiver’s coach. He doesn’t play call or handle QB mechanics. He’s commenting on exactly what you would expect a receiver’s coach to talk about and of course its talking about timing. Thats precisely one of the key things Baker or any QB discusses.

  56. Bobby M. Says:

    Baker is a serviceable starter with upside….it won’t shock me if the offense starts putting up points. It also won’t shock me if our defense gets gashed from here on it. Opponents see opportunities with Neal at safety, until we show we’ve corrected the problem, nothing will change. It’s a copy cat league.

  57. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Baker is not the problem. I remember Tom Brady people criticizing Tom Brady saying, Tom can’t see evans wide open, Godwin wide open missing throws to receivers, Tom has weak arms ,,, blah blah blah…… even if you put Mahommes, Allen or CJ Stroud in our Bucs team, they will all crap… it boils down to how the scheme was setup. OL cannot provide enough time, receivers dropping passes, no running game…. and the OC and HC are both clueless, inept and incompetent.

  58. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    So many excuses…so little time.

  59. Don'tBmad Says:

    Thank God terrible Trask hasn’t been in there exposing all the casuals who don’t know sh*t about football and never played the game. It this point he doesn’t even have trade value. Buc’s need a running game period

  60. WyomingJoe Says:

    PMARCELLO: You’re right about Baker. He’ll be Ranked in the Top 10 in the League at the end.

    DAVID: You’re a sad, sickening excuse for a fan.

  61. Tony Marks Says:

    StormyInFl Says:
    November 9th, 2023 at 2:34 pm
    I didn’t hate Kyle Trask until these insufferable Trask/Gator fans showed up here and everywhere with their incessant whining

    I still hope he does well. Got to separate the players from the cult and i haven’t seen Trask with an attitude. What makes the kyle cult so annoying is not just supporting the kid. Its the illogical arguments they make. Conspiracy theories as to why he really won the QB competition , claiming Baker is a backup QB while he is ranked top 15 and all these claims of what Trask would definitely do when in his play so far in real games is 3 o f 9 for 23 yards.

    It s a lesson in how NOT to argue a point . Make your arguments with points that hold up. When they are silly stuff then it just destroys your whole credibility. Keep repeating the conspiracy theories and false facts and no one cares – especially Bowles even if he were listening.

  62. SlyPirate Says:

    Loss Ten (3-6)
    Loss @SFO (3-7) Fire Bowles, Bench Baker
    Win @Ind – (4-7)
    Win Car (5-7)
    Win @Atl (6-7)
    Win @GB (7-7)
    Loss Jax (7-8)
    Win Nola (8-8)
    Win @Car (9-8)

    Trask starts his career 6-1

  63. Bucs13 Says:

    A “good” Mayfield season is a “bad” Brady season, and Brady is in his 40’s. The biggest mistake this team made is thinking a 45 year old Brady could carry the team. He had a MVP year in 2021, but the team had to know there would natural regression. They didn’t put him in a position to succeed. Licht had two new dudes who never played the position protecting Brady’s interior. Interior pressure is always bad for a no running game which forced the old man to throw 50x a game.

  64. NE Fan Says:

    WyomingJoe/PMarcello@ Mayfield is ranked 15 AVERAGE!!!

  65. Tony Marks Says:

    “Win Nola (8-8)
    Win @Car (9-8)

    Trask starts his career 6-1”

    and then you wake up from your bother’s snoring?

  66. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Safe to say the Bucs upgraded at quarterback from a washed/unmotivated Tom Brady in 2022.

  67. WyomingJoe Says:

    TONY MARKS: Well said. Again!

  68. Couch Fan Says:

    Same morons telliing us we cant win with Trask are the same buffoons that are satisfied losing with Mayfield LMAO. You cant make up this kind of stupidity. LMAO

  69. Chris Says:

    Nobody says he’s better than Brady, just pointing out he’s not as bad as Trask fans, Texas fans, OSU fans, etc. , make him out to be. He’s a good, not great QB right now. It’s a long season so you may have a chance to pile on later, but for now, nope.

  70. David Says:

    Bucs record is 3-5 in the worst division. Who is the qb ? You guess right. Trash journeyman.

  71. NE Fan Says:

    TBucs@ if not for Brady, Bowles goes 3-12 his first season as Bucs HC.

  72. NE Fan Says:


  73. NE Fan Says:

    Sorry 3-14 they don’t make the PO’s.

  74. David Says:

    Go ahead and brag about Baker as you wish. He is still the same trash that no other team wanted except the toilet bowl. Baker is a poison to a team that provide false hopes until he gets his check to next stop. However the toilet bowl won’t ever be a head coach in NFL to take this trash with him.

  75. David Says:

    Hell our high school qb could have played in this sorry division and lose but not four in a row.

  76. TheMIGHTYVH Says:

    Baker is not the issue or at least has not been through the first 8 games. While he has missed some throws he has played pretty well and been pretty consistent. What I cant fathom is the play calling and the lack of targets in the pass game to Big Mike and Chris G. I mean seriously, those two should command 18-22 targets a game. Then again, what happens at One Buc typically baffles me. And I know Palmer has had some penalty issues but the dude made plays in pre-season. Would like to see him get more opportunities.

  77. DBS Says:

    Ok David. Trask is playing instead last Sunday and does exactly what Mayfield does. Do you blame Trame that loss in Trask? YES or NO.

  78. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “if not for Brady, Bowles goes 3-12 his first season as Bucs HC”

    Wrong the Brady lead offense was literally bottom 5….the only reason the Bucs made the playoffs last year was due to a weak division and a solid defense.

    You can thank Jason Licht for ruining the defense in the off-season.

  79. WyomingJoe Says:

    David: You’re the only poison on this site. Go back to sleep.

    NE Fan: You’re not nearly as irritating as David.

  80. DBS Says:

    Blame that loss on

  81. David Says:

    As I stated before Baker could have played better by scoring more TD’s than FG’s but Texans loss was on Toilet Bowl. The three losses at home was all on Baker and his QBR’s inn those games reflect that.

  82. David Says:

    As I stated before Baker could have played better by scoring more TD’s than FG’s but Texans loss was on Toilet Bowl. The three losses at home was all on Baker. the defense did his job.

  83. Couch Fan Says:

    Brady had a better season that what Mayfield is producing and the offense is still not very good. According to what you just said, you should hate Mayfield but instead you seem to be smitted. I guess expecting consistency in your opinion is to much when you are nothing more than a groupie.

  84. Couch Fan Says:

    Wait so are you saying our offense this year is better than last? And Mayfield is having a better season than the Goat did even though the stats say otherwise? LMAO. I guess expecting a consistant opinion from a groupie is to much.

  85. WyomingJoe Says:

    NE FAN: Joe Burrow is rated below Mayfield. Guess that makes him average too.

  86. Tony Marks Says:

    David Says:
    November 9th, 2023 at 3:33 pm
    Go ahead and brag about Baker as you wish. He is still the same trash that no other team wanted except the toilet bowl.


    Actually to no surprise you are wrong again . Two other teams wanted him (although one of them wanted him to wait a year to start due to contract situations) and that despite a much lower ranking in 2022 . This season top 15!!!! and no one cares if you call top 15 trash – why? zero credibility

    by the way – where are all the trade offers for Trask? If trash is when no one wants you then should we change the last letter of Kyle’s last name to an H?

    And thats not me calling Trask trash. Thats your own argument calling him that.

  87. DBS Says:

    So we are NOT 3-5 because of the QB!! Thank You!! Now I will support Like ATLBuc which ever QB is under center.

  88. Bucfan37 Says:

    The question is why did Licht draft Trask. I haven’t heard anything about what Licht thinks of his move to draft Trask. Did he all of a sudden lose his voice or has the cat got his tongue?

  89. NE Fan Says:

    Ttbucs@ 2022 Bucs O ranked 14, currently Bucs are ranked 21. It appears every player under Bowles is washed and unmotivated. Who did Bucs loose on D? Hicks? Didn’t you just get Shaq back this season? Bucs.D 2022 ranked 15.

    Wyoming Burrows missed a game or two due to injury and he played injured for a couple more. Wait a few more weeks Burrows will end up top 5 this season.

  90. DBS Says:

    It does not matter how the points are put on the board if you win! Even if they are aided by penalties. Because if it was Trask in there it damn sure would not matter.

  91. DBS Says:

    As far as I can figure out he was an Ariens QB. Bowles has no obligation. He decide to go with Mayfield because of experience. That has started this whole war about UF and FSU. I could be way off base.

  92. RGA Says:

    I listened to the Ira podcast as always, one of the Joe’s basically said there was this group of Trask supporters that believe Trask is the next great QB and he is not in favor of seeing what Trask can do. I am not a Gator, I’m actually a Rattler from Tallahassee. Speaking just for myself, I want to see what the Bucs second round draft pick can do in meaningful games with the starting first string. I think it’s shamefully negligent for the Bucs to draft a QB in the second round and never let him see the field under the big lights. I would understand if Mayfield showed promise of being a legitimate starting QB in this league, Mayfield is not the answer. This team will be mediocre at best with Mayfield at the helm. While I am not saying Trask is the answer, I am saying lets have a look, see what he does. We are not going anywhere with the other guy, why not? I have heard the Joe’s suggest Trask has improved dramatically from last year, who’s to say he won’t continue to improve? We’ve seen Mayfield’s ceiling, we havin’t seen any of Trask.

  93. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “2022 Bucs O ranked 14, currently Bucs are ranked 21”

    Nice cherry picking of stats, Yards stats don’t mean anything if you can’t score….the Bucs offense this year is far better at scoring than it was last year.

    The Bucs scoring offense in 2022 ranked 25th/32 teams….not good

  94. Buccos Says:

    In the preseason I wanted Trask to be the qb but afterseeing Mayfield play this year I believe the Bucs may have found a long term solution at qb. That would make Trask tradeable to me. He still has a year left on his rookie contract. Afterwatching him in the preseason there might be a team willing to give us back our 2nd round pick for him in the offseason. He still has unlimited potential

  95. NE Fan Says:

    Ttbucs@ what are you talking about the Bucs AFTER the 37 points on a depleted bad team D are averaging 16.4 points per game and prior to Texans 13.3. Please get your facts straight. Brady’s 3 seasons he was #3, #2, #5 NFL passing leaders with the absolute worst running game. With the same receiving core as this season and Godwin coming off ACL.

  96. Kidfloflo Says:

    Unfortunately Bakers face and body language, showed a guy who knew if with great comeback drives to win, Bowles will find a way to stop it! And he is gonna get blamed and whacked with Bowles, and Canales at the end of the year with new coaching staff wanting their own picks to play! P.S Bakers over 100 Tds in reg season and play-off win, to Trasks 1, in pre season to boot, is why he’s ur starter!

  97. OklahomaAl Says:

    The stats say that Baker is currently the best quarterback in the league when he’s under pressure. Quote:

    “The sixth-year passer is the only player in the NFL this season who has started more than one game at quarterback and has a positive EPA on passes under pressure. EPA stands for expected points added, a Next Gen stat that, using a model based on thousands of previous play outcomes, measures how each play potentially affects the score of the game relative to the situation. It is the change of expected points value from pre-play to post-play.

    Mayfield’s overall EPA when under pressure in 2023 is +0.9, which doesn’t sound particularly impressive until it is noted that the next quarterback on the list, Buffalo’s Josh Allen, is at -7.1. After that it’s the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, at -8.7. Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, a certified wizard when plays break down, is at -54.3.

  98. Lakeland Steve Says:

    All of the Trask supporters will probably get your wish at some point this season he will probably start a game or two or three. We have to see what he is, but all of these coaches jobs are on the line. So I don’t think for one minute Baker would be playing if they didn’t believe he is the best choice. But we will all get a chance to see the most beloved man in all of football…ie the backup quarterback

  99. Buddha Says:

    Baker vs. Minnesota Threw a strike under 2 minutes to play to Godwin to seal the win.

    Baker vs. New Orleans Threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. Tampa wins going away.

    Baker against Atlanta. Runs 32 yards in the last two minutes to set up field goal but defense folds and Falcons kick a ate field goal to win.

    Baker against Buffalo. Throws a catchable Hail Mary and Buccaneers lose when Godwin turns the wrong way. His 4th quarter play keeps the Buccaneers in the game.

    vs. Houston Drives 75 yards and hits Otten with a strike with 49 seconds left. Defense collapses and Buccaneers lose.

    Fact is we should have beaten Houston and Atlanta but only because of Baker’s play. We could easily be 5-3 not 3-5. Baker has shown he can be a winning quarterback even with a weak offensive line, no outstanding tight ends and no slot receiver. There is a lot of reason to be angry about the Buccaneers record and their play but Baker is not one of them.

  100. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:

    The Buddha shares Truth.

  101. Richard Says:

    The Buddha ain’t telling the truth. Baker did not throw for 300 yards against New Orleans.

  102. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    The problem with the 2023 Bucs is 100% on Toad Bowels.
    He is by no stretch of the imagination a head coach.

  103. Buddha Says:

    Apology, Baker had over 300 yards against Chicago not New Orleans. But the point was right.

  104. WyomingJoe Says:

    NE FAN: Calm down pal, lol. You said that Baker was average at #15. I simply said that he was ranked above Burrows. You were wrong and I was correct. Live with it. More to come. Btw, Baker has beaten Burrows every time he played him. Threw 5 TDs in one of those games. Baker will finish in the Top 10, or higher.

  105. NE Fan Says:

    Wyoming, the air maybe a little too thin up in them there hills. I’m pretty sure Baker hasn’t finished a season as a top 10 QB in his career.

  106. Schindlers Lisp Says:

    You’re starting to sound like joe Budden instead of joe bucks fan… find yourself again Joee

  107. Schindlers Lisp Says:

    And the comments are insane… do any of you a-holes live here or watch football regularly??? It’s embarrassing as a life long local to read the crap that comes out of 90% of these patrons to your site

  108. D1 Says:


    No one is going to offer a 2nd rounder for trask!
    He was overdrafted and scouting reports have him as someone who needs everything around him to be ok.

    Preseason he did not show anything. The expectations were to be the best player on the field if you’re running with the 2-3s . He threw 2 TDs to 1 pick. Most importantly, he got sacked 6 times. That’s not going to get us any 2nd rounder.

    Bottom line, baker is a one year player. We’ll draft a starter next year. The next QB is in college now.

  109. TB bolts Says:

    3-5 were running out of lipstick boys

  110. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Game 1: Baker led offense scored 20 points against a 5-4 Vikings team and won
    Game 2: Baker led offense scored 20 points against a 2-7 Bears team and won
    Game 3: Baker led offense scored 11 points against a 8-1 Eagles team and lost
    Game 4: Baker led offense scored 26 points against a 5-4 Saints team and won
    Game 5: Baker led offense scored 6 points against a 6-2 Lions team and lost
    Game 6: Baker led offense scored 13 points against a 4-5 Falcons team and lost
    Game 7: Baker led offense scored 18 points against a 5-4 Bills team and lost
    Game 8: Baker led offense scored 37 points against a 4-4 Texans team and lost
    *Defensive TD’s like Shaq’s do not count towards offense

    Bucs record led by Baker: 3-5
    Bucs offense average points per game led by Baker: 18.875 points per game

    Baker has led the Bucs to a losing record over the first half of the season.
    Baker has produced offensive production in the bottom 1/3 of teams in the NFL over the first half of the season.

    Right now, Baker is a losing QB for a bottom 1/3 of the league offense.

    That’s not good.

  111. Statguy Says:

    As bad as it seems at times, it’s the NFL, 49ers dropped 3 in a row. We just got to November, if we can continue to score points and shore up a couple liabilities on defense anything can happen.

  112. m milligan Says:

    Dave ur an idiot
    huge loss, deflating, season changing
    In a hole now. Sad to see teams disappointment
    Oh well, get yourself up and get back in the race
    Go Bucs, Dav u suc and STFU, get a job where u have to wk instead of posting BS

  113. Keith frye Says:

    you so called fans baker is only reason for the team doing anything had one game where he over threw 3 passes if any of u haters could understand the all 22 baker is made this horrible line seem good and the 4/8 drops a game its just sick how ya cry and sax he is missing open guys EVERY PASSER DOES AND WITH THE UP THE MIDDLE PRESSURE YOU IDIOTS OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO CLUE HOW GREAT HES ACTUALLY DOING better get used to everyone getting touches backer at his best when 6/10 recivers have to7ches its called n9t dependent on two guys now THATS A GOOD THING HELLO Please pleSe get Clue Nd trask idiots hed have2 sacks 5 tds and 15 picks IDIOT’S STARTING TO THINK U DONT DESERVE BAKER SAD

  114. UKBuccaneer Says:

    A coach who’s on the hot seat has one job – win games to save his career. Is Bowles really going to stick with Baker of Trask gives him a better chance to win? Don’t talk nonsense.

    There’s one reason that Baker hasn’t been benched. Because Trask hasn’t been showing anything to prove he’s capable of winning games over Baker.

  115. BucsFan2520 Says:

    ATLBuc Says:
    November 9th, 2023 at 11:32 am
    I think we would be better off down the line with Trask starting. But, whoever lines up behind center on game day, I’m going to be pulling for him.

    My god you trask people are insufferable… *incomplete pass* “start trask.” You’d think the guy was the second coming listening to you all whine. Trask is a backup get over it – it’s been three years!!!

  116. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Too bad Baker plays through pain. Would love to see what the reaction of the Branch Traskarians would be if old boy started and the needle didn’t move

  117. Joe Says:

    “Branch Traskarians”


  118. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

    Trask is not the answer.

    Baker is not the answer.

    Support Baker and bash Trask all you want.

    Support Trask and bash Baker all you want.

    Both positions are 1/2 right. The correct answer is neither Baker nor Trask will lead the Bucs to the promise land of championship level achievement.

    Argue over them all you want. At the end of the day until the Bucs get a top level Quarterback they will not compete for a Super Bowl.

    If someone tells me Baker is great and better than a QB coming out of college, then why didn’t Carolina keep him last year and draft a non QB?

    If someone tells me Trask is great, then why didn’t the QB guru of young QB’s in BA see anything in him other than a clip board holder?

    Time to face facts.

    The Bucs QB room is no good.

  119. Kidfloflo Says:

    The MightyVH, is the best name on this site

  120. TB bolts Says:

    Joe you’re a clown just like all the other baker dick riders. 3-5

  121. Mark hardt Says:

    I am also a big soccer fan. I see this mostly in England but there is a perception that if you hustle, study film, go after loose balls, dive into the stands after balls etc. than you are only doing this because you don,t have any talent. Your only chance to stay in the lineup is to hustle. This is no longer true because Lebron, Messi, and Brady continued to hustle and play at a high level long after they were supposed to ride on talent and laurels. Yes, Baker is gritty, tough, studies film etc. But he also has loads of talent such as arm strength, vision, inteligence, scrambling ability and running ability.