Five Things

November 6th, 2023

Chris Godwin, Rachaad White and Cade Otton celebrate what looked to be Otton’s game-winning touchdown. But then, Mike Smith’s defense reappeared after a five-year slumber. (Photo courtesy of

Joe is depressed, angry, bitter, bewildered, staggering around in a fog from yesterday’s Bucs loss to Houston. Who may or may not be here next season? Joe doesn’t know.

Still, Joe is heartened to know a division title remains very much in reach.

Strange Bucs times we live in. Let’s get this show on the road.

What Is Team Glazer Thinking?

Joe is very confident Team Glazer gathered last night (conference call or group text?) discussing the future of Todd Bowles as head coach.

The Bucs are only 1 1/2 games out of first place in the sorry NFC South with nine games to play including four more division games (home against the slimy Saints, at the Dixie Chicks and home-and-away games with the Stinking Panthers). So Joe believes it is asinine to be talking about canning Bowles.

That doesn’t mean Bowles returns in 2024. Team Glazer has never dismissed a head coach midseason. As bad as the defense was yesterday, and Bowles is a defensive guy, Team Glazer has to be asking, “What’s the point?”

Joe knows Team Glazer covets a franchise quarterback. Who wouldn’t? They want a guy that can be drafted, developed and lead the team for 15-plus years. And with so many strong quarterbacks coming out in the 2024 draft, the timing seems right to get one.

Would you trust Bowles to develop a rookie quarterback after watching him as a head coach?

Sure, Kyle Trask made gains this offseason, a big-time leap. But he still couldn’t overtake Baker Mayfield. Joe sincerely doubts, unless the Bucs replace Bowles with another defensive guy who simply doesn’t give a s(p)it about offense (sound familiar?), that a new head coach would prefer Mayfield/Trask over a quarterback drafted in the first round. It’s doubtful a new coach would want to get jammed with Mayfield (an expected free agent) or Trask.

The current State of the Bucs shows an arrow pointing down. Could things quickly turn around? Sure. But after yesterday, Joe is having a difficult time finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why Aren’t The Bucs Using Their Best Weapons?

Yesterday the Bucs offense broke out for 37 points. Holy Flirkingschmidt, an explosion! It might have been more.

But why is it the Bucs targeted Mike Evans and Chris Godwin a total of four times in the first half? That’s borderline irresponsible.

OK, Joe can just hear it: They weren’t open. OK, if that is the case, fair. But you know what? Good coordinators find a way to scheme dudes open. You have two of the better receivers in the game, highly versatile receivers, and they get four targets (Evans 3, Godwin 1) in the first half?

Are you kidding Joe?

Look, the Bucs exploded for their season-high points total in a game. There were signs of life from the running game (let’s calm down with 73 yards rushing for Rachaad White. Not exactly Eric Dickerson-like results.) So things are looking much better for the offensive side of things.

It just confuses the heck out of Joe that the Bucs this year sometimes act as if Evans and Godwin are Calgary Stampeder Donteea Dye and the Crooner of the Vero Beach Ramada Inn red velvet-lined lounge, Freddie Martino.

Lean on your best players, Bucs!

Evans and Godwin finished with 11 targets yesterday, basically a third of Baker Mayfield’s throws. Nothing is more depressing than misusing or not knowing how to use elite talent.

Weird Offense

Yes, Joe is happy the offense broke out yesterday. Finally! Still, there were too many weird things that kept the offense from really humming.

For example, with just over five minutes left in the first half, the Bucs led 17-10 after a Houston field goal. First down Bucs on their 25. Here is the next sequence of offensive plays plays.

Vaughn right guard for 3 yards.
Vaughn left guard 4 yards.
(Shotgun) Mayfield pass short right to Vaughn for -1 yards.

So let Joe get this straight: You can’t find a way to get Mike Evans and/or Chris Godwin the ball in the first half but you sure found a way to get a backup running back the ball three straight plays resulting in a punt?

What kind of scheme is that? When did Sneak Vaughn become Warrick Dunn?

OK, there will tons of kvetching for the next few days. So Joe is ending this feature with items that may give fans some solace if not a chuckle.

Third Down Defense Strong Yesterday

Remember how people were hollering about the third-down defense, the league’s worst? The Bucs were getting lit up on third downs and the problem there only seemed to get worse and worse.

Last week Bowles vowed to get this repaired and he did. Houston only converted 3 of 11 third down attempts for a 27.3 percent average. That’s pretty good.

Problem was, Bowles pulled safety Ryan Neal off the field on third downs for Dee Delaney. While that was effective, Neal was still on the field on first and second downs. There, Houston rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud roasted the Bucs defense (and Neal).

But hey, at least the third-down defense is better!

Funny Social Media Post

Joe got a Twitter message from a guy who used to be a prolific commenter on JoeBucsFan. He’s a local attorney and man, the guy eats, sleeps and breathes Bucs football.

Joe has never had the pleasure of meeting this man. Anyway, the guy hatched what he thought would be a scheme for Team Glazer to employ.

Like many Bucs fans (you won’t believe the text/emails/social media messages Joe receives from fans begging to draft a quarterback in the first round come April), this former commenter wants a quarterback drafted badly next spring. Here is his plan:

The Bucs hire Jim Harbaugh. After Harbaugh signs his contract, the Michigan coach and former 49ers Super Bowl is then is required to begin planting significant amounts of misinformation throughout NFL circles about his quarterback in Ann Arbor, J.J. McCarthy, who is expected to be a first-round pick.

This massive character assassination campaign and bad-mouthing of McCarthy at every turn — like planting fake medical tests — will result in McCarthy’s stock dropping (think Warren Sapp in 1995) and McCarthy falls to the Bucs who scoop him up in a heartbeat.

Harbaugh and McCarthy clearly already have a tight relationship and no coach knows McCarthy better than Harbaugh and vice-versa. So this would significantly lessen the NFL learning curve for McCarthy to ball out for the Bucs.

Your thoughts?

62 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. Lombardi Lenny Says:

    The titans smell blood and their rookie QB is playing to win and make a name for himself. That is not going to be a walk in the park game for the Bucs.
    They know coach constipated will have to turn up the blitz after that ish show yesterday. Titans will be ready for it.

  2. nick houllis Says:

    I love the JR Ewing style plan! lets do it, and keep Bobby on the porch with pam out of the way.

  3. FortMyersDave Says:

    Lenny is right. Bowles defense will be predictable and he is not likely to make any radical changes so I expect the Titans to beat the Bucs even if the offense has another breakout game. The Bucs have been outcoached in every game they lost and did not really outcoach Minnesota or Chicago either. Time to start looking at the mock drafts and speculating whom the Bucs could hire. I doubt if the Bucs will land the biggest names out there simply because there will be other teams also looking for a head coach such as Vegas, Washington, Arizona, Chicago, possibly the ATL, etc and you know the Bucs will not be able to outbid any of these teams who will likely be drafting in the top 5 like our Bucs. Tough being a Bucs’ fan this morning. I’d love to hear that Bowles got fired later today but that will not happen, we fans will have to suffer through more and more losses until the season comes to a merciful end.

  4. HC Grover Says:

    Levis is a tough hombre. If Bowzo keeps it close he can burn us. Eventually we will get lucky in the close games he sets up. The rule seems to be if Bowzo can find a way to lose he will. If you are 6 foot tall and the D line is 6 foot five it is hard to see over them. We have to hope Titans will outblunder us.

  5. Bucs Go Bucs Says:

    I sign off on your plan about Jim Harbaugh and JJ McCarthy.

    Go Bucs!

  6. Onetrickpony Says:

    Jim Harbaugh is a pipe dream.
    Knowing the Glazers and J.L. it will be somebody on the cheap.

  7. Arn Platz Says:

    Good plan on solving the quarterback issue but without a defense it won’t matter. If you have a lead with 46 seconds left on the clock and you allow a rookie quarterback with no time outs and the ball deep in there own territory and you don’t stop them… have much bigger problems than quarterback

  8. RuKa Says:

    @Onetrickpony: I am with you in this!
    Canales should realize he is coaching for a Bucs HC position next year. All he has to do is talk a lot of BS (what he already does), show a bit of improvement (crack the 18 ppg barrier) and don’t ask too much money and the place will be his to take.
    See Raheem Morris for reference

  9. Hodad Says:

    I haven’t watched one Mich game this season. Haven’t seen the kid play, so I can’t comment on him. I will say tho I don’t think he needs to fall to us. The way things are going we should be picking in the top five, with the chance to even move up to top two. Could have our pick of the litter at QB. I like Mike Penix, bet the Bucs do too.

  10. I remember 21 Says:

    While not the biggest issue with the team, or bowles as a coach, the Ryan Neal situation is so emblematic of why he will always fail. He is one of the most stubborn SOBs in the league. Anybody this side of Hellen Keller could tell after a few weeks that Neal was a huge liability for the D. We’re not playing to his strengths (shocker), but whatever the reason it was all bad. Luckily, Double Dee was a ready made solution. Yet here we are, 10 freaking weeks into the season, and bowles is JUST STARTING to dip his tippy toes in the pool of change. Same thing that happened with Geodonkey last season. You’re TOO LATE todd, way too late. These are changes that can be made IN GAME. I just wonder if Arians benches Neal mid game if he’s still in charge. And then he cops an attitude with the press when they ask about it, just like byron (also stubborn). Unfortunately I believe the Glazers are content to be too late as well. They know change is needed, but are too impotent to make the call. I think they’re trying to be decent or something, but all you do by waiting is further damage the morale of the players & fans. Look how happy and hard the Raiders played with josh McDaniels gone. Instead we let the team flounder under this idiot’s control.

    #NOconfidence #FIREbowles

  11. Fansince76 Says:

    Harbaugh and McCarthy! Yes please.

  12. Hail2dabucs Says:


  13. Big Wally Says:

    You guys are in trouble if you think JJ McCarthy is your answer. Small and prone to be stupid.

  14. JK Says:

    SO HILARIOUS………I just watched a question and answer with Jay Glazer after Sundays action.
    He took a question from “R.M.”………..Should the Bucs bench Baker Mayfield and see what Kyle Trask can do. Lololol, Rod Munch is on a mission!!

    (PROBABLY IN THE FETAL POSITION CURRENTLY AS Glazer said absolutely not, the Bucs are still in it; and they know what they DONT HAVE in Kyle Trask


  15. Barbosa Says:

    Get Bill Bellicheat. Light knows him.

  16. BucU Says:

    “””Still, Joe is heartened to know a division title remains very much in reach.”””

    Seriously, you people are a bunch of masochists.

  17. Buccoarnie Says:

    Who maye or maye not be here next season?

  18. Beej Says:

    If our D could stop the opposing team from going the length of the field with less than a minute left, we’d be 5 and 3

  19. Curse of Gruden Says:

    The Curse’s Five Things:
    1. Bucs need a new HC.
    2. Bucs may need a new OC.
    3. #24 Davis blows.
    4. Dean is a pansy.
    5. There are too many negative JBF posters who need to join TEAMPOSITIVE.

  20. Richard Dickson Says:

    Yes the offense put up 37. But there was still the baffling insistence on running on 1st and 2nd down, too much settling for long field goals, not using our timeouts at the end of the first half to try to get more points, and that 19-yard 6-point 3rd quarter that let Houston hang around and build momentum.

  21. GumboIsForWinner Says:

    Joe, this quote is meaningless. “The Bucs are only 1 1/2 games out of first place in the sorry NFC South”

    That’s because the Bucs are only 1.5 games out of the 3rd overall draft pick.

  22. Beej Says:

    I don’t know if we want Caleb anymore, he cries when he loses. That wouldn’t bode well for here

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘Yesterday the Bucs offense broke out for 37 points. Holy Flirkingschmidt, an explosion! It might have been more.’

    I agree, that was an offensive explosion alright, with crap flying everywhere as if it’d been thrown into a giant fan. I can’t remember ever seeing worse offensive play-calling. Houston’s defense was almost as gross as ours was. NINE penalties for 115 yards; that’s incredible (and very helpful to us; we got at least 10 points off of drives kept alive because of penalties).

    We were only 3-of-13 on 3rd down conversions against a very beaten-up defense, largely because Mayfield was very inaccurate on many throws AND still insists on ultra short passes on 3rd down instead of throwing the ball to at least the 1st down marker. The problem seems to be that our OC insists on wasting 1st & 2nd downs on unproductive plays that leave us in 3rd-and-long situations.

    Of course, as bad as the Bucs’ offensive play-calling was, our defensive play-calling was even worse. It has to be the defensive scheme and play-calling at fault when your DBs allow 22 catches for 10 yards or more in a single game. And none of those were even contested; our DBs were barely in the camera frame when the receivers caught the ball. Disgusting.

  24. Fred McNeil Says:

    If ya want to get all mathy, mathy … the Bucs are still alive in the NFCS race. On one hand the offense looked pretty good for a change. Naturally, the defense took a dump when it was needed most.

    Obviously, Baker is pretty darn good at avoiding sacks. That’s about the only thing he’s pretty good at. Why not try Trask instead? Hey, I’m not a Trask homer. I’m just saying: What have you got to lose. Baker is pretty good, yes, but he no longer provides a spark like he did at first. In fact ,.he’s a little erratic. Why not at least try something new? Yeah, I don’t really see that guy as a “leader of men” either. When you’ve got nuthin, you’ve got nuthin to lose.

    The defense looked great early. I’ll spare you my assessment of the second half.

    Rashad White had a good game. Peace out.

  25. PSLBucfan Says:

    So is it Mayfield or Canales who doesn’t get the ball to Evan’s and Godwin? They are on the field and in the pattern. Based on watching Amazon prime last week during the Bills game, they seem to be open. The obvious answer i the blame goes to both, however, I believe the issue is mainly on our short QB.

  26. Fred McNeil Says:

    DR, good assessment.

  27. Pewter Power Says:

    The Bucs are only 1 1/2 games out of first place in the sorry NFC South

    Why are they 1.5 games out? Because they win the first 3 of 4 and on a 4 game losing streak. Win next game before trying to use this excuse is valid. Then again if you want to secure a high draft pick then leave Bowles in the rest of the season

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont think theres anything asinine about trying to save the season with a new HC from the old HC who clearly is taking us absolutely nowhere. Its clear what Bowles is. The only thing asinine is forcing the fans to endure a wasted season with this buffoon for a coach.

  29. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    I did my best to give Todd a fair and objective grading period as head coach and I have reached that grade, it is D- currently and looking at F real soon. Managing the clock at the end of both halves may be THE most important aspect in a close game. Texans have second and 20 with :57 seconds left and Todd has ALL 3 timeouts. You pathetically let the clock run down to nothing without even attempting to create another scoring opportunity for your offense and you have a kicker that can easily hit from 60+ yards. Todd sends a message to his defense that says ” I do not trust you guys to force a punt from 2nd and 20 or create another turnover” and it sends a message to the offense”You guys probably would throw a pick or fumble, and we can’t risk that” , either way it is a demoralizing lack of confidence message that had obvious negative effects in the 3rd Quarter.
    You only have 60 minutes of regulation time and 3 timeouts.Seconds and timeouts must be treated like gold and managed properly. Opportunities to score must be utilized. Glazers need to start thinking about who their next head coach may be , because this is a Sh!t Show.

  30. deuceswild78 Says:

    incompetent coaching calls and gutless defense snatch another victory away. We should have just blown it up at the trading deadline… successful franchises put emotion aside and cast off players while they still have value, instead we will lose some of these guys for nothing. i’m at least hoping Trask plays this season so we can figure that out

  31. TombsEN Says:

    The most frustrating thing about this coaching staff is how slow they are to adjust and also how they want to force square pegs into round holes.

    Why does Canales try to force the run??? Running the ball on 1st and 2nd down is asinine especially doing that with Vaugn and Edmonds like come on and then you’re asking Baker to pull something out of his a** on 3rd and long. A couple of weeks ago Canales mentioned that he didn’t try hard enough to get 1st downs, well news flash he still isn’t.

    Why does Bowles insist on running zone, when the players clearly play better man? The first half the defense played man and played up on the receivers, 2nd half totally went the other way with mostly zone and got shredded.

    This coaching staff is beyond frustrating to watch.

  32. Alanbucsfan Says:

    That’s your 5 things?
    1)Davis can’t cover a good TE
    2)Licht’s decisions in recent years are not working out-he let Whitehead go, drafted JTS, Hall with high picks/low production/low prospects
    Gave alot of $$ to Bucs defenders and getting poor returns
    3)Misusing Devin White
    4)Bucs are ok at QB- they don’t need to spend more draft capital there when they’ve got huge needs on DLine and OLine
    5)Why are there very few motion plays for Evans?

  33. Buc'n Enough Says:

    So, we fire Bowles, are we keeping Licht? We need a total reset without Licht.

    He is on his fourth HC..enough is enough. During the Arians years, Arians and TB were the GM…Licht was carrying their groceries.

    I think it is time for a total reset.
    He has mismanaged and wasted premium picks since Arians left the building.

    Drafting Trask in round 2 was a huge miss and we needed depth at the time at o line an d-line. ( drafted with Arians here )

    Hall ( 1st round) is waste – JTS ( 1st Round )- a bigger waste ..both premium draft picks that do not produce. Goedeke ( 2nd Round)…Meh, average at best and a penalty machine.

    White ( 3rd round )..only runs to the microphone

    All that waste equals no depth and poor performance.

  34. EricTheViking Says:

    Joe thinks it is asinine to fire Bowles now…….

    Then sit there, shut up, and enjoy losing football.

    You can’t have it both ways sir.

    The only thing keeping this clown in charge will do is guarantee an early draft pick.

    Perhaps that is the plan going forward.

    Just lose baby! It’s a Bucs life.

  35. It's Corn Says:

    You think a player would be happy to get signed by a coach who badmouthed him and made him get drafted way later than he should have been? Uh yeah dream on….

  36. Cobraboy Says:

    Canales will NOT be a HC anywhere next season.

    Unless…UNLESS…the Glazers issue an apple and roadmap to Bowles, appoint Canales “interim” and Canales just balls out.

    Which won’t happen.

  37. Razor Ramone Says:

    All the above is true of course, but the totally surreal twist is the ex Bucs running back kicks a field goal that would ultimately put The Bucs in the L column. Cannot make it up.

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    Seeing a rookie shred our defense apart with rookie/no-name WRs while we have Evans and Godwin on our roster is absolutely embarrassing.

    They say Tank Dell is still running free in the Houston area!

  39. Mark hardt Says:

    One thing to consider is NFL ready QB,s and players in general will become the norm coming out of college. Houston,s good luck this season could become the new normal. Why? Unintended consequences of the transfer portal and massive money from NIL. Guys are staying in college longer and getting better because they can make good NIL money and find another team to compete for a ring. The kid yesterday is 22 already.

  40. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Winning that division is meaningless.

    Give us all a break. Peeing on on our heads and tell us it is raining.


    Jason Licht must go. CLEAN HOUSE.

    This group is a bunch of losers without Tom.

  41. Jimmy G STH Says:

    Yesterday was rick bottom. Ownership has to take a stand toward fixing the multiple problems on both sides of the ball. See LV Raider… can everyone with a “coordinator” title and above. Look for your best coaching talent in house and go with it. Make a statement of change! Joe thinks the next 4 division games are winnable? Are you kidding? We are going backwards with current leadership. Ownership, take leadership!

  42. D-Rome Says:

    I think we’ll find out after the reason that the Bucs coaching search started after the Atlanta loss.

  43. Cobraboy Says:

    I will be shocked if this team wins 5 games.

    I would accept a soft tank for higher picks to give the new staff some ammo to stock the cabinet.

    I’ve seen enough.

  44. ocala Says:

    Bowls is an awful coach and its bizarre to me that Joe and others are just now realizing this. He was awful with the Jets, he was awful last year and he still is awful.

  45. MelvinJunior Says:

    don’t understand why anyone else, isn’t as LIVID about Bowels’ decision to burn his LAST ‘time-out’ with 49-seconds left, in order to prevent a 10-second run-off… ANOTHER Horrible ‘Time Management’ Debacle. Down 3, and already in FG-range, the ONE remaining ‘time-out’ is farrrrr more valuable there… Also, you DO NOT want to leave them with even, MORE TIME left, for when you DO kick the FG!!!! I ‘thought’ he got ‘bailed-out’ for a minute there, after getting the TD. But, NO… Long story short, there were ONLY 10-seconds left, when the Texans snapped the ball on the game winning TD play. If, NOT for this just unspeakable, HORRIBLE move to (for some reason) preserve an additional 10-SECONDS… That clock would’ve read 00:00 and that play NEVER HAPPENS. Only, adding to the growing list of just indefensible coaching decisions with concerning time management. Another ‘FIREABLE’ Offense. FINALLY, I just saw where the AP had noticed it, too… Calling it “WEEK 9’s BIGGEST Coaching Blunder.” I just don’t get-it… HOW do these people COACH FOOTBALL for this many YEARS now, & STILLLLL not know and understand ‘in-game’ time management, at the ends of halves and games, as far as What/When/Where to Susie your fricken TIMEOUTS!? I mean, do they NOT actually, WATCH football games and OTHER Coaches and Teams Play!? Are They Just THAT ‘Incompetent’ & STUUUUPIDD!? They should really, at least be playing some MADDEN… Or, SOMETHING!!!!

  46. csidedave Says:

    I went back and froze the tv when they ran the play form the 42 with 16 seconds left. The frame showed 3 of their defenders running sideline routes of various depths and 5 of our guys defending open turf. We were mostly in the middle of the field where we knew they couldn’t go and nobody within 7 yards of a receiver.

    I have never seen a defense that allowed so many receivers running wide open through a zone, year after year except for a few games in our super bowl run when the line was incredible.. I am tired of hearing that Bowles is a defensive genius. The excuse is that the guys are making mistakes. Then it’s either too complicated or it simply doesn’t work when it has been going in this long.

  47. JCLV Says:

    Joe says : But why is it the Bucs targeted Mike Evans and Chris Godwin a total of four times in the first half? That’s borderline irresponsible.

    To much was made of the lack of targets in the first half. Prior to the last drive of the first half when it seemed the Bucs went conservative with a lead, Baker was around 9 of 11 with over 10 yards per attempt, 2 TDs and a field goal. Chris was targeted on consecutive plays, first didn’t count because of penalty, but both were completions that got them close to the sticks on third and long. Evans had another target/long completion wiped out by a push off in only 3 and out up to the conservative series. Third quarter a different story, but lack of targets in first half wasn’t what it may have seemed.

  48. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Texas Tony

    Every care to think the reason “why” CJ stroud had much more passing yards than Mayfield is because he threw 42 pass attempts while Mayfield only threw 30?

    Do you realize football is about points not passing yards and the Bucs were in position to win?

    Apparently not.

  49. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    I agree with Mark regarding drafting QBs who have 4-5 years of college experience. It makes a difference in basketball and football. You guys rarely mention the most experienced QB in college history, Oregon’s Bo Nix.
    He’s pretty good.

  50. NcKe Says:

    Just imagine if we could have had those 10 seconds ran off the clock. I’m done. It’s time to move on. This is the perfect time in a deep QB draft coming up. New Offensive minded Head Coach and hopefully we finally find our franchise QB.

  51. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Bowles is coaching for the first pick in the draft. He won’t be here to benefit. I chalk any Bucs game up as a loss, if they’re facing a rookie QB. You look around the league at teams unknowns at QB and having some degree of success, while the Bucs season goes down in flames with our “veteran”. It took 47 years for me to finally find better things to do with my time. I’ve reached that point.

  52. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Hey Texas Tony, ever care to think that if Mayfield had 12 more attempts that game there’s a good chance he connects with Godwin or Evans on a long ball which would increase his YPA……No!

  53. RingTheRicky Says:

    How many 3rd downs did the Texans face in the 2nd half? two? Three?

  54. JCLV Says:

    bucsfaninOregon, how good was Nix at Auburn, would be the same with the Bucs. Lots of college qbs are great when on a good team. QB is not anywhere near the top of Bucs problems.

  55. Tony Marks Says:

    Texas Tony stop embarrassing our name. The argument you are making is just dumb. QBs do not play against each other but different defenses. This whole blog community is lit up because we all know what we saw –

    Stroud playing against certainly for this week the WORST secondary in the league

    Try floating your nonsense argument numbers when Baker plays against our secondary.

  56. ACleven Says:

    Joe!!!!!! For the love of all things respectful, please get over your Licht love fest and start going after the FO including Licht. Bowles coaches players that are Licht’s players. Where are they? Why does it seem like every other team has multiple first round picks yet we haven’t seen one draft since Sapp and Brooks? That’s because we have no first round tradeable players, outside of Wirfs. Licht has also not worked the draft to trade down for 1st round picks like other teams have. Again, every other team appears to have worked that angle, even Bellicheat. Who on this roster is Canton worthy? Maybe Wirfs if he continues as he is? Maybe Evans if he has a few more years of 1k seasons. For every Winfield, Evans, Wirfs….there are whiffs Aquayo, Rojo, Winston, Hall, JTS, White, etc. I would much rather have a team with sustained success than two years of Brady that is now leading toward an another abyss. I’ll Venmo you $50 if you write a critical article on Licht.

  57. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Texas Tony…

    How do I know that?

    Because they would have been playing him if they had that much invested in him. He had to beat out Baker Mayfield, and he did not, you can say that the competition was fixed, it does not erase that fact the a second round draft choice is not contributing. Heck, I am a Gator fan and I would have loved to see him play, but the fact remains, he is not contributing for whatever reason.


    They should have drafted some one who could have contributed right away with a second round pick. So we have another premium pick not contributing.

  58. Buc'n Enough Says:


    My point is that until he plays and we find out what he has, it is a wasted draft pick that is NOT contributing. They SHOULD have used that pick to build depth. Simple as that.

    So, you go right ahead and hope Mayfield gets hurt, so Trask will get his chance. Just like all the folks you listed above got their chance.

  59. ATLBuc Says:

    How do we know that McCarthy is better than Trask? Bowles is afraid to start a qb with no NFL experience but a qb with no experience put 470 yards and 5 tds in us!!

  60. orlbucfan Says:

    Joe, any way to filter out all the sewerage known as fake fans on here? Plenty of it. What was White’s combined total yardage?

  61. orlbucfan Says:

    Oh, and how about the DHolding calls that gave the game to the Texans. Guess they needed it worse than Tampa.

  62. Toad Bowels Says:

    My thought is to use a players in their best role.

    For example I had the team pay CB Carlton Davis and CB Jameel Dean huge contracts for their man-to-man skills. But I don’t want the other team to know that they have man to man skills so I play a weak zone. This fools the other team, get it,,? Likewise linebacker Devin White is an excellent sack accumulator. But I don’t want the other team to know that so I don’t call me please where David White plays to his strengths. I tried that once several years ago and we all know how that happened to end up a Super bowl and who wants that around here,?

    The Super bowl trophies take up a lot of room. So now I got the great idea to tinker with the offense and help Dave canales. I have two very highly paid wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. I certainly wouldn’t want to talk about them a lot or the other team will get the idea that I have two great receiving threats. So instead I utilize there blocking skills where the gemstone of the offense, former running back sneak Vaughn can be thrust against the center of the offensive line for three or four downs and pick up a couple yards each.

    This allows me to showcase the punning skills of our great punter. Another teams play against a Todd bowls coach team they learn to fear the long snapper and the punter.

    That’s my coaching philosophy and I must say I have successfully run this team into the ground since the unfortunate incident we had several years ago where we wanted the Super bowl.

    Everything’s going according to my plan. Will keep the bucks win total low and my relatives can easily get good seats at the stadium for any game they want. No one like they sold out situation around the Super bowl where it was hard to get seats.

    I’m loving it even though Joe is probably having heart palpitations.