Enough Time

November 6th, 2023

No more time.

Finally, finally, finally the Bucs offense broke out yesterday.

Thirty-seven points!

Still, the offense was not all that smooth and you can tell it still needs sanding around the edges (Sneak Vaughn touching the ball three straight times and punting, really?). The Bucs had 332 yards of total offense yesterday.

Rachaad White had an OK game on the ground. Barely average. But there was progress made.

Of course, the Bucs continued to stink out loud on third downs converting 23.1 percent of the time (3 for 13). Sad.

The Bucs didn’t lose 39-37 because of the offense. If you are looking for a consolation prize, that would be it.

Joe doesn’t think Bucs fans want to hear again from Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales that it takes time for his offense to come together. The Bucs have played eight games.

Plenty of teams out there have brand new offensive coordinators and brand new quarterbacks who are having much more offensive success than the Bucs.

Exhibit-A is Houston, yesterday’s opponent. A new coach, a first-time offensive coordinator and a rookie quarterback. Houston’s offense didn’t need more time to gel, did it?

Here is another significant example it shouldn’t take 10 weeks or so for a team to learn a new offense.

Yesterday the Vikings beat the Dixie Chicks, which helped soothe some of Joe’s pain. Minnesota beating Atlanta is something the Bucs couldn’t do in their own crib despite winning the all-important turnover battle, just like the Bucs did yesterday in Houston.

A lot of good that’s done for the Bucs this year, winning the turnover battle.

Anyway, last week at the trade deadline Minnesota acquired quarterback Josh Dobbs from Arizona. He arrived in Minnesota on Tuesday. In the three Vikings practices, Dobbs hadn’t taken one snap with the first-team offense.

But yesterday Dobbs had to play for Vikings starter Jaren Hall, who suffered a concussion in the first quarter.

So what did Dobbs do without ever throwing a pass in practice to the first team? He completed 20 of 30 passes for 158 yards and two touchdowns. Dobbs also ran for a touchdown.

His 6-yard touchdown pass to receiver Brandon Powell with 22 seconds remaining capped an 11-play, 75-yard game-winning drive that included a 22-yard scramble to convert a fourth down.

Dobbs’ six-yard pass with 1:46 left gave the Vikings the win.

Here is a guy that had zero time. And he put the Vikings on his back and won a key game.

So while Joe gets what Canales is preaching, his standard explanation for the (once?) struggling offense is growing very thin for Bucs fans.

Houston has had huge offensive performances with the same obstacles as Canales, and knowing what Dobbs did yesterday with no practice preparation, Joe doesn’t want to hear any more about how the offense takes time.

The statute of limitations for this learning curve is over. The clock has run out.

36 Responses to “Enough Time”

  1. Bucs13 Says:

    Joe is speaking nothing but facts. Stroud has fewer weapons than the Bucs offense, and his OL is bad. He’s playing with three new OL. Dell and Brown looked more impressive than Evans and Godwin. The offense didn’t lose the game, but Stroud outplayed Mayfield yesterday. I forgot to add that Stroud had no running game. His starting RB was out!

  2. JonCyn90 Says:

    @Bucs13 Last time I checked Mayfield was not blowing coverage’s and missing tackles. Stroud outplayed the Bucs defense and the Texans defense played better.

  3. FortMyersDave Says:

    So what happens next Sunday Joe? You can bet that if the Bucs D shows up, Canales and crew will probably score 6 points and if they score 30, Bowels D will let Will Levis have a day like Stroud. Glazers: fire Bowles! I would like him gone yesterday but if he continues to run the Pirate ship aground then the Bucs will be able to draft a franchise QB in the draft as they will have a top 5 pick with 3 to 5 wins. Problem is if Licht selects 2024’s version of Bryce Young while someone like fellow bad teams like Arizona, The Giants or Bears get 2024’s Stroud. Just drafting a qb is no guarantee for a franchise qb. Licht should know this with Winston and Mariota; no winners there. Again, Glazers, just fire Bowles right after the season ends if not sooner.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Dont forget Miami, who hired an offensive head coach and turned the pathetic Dolphins into maybe the greatest offensive powerhouse the NFL has ever seen with a QB everyone was calling one of the biggest busts in NFL history in 1 off season.

  5. Hodad Says:

    Plus Joe we had extra time to prepare for this game.

  6. Buc king Says:

    Fire todd

  7. Buc king Says:

    Fire toddhow did love Smith become our coach again

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Texans defense isn’t goodceither. That’s why wecscored so many points.

    By the way…we could have broken 40 points if Mayfield was more accurate on his deep passes.

  9. Paul Murphy Says:

    Does anyone have Bruce Arians number?

  10. Ted Says:

    Stroud has better coaching, period. His head coach is young, aggressive and although he has a DC background, he understands that you have to score points to win the game. His OC is a 28 yr old offensive savant who developed under Shanahan and McDaniels. When they get weapons around him, Houston could be a problem for the rest of the NFL.

  11. EEK Says:

    Not being able to sustain drives in the 3rd quarter gave the Texans so many more chances to wear out the porous defense

    Halftime adjustments by the Texans really wrecked the game for the Bucs

    This was a terrible game that Baker nearly saved

  12. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    The Trask gurglers will never tell the truth

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    Again this is all on Bowles. He knew he needed to win quickly and his solution was to hire a rookie OC whos never even called plays before. It was easily predictable that Canales would struggle and at the very least would take some time to learn on the job.

    I cant for the live of me figure out why people are now calling for Canales to be interim HC. He cant even do his job well yet….

  14. Buc4evr Says:

    Could have been more points if Canales would have called a good game. Too many stupid calls on 1st and third downs and in the red zone. Baker is not the problem, it’s play calling on both sides of the ball and a piss poor secondary. The Niners are going to kill this team. Bucs will be 3-6 after next Sunday.

  15. It's Corn Says:

    Another lesson is that you can win without a running attack… Houston had virtually no running. And you can win when you don’t settle for field goals… Houston had no kicker. And you can win when you lose the turnover battle, as Houston did yesterday.

    Basically all of Todd Bowles tenets of success were proven bunk yesterday. By a rookie quarterback.

  16. NE Fan Says:

    BA has his head in the sand, Bowles is his appointed predecessor. So much for bend don’t break. Houston has 3 receivers in the top 10 for the week. So far Evan’s is #10 but that may not stay after tonight. 3 players in the top 10, that’s pathetic. The only way Bowles is back is if they are tanking on purpose, if so why throw up 37 points? I feel bad for the players that want to win not like the pay check player Davis.

  17. Mark hardt Says:

    One thing to consider is NFL ready QB,s and players in general will become the norm coming out of college. Houston,s good luck this season could become the new normal. Why? Unintended consequences of the transfer portal and massive money from NIL. Guys are staying in college longer and getting better because they can make good NIL money and find another team to compete for a ring. The kid yesterday is 22 already.

  18. JD Still Says:

    We can’t fire the coach in the middle of the campaign , who would replace him ? It would be a recipe for absolute chaos and what would that tell the team? But , we can , and should , start auditioning players that haven’t played a very big role, It’s Working with Otton , Palmer, Stinnie and others ,and for the love of God, Let Trask play! What have we got to lose? at the worst we will know he’s not the answer either and can start planning for the draft,( We already know Mayfield is not the answer , he isn’t even mentioned in conversations about the future anymore), but at the best we will know we have a gem and we can start from there , planning on rebuilding a supporting cast for him with what we got or drafting and trading for what we need.

  19. Dacake Says:

    Canales licks his lips a lot. Not sure what that means…

  20. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “By the way…we could have broken 40 points if Mayfield was more accurate on his deep passes”

    Not more idiot fans complaining about 37 points and a 70% completetion percentage 🤦‍♂️

    “Not accurate enough” Lol

  21. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Mayfield could’ve went 30 for 30 and the Trask stands and Bonzai will still find a way to complain about the quarterback.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    I’ve read a lot of comments saying the Texans hardly have offensive weapons or “no one to throw to.” Anyone saying that hasn’t been paying attention to the rest of the league. Nico Collins, Tank Dell, and Dalton Schultz are collectively playing better than Evans, Godwin, and Otten.

  23. Cobraboy Says:

    We have witnessed 8 episodes of The Canales Brilliant, Innovative Offense.


    Who wants re-runs?

  24. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Thank God we played Texans yesterday. With the Bucs Swiss CHeese defense, other teams could have easily put up 70pts. FIRE BOWLES , the self-proclaimed Defensive Genius….. hahahahahahahaha

  25. unbelievable Says:

    Perhaps if we didn’t waste 18 plays on runs that went 2 yards or less we could have put up more points and kept their offense off the field longer…

    18 wasted plays is quite a lot, in case you weren’t sure

  26. Since76 Says:

    Not a break out game …….first time the offense showed up. So that’s good. But we haven’t had one game this year where the offense and defense played well in the same game. Even in the wins. I say this coaching staff is the reason so far. We have heard so many creative reasons which contradict each other week in and week out. It’s a bucs life.

  27. Will Says:

    I believe we need to fire Bowles and make someone on staff interim head coach. My thought is that he’s hampering everyone and no one is speaking up. Well at least that’s my hope and if we still suck then we know it’s time for new talent and coaches.

  28. Steelers fan Says:

    Baker had 130 yards in 3 q’s aginst the worst D in the league.

    But hey atleast Bowles is protecting his job by having Baker as QB!!! lost 5/6 and four in a row. Thats job security, thanks BAKER

  29. Ed McSherry Says:

    “Rachaad White had an OK game on the ground. Barely average. But there was progress made.”End Quote

    That’s what’s called, classic: “Damning with faint praise,” ladies and gentlemen.

    Rachaad White WAS the offense, and had a spectacular game.

    This game also showed why Rachaad “hesitates” behind the O-line (of which he’s been wrongly accused of needing glasses, etc.).

    It was clearly proven by the filmed broadcast yesterday, that he hesitates looking for a hole to open in the O-line (usually an occurrence as rare as the sighting the Dodo bird); a hole did open-up, delayed, yesterday, and he hit it hard for 11 yards. That’s a whole lot more than “okay.”

    I, a fan, has to be the one who mentions that?!

    And zero mention in the article about Bowles? Huh?!

    Canales is Bowles hand-plucked parrot to make sure all Bowles dumb-$$ed ideas about football are carried-out.

    It’s bad enough to have to endure a game that ended in a mule-kick to the gut loss like that, thrown away -again- by a fool-coach, but then come here for some unfair fiction about who was responsible.

    Let’s get real here and put-away the “Protect Bowles” bullsh$t.

    Bowles lost the last game of last season with a 17 point lead and a whole half-game to go, by doing exactly what he did yesterday with a lead in under-a-minute to go in the game. Bowles get’s the blue ribbon award for the longest time to blow a game AND the shortest time to blow a game.

    What a distinction.

    “Funny” how, I, just a fan, has to mention that.

  30. David Says:

    Bench Trash Baker and fire toilet Bowl. NOW, NOW

  31. David Says:

    We are third in the worst division in NFL for that reason alone, fire HC and bench the busted number one overall qb in NFL for the past 6 years.

  32. David Says:

    what do we have to lose to start Trask. He is the only drafted qb since 2021 who has not started a regular season game in NFL. Hello Bucs. Tom B. is gone. He is not coming back. Re-build, re-build. Hire an offensive minded HC. The new NFL is all about scoring. You can’t win games with averaging 12 to 16 points in 8 games. This team really sucks with this HC and Qb.

  33. WyomingJoe Says:

    Steelers Fan and Fat Texas Tony: Baker isn’t the problem on this team. Check his stats. He’s rated 15th and will be in the Top 10 by the end of this season. It’s loser fans like you two who are the problem. I like Trask, but you’re BS about him starting is making me hate him. Please go away…

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    A breakout game is 250 yards passing and 2 TDs.

    What a huge fall for a formerly top flight offensive team.

  35. orlbucfan Says:

    Texas Tony, you’re no Bucs fan so stuff it! Lay off WyomingJoe, cos he is. Getting over the stupid fire-Bowles crap. Hey Joe, when you gonna comment on the refs?

  36. garro Says:

    I’m not sure I would use the term “breakout” Joe. Encouraging, I think may be more appropriate.

    Go Bucs!