Falcons & Saints Lose; Bucs In NFC South Driver’s Seat

November 12th, 2023

What a day to be alive!

Sorry, Joe isn’t in the let’s-lose-intentionally crowd.

Bring on the Bucs’ third consecutive NFC South title!

Not only did Tampa Bay thump the Titans 20-6 at The Licht House to up their record to 4-5, the slimy Saints (5-5) lost to the Vikings while losing their starting quarterback, Derek Carr. (Jameis Winston threw two interceptions in a failed Saints comeback attempt.)

In Arizona, the Falcons choked away a fourth-quarter lead to the revived Cardinals, who got back quarterback Kyler Murray for the first time following his 2022 knee injury.

Atlanta (4-6) also lost its starting quarterback, Taylor Heinicke, to a hamstring injury in the second half. Heinicke replaced former starter Desmond Ridder earlier this month.

Remember, the Bucs currently own the tiebreaker edge with the Saints after beating them soundly in Week 4.

111 Responses to “Falcons & Saints Lose; Bucs In NFC South Driver’s Seat”

  1. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of UniqueModernArt.com Says:

    Baker’s been playing winning football for all but a couple games this year and we just need to compliment each other and rally around each other and let’s make a push to be great! LFG

    We have the talent.

  2. TonySoprano Says:

    Jameis is the goofiest looking MFer in the league. Looks like he should be a side character on The Cosby Show

  3. Colonel Angus Says:

    It’s an 8 game season now. Probably got to win 5 of those. Still have to be more aggressive on offense.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Seriously Joe, that’s what you take from Winston coming into the game half way through the 3rd quarter down by 24 points – and brought them back so the game went down to the last play.

    If Carr is out, that is terrible news for the Bucs, because the Saints offense is horrific with Carr out there. With Winston, they’ll actually score some points.

  5. adam from ny Says:

    gotta stay focused on these niners next week, and try to get to that 5-5 record after 10 games…

    then i think we can pull out the division – with that quick analysis of those final 7 games on our pretty soft schedule…

    it can be done if we have a good 3rd quarter of the season…

    the 1st quarter of the season was great…

    the 2nd quarter of the season was a complete “clunker”…

    and we are now in the 3rd quarter of the season…a 3-1
    3rd quarter could get this ship on track…


  6. Anonymous Says:

    we are bout to get our ass whooped by the 49ers. We beat a horrible team today when we’re a horrible team. We also still have an abysmal HC.

    This team is going nowhere with that man as the HC, what are people not comprehending?

  7. Bucs 95 Says:

    Were gonna get blown out by the 49ers next sunday anyways dont matter and the saint and falcons will be on a bye too then the following week they both play each other lol and we play the colts away

  8. Rod Munch Says:



  9. ScottyMack Says:

    Great news all around for the Bucs, at least for a week. Next week the Flacons and Saints play each other, so at least one of the two cannot pull away. I say pull away, of course, because the Bucs play the 49ers an absolutely “no chance in he!!” game for them to win, so the Bucs are assured of being in 2nd place or 3rd place after next week.

    Expect the seesaw to keep going back and forth for the remainder of the season. The remaining head to head matchups against the Falcons and Saints will likely determine who wins the division. If the Bucs beat them both, they probably win their 3rd division title in a row.

  10. Jack Clark Says:

    I am confident in this team, but I don’t believe our coaching staff is good enough to defeat elite teams like the 49ers, Eagles, and Chiefs (even though we beat them in the Super Bowl 😉

  11. Bucs 95 Says:

    Shut up lol ^

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Do people not know simple math? Cowboys or Eagles will get the 5th playoff slot whcih means they will face the NFC South winner. You are DELUSIONAL if you think this team is beating either of those teams.

  13. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    Better to be lucky than good it seems.

  14. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The good news being that the Bucs still have the Panthers twice and that should be an easy sweep

    The bad news being that some loser fans have such an urge to get back to another lost decade and would rather tank than make try and make the post season in a very winnable division

  15. Jack Clark Says:

    When Bowles stops running that sorry as Cover 2 defense and bench JTS useless as our defense will be stable enough for Rachaad White and Baker Mayfield to score just enough points for us to win more games

  16. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Wow annoymous, the Eagles and Cowboys sound super scary….I’d be shaking in my boots to play them. Why would anyone want a home playoff game? Not against those guys…sheesh.

  17. Tye Says:

    Winston had not 1 but 2 opportunities to lead a drive to win the game….
    Surprise surprise surprise… in the clutch moments and plenty of time of the clock, Winston throws and interception on back to back drives… 1 to a defender with no receiver close around like he has done so many times…

    Ridder faired slightly better giving the Falcons the lead BUT it was by using his legs and not really throwing the ball…

    They play each other next week and if they both have to start their backups, the Falcons have a good shot to beat the Saints which greatly helps the Bucs in the division!

  18. Dlavid Says:

    No pleasure in making the playoffs only to get embarrassed again ..!

  19. Tony Marks Says:

    Lots of great things for real Buc fans

    we play the saints again so the title is correct – Bucs in the driver’s seat.

    The schedule is relatively soft after the Niners

    Even if the defense went soft again there are few Qbs we will face good enough to do what Stroud did.

    So no bad news for real buc fans- for pretend Buc fans? – like Kyle Cultists or Fire Bowles now groupies? Sorry. Get your hankies out . Neither are going anywhere any time soon (regardless the Niners game) unless there is an injury. Playoff races put fans in the seats and fans in the seat equal are at least some cash. Glazers are not doing anything rash or silly in the middle of playoff race where the team is in a good spot

  20. ScottyMack Says:

    Now that I look at it, things look pretty grim for the Bucs chances of winning the division title. Both the Saints and Falcons have easier remaining schedules than the Bucs have (especially the Falcons).

  21. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    The aggression on both sides of the ball was refreshing. Keep it up and we might do something this year. Applaud Bowles for asking his players what they like and don’t.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was all for tanking after the month of crap football. Play hard and aggressive like you did today and anything is possible.

  22. TonySoprano Says:


  23. ScottyMack Says:

    “No pleasure in making the playoffs only to get embarrassed again”

    Of course there is! This is a team that most people predicted to finish last in the division and many had as the 2nd or 3rd worst team in all of football.

    Consider the insurmountable salary cap issues this team faced heading into the season and their many other issues, winning the division even if they get blown out in the fist playoff game is a major victory (at least for real, longtime fans and not Tom Brady bandwagon fans).

  24. Richard Says:

    Tbbucs3, do you sleep with rose colored glasses on along with you Baker Mayfield pajamas?

  25. Tony Marks Says:

    ScottyMack Says:

    Now that I look at it, things look pretty grim for the Bucs chances of winning the division title. Both the Saints and Falcons have easier remaining schedules than the Bucs have (especially the Falcons).


    You are missing that the saints and the falcons play each other. SO there is a guaranteed loss for one of them in that game. Must win our games against them? Yep

  26. ElioT Says:

    Drivers seat headed straight for an epic beat down in San Fran.

    They’ve won one out of five games, against a very bad team.

    The Bucs are still a very below average team.

  27. Kramden Says:

    4-13 would be much more beneficial to the franchise’s future than being champions of the shit South division. Late teen draft slot and first place schedule would greatly hinder the reloading process, not to mention limit the 2024 options at QB. Team needs inexpensive talent and that’s found with better draft position, not a playoff one-and-done. But I understand the fans’ desire to win.

  28. TonySoprano Says:

    74 Bucs Fan Says:
    November 12th, 2023 at 7:41 pm
    The aggression on both sides of the ball was refreshing. Keep it up and we might do something this year. Applaud Bowles for asking his players what they like and don’t.

    I fully agree. That was a huge step in the right direction, and more importantly, it looks as though Todd actually listed to the feedback and made changes. If the team can consistently play with this level of aggression, we might actually have a decent team.

  29. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The Bucs have 2 automatic wins against the Panther (they are that bad)

    And winnable games against the Colts, Packers, Saints and Falcons.

    And with the way the Jaguars looked today that’s a winnable game too.

  30. David Says:

    Joe is getting excited along with Baker fans with a losing record in a crappiest division which has turd quarter backs one garbage than the other. Lets’ see who are these qb’s;
    Bucs will get their ass kicked by 49’rs. Then can you spell Trask ? 7-1 the rest of the season.

  31. Jack Clark Says:

    Where is Defense Rules? Is this his bye week from commenting? I wants to know what his stats of Rachaad White having more rushing yards today than the great running back King Derrick Henry and all the other Titan’s running backs combined say

  32. D Cone Says:

    Saints and Falcons are now on the Bye.
    Best case scenario after week 11 is 2 @ 5-5 and one a game behind at 4-6.
    After week 12 there could be three at 5-6 and a race to the finish.
    Even if the Bucs lose against the 49er’s they should be able to run the table and finish 11-6.

  33. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Richard, did you a get a chance to record Trask kneel down? I didn’t see it on the game highlights, unfortunately

  34. JK Says:

    Throbbing Rod Muncher is the biggest 🤡 trolling the internet!

  35. TonySoprano Says:

    I don’t think enough attention is being made to the fact we lost our defensive quality assurance coach, Lori Locust!

  36. RGA Says:

    It appears the Bucs are competitive against the bottom dwellers. Against a quality team is a different story.

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jameis threw 2 critical interceptions??
    No way!!
    YaYa and Nelson brought a spark to the pass rush.
    Still getting killed by Hainsey and Stennie/Feilder( whoever is playing)
    But we do have some talent on both sides of the ball.
    And if you have a decent QB, you can always win in this league.

    But I dont know if Coach Bowles will keep costing us games.

    But Im hoping the Bucs sweep all our NFC South opponents.
    I think that would win the division.

  38. RGA Says:

    Tbbucs3, I havint seen Trask under center in a meaningful game, have you?

  39. Miller5252 Says:

    Nothing better than a win!! But very close is the Falcons and Saints losing. Just to add more feel good to a day…. Winston does what he does best and throw 2 picks. 😂😂😂😂😂 but he’s thrown for 5,000 yards in a season! All the arm talent in the world but nothing above the shoulders on poor ole bubba gump

  40. David Says:

    Today’s win over a trash team basically will prolong the inevitable, dismissal of Toliet Bowl and benching/ sending the journeyman Baker on his route 66 adventure to XLF or an unlucky victim of his.

  41. DBS Says:

    David now finds it funny to make fun of the XFL. Guess who kicked the winning Field Goal today for the Texans and where he came from? Matt Amendola signed from the XFL. You have done nothing on this site but show you are nothing but a Trask fan . Not a Bucs Fan.

  42. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    #TankforTrask…..oh, wait, the future is already here.

  43. geno711 Says:

    I think you are one of the few people to think Winston is better than Carr.

    Two things can be true.

    1. Today Winston led the Saints to more offensive points than Carr.
    2. Winston is a worse NFL starting quarterback than David Carr.

    By the way.

    1. Just like many NFL games, as it was wearing on, the Saints were getting more adept at passing the ball against the Vikings as their DBs.
    2. Carr had initiated that first TD drive and was injured when he had already gotten the Saints to the Vikings 31 yard line through his passing.
    3. Carr had 8 TDs and 2 Ints in the last 5 games.
    4. Carr was 13 for 18 today.
    5. Winston was 13 for 25 today. He did have the 2 TDs but he really should have had 3 interceptions instead of 2. An interception by the safety Bynum was overturned as Bynum bobbled it going to the ground.

    Maybe Winston will be better, but he has only had two good seasons out of 9, so I am not sure what you are smoking to be certain he will be better than Carr.

  44. Larrd Says:

    It is fun watching the Bucs win. They should win the division, imo. If the OL and running game improves, they could be a threat in the playoffs, even. Baker is playing like a pro bowler. Nowadays, that means second tier because the stars won’t go.

  45. adam from ny Says:

    the bucs are gonna win a game this season they’re not supposed to…

    unless that was already the minnesota game…

    even the sh!t teams win one they’re not supposed to…

    yeah next week could go 30-13 niners…

    or it could go 24-20 bucs if guys like devin white ball out…

    but damn, those niners are freakin’ good………………….smh

  46. Larrd Says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who watched saints/Vikings.

  47. BrianBucs Says:

    Jameis Winston – The gift that keeps on giving

  48. Bucs4eva Says:

    David – most qbs who are in the top half of the league don’t end up in the XFL. You’re a clown.

  49. Richard Says:

    Tbbucs3, kneel down would suggest he’s on the field, ignorance is bliss.

  50. BucsFan15 Says:

    Hey David….did someone named Baker sleep with your wife or do you just LOVE Kyle Trask that much. I don’t know why I read the comments on this site of the most miserable so called Bucs “fans”. Btw, they won today!

  51. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    November 12th, 2023 at 7:30 pm


    Rod Munch = Tuckfard

  52. Since76 Says:

    This division is terrible. If we get in with a losing record we will probably get embarrassed……..and a low draft pick. But hey worth the chance to get in the dance. I guess.

  53. DBS Says:

    Was he out there with the starters when he took that kneel down?

  54. Buc4evr Says:

    Yeah right Rod butt Munch. Trolling is fun, but the Jags got destroyed today by the Niners and the Jags are better than the Bucs. The positiveBucs fans are about to be in for a big surprise next weekend. Teampositive.. lol.

  55. David Says:

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. As the rest of the NFL, I know what we have in Toilet Bowl and Baker, two bags of turd. That wouldn’t change.

    I am proud to be the fan of Trask or any other future draft picks that can take us to the next level back to the super bowl. For now the next best thing we have is Trask who we have could be the next Joe Borrow or Tom Brady.

  56. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Trask stans are in full meltdown mode cause they wrongly expected Baker to be benched by the bye week, now midway through the season, Baker is cleary the guy the Bucs are riding with the rest of the way,

    And guess what? If Baker keeps playing like a top 15 quarterback then like it or not, he’s your starter for the 2024 season. In that case, you part ways with Trask and draft a QB to sit behind Baker.

    Trask is taking the same career arch as his SEC and draft class buddies Kellen Mond and Matt Corrall.

  57. Crickett Baker Says:

    Boy. Every time we beat someone you all say it was a bad team that we beat. I do NOT think we are a bad team. I enjoyed the last two games and am pleased with Baker. He is no Stroud or Mahomes, but no one should be compared to them. I wish people would stop putting the team down so much, and give ’em some love for what they are doing well.

  58. Irishmist Says:

    Leave Jameis alone. He is obviously a deeply religious man. He throws up more prayers than any other QB in the league.

  59. Duane in Sanford Says:

    I agree Joe. This is a good year to be a spoiler. Only one of the bad teams in the NFC South will have the moral victory of division champs. It should be us. You can still trade up to get that early pick if you have a QB in mind. You gotta see where the games play out and leverage your pick from there. This team can back into the playoffs, then pay a king’s ransom to get the 2nd or 3rd qb on the board.

  60. Winny Testaverde Says:

    With the first pick…in the 2024 expansion draft…”Team Positive” Head Hairdresser “Hot” Rod Mulch selects: Jameis Winston from Taint Nation. This reunites Hot Rod & Winny…and it feels so good!

  61. Capt.Tim Says:

    We have a major advantage. Everyone in the NFC south has a rookie QB,
    Or Big QB problems.
    Weve found our QB. He has lots of playoff experience, and a great arm.
    I think the Bucs will sign him to a long term contract soon.

    While Watson is sucking in Cleveland.
    Makes me lmao!

  62. Hammerhead Says:

    The choice is sell out or fight.

    Wayne Fontes made the Detroit Lions a team that the Bucs don’t want to be

  63. Curse of Gruden Says:

    That’s Mr. 30-30! Always good for some excitement, but rarely the W.

  64. NYbucsfan Says:

    We beat another trash team. If by some miracle we do in the division we going to playoffs and get curb-stomped and all the teams in our division get better and we get stuck with a s*** draft pick and potentially keeping the worst head coach in NFL history. I completely understand your excitement.

  65. BucsFan2520 Says:

    NYbucsfan Says:
    November 12th, 2023 at 9:16 pm
    We beat another trash team. If by some miracle we do in the division we going to playoffs and get curb-stomped and all the teams in our division get better and we get stuck with a s*** draft pick and potentially keeping the worst head coach in NFL history. I completely understand your excitement.

    This my friends is the post of a typical ignorant northeastern loud mouth.

  66. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Tbbucs3 with the buffoonery that the Panthers are a sure Bucs sweep, the same Panthers who beat us soundly last year and kept CJ Stroud out of the endzone. He’s a Bakesy stalker. He has a worship center in his closet with everything Baker. He has the mentality of a middleschool girl.

  67. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    When it comes to Rod Munch you guys ever hear of sarcasm??? Trust he is not a positive kind of guy. You should laugh at him he’s a funny dude at this time

  68. orlbucfan Says:

    Why are the whiners on here to start with? Tampa Bay WON today!!! You losers have your heads up your collective rears.

  69. David Says:

    Baker is rated 25th By NFL. Regardless of the ranking he has a losing record in the worst division including losing to the back up qb, Ridder.
    Baker fans claimed the four losses in a row had nothing to do with Baker’s poor plays.
    Baker had average QBR of 45 which ranked 31st in NFL during the four losses.

  70. David Says:

    Baker is 15th in passing yard but rated 25th By NFL. Regardless of the ranking he has a losing record in the worst division including losing to the back up qb, Ridder.

  71. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Bakers QB rating= 93.6 (11th best in the NFL)

    Bakers QBR This Season= 14th/32 ahead of Trevor Lawrence.

  72. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Baker is 15th in passing yard but rated 25th By NFL”

    Ranked 25th by who exactly? By you?

    Bakers QB rating is 93.6 which is 11th best after today.

  73. steele Says:

    After beating the bottom-feeding Titans, I predict a potential “upset” next Sunday. Simply because the 49ers are not that good. Just look at the blueprint from their 3-game losing streak. Their defense overrated, secondary weak. Injuries on offense, Purdy shaky.

    Bowles and Bucs still suck, but they will get a breath of life from their zombie division, and overrated 49ers.

  74. Bobby Says:

    Joe Bucs is censoring me on this website now why??? What did I do or say wrong in recent past on this platform. By the way on Veterans day weekend. it’s not a like I’m a nobody, I’m a currently serving military member of a decorated resume and long standing service. But ok, bet this comment will get though. But I’ve had probably about 5 comments on other posts here removed with all kind and interesting content. Sorry guys, just looking for an explanation here Joes???

  75. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Best news all day: One of dirtiest franchises in all of football is nosediving and now has the ATM (America’s Turnover Machine) back at the helm to clinch the crash and burn.

    Dude was drafted in 2015, and we’re still waiting for him to turn the corner in 2023, huh? 111 turnovers in 72 games in Tampa and being benched on his second team, are there still people comparing him to Manning and Favre? Solely based off turnover numbers when those guys were winners, certainly by their 9th seasons? Absolutely delusional.

  76. Bobby Says:

    Heck, hey joe bucs fan i was the the first one who brought up and repeatedly commented on various posts on your website here and laying out all the interesting reasons why Belichick coming to Tampa is a realistic possibility.I listen to all your Ira Podcast episodes every week. Mike Florio picked up on comments I said on your comment boards regarding Belichick and you the Joes responded directly to me with interest to my comments. Then now national media and various other media outlets have picked up on that material like wild fire. They all acknowledge the Ira Kaufman podcast saying you guys said belichick could come here. Yet I don’t recall thus far any of you trio, Ira included ever laying out said legit reasons on any if your episodes prior to today. The media wrongly sourced the Ira Kaufman podcast as laying out those reasons. Those reasons came from me in your comment board. But if I’m wrong then correct me?? But as it stands currently now I’m being censored on your website. It’s not ny fault national media mis-sources your podcast as the source if the Belichick to the Bucs narrative. I’m just a fan who talks here.

  77. adam from ny Says:

    thats…………rod the rug muncher…

    the dudiest of dudes on the board…

    he’s prolly having a bit of a meltdown because he’s typing in all caps these days…

    maybe the rug he was munching got balded out 🙂

  78. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Bobby, sometimes the site is tempermental bud. Dont think anyone is censoring you. Noone wants to hear hoodie talk here.

  79. adam from ny Says:


    i can’t see belichik coming here…

    look…when tom left new england there was that underlying thing going on, of who will do better without the other…tom in tampa…or bill in new england…

    maybe you don’t realize this:

    bill coming to tampa opens the whole can of worms again of tom vs bill…

    will bill win a superbowl here?
    will bill win more than tom here?
    can bill win 2 while tom won 1 ?
    will bill invite gisele to his stadium suite 🙂 lol

    i can’t see bill coming here to silently once again compete with the ghost of his old qb – why would he do that?

    the media would have a long term field day with the scenario…they’d discuss it throughout his whole tenure here…

    isn’t belichik like 72ish or something?

    he’s going have an honorable retirement in new england, and his legacy up there will be one for the ages…just like tommy b…

    we need a young huckster roaming the sidelines sweating and cussing in the tampa heat…not an old guy checking his triglycerides and blood pressure during halftime

  80. Bobby Says:

    Adam from NY, huh??? Not sure what that comment means. With all respect that comment might as well be written in another language. Parts of it are understandable if I knew exactly what you were implying. But comment lacks simple and straightforward points that even the simplest minded people could understand and are imperative in this kind of environment. Keep practicing brother, Let’s Go Bucs!!

  81. Bobby Says:

    Ok my previous comment to Adam was written before i saw his second comment

  82. adam from ny Says:


    sometimes we are bad boys and joe (the teacher) puts us in the corner facing the wall…

    it’s called a time out…

    he’s letting us know to bite our tongue a bit, because if we don’t he will call our parents into school and tell them just how bad we are in class…

    there are a lot of bad boys on here that act up…

    joe has to let us know it’s his rodeo from time to time…


  83. Steven007 Says:

    Bobby, let me simplify it since it seems to need to be simplified. Bill belichick is not coming here to coach. There you go, nice and concise.

    Furthermore, the owners have consistently shown that when they replace a coach, they do so with a coach with the opposite specialty. And if I need to spell that out for you as well, we’d be getting rid of a defensive coach and gaining an offensive coach. Billy is of course a defensive coach.

  84. Steven007 Says:

    And with your latest clarification I see I may have been clarifying the actual clarifying post from Adam.

  85. Bobby Says:

    Adam, I hear you on those points. Some are valid. But brother you to look at the from a National media perspective and a business/NFL football team. The Brady vs Belichick narrative would definitely sell tickets here and bring the Bycs right back in front of National media eyes. Plus with Brady in the Raiders ownership. How sweeping would it be if Bill came to Tampa and won a Super Bowl here in the same place Brady just left. That result would give Bill some points in that scenario. Overall Belichick in Tampa and Brady vs Belichick conversation here in Tampa and in the national media would make the Glazers alot of money and bring the Bucs back to National spotlight. However it ends that is good business. Let’s not forget the NFL is an entertainment entity. Belichick coming to Tampa after Brady sounds entertaining to me and the media would not shut up about that week end and week out.

  86. adam from ny Says:

    thanks Steven007:

    it probably needed the “ultra clarity” you provided 🙂

  87. Pewter Power Says:

    So what!!! People love to ride the rollercoaster, up one week down the other all season. We beat another trash team so what. If we can’t beat an actual good team. My opinion hasn’t changed one bit about this team in general and especially the head coach, some of the players yea. Dean locked up D hop. Ryan Neal didn’t embarrass himself, titans game plan worse than us. D white want invisible this week.

  88. adam from ny Says:

    bobby – yes totally correct, it would be insane here and with the media, if belichik coached the bucs…

    at 72 years old i just don’t see the older hoody starting from scratch in a new city with all the hoopla you said it would provide…

    but you never know…

    and yes we would be right back in the spotlight again…

    i’m sure if he wants to land here, the glazers would entertain the scenario quickly…

    imho i don’t really see it, but you never know…

    quite frankly i’m already missing some of the aspects provided by having tommy b in a bucs uni

  89. Bobby Says:

    Ok folks, well just google Bucs and Belichick and see how many outlets are talking about that. You know why cause it’s entertaining. They want it. That narrative would sell and possibly lead to winning results on the field. Gotta stop looking at this from a just playing on the field perspective. The NFL every year builds up stories about franchises, players affiliated with other players, past to present affiliations and so much more. And we all devour it as fans and get on these platforms and spend valuable minutes commenting and watching. Thats all money folks. Wake up look atvthe big picture towards this idea. Regardless of Belichick, I’ve also been clamoring for Todd Monken has next HC and mentioned other names too. So it’s just Bill. But overall Bill would put the Bucs back on the national stage. And in case you guys don’t remember when Brady was here and every week national stage media couldn’t stop talking about the Bucs. Bucs ownership made money off alm in that in merchandise sales, tickets and so much more. If you don’t think the Glazers want that back then I suggest getting more education. Let’s Go Bucs!!

  90. adam from ny Says:

    the problem today is the titans are a pretty bad team…there’s a good chance they spiral a bit and lose 10 games…

    so yeah we looked good, and you can never complain when your defense holds them to no touchdowns…

    but chances are we get walloped next sunday…

    we really could use a quality win on the road vs a top tier type team…it will do wonders for morale as they enter that softer 7 game stretch…

    we’re gonna need someone to have an insane game…like an rb1 150 yard performance, or a baker 350 yard 4 td game…

    you never know

  91. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    The Bucs team captains all balled out today. They all represented. That’s good. they played well and won that game. Go Bucs.

  92. SB Says:

    i LOVE your breakdown but your breakdowns are hared to diciperer due you your not paying attention.to details.

  93. SB Says:

    AND I see you put me in the corner for my assment of the game. All good though.

  94. SB Says:

    assessment is what I meant.

  95. SB Says:

    we WIN I don’t care but the Cringy writing is getting to me. Proof READ please!

  96. Saedron Says:

    Man. Gotta love how proud Joe is of being in the “mire in mediocrity” crowd. It really shows the boomer “just win bro” mentality holds strong. It tracks that these are the same people that don’t believe in analytics. Yea, anything can happen. Anything…how many years have crap teams faught tooth and nail to just make the playoffs, and get blown out by the teams that deserve to be there. This plan is idiotic and a recipe for repeating the dark years. We just got a ring, and this team CAN NOT beat the eagles or the niners any Sunday, let alone important ones. You can’t rebuild with nothing, and pick 20 and a bunch of aging contracts leaving for free in a year where we decided to roll with baker of all people, is nothing short of a disastrous way to start the new phase of Bucs life.

  97. Bamboo Says:

    I know most of you are miserable if your not bitching and its impossible to be objective but there are fans of at least 12 teams that would take Baker as their QB in a heartbeat.

  98. Rod Munch Says:

    geno711 Says:
    4. Carr was 13 for 18 today.


    They were literally down 27-3, and you’re trying to claim Carr was having a good day because he had a decent completion percentage?!?! LOL!

    Hey, I’m with you, I want Carr playing for the Saints. With Winston, the Saints outscored the Vikings 16-0, in 1 1/2 quarters – over a full game, that’s a 42-0 pace. What I don’t want is a Saints team that can suddenly score more than 13 points a game, not with that defense.

    If the Bucs aren’t tanking for the #1 pick, I’d like to see them win as many games as possible and get the NFC South crown – and the best chance to do that is with Carr at QB.

  99. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s also hilarious how many people complain about positivity. I’m literally nothing but 100% positive in the gameday thread, cheering on the Bucs and Baker and Bowles – and people are angry. Just shows that you can never make some people happy. But that won’t stop me, AND I’M POSITIVE OF THAT!


  100. Bobby Says:

    Ohhhh Rod Munch, I was like what??? I see now what that guy mentioned in a previous post comment board when he tagged me with the ending last name munch. Yeah, no disrespect to Mr.Munch but I disagree with your Carr post. I’m talking about a certain coach with 6 super bowl rings and that commentator was comparing me to Munch. But whatever if Bucs don’t agree hey, that’s your prerogative. Oh my it’s terrible to want a 6 time SB winning head coach to come here to Tampa. Regardless of the realism of that happening. The fan response is very negative. Man, my very first leader in my career back a long time ago use to repeatedly tell my team you can lead the horse to water but can’t make them drink it. Regardless I still am grateful of all your responses, this is all fun for me. Go Bucs!!

  101. UKBuccaneer Says:

    I could understand the idea of tanking if it had proven results, but in reality it’s a crapshoot and far from a guarantee of success. Name one recent NFL team that has purposefully and successfully tanked for a QB which resulted in long-term success?

  102. Allbuccedup Says:

    This 4 team division has talent but has the 4 worse head coaches in the NFL.

  103. Frankie.D Says:

    You know I look at his face I wished him well, I always like the underdog, I still have a jamias Winston Jersey actually tank top that I do not put in the dryer he tries a little too hard, but like I said underdog, same thing with Baker Mayfield sometimes in life you just have to prove everybody wrong I’m not counting my chickens but hopefully they will hatch where’s your buccaneers Little Pirate under my bucking hat 🙃

  104. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Awesome pic of the groping mental midget

  105. Oneilbuc Says:

    Tbbucs. You have lost your mind if the bucs bring Baker Mayfield back next year is a garuteen losing season. You are the only one that have confidence in Faker Mayfield lol 🤣🤣!! All those under thrown passes that the recivers had to come back to. If the cb would have looked back those passes would have been picks. Let’s see how he plays against the 49ers and I don’t want to hear no excuses for Faker Mayfield!!!

  106. DJB Says:


  107. Jack Sparrow Says:

    LOVE THAT PICTURE OF JAY-MISS… THUMBS UP !!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  108. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Love the pic and always love VICTORY monday.

    I still have NO CONFIDENCE in Bowles.

    I still believe he will be fired at the end of the year.

    But I’ll always take a W.

  109. Hammerhead Says:

    Remember fellow buc fans that Wayne Fontes got fired because he coached them up to be a50/50 team. Lions fired him and continued to suck.

    Not Comparing Bowls to Fontes but sometimes you have to stop quitting or changing coaches all the darn time.That was a team that didn’t give up.

    Wayne Fontes is from where?

  110. ScottyMack Says:

    Tony Marks says: “You are missing that the Saints and the Falcons play each other. SO there” is a guaranteed loss for one of them in that game. Must win our games against them? Yep

    Consider this scenario … Falcons win both games against the Saints. They are tied with the Bucs now and we’ll give the Bucs a win against them at the end of the season to take away the Falcons’ tiebreaker advantage.

    So, the Bucs need to stay tied with the Falcons and beat them in their final matchup. The Bucs final schedule includes games against the 49ers and the Jaguars. Other than the Saints twice and the Bucs, the Falcons remaining schedule is Jets, Colts, Panthers, Bears.

    If the Saints win both against the Falcons, at least their schedule is a little tougher than the Falcons. They play a bunch of bad teams but at least they still have to play the Lions and Rams (and hopefully, Stafford is back by week #16),

  111. Kelly Bowman Says:

    Lol to that Saints fan that said “with Winston, they’ll be scoring more” … you forget to finish your statement. They’ll be scoring more for both sides.