Did Bucs Hang Baker Mayfield Out To Dry?

November 20th, 2023

Needs a run game?

The Bucs have the best quarterback in the NFC South. That may not sound like much but generally, that should mean a team wins a division.

Now the common perception around the NFL is that if a team is going to bank on Baker Mayfield as a quarterback, you better have a run game to help him out.

So, did the Bucs do Mayfield dirty? Nick Shook of NFL.com explains how Mayfield needs a running attack.

Winning was always going to be a tall task for the team, but it feels as if Mayfield is out there on his own, trying to keep the Bucs afloat with his desire and grit. That’s usually the source of marginal differences in the NFL, not a winning formula. And it couldn’t have been captured any better than in the two red-zone trips that produced zero points.

So why is Joe suggesting Mayfield may have been sold out, or set up for failure? First, it’s not like Mayfield doesn’t have weapoins. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are dream targets. And Rachaad White has likely developed into one of the NFL’s best receiving backs. But the run game is atrocious.

It has been since last year. Yet in the offseason, the Bucs decided an upgrade meant signing a running back who can’t stay healthy and who had just 240 yards rushing last year, and they signed an undrafted free agent with a heart issue.

And this all happened despit draft experts believing the 2023 class was loaded with running backs.

Teams serious about winning with their run game don’t do that to their quarterback. So while Mayfield may have the best weapons this side of Cincinnati to throw to, Mayfield is at his best when he’s more game manager than gunslinger.

So yeah, Joe can see where Shook is coming from. The Bucs did Mayfield no favors in that respect.

78 Responses to “Did Bucs Hang Baker Mayfield Out To Dry?”

  1. Bucs13 Says:

    Good points. Licht deserves more criticism. He also did our 45 year old QB no favors last year by having a putrid OL. Goedeke had no business at LG last year. He’s been fantastic at RT, which is true position. Brady also had no run game last year. Having a senior citizen throw the ball 50x a game with a bad OL was egregious.

  2. Richard Says:

    Bucs are going nowhere with the average Mayfield.

  3. MadMax Says:

    Our CB’s left us out to dry….thats all im gonna say about that!!

    Baker is our man, get used to it. Ups and downs are gonna happen but the man is on his game so stfu baker haters….wr’s are getting hit with his ball and not bringing it in…so stfu

    “With the 5th pick of the 2024 nfl draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Marvin Harrison Jr”

  4. Derek Says:

    RB situation is dire. Rachaad is an awesome receiver, but we don’t have a true running attack

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    OMG, give it a rest.

    Baker Mayfield is a middling NFL QB. He’s a guy that gets everyone fired, because he’s not that good, yet, because he was a #1 pick, people want to think he’s good.

    The guy was missing wide open WRs all day, or he was checking it down for 3 yards.

    This year is probably the best Baker has ever played, and it equals a 4-6 team that has gone 2-6 in the last 8, and just lost by 13 points, and somehow people are saying that is a moral victory.

    If your goal is to go 6-11 and occasionally look competent with zero upside, then Mayfield is your man.

    If your goal is to have a QB that steps up in big moments and wins you games, Baker is not you man.

    Would the Jets be better off with Baker. Absolutely. Is Baker the worst QB I’ve ever seen, absolutely not. Is Baker better than Mike Glennon? Uh, maybe, but they’re in the same category.

    Baker is not under contract next year, there’s no reason why the Bucs would bring him back, and if they did, it would mean getting rid of a legit good player to do so.

    No thanks. Just move on and see what is in box 2. Because we know what is in box 1, and that is a middling QB.

  6. David Says:

    Baker is the best of the worst NFC South qbs’ which still translates to a mediocrity. So what what is the point ?

    What Baker accuracy, batted balls, missing open receivers, throwing in triple coverages has anything to do with the running game. Baker had two of the best running backs in NFL in Cleveland and a good running game in North Carolina and he was one of the worst qb’s in 2021 and 2022. He has only thrown for 300 yards once in this season against a bad team. He can hardly scores in qtr. in the most of 2023 games while the defense holding their opponents scoring offenses in single digits.

    As fans we do not want to here how and if NFL has been unfair to Baker through his failed career as number one busted qb. The NFL is results oriented business that put the fans in the seasts. 4-6 losing record in fire dumpster division will not achieve that goal and bucs starts and stops with the coaches and the qb as a leader as they will pay or pay for its success and failures. Bucs has failed us this season and Toilet Bowl needs to go with the new system he placed this season.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Mr. Light, we hit WR and QB this draft…and a CB with the 3rd pick…

  8. jim jim Says:

    ive been a buc fan since 1978…im done with this season….im going fishing!!!

  9. Big Wally Says:

    They showed the graphic on the screen yesterday – Bucs have not had a running game in over a decade!!!!

  10. Crickett Baker Says:

    Baker is more competent than our last #1 pick. But this article made me think. He doesn’t pass nearly enough to his “elite” wide receivers. Has this, too, been a design? This article put me into confusion. A ball of confusion,

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    I have no issues with the rebuild, they should have it this year. That was always the deal when you signed Brady – and in particular when you resigned him. There would be a price to pay for all those void year deals and contract tricks. That was the deal – and the Bucs got a SB out of it, and three years of being relevant. That’s a deal every fanbase should be willing to make unless they’re exceptionally spoiled.

    As for Baker, best of luck in your future endeavors. If the Bucs really wanted to do Baker a solid, they’d cut him so he could sign the Jets, where he could be a hero by putting up 14 points!

    It’s really a shame the NFL has such an early trade deadline – the Bucs could really put the screws to the Jets right now and get a top pick out it.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Big Wally Says:
    November 20th, 2023 at 1:48 am
    They showed the graphic on the screen yesterday – Bucs have not had a running game in over a decade!!!!


    Really? Because in that same time frame they’ve literally had ALL of their best offenses in yards and points, under Winston and Brady.

    And you’re trying to tell me those teams that were averaging 30 points a game, did not have a running game? Impossible! If you don’t run the ball, you can’t get points, more or less win games.

  13. steele Says:

    This is a bit of a conspiracy speculation on Joe’s part. I’m not sure this regime is that clever or forward-looking to be diabolical.

    Fact is, they locked on to and invested in Rachaad White. To be the MAN. To be the feature back/superstar. The new Fournette (which turned out to be true in the worst tip-toe senses), plus “game breaking” receiving. The new Eric Dickerson. Go back and review the hot air. He has turned out to be no more than what he always has been: a slow, long-striding neither here nor there/somewhat gadgety #3 option requiring specially designed plays that get him out in space.

    So Rachaad was supposed to be running game. They sure didn’t hedge the bet by bringing in serious feature back competition. Chase Edmonds? Ke Vaughn? Nope. And Canales was brought in specifically to bring Seahawks glory era smashmouth, which Bowles has always wanted. Canales hasn’t done anything so far to fix it. Maybe he doesn’t have a say.

    Short of that, which may happen in the future (who knows when), it’s the Baker Air Show for the rest of this season. Cuz there’s nothing else.

  14. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Every QB needs a running game. 2020 and 2021 Bucs averaged over 4 yards per carry. Obviously gone downhill last year and this year. If the GOAT needed a running game to finish above .500, it’s sort of unrealistic to expect better from Mayfield

  15. Nope Says:

    Jesus, Joe. Are you washing Baker’s jock straps these days? First you throw the defense under the bus, (fair enough) but you fail to mention the offense dropping a duce again. Baker is almost as bad a qb as you are a “journalist.” Btw..got a little something on the side of your mouth there?

  16. Buc4evr Says:

    Giant holes in defense and offense accentuated by piss poor coaching. Brady couldn’t win with these players and coaches last year, why is anyone expecting Mayfield to do any better. Time to burn it down and get rid of the players that should not be in the NFL any more.

  17. tbc 1 Says:

    Yep Mayfield fault Otten dropped that pass in the end zone-that would have given them a chance to win. Where was the defense in 3.5 quarters? Draft a couple of CB and a safety keep Mayfield for 2 years and build around him. There have been much worse qbs that have won super bowls. wonder how many Mayfield haters have season tickets??? Arm chair quarter backs for sure.

  18. Seattle Buc Says:

    “The Bucs have the best quarterback in the NFC South.”

    Plus he has moxy and gives people goosebumps.

  19. Seattle Buc Says:

    I can’t keep track of all the excuses for Mayfield. Does anyone have a spreadsheet I can look at?

  20. Seattle Buc Says:

    Rod Munch Says: “Just move on and see what is in box 2.”

    Totally agree. The hype failed and this experiment is over. I do not understand the palpable fear of Joe, Ira, and others to see what our 6’5″ second-round quarterback can do with the starting offense in a game. It’s almost like they have their credibility on the line or something. Oh . . . wait.

  21. rrsrq Says:

    It’s so sad, because so many teams have 2 or 3 decent runners. You live in Florida, drive down 75, cross over to 95 and start scouting these high school RBs down in Miami, heck go down the road to IMG, start now

  22. CHRISTOS Says:

    Yes the Bucs have no running game.
    Yes Mayfield is who he is and who some of the fans.media think he is.
    Both can be true.
    Mayfield has not been bad but he has not been really good either. He s a solid average QB. He makes some good plays in a game and he also makes 5 to 6 bad plays in a game. I dont understand what some people think they see in him or want to believe that they re seeing in him. He is who he is. A QB that can help you wins some games if the team around him and the Defense plays solid football. He is a competitor and put his body on the line and I ll give that to him. But his QB abilities have a limit and that is true. He will miss on the long throws more often than not, he will miss 5 to 6 passes every game.
    I m not saying he is theonly reason we are 4-6 but he can give you what we see, you cant expect more on a consistant basis.
    Go Bucs

  23. Oneilbuc Says:

    Baker Mayfield should have had 5 picks I can remember when Jamies was the quarterback that’s what most of y’all would be saying. I’m reminding some of you who said I call like I see it back then. And now I’m hearing a bunch of excuses. Baker Mayfield haven’t played good against a good team all year. And when we play the Panthers and falcons Baker will look like a average quarterback and y’all will be saying how great he is. It’s time to move on bringing Baker Mayfield in was a waste of time especially when we all know Kyle Trask was better than him in training camp. Baker Mayfield should not be the starter for the team but the Joe’s are afraid of giving Kyle Trask a chance !!

  24. Stan says Says:

    Offensive line can not run block for S— and that’s Bakers fault. Recivers can’t catch our #1 reciver takes play after play off and that’s Bakers. Ok the guy is not the prototype NFL QB the Bucs knew this. He is great running the ball why the hell is not rolling out more or at all. We all sit here playing coach and GM as fans. I am going to say it over and over. Tom Brady could not win without a running game what makes any of us think if the GOAT couldn’t do it Baker could. Wouldn’t looking it up what college did R.White play for. Exactly, my point is (Joe is correct) in thinking Baker was set up even if the ( Geart front office) had no clue. I wish Todd Bowles all the best but I hope it’s somewhere else. He is a great defense coordinator in my opinion he’s not a head coach guy.

  25. Hodad Says:

    Baker needs a run gaame, good coaching, a good defense. What QB doesn’t need those things? Here in Tampa, he has none. It’s not all Baker’s fault, I get that. To me though settling on Baker going forward is like Bowles trying to win with defense, and keeping games close. You’re just not going to win with either. This will play out. Bowles won’t yank Baker like he won’t yank JTS, or any other player that keeps failing. At the end of 17 games we’ll know exactly what Baker, and Bowles will give us in the future, and only the Glazers will determine if that’s good enough going forward. Can they go 5-2 down the stretch or better to save themselves? Will they go 2-5 or worse to get them S canned? We’ll know in 7 weeks.

  26. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Why are people getting warm and tingly over a QB that needs a HoF OL, HoF RB, HoF WRs, and a historically good defense?

    Good QBs can produce without being surrounded exclusively by HoF players.

  27. Red86 Says:

    I think it’s funny how someone thought Trevor Lawrence was worst than Baker against the Niners. But, said nothing about how the Jags destroyed the Titians. Trevor Lawrence literally drop 4 tds on the Titians, basically a TD per quarter. Meanwhile, it took 4 quarters to get 14 points for Baker.

    Scoring impact the defense psychologically. If the offense doing well, then the defense plays harder. If the offense struggles, then doubt and lost of focus usually happens. Execution on the passing play specifically deep passes will open up running lanes assuming the Niners doesn’t need safeties to stop runs.

  28. realistic-optimistic Says:

    The offense looked OK on their last two drives of the first half (aside from the Baker fumble). Even the interior OL was opening some holes. So what caused the defense to open the second half by allowing SF to drive 98 yards in 3 plays?

  29. Ed Says:

    Not sure why so much conversation about a stop-gap quarterback because when your Hall-Of-Fame guy retires and you have wasted a number 2 draft pick on a player who has never thrown a pass in an NFL game, its on you for the situation you are in.

    A good quarterback will be available in this deep draft and the new Bucs coaching staff will need to play him right away. This time we need to find a quarterback that is athletic and can buy time with mobility behind this not so good offensive line.

    The 7 games that play out will be no fun to watch as the coaching has made the Bucs one of the most boring teams in the NFL for us fans to watch.

    The pace that this offense moves is just like its coach, slow and unable to change things that are ot working. They waste so much time getting to the line and there are no slant plays in the playbook to get the ball out quick to Godwin.

    Too many wasted runs, targets to Thompkins who can catch, uncatchable deep balls. Just find an accurate QB that can hit open guys and move around when the weak offensive line allows pressure up the middle.

    Bucs have a lot of high paid players that they have to cut loose after the season. New coaching staff needs to have more input in the draft as our higher picks in the last 3 or 4 drafts have not been productive. Move on and adapt!

  30. Mark hardt Says:

    This article supports the soft tanking theory. Houston made it work but Stroud is an exception. The 49ers struck gold (pun intended) by doing the opposite with Purdy being the LAST guy taken in the draft. Although they actually did both strategies because they traded their first round QB after their last round QB beat them.out. The draft is a crap shoot. Just play the season out and see who is available for free agency and the draft and just pick somebody. Throw the stats out the window. Purdy was Mr. Irrelevance.

  31. JD Still Says:

    Yes , We have the best quarterback in the NFC -South and beyond, he has been patiently sitting on the bench , learning and waiting his turn, Mayfield ? As everybody says , he’s a good guy , plays hard , and is a good citizen, but , if you are honest , after seven years you will have to admit , he is what he is, he has reached his zenith, you are not going to get more than what you have already seen out of him.It is time to pass the torch.

  32. NE Fan Says:

    The guy they hung to dry was Brady, at least Baker knew what he was getting into. No team can go deep in the playoffs without a running game. How many times has Pacheco saved Mahomes arse? The team isn’t the guy that almost threw 4 picks yesterday. Mayfield is average and always will be. Purdy is not the best QB but Shanahan schemes protect him because the DC has no idea what play is coming next. Bowles should have recognized the Kittle crossing behind the line pass to the flat they two or 3 times yesterday. It is the same TD pass Gronk scored on in the 2020 SB. I watched the highlights on YouTube and Shanahan played with Bowles. SF could have score 55 points if they wanted to.

  33. tbc 1 Says:

    Keep Mayfield for 2 years and build around him-you guys really think that with next years draft of a qb you are super bowl bound? what changes-no run game -defense just stinks-and we keep Bowles as coach. Jury is still out on Canales as the plays in the red zone for a quick score instead of first down and goal of course is Mayfield fault.

  34. tbc 1 Says:

    Yes we do have a good qb sitting on the bench and his name is Wolford.

  35. Ken Says:

    The accuracy difference between Purdy and Baker is stunning. Baker has heart,I’ll give him that, but he is a very average quarterback.
    Brady said something last year that also reminds me of now. He said too many of the player here lack effort and they don’t want it bad enough (I’m paraphrasing)
    I think we have the same issue, several of the players in reference to effort, are just mailing it in and getting a paycheck.

  36. Bobby M. Says:

    Had our defense shown any ability against the Texans, we sit 5-5 and I think the narrative on Baker is a bit more positive. This is basically the same roster that Brady couldn’t win with. No run game, constant pressure plus a new system/inexperienced OC…..we aren’t going to beat a lot of teams like the 49ers. A lot of blame goes on Licht….we knew what the reality was with Baker, he’s ok but no Tom Brady. You can’t expect Baker to succeed with a less talented roster than Brady had. We’ve got an abundance of resources dedicated to Bowles defense yet they can’t stop rookie and back up QBs on mediocre teams. The bar is low in our division and Bowles still finds a way to be below avg.

  37. OnlybucinTN Says:

    What has cost us games, is the horrid play of CARLTON DAVIS AND JAMEL DEAN. They SUCK. Someone put up they’re DB rating!!! Both gor PAID and NEITHER is doing well!!! End Zone defense? Top teir..Running game defense?? Great!!! Bakers rating is good!! Interceptions low, he plays to win, good or bad. But guys. LOOK AT THE PASS DEFENSE..LOOK AT THE AIR YARDS BY OPPOPPOSONG QBS OVER THE LAST 5 GAMES???? JAMEL DEAN AND CARLTON DAVIS ARE STEALIBG MONEY

  38. SlyPirate Says:

    Ed Says:
    Not sure why so much conversation about a stop-gap quarterback


    !!!!THIS!!!! Why are you all so obsessed and passionate about Baker? It’s like talking non-stop about Glennon.

  39. realistic-optimistic Says:


    But, but, he planted the OU flag in college!

    And he’s on commercials! Only superstars are on commercials!

  40. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Look at the messaging by the Coach. Guys we have :20 seconds to halftime and all 3 timeouts, so let’s drop back and take a look at a 15 yard out , if it is there get the yards and call timeout with :13 left , if it is not there just eat the grass Baker and we will go to half. Next play guys take a look over the middle for 20 and call timeout with :05 left , if it is not there Baker just eat the grass and we go to half , but if you complete those two with minimal risk , you have a shot at a 57 yarder and McLaughlin has proven he hits those.
    So you send the message that you do not even want to attempt to let your offense set up a score right before half knowing you would receive the ball first in the 2nd half , because you think there is a much higher probability that your QB screws it up than succeeds and that is the message. Todd Bowles fear of failure is much bigger than his desire to win and therein lies the problem.

  41. Canabuc Says:

    Bakers problem is not a lack of run game. If you look back at haven’t been better than 25th in run game since the breakout year for muscle hamster.

    His problem is he is not tall enough to play QB the way he plays it. Hope many balls get tipped knocked down deflected hit defenders in the helmet…
    I think easily 3 drives yesterday were killed by this including the interception in the endzone.

    Good only way to be successful is to play more like Wilson getting out of the pocket. Unfortunately he doesn’t have Wilson’s running ability.

    He will never be more then what he is this year.
    He is a valuable backup and spot starter who can win some games based on will effort and skill but he will never be a true franchise quarterback.

  42. Craig Says:

    Maybe Baker has hung Canales out to dry. There really does look to be more of a game plan going, but, like Baker, we can’t see it over the line.

    Baker is playing his brand of half baked street ball, He picks the receivers he can see, which is less than half of them and drives falter and die.

    Maybe we can all pitch in and get him a pair of lifted cleats for an early Christmas present. Maybe then he can see all of those open receivers he has missed so far and maybe sustain a few drives or get more than 2 TDs per game.

    Better yet, sit him and see what Trask can do. If he can do better, we win. If he can’t we need to know before the draft rolls around.

  43. NE Fan Says:

    BobbyM@ But they didn’t and every team says something like that after losses. OnlyBuc@ Tje bad news is they were on the SB team and got paid, now they think they’re super stars. Fact is this D has been horrible getting off the field on 3rd downs at least the four seasons I’ve watched them. It’s all coaching, all these Db’s can’t be this bad. Why hasn’t the secondary coach been fired yet??? FYI, Bowles was a DB. Ironic don’t ya think?

  44. Defense Rules Says:

    Love the title Joe … ‘Did Bucs Hang Baker Mayfield Out To Dry?’ Now you can write a parallel article ‘Did Bucs Hang Kyle Trask Out to Dry?’ by drafting him in the 2nd Rnd then sitting him for 3 years. Oh wait, my bad, even Ira isn’t allowed to write articles like that.

    Baker’s not the whole problem to be sure, but he is PART of the problem. His accuracy deep leaves a LOT to be desired. He has far too many balls batted down. He’s quite good on the outside intermediate passes, but scary on the middle intermediate ones. I’m starting to wonder if he gets ‘tunnel vision’ too often, or if he’s just slow in going through his progressions. Agree with most though who seem to feel that he’s a decent middle-of-the-pack QB, one who’ll get you a middle-of-the-pack record.

    In any event, Baker’s effectiveness could obviously be helped with a better running game. It could be helped more than that though with better play design & play selection. Canales has to do a better job of scheming guys open (opposing OCs seem to do that pretty well against us). And he needs stop wasting plays (especially on 1st & 2nd downs) and do better at selecting plays that capitalize on our strengths.

  45. Falconrap Says:

    While the defense has surely been an issue at times, and the running game hasn’t exactly helped us, we’ve been in position to make plays to tie or win in 4 of our losses. What have we seen? Batted passes. Dropped interception worthy plays by the opposing defense. Failure to throw to the open receivers, instead checking down or panicking and running. Or just plain air mailing the deep and intermediate passes. News flash, we haven’t had a running game worth spit in over a decade. Yet, we won a Super Bowl, and went 13-4 the following year, only failing to make it on a last second busted play on defense despite having key injuries on the offense.

    Mayfield isn’t the guy. Trask out played him. Had nearly double the yards per catch, with a similar completion percentage. Trask won at Florida without much of a running game either. Trask actually showed he was one of the best college QB’s at reading defenses pre and post snap. And he’s tall enough to see over the line and regular hit the deep passes that Baker keeps missing. Yet, here we are, wasting the opportunity to get him time in the offense and see if he’s the potential solution, potentially allowing us to use our first round pick on another position of importance. Why some of you think Baker is any good is beyond me. He only has decent numbers because he throws a lot of check downs (high completion percentage and low turnover chance) and has had over 15passes that should have been picks dropped by defenders. He is what he is and trying to defend him is just ridiculous. News flash, he’s married and straight, so give it up.

  46. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    I still say we’re going to end up with a winning record, a division championship and at least one playoff victory. Baker is definitely a good enough quarterback to do that and maybe more.
    Someone on this site needs to support the team.

  47. Ken Ingram Says:

    Baker is a legit winner and if Tampa Bay would give him a healthy couple healthy running backs, and a slot receiver that ain’t afraid of getting hit, you idiots would see what a true RPO offense is capable of. Brady is gone and he wasn’t an RPO QB. Tampa Bay is screwing Baker and the Fans.

  48. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Bucsnchucklefuks lol Bucs are 4-6. Your boy Baker is super mid.

  49. Becky Says:

    No run game, no secondary, light on the offensive line, and still people who apparently know nothing about football continue to blame a quarterback who has kept then in every game this season. Those who question Baker should understand no NFL team that he played for was built to his strengths, and walking on at 2 separate colleges and taking the starting quarterback job says he is most definitely talented enough to be in the league, as does those who came into e league with him and are currently not playing, several of whom were said by analysts to be so much better than Baker. Grow up. Drafting a quarterback is stupid when you have no run game no secondary and a light offensive line to help them. Be thankful you have a guy who has kept us in it and who puts his body on the line for us every game. You ungrateful idiots should shut up and learn something about the game before you embarrass yourselves by writing trash.

  50. Ken Browns fan ..Baker Bro Says:

    There defense is terrible you’re going to blame Baker Mayfield for that they’re running game overall is terrible I repeat terrible so you’re going to blame Baker for the coaches in it to get a good running back okay I’m a Browns fan and they destroyed Baker Mayfield by putting him in when he was injured you may not like Baker Mayfield but who you going to put in their backup please he stinks he’s a backup the coach needs to do something with a defense and get a running game my gosh against the Houston Texans Baker took him down to field to score and yet the defense with 46 seconds left choke that one away she going to blame that on Baker you Baker haters two words for you suck it and your losers drop the mic on that one BOOM

  51. Robert Says:

    So sick of the Kyle Trask talk. Preseason football stats mean nothing. Look at our last 5 years of preseason QB. play. Our backups looked like Montana. When you play against 2nd and 3rd string players also undrafted free agents you don’t get a true gauge of what you have. I wish they would put Trask in so he could get his head knocked off once and for all. If you think Trask could take the punishment Baker has taken you need to give me some of what you have been smoking. Must be some good S++T.

  52. WyomingJoe Says:

    I’ve been saying this for weeks now, but we have the most pathetic fans in the NFL. I’m not only talking about David and Capt’n Munch who are merely trolls, but many others that have that loser mentality (see NE Fan). I know, I know, you were all glee club stars in high school and feel that you deserve better. But the truth is, you don’t. Please go away.

  53. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Unfortunately the Trask basement trolls have taken over this site, they literally don’t know how football works

    They don’t care about the 3 play 98 yard TD drive or the perfect passer rating given up.

    It’s the 5 losers (Bozai, Munch, Seattle, etc) spewing this nonsense while ignoring the fact that the majority of Bucs fans have rallied behind Mayfield because they relieaze he’s a line bright spot on a bad team.

    Do you idiots really think Kyle Trask would’ve won yesterday if he played the 49ers?

  54. Daniel Hammond Says:

    Baker Mayfield sucks the only reason why I root for him because he’s on my team the Buccaneers cannot throw a deep ball.

  55. Mike Johnson Says:

    Baker is doing OK. If you knew anything about foortball, you’d see He has to really rush to throw the ball, His reads have to be super quick. He knows his O line cannot hold for very long.

  56. Mike Johnson Says:

    Just draft a QB for Baker to groom. Or better yest, get us one from another team in free agency. If Trask were any good, they would have put him in by mow like a lot of other teams are doing with their rookies. Buc coaches have no confidence in Trask. He is a career backup like Jameis.

  57. WyomingJoe Says:

    Baker is currently rated #12 among NFL starting QBs. Not bad for someone with no running game and a suspect O-line. He had one TD yesterday, but easily could of had three! Otton’s drop in the end zone was devastating and would have brought them to within 6 with plenty of time and timeouts for a shot to win the damn game. Regardless of the Baker-Hating trolls on this site, he is playing well. And that’s got to be killing you. Ouch!

  58. Tony Marks Says:

    Rod Mush says:

    or he was checking it down for 3 yards.



    Th guy that says NFl teams don’t need a running game in 2023 because wait for it ” you can run the ball in the air” is actually blaming Baker for short 3 yard passes

    this is how you know and expose ignorance and haters. They argue one way when it suits them and then the exact opposite when it doesn’t serve their case

    “running in the air” is supposed to be short passes . screens etc. but if we do short passes with no running game its on the QB

    We all saw this ignorance in the preseason. Rod and the Traskies were all
    belting out a tune of Trask being less int prone early in camp so on that basis he should start but oooops as the training camp rolled on and then going into Preseason Baker was the one throwing less picks as he settled in – oh that doesn’t matter.

    Traskies ya got to love em because good sense doesn’t so if you don’t who will?

  59. Seattle Buc Says:

    Mike Johnson Says: “Just draft a QB for Baker to groom.”

    LOL! That’s like hiring Biden to groom the next President.

  60. Brandon Says:

    It’s definitely Mayfield’s fault that Purdy had a perfect passer rating just like it’s his fault that Otton and Thompkins dropped passes in the endzone. It’s also Mayfield’s fault that Canales can’t manufacture a decent running game nor scheme up plays that get easy completions like the 49ers kept getting with George Freaking Kittle.

  61. Tony Marks Says:


    Cult of Kyle – “Baker is a midget and too short to see the field”

    Baker Mayfield – 6 Foot one

    Brock Purdy – 6 foot one

    Roll credits and outtro music

    Stay tuned for episode 2

  62. Ex-Browns02 Says:

    It was a competitive game that was closer than the score indicated. The Bucs had misses both offensively and defensively — but really held their own against an obviously superior team.

    Baker didn’t have a great game, but he didn’t have a bad game either. And — he was indeed lucky that he didn’t have more INTs!

    Noteworthy yesterday — and similar to the Lions game — was TB’s soft zone coverage by the secondary. In both games the opposing QB was often throwing to receivers that were literally wide open.

    The continuous bashing of Baker as to his height is fatiguing. If you spend Sundays tuned into Red Zone you’ll see batted balls all day long — on QBs of all heights. The majority of batted balls are simply excellent defensive plays.

    Overall, the team is continuing to work hard and come together. Let’s see how the rest of the season comes out before further discussing 2024 draft needs.

    Go Bucs!

  63. Duane in Sanford Says:

    You cannot evaluate Baker, or any quarterback for that matter until you fix the run game. The run game just needs to be better. You can improve it with another season, and drafting a lineman and a rb. Draft a young QB if you can, but NEWS FLASH- we are likely to have the same discussion next year regardless of who is taking snaps.

  64. matthew a veal Says:

    my limited reading on the topic is that no great backs have emerged from the “superclass” of this years draft. could be hype or maybe late bloomers. add that you didnt need the pass catching trait, meaning draft imy not have been the solution, and maybe mauch might be the best thing that could have been done, we will know next year.

    i agree we depend on baker more than most teams depend on their qb

  65. Scott Says:

    I like Baker, and he would have more success with a run game.. dont know if you saw the stat during the game; the bucshave been one of the worst rushing teams the last 10+ years. Since Doug Martin

  66. K_bassuka Says:

    The reason why our run game stinks is because we don’t have a QB that can take advantage of wide open receivers down field. Baker has shown that he is a middle of the pack QB at best and that’s just not good enough.

    He had the best running attack in Cleveland and he only had 1 successful season. Baker is just not the answer.

  67. Bucfan1970 Says:

    Trask will never get a fair chance because he was drafted by Bruce and not by Bowles. He is like Gruden he wants all Ariens people out so it is his team. Lenny, White, Evans, Godwin. He doesn’t care if they all are gone. They are not his picks. He wants his team not Ariens. Everyone is looking at the wrong correction to be made. Bowles gotta go that is our problem

  68. Student of the Game Says:

    There are 30+ NFL QBs 6’2′ or shorter on 2023 rosters. Only 29% of all NFL QBs are 6’4″ or taller. So all this talk about height is crap. Any defensive lineman that can get his hands in the air or jump is 7’6″ plus. So I call BS on this too short argument. Do you complainers even watch the game or just read the talking head comments and watch highlights? How long did Mayfield have to throw vs Purdy? What was McCaffery’s yards/carry compared to White? How many drops did SF receivers have? I won’t even mention DB comparisons. You guys are bitching about the wrong issues. For the love of God, Trask would be playing if he had a better camp than Mayfield. He DID NOT!
    Can Mayfield do some things better, absolutely. Listen to his own admissions. I thought this was a fan page when I joined not a whiner festival.

  69. Adam's Angry Says:

    Licht is doing to Mayfield exactly what he did to Jameis Winston. He’s not giving him a real offense. Licht saddled JW with Peyton Barber. Now he’s saddling Mayfield with White. It is hard to believe that Licht didn’t learn a damn thing from his time with Winston. The offenses look REMARKABLY similar.

  70. BakerBucs Says:

    how many dropped passes in the end zone this between the #’s evans, otton,Godwin, palmer bakers outs his body on the every game.hw haa plenty of good #’s this year what kind of unbelievable draft pick do u stupid people think I r going to get every darn qb in this league has good minutes & not so good I wud rather have an above average QB than most of the teams have below average QB this year season ain’t over u bunch of yacks cry baby’s I c xj around been good rookie I bet u he turns out to be a knapernack cheaper ick in the end 1 good year then blah blah blah

  71. BakerBucs Says:

    Best thing I can say all the baker haters 1st off hate is a strong word why get on this family friendly site if u hate but to all the non haters do what I do now I say the name at the top of the page post such as rod munchkin just by pass it so we all know the names of the if orant 1 by pass their post they r worthless

  72. BakerBucs Says:

    chiefs running game is 60% today gee wiz all the good teams in this league have a SD uper strong running game WTF do u haters know bout football anyway u this another beer means TD bunch of angry drunkards I think I r football savyless tards

  73. Buccos Says:

    How much would the Browns give to go back in time and resign Mayfield for 4 million instead of Watson for $250 million. It must keep them up nights

  74. Lynchmob47 Says:

    Did the bucs hang Baker out to dry…Humm, I think not. Did the bucs hang Bucs fans out to dry…ugh yes that is the question to ask.
    Baker was unemployed and bucs gave him a job.
    Why only 4million, cause he ain’t worth a penny more.
    The Bucs are leaving us fans out to dry with uninterested ownership, poorest coaching staff, unmotivated players. The only player playing good are the motivated ones, the rookie free agents fight for a place in the NFL. No one else cares. At this point if you do win the south and make it to the playoffs, your out in week 1. And you move back 10/12 draft spots. Why? What do you get out of 1 playoff game. The team is not good. I believed at beginning of season we were gonna be better than what people were saying. I watched espn give us no mention cause we were expected to only will 3 games. We are exactly what they thought. It’s definitely deflating. It’s agony to watch. There is no fun, excitement, or hope in bucs football this season. It’s like watching pop Warner football. Like at at a Tball game watching chaos and clapping because you have to, even though your embarrassed by your kids play. It’s horrible.
    If the bucs want to get the fans loving this team again instead of dividing us into Baker haters/trask lovers then then get your priorities straight.
    WR are paid to catch balls. These guys all of them are dropping balls. If you can’t catch balls get off the team. I don’t care if your ME(who’s dropped so many) cause your thing who am I giving the ball too..Humm wtf or CO or PD TP DT all of them are NFL WR who aren’t doing there job, tell them perform or get out.
    BM is doing exactly what I thought he would. So I’m not gonna complain about him. He is just not good.
    KT is the one who got hung out to dry by bucs. On PS for 2 years, no development, no play time, no interest. Could have have a great other 2nd pick that could have helped us for 3 years now. With all these QB injuries he would have at least gotten a game for the world to see if he was a bust or not. He should sue for loss of life.
    The Defense is the worst right now. Standing around watching people run buy, trying to knock people down instead of wrapping them up. They are lost dazed and confused. Whitehead, Edward’s, Noche, JPP, SUH should have been kept better than this crew. DW is trash now, he was our hero for awhile but he now thinks he’s better than he is, so there is no turning back. Hop on the horse and giddy up out here.
    Todd Bowels…just needs to go. If the bucs want to win this year and play in 1 playoff then get rid of him now, don’t wait. Get rid of him and everyone else. Let the new coach bring in his coaching tree. Turn this season around now…get us in shape for next year. Give us hope thinking of next Season. But fire Todd NOW.
    If you don’t make changes and give us hope us fans go deeper down and it will show in tic sales, merchandise, and viewership…
    Have some courage. FIRE TODD NOW.
    Great things will come.

  75. Let em bake Says:

    O, ye of little faith. NFL qbs don’t grow on trees. Look what baker is doing with no run suppport. He Will bring experience, familiarity of system, leadership, and fervent support from teammates. Let’s get a secondary, a running back, and a center… ya know, like all the top tier teams have. No top 15 qb is doing more with less than mayfield . Again, think two seasons ahead.. not two games.. you have drew Brees, many just don’t see it.

  76. Gipper Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Let em bake. Mayfield is a great player who will prove it if given a season or two with Tampa. He has a strong arm, can make all the throws and is savvy when it comes to understanding the game. Baker got a bad deal from the Browns who willingly let him play an entire season with a serious injury. The experience in Charlotte was also horrible as Charlotte continues to prove this year with rookie QB, Bryce Young. Baker asked out of Charlotte and had some interesting games with an injury riddled LA Rams. Since turning pro it has been an endless succession of new head coaches and OC’s. Baker will finish the season on a high note. Just stay tuned and quit paying attention to the idiots who know nothing about QB play and effective offenses.

  77. lanshark Says:

    Let’s put this “Franchise QB” myth to rest. For this season, through this week, Baker’s numbers are very comparable to Patrick Mahomes… he’s actually got a BETTER TD->Int ratio, and is comparable on almost every other metric. Yet somehow Mahomes is a “Franchise QB” while Baker is a bum.

    Please name ONE QB from the past 20 years who had:

    a) NO running game (31st in the league)
    b) A LOT of dropped balls (especially TDs)
    c) A defense that collapses at critical times, and cannot get off the field on 3rd down
    d) An O-Line that is giving him less than 3 seconds to throw, generally.

    That QB DOES NOT EXIST… There is no mythical QB that will magically save a team like the above. “Franchise QBs” are the product of their teams.. who generally have a good to great run game, reliable receivers, stout defense that forces turnovers, and an O-Line that will give the QB 4-5 seconds to throw. Name one “Franchise QB” that does NOT have those attributes on their team.

    Whether you like it or not, Football is a TEAM GAME – all aspects of the team must be in sync. Early in the season, the defense looked like it might be good and getting turnovers, but that has not proven to be the case.

    BUILD the TEAM, and Baker is more than capable of winning games… We lack secondary depth, need to play the rookie D-linemen more (diaby, etc) and find a running back to complement White (who is a good RB2) and a couple guards (move Mauch to center).

  78. Oneilbuc Says:

    Ianshark. You got to be joking you mean you are comparing Baker Mayfield to Patrick Mahomes? Man come on Baker Mayfield is a backup quarterback he’s average at best. The bucs must move on from Baker Mayfield regardless how the season plays out. He’s average against bad teams and he’s trash against good teams. The bucs ain’t winning nothing with Baker Mayfield it’s quarterbacks that’s been drafted after him that’s better than him today. Genio Smith is better than Baker Mayfield. You Baker Mayfield fans are hilarious 😂😂 you compared a Superbowl winning quarterback and a MVP award winning quarterback to a guy that’s on his 4th team in 6 years!! Lol 🤣🤣 now that’s funny!!