Todd Bowles About To Drop The Hammer

October 23rd, 2023

Bucs on Bucs crime.

It seems Bucs coach Todd Bowles was a little more direct yesterday than at any other time Joe can recall recently.

In his postgame remarks, Bowles said a few noteworthy things. One was that he would not rule out personnel changes (but probably not for Buffalo).

But when discussing penalties, Bowles said coaches have to be held accountable, too.

“Well, we eliminated them in practice,” Bowles said of the penalties. “Got to eliminate them in the game.

“It takes more focus from a coaching standpoint, from a player standpoint. Got to be held accountable on all accounts.”

How upset is Bowles about how the Bucs played so sloppily yesterday? He said this week he does not envision the Bucs working much on Buffalo. Why? Bowles said he must get his team fixed first before he can start worrying about other teams.

When asked what he will be the focus this week for Thursday night’s game in Buffalo, Bowles said pointed in-house.

“We focus on us,” Bowles said. “We’ve made enough mistakes to even focus on us. We can’t play Buffalo plus Tampa.

“We got to get Tampa under control before we can even handle Buffalo so we focus on us.”

That was basically Bowles’ long-winded version of a famous Bucco Bruce Arians saying in 2019 when the Bucs would play terribly: “Bucs beating Bucs.”

Boy, was that true yesterday.

75 Responses to “Todd Bowles About To Drop The Hammer”


    “We eliminated penalties in practice.”

    One of the greatest quotes of all time.
    What the F does that do for us, Todd?


    It’s amazing how quickly this team has gone from being a fun, interesting story with a team outperforming it’s expectations….

    ……. to being a complete & inept lost cause.

  3. David Says:

    The hammer down should start with benching Bajer.
    Where is club house leader, Baker at ? Is he still the loved leader by other players ? We haven’t seen to do much of cheering or motivating his teammates during the game against, Eagles, Lions and Falcons. Why ? Here is why. Whenever he plays poorly he only see himself to worry about not the team and other players.

  4. David Says:

    Oops. Meant to say Baker.

  5. Bosch Says:

    Translation: Expect another loss at Buffalo.

  6. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Start Kyle Trask week 9.

  7. Jason Says:

    Where are all the “this is my QB” and “let’s bake!” people now?
    Super Bowl bound lol with Mayfield and Bowles in charge? Seriously?
    Welcome to reality. Mayfield will get the nod against BUF on Thursday and he’ll be baking from the bench after that. Mark my words.

  8. optimisticbucfan Says:

    Maybe they call all do more national shows and podcasts.

    Smdh. Fools gold.

  9. AtlBuc Says:

    Jason Says:

    Where are all the “this is my QB” and “let’s bake!” people now?

    LOL!! I’ve been missing Wyoming Joe and his crew. I’m not bashing Baker. He did some good things but he doesn’t perform well against good teams. He will make an excellent backup and we will only have to pay him around 4M-5M. But, its time to see what Trask can do if we want to save this season.

  10. Hodad Says:

    What we don’t know is how Trask has looked behind the scenes as of late. Unlike last year he’s getting reps everyday in practice now. How has he done running the scout team? Other changes that need to be made could be on the O line. Mauch seems to have hit the rookie wall, and LG is looking bad, maybe Stinnie, and Leverette should get some snaps. At safety please bench Neal. The guy has no field awareness, no ball skills.

  11. adam from ny Says:

    yeah i was thinking about it after the game…

    no changes until after the buffalo game…makes total sense…

    blink an eye and the game will be here…

    and the problem is buffalo is due for a win – and a game to reestablish themselves as one of the elite – so this is a tall f’in order come thursday…

    short week that includes travel…it really can’t get much worse preparation wise…at least a tnf game at home gives you a wee tad bit extra…

    somethings gotta give, and soon…the team is looking pretty inept at the moment…

    we even got ran on today for a buck-fiddy

  12. Stanglassman Says:

    Anybody who watched that game and came away thinking in was Baker’s fault should stop watching football. Apparently they have no idea what’s going on.

  13. HC Grover Says:

    Wrong way White and bad throw Baker were a real duo. Combined with bad play Canales and Bad Judgement Bowles was the recipe for that loser stew. A couple personell changes will not help.

  14. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Anyone who has been watching also realizes that Baker is playing the way he has in the past, and that is not what they need to win. I like Baker, but big flipping deal, Its about winning. He is not far from watching Trask take the field as he watches from the sideline.

  15. August 1976 Buc Says:

    BTW 3 fg and 1 TD That is the sum total of the current Baker led offense the last 2 losses. Yes Baker is a big part of these 2 losses, aa well as leading the league in batted balls.

  16. Since76 Says:

    Stan…….Mayfield is not playing well…..every week. He is not the only problem just the biggest problem.

  17. JA Says:

    This team appears like it was replaced by the 1976 Bucs during and after the bye, only the 76’ team played better defensively.
    Unless a resurrection occurs on Thursday, it’s time to show Baker some pine and finally see what we have in Trask.

  18. tbc 1 Says:

    Baker the one man team-he did make some bad throws but he did not let the falcons march down the field and score the winning field goal. He does not say lets run it up the middle-he did not call 3 passes at the goal line and leave almost a minute left on the clock. He did not say there is 17 seconds left on the clock with 3 time outs and lets just take a knee. Wolford is better than Trask-one last thing why in the hell are we leaving neal play football he would be the first one sitting the bench.

  19. BUCS4LIFE Says:

    Train wreck of a day! I cuss a lot watching my beloved Bucs and I’ve barely cussed Mayfields name this season thus far. I’ve definitely not figured it out yet by any means but it sure as hell ain’t a quarterback problem.

  20. TF Says:

    Well if Todd is going to drop the hammer then problem solved. The Bucs will revert back to 2020 offensive production and start playing lights out on D. We are about to go on a 14 game winning streak and win the SB. What a frickin’ joke.

  21. ModHairKen Says:

    With that quote I take back that they will win this week and everyone will celebrate. No, this will be the week when everyone said the wheels came off. Buffalo will blow them out by 30. They will come back and Trask talk will be the rage.

    They lose 4 of next 6. It will be clear that Bowles is gone. Canales, too. Mayfield finishing out the season on the bench. Weeks of debate about how much capital to put into moving up to draft a QB and who the coaching prospects are.

    The Great Backslide into the old normal of being a bad franchise.

  22. Carter Says:

    FACT: The Bucs defense is 4th in points allowed and the Bucs offense is 29th in points scored.

    The problem is clearly the offense and Baker Mayfield, not the defense. And yet most of what I read here is a deflection from that fact to pull the wool over your eyes about the great Baker Mayfield. I’m not falling for it any more. Are you?

  23. Oddball Says:

    It’s called multitasking Todd. ( or task switching according to some) But, yeah let’s not game plan for next week so we can focus solely on last week’s mistakes.

  24. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I’ve been saying this for weeks. Every game the Bucs have had big plays snuffed out because of penalties. False starts, holding I think they had 2 or 3 in 1 drive yesterday It like the team is not discipline and that’s from poor leadership

  25. HC Grover Says:

    Losing to these Bucs will be grounds for firing Buffalo coaches.

  26. August 1976 Buc Says:

    HC Grover Says:
    October 23rd, 2023 at 6:51 am
    Losing to these Bucs will be grounds for firing Buffalo coaches.

    SHADES OF THE 1970’s the first 2 Buc wins = Hank Stram and Don Coryell fired after losing to the 1977 Bucs.
    Stram New Orleans and Coryell St Louis

  27. Mark Says:

    The one interception was unnecessary. Throwing the ball out if bounds or running to the side line would have been fine. It would have forced the Falcones to score a walk off TD. The other QB was worse but he is a 2nd year guy

  28. JoeBucsbiggestFAN Says:

    Do Fans expect anything else from the Bucs this season???

    This Coach is a friend to the players not a coach

    He did nothing in NY HE did nothing with the GOAT

  29. Bucing ham palace Says:

    I’d love to finally see what Trask has. But I’m not throwing him out there with our rb core right now. Play baker the rest of the year. It’s time to rebuild. If I was Evans,David or any vet I wouldn’t want to play for this team. So many other places with better talent and play callers that put there team in the best situations.

  30. StormyInFl Says:

    I don’t get what people see in Trask that makes them think he’ll be any better.

    “He’s tall” – So what. Glennon was, too.

    “He won the preseason battle” – no he didn’t. Baker played very minimally and no one here saw practices and film room sessions first hand.

    “He was great at Florida” – so what. Meaningless.

    The one time he did play in a meaningful game (more or less) he shat all over himself. Defensive coordinators will be chomping at the bit to send their pass rush in against this statue. Brady, who was also a statue, was barely functional and he could actually process and read an NFL defense and get the ball out quickly.

    He’s had two years to prove to this staff he’s the guy, and they still felt it necessary to go out and get Mayfield. That speaks volumes. They had no confidence in him (regardless of all the coach/gm speak actions speak louder than words).

    If Trask goes in, the message being sent to the team is that they’ve given up on this season.

  31. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Bowles = Rivera fire them both!!!!

  32. Cobraboy Says:

    Two seasons, and Bowles can’t get the team playing well?

    Why is anyone surprised? Bowles has a long track record of HC fail.

    Decent DC, horrendous HC.

  33. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Coaching not to lose costs the Bucs the game.

    Baker is not a top QB but he is good enough, just like a 45yo Brady last year was no longer great but still good enough. The main problem this year as last year is the run. Getting -1 to 3 yards on 1st down over and over is hard for any QB to overcome. Not being able to get a yard on 3 and 1 is bad too.

  34. garro Says:

    Umm Who is gonna handle the officiating BS?

    Go Bucs!

  35. Irish Laughter Says:

    The ebb and flows of supporting the Bucs is natural. Afterall, the bar has been set extremely high when Brady was here and if not for the coaching blunder of Bowles against LA we could be looking at two super bowls. Anyway, the team will rebound. There are to many great players and Baker will get hot. I still say the team will finish in the play offs. Keeping the faith. Hay Joe, still think the team is playing better without Brady?

  36. HC Grover Says:

    How bout hire Harbaugh as HC now and let Bowles and Canales ride out the year. Start Trask after the Thursday massacre.

  37. Bucfan Says:

    QB is NOT the problem – it is the coaching. First down on the 8 and they blow it by setteling for a fg. Bowels had the GOAT and ended up with a losing record. Todd has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Why Bowles? Says:

    You can eliminate penalties in practice. When I coached when a player went offsides the entire line took a lap and 15 push-ups. They learn quick to listen after the 5th penalty. Not preparing for Bill’s??? That’s a head scratcher, they will be preparing for the Bucs and they are pissed off.

  39. confido75 Says:

    The offense is a mess and it starts with not having a run game. If the offense was designed to pass more than run that would be one thing, but its not. Its designed to run and leverage play action. If you can’t run, one of the two safeties are not going to come up into the box to stop the run. The whole idea is to design mismatches to get guys free to make plays. They need to go back to being a vertical offense and spread the defense out. R. White needs more room to run. He is not a between the tackles RB. He is much better when given some space to take off. Licht and Bowles took a risk hoping the talent they have could get it done to run this offense. Unfortunately, the plan has back fired and the Bucs don’t have the cap room to do anything at this time. Maybe next year, but they need to adjust knowing their weaknesses as its pretty clear to the fans what the problems are, so why are the coaches being stubborn and doing nothing about it. Its the definition of insanity and this is where Bowles does not excel. Ask him to make changes on the fly and the guy is too set in his ways. We need a HC who is agile, creative and willing to adapt to the situation. Not some stubborn old donkey that refuses to move.

  40. Joshua porter Says:

    After yesterday’s game I’m on the tank for a real qb . If not we’re going to be just good enough to suck again next year . Blow it up and restart. We have some pieces to build with. D . White has to go and if he’s playing hurt then that’s on him. sit for a week and heal up. noway I’m giving him more than lvd next year don’t care let him walk his 10 splash plays a year are not worth 25 million a year. Go bucs

  41. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    The game reminded me of Brady’s first year when we played Chicago and lost 19-21. Bucs Oline kept making penalties and it was something like 25+ yards for a first down. Also the movie “Replacements” where the Oline kept getting penalties and the sumo vomited so Keanu Reeves as QB moves the team as a huddle away from the puke. I’m paraphrasing but Madden was starring as himself saying “I’ve never seen that before.” Gene Hackman as the coach said “Well look at it this way. This is the first time they have done something as a team.” We did not show discipline and beat ourselves. Those saying it’s Baker’s fault and want Trask, well he definitely didn’t see wide open deep options for lack of height AND time. If you think Trask will save things then be careful what you wish for as our Oline isn’t going to give him time so Trask better scramble.

  42. Jeff Says:

    Bowles is a card carrying 🤡

  43. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Every training camp is camp cupcake, and this bloated staff is comprised largely of hangers on.

    Time to purge the Arizona experiment. The GM can go too

    We need a Lynch, or a Howie Roseman, someone that actually understands the job. Bud Licht is just cashing checks.. like most of this team.

  44. Mord Says:

    It’s crazy to see how many people here are calling for Trask. Really?

    Mayfield is not the problem.

    The interior OL and the running back room are.

  45. Ugo Says:

    People are still trying to blame Mayfield even when he was pur best rb… he did miss a few throws and that interception was awful but put the blame where it belongs on the running game. We had 2 rbs avering 2.6 and 1.8yds per carry. Defenses know we have 0 run game so they can stack against the passing game. Basically any qb would be kneecapped in such a situation.the line has issues creating the necessary gaps but even when the gaps are there, White has no vision whatsoever and runs into coverage. When a qb, not named Lamar Jackson, has been your most effective runner, you have a much bigger problem than poor qb play

  46. Watch More ALL22 Before Commenting Says:

    The defenses the Bucs are facing are dropping into coverage and featuring light boxes, because they contain the run game with 7 players.

    Our one dimensional offense is being forced to play defenses that can sellout against the pass.

    It’s only because of #6, #14 and #14 that we have any points at all this season.

  47. Hodad Says:

    Mayfield has thrown 1 TD pass in eight quarters, two games, with two picks one in the redzone. He may not be the problem? He sure ain’t the answer.

  48. Tony Marks Says:

    Jason Says:
    October 23rd, 2023 at 2:44 am
    Where are all the “this is my QB” and “let’s bake!” people now?


    Still right here! I suspect many others don’t comment because we can’t bother with the bickering and traskites were arguing for Baker’s replacement even when they the team was thriving so whats new?. We are bored. A few points will suffice

    1) Baker had a decent game yesterday until the pick ( picks unfortunately happen but very bad spot which he almost redeemed with his run). The numbers don’t lie. To say as Rod is trying to constantly spin it was awful is faaar from the facts. He even threw a 40 yard TD but the traskites said he couldn’t throw a long pass – what was it over 3 yards?

    2) many way underestimate not having any running game ( but still committed to what CLEARLY is not working.) , Its far more than not having a running game. It wreaks havoc on the passing game.

    A) Right now the team would be better playing with nine men than no running game. The handicap is worse. The other team has three chances to move the ball 10 yards. We only have two because most series we waste one trying to run and sometimes twice – which means Baker has one shot to get a first down. A QB cannot get any kind of flow with one or two throws and out. Add penalties to that and it was 2 and 3rd and long multiple times…..

    B) of course Baker doesn’t have a high per catch stat. You CANNOT regularly throw the ball deep while committed to a non moving run game. The long ball for any QB is less percentage successful and with a zero percentage shot at the run calls – the play calling is not going to add the both together on a drive often (except in desperation when every one knows the yardage needed).

    C) committed to the alleged “work in progress” running game takes away adjustments to the passing game.). Practice time is never infinite so you end up not practicing many plays because of needing to work on the run game

    D) Of course the red zone is an issue. Captain obvious why – None of the 6 teams we have played did anything special to lock down the run game . Its now well established and known by EVEVRY defensive coordinator that the bucs can’t run. What do you think they tell their player with less real estate — Concentrate on pass coverage with shrunk space to work in and guess what happens?

    Give my quarterback a running game ( like you sold him on when he signed )and yeah the scores and the games indicate this could be a 6- 0 team but very realistically 5 and one team. Baker does best on the move/ play action even in Cleveland but no one is scared of the run game playing the bucs .

    All this nonsense about Baker being the number one Issue is just that – total nonsense. . Get a running game then you can talk about Baker.

  49. garbs65 Says:

    I don’t think Baker is the biggest problem. Everyone knows he can’t or isn’t going to carry a team, any team, with his passing. He’s good at times and he’s bad at times. But since we can’t run the ball, he’s being relied on way too much. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t thrown alot more interceptions. We are now a one dimensional team and we don’t have the talent for that.

  50. NE Fan Says:

    As I stated last season, NO QB even Mahomes isn’t winning without some sort of running game. It’s too easy for the opposing DC. Can we all agree Lenny & Brady were not the problem in 2022? Bucs have their scrambling QB, how’s that working out?

  51. Ya so Says:

    Bowles and Baker are who we thought they were.

  52. Bojim Says:

    If they get blown away at Buffalo then we can be sure they’ll lose any confidence in themselves. May already have.

  53. Richard Dickson Says:

    It’s hard for Baker to do well when opposing defenses know we can’t run the ball and can drop seven into coverage every single down.

  54. Cobraboy Says:

    @Bjim: maybe they already have!

  55. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Buffalo will totally destroy the Bucs. No sugar coating can save Bowles and Canales after thursday. This game will help Mayfield decide to retire after the season. Evans and Godwin will be a no show in Buffalo. Bucs running game will become more of a burden for always losing yardage. And the so called hardcore Defense will look more like a JV team against Allen and Diggs.

    Buffalo 45 – Bucs 3.

  56. Carter Says:

    Gotta LOL at all the Baker Bois making excuses when if Trask was starting they would be demanding his RELEASE!

  57. Tony Marks Says:

    Jack neither Baker , Godwin or Evans plays the Bill’s offense so the run game is of no consequence to them personally. I will hope for a good game and yep our win . I never could get why fans of a team get such joy from announcing the defeat of their team before the game is even played.

  58. Bucsfanman Says:

    Baker’s not going anywhere, and if Trask were worth a penny, we wouldn’t have signed Baker in the first place. So, lets stop it already with the Trask talk.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around and Baker certainly deserves the criticism.

    On offense, we are not playing well at all (understatement!). We need a RB who won’t do the “Curly shuffle” after every handoff and a FULLBACK to lead block. It would help if our OL would get some push and our WRs to get open. Throwing the ball to the other team is never helpful, BUT, other than that we’re playing well!!!

    On defense when we blitz (which is a lot), teams are carving us up in zone. It’d be easy to lay blame solely on Ryan Neal but he’s being asked to do too much when the blitzers don’t reach their target.

    We’re not out of the running at 3-3 but there needs to be some changes. We need a RB, BADLY! We also need to stop with the “cuteness” factor play-calling and start punching people in the mouth. Baker throwing 30+ times a game is a recipe for failure, PERIOD!

  59. unbelievable Says:

    White flag already raised for the Buffalo game.

    A cowardly team led by a cowardly coach.

    We’ve still got some dogs (Evans, Wirfs, Godwin, Winfield, David, Izien, Vea, and maybe some of the rookies like Kancey and Diaby), but everyone else is just a guy, guys with no heart or will, including both of our 7 figure press cornerbacks that we have play zone for 90% of every game.

    Oh the kickers / punters are keepers too. Everyone else? Nah

  60. Day 1-76 Says:

    There should be a live feed showing the players and coaches picking up their checks.

  61. WyomingJoe Says:

    Baker is not the problem, and Trask is not the answer. Get a damn RB! A number of fans have already said that most of the whiners on this site are giving up already. We’re 3-3. Not 0-6. Suck it up losers…

  62. WyomingJoe Says:

    And I know that our defense is very good, except when they have to stop a long drive late in the game. The Falcons ate us up! Can Baker be better? Of course. But play action doesn’t work if the other team knows that you CANT RUN THE BALL! Also, if the Bucs thought that Trask was the answer they never would have signed Baker.

  63. Jack Clark Says:

    Todd Bowles also dropped the hammer when Joe asked Bowles about what happened on one of the last plays that got the Falcons in field goal range to win the game. Bowles very assertively said “I know exactly what happened on that play and will address it”. Somebody’s in trouble 😂

  64. Bucfan37 Says:

    The Falcons look like an improved team. Have to give them credit clearly outplaying the Bucs in the game. The Bucs are in a rebuilding mode after being contenders Hurry up and wait.

  65. Oxycondomns Says:

    In other words bucs arent really good at game planning on a regular week screw trying to cram in for buffalo on a short week. Thats where a coach like gruden who wakes up at 2 in the morning would help

  66. Bucfan37 Says:

    Todd the HC is accomiplishing something. He is getting fatter every time I see him. The team is not executing solid efforts in the same manner as Todd grows fatter.

  67. TonySoprano Says:

    Bowles will drop the hammer? I don’t believe it. Just like last year, he isn’t willing to change a thing. He’s too risk averse to try anything new. Heck, I don’t think he really even talks to the majority of his players during practice.

    No, there won’t be any changes to personnel, schemes, game management or practice methodology. It’ll be the same boring, flat, unimaginative team until Toad is inevitably canned.

  68. Blind Melon Says:

    If the Bucs are NO THREAT to run the ball, why would the opposing defense even consider guarding against? Make the entire offense sputter, because they’re predictable and a defense only really need to protect against the pass… get a running back that the defense HAVE to respect. 1/2 the problems go with this fixed.

  69. Robert storey Says:

    Do we have the only QB who can’t see over the line. He should practice with a blindfold. Dance in backfield for 3 seconds then throw over the lineman’s helmet. No wonder he throws deep balls . Can’t see anything else.Tiny qbs .

  70. Mike Johnson Says:

    If Baker loses a few more games, and he will. I say bring in the no 2 QB. What we got to lose? O line had far to many penalties yesterday. And they were pretty weak. Or was it the Falcons Defense? You can bet Buffalo is mad in Buffalo. Now watch the difference with them at home guys. I bet they come out on fire with a purpose.

  71. BucU Says:

    This team is lacking EVERYWHERE.

  72. TampabayDJ Says:

    I don’t understand why our Bucs don’t throw the ball at least 60% of the time. We have 2 of the best WRs in the NFL. Yet we are stuck on running the ball on first down. Throw the ball to Evans and Godwin until the defense has to drop extra guys into coverage , then run the ball !! You can pass the ball to set up the run. And it’s a passing league and has been for years. Baker’s problem is he doesn’t see Evans running wide open before he checks down , or he will throw it to a rookie WR that has 3 defenders around him instead of taking the check down. THROW IT UNTIL 40 TIMES TO EVANS AND GODWIN and see what the score will be. Go Bucs..

    P.S. Lots of bandwagon fans on here. Same guys I called out for saying Baker was the perfect guy for the job , after bashing him all off-season , are now back to bashing him again. You guys are week to week fans. Probably the ones who sell their tickets to the opposing teams fans…

  73. TampabayDJ Says:

    ^^^^^^^ Throw it 40 times to Evans and Godwin UNTIL the opposing Defense shows they can stop Evans and Godwin. Then run it down their throat…. Go Bucs

  74. Larry creed Says:

    I love football but I hate all the know-it-alls, even myself!
    The team looked great against the saints but they haven’t played that way since. Play calls are terrible! No roll outs like they did against the saints. Receivers seem to go up field or out patterns. Very few slants or crossing patterns. Running game is atrocious, Jim brown couldn’t run with this line

  75. Pewter Power Says:

    Offenses get too many chances to wear the defense down. Hopefully Diggs doesn’t make our corners his sons