Five Things

October 23rd, 2023

Jamel Dean scoops up a Desmond Ridder fumble yesterday after the Atlanta quarterback was splashed by Shaq Barrett. (Photo courtesy of

What a dreadful day it was at The Licht House yesterday. Grab your coffee mug and let’s go.

Huge Playoff Hit

The Bucs’ playoff chances took a massive hit yesterday losing to the godawful Dixie Chicks. Now, Atlanta is in first place and the Bucs already have a loss to them.

Per the PFF tribe, the Bucs now have just a 40 percent chance of making the playoffs. Had the Bucs won yesterday, it would have been 73 percent.

So now the Bucs, on the cusp of circling the drain, are in a dogfight with the Dixie Chicks for the division title (there’s no wild card coming from this sorry NFC South, though Joe realizes the Bucs currently hold that final wild card place behind the Cowboys and Seattle).

Let’s look at the next six games:

at Buffalo
at Houston
vs. Tennessee
at San Francisco
at Indianapolis
vs. Carolina

Dixie Chicks
at Tennessee
vs. Minnesota
at Arizona
(bye week)
vs. New Orleans
at Jets
vs. Bucs

Joe can see three losses by the Bucs in the next six games. The Dixie Chicks? Probably two losses. Maybe three.

It will be very tough for the Bucs to play catch-up, especially with how miserable the offense is. Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales keeps saying the offense takes time. Well, time is quickly running out, so Canales better figure out a way to get his players to learn quicker.

Thanks to a putrid effort yesterday, Canales’ learning curve for his offense just got narrower whether he likes it or not.

As Atlanta proved, teams won’t roll over just because Bucs offensive players haven’t figured out the offense.

Season About To Spiral Like Last Year?

This year, the Bucs jumped out to a 3-1 record. Now they are 3-3. The first loss was no shame. Philadelphia is just a damn good team and they manhandled the Bucs. It happens.

But man, now this two-game losing streak is starting to remind Joe of last year when the Bucs jumped out to a 2-0 record and nearly went into a freefall losing five of their next six games.

The Bucs’ current three-game home losing streak will get the attention of ownership — and they have lost three of their last four games. Sound familiar?

With a road game next in Buffalo, and ones around the corner at Houston and at San Francisco, the Bucs could be sunk by Thanksgiving if they are not careful.

Offensive Philosophy Is Backwards

One of the most screwed-up stats Joe has unearthed came last night.

You want to know what is wrong with the offense? The Bucs (Todd Bowles? Offensive coordinator Dave Canales?) seem to have hoodwinked themselves into believing this Rachaad White, a misplaced slot receiver, is the next Walter Payton.

Think Joe is full of it? Well, why do the Bucs think White, one of the worst running backs in the league currently, should touch the ball more Mike Evans or Chris Godwin — combined?

White touched the ball much more than Evans and Godwin yesterday. He carried the ball 13 times and also caught six passes for 19 total touches.

By contrast, Evans and Godwin each caught six passes — 12 combined touches.

What kind of twisted offensive philosophy believes an offense can be more productive with poor players like White getting the ball more than the two most dangerous weapons on the team? Super Bowl-winners both, Evans is a possible Hall of Famer and Godwin is a Pro Bowl candidate.

If the Bucs actually believe it’s better for a stiff of a running back/misplaced slot receiver to get the ball more than two of the most dangerous receivers in the league, well, then the Bucs have a significant, fundamental offensive evaluation problem.

Until someone has the light bulb turn on for them on the coaching staff — that it’s better for your best players to get the ball than one of the worst running backs in the league — then why should anyone expect this offense to produce more points than it is?

Old Man Lavonte David Still Bringing It

One of the few bright spots was the play of veteran linebacker Lavonte David. The 33 year old Nebraska product is still playing like he’s 23.

David’s Sunday after included 13 tackles, a tackle for loss and a pass defended.

If we’re talking about what linebacker to keep for next year, Joe would keep David over Devin White.

Sure, White will be around the game longer, but he will also be more expensive and not as productive as David.

Antoine Winfield Might Be An All-Pro

Joe believe the best Bucs player right now, if it isn’t David, is Antoine Winfield. Who is playing better?

Joe thought Winfield may have saved the game for the Bucs yesterday. When dismal Desmond Ridder was about to cross the goal line for a touchdown midway through the fourth quarter, Winfield punched the ball out forcing a touchback, Joe thought that was it. The Bucs will win.

Not so fast, my friend! Ugh.

Bowles was asked about Winfield last night and he summed his play up perfectly, “If we have everybody play like that, we’ll be fine.”

Bowles isn’t wrong here, either. Winfield is playing that damn good.

77 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. Bucs Go Bucs Says:

    Antoine Winfield never disappoints.
    He is da dawg.

    Go Bucs!

  2. Hodad Says:

    Joe, it’s nearly impossible for two receivers to get as many touches as any starting RB on any NFL team. Most receivers never get more than 10 receptions a game, that’s even high. A lead back will get 20 touches easy. The problem is we only have two threats on offense, Evans, and Godwin. Truth be told, they’re not worrying defenses either. We need better talent on offense where we only used one premium pick on small school Mauch this past draft. We basically have the same offensive personel as last year minius Brady, adding Baker. Didn’t do enough this offseason to improve anywhere on offense. Don’t expect a different result.

  3. MerryPlankster777 Says:

    PlayOFFS?.. we talkin’ Bout Playoffs?!

    Shakes head in disbelief as “who lets the dawgs out” starts to play circa 2000. Who, Who?

  4. Bucschamp Says:

    6. Brainfart penalties

  5. adam from ny Says:

    what if:

    oc canales is simply just a guy roaming the sidelines, holding a laminated waffle house menu…

    i swear midway thru the 3rd quarter i heard baker yelling “grits 13, grits 13″…

    and in the fourth, he changed a play to “smothered & covered, smothered & covered”…

    it was wild…!

    yum yum…nom nom 🙂

  6. TiredBucsFan Says:

    Defenses only have to focus on stopping our passing game. Why should they worry if we run? They probably love when we try to run.

  7. HC Grover Says:

    If they play like that 5 losses.

  8. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    Give credit to the Falcons yesterday. They were the more physical team from the start. Playing the near the LOS with the no fear of the passing attack and playing physical with our WR’s. No concern for PI’s in the soft NFL. Constantly on the attack, kind of like the way we used to play. Ira, you’re spot on once again. The Saints wrote the book on how to play us years ago and that’s to be physical with us and dominate the LOS. Our losses start up front and the lack of aggression and want to isn’t there in the back end. Ira you’re spot on with David and Winfield. I wish we had a team full of those two. We can’t play ourselves and the opponent every week, let’s see what kind of stick Bowels has this week. This can be a good thing or spiral out of control.

  9. SlyPirate Says:

    This team isn’t it and they have a lot of big free agents. Licht needs to look at trading guys they likely won’t resign. White and Evans have a market. Get the picks.

  10. FortMyersDave Says:

    I am with Grover, Bucs could be 4-8 in 6 games with the braintrust at OBP putting out feelers to the agents of potential head coaching candidates for 2024. The load of malarkey we get from Bowels and the offensive offensive coordinator is offensive as well. Everyone knows this team is smoke and mirrors. The league has figured out that Bucs are one dimensional on offense and has holes in its defense at OLB and secondary which can be exposed. After the Bucs get boat raced by the Bills it will get ugly. Maybe the Glazers are just going to let Bowels go 5 dash 12 so they can get a qb for the new HC in April’s draft as another 8 win season will just put them in draft purgqtory.

  11. Nope Says:

    “Joe can see 3 losses by the bucks in the next 6 games.?? $5.00 Walmart glasses are bad, Joe. After all, Joe did say “Baker gives the bucks the best chance to win.” 🥸

  12. BucU Says:

    Todd Bowles is a failure at HC. Dave Canales is trending as a failed OC. And I’m a failure for actually believing this team might be a good solid team.
    I couldn’t care less if they lose out from here.

  13. adam from ny Says:


    to go 5-12 from 3-3…you have to fin out 2-9

    i just can’t see us only winning 2 more games…

    even if we go say, 4-7 or 5-6……we wind up 7-10 or 8-9…

    i just don’t see us getting an extremely high first round pick…

    and qb’s might come flying off the board with a bunch of back to back early picks

  14. HC Grover Says:

    We were right. They should of fired Bowles and Leftwich both and started a total rebuild this year. Let the old pros go and started freom ground zero with Trask and Wolford. This is going to get ugly.

  15. Zoocomics Says:

    The notion this Falcons Team is God awful is just not true Joe. Listening to OTHER websites podcasts, they brought on a guest last week who was a Falcons writer for ESPN, and this guy nailed this Falcons team to a “T”. Because I too thought this should have been a solid W for us, but as this guy pointed out, this Falcons team surprisingly doesn’t have a whole lot of weaknesses. They might have had 3 losses, but they’ve been every game this season. They get solid push from their line; I think they are ranked in top 10 against the run and teams have struggled to score once they get in their redzone. Per the discussion it appeared that the X-Factor was Ridder and let’s be honest, when you have good protection, MOST NFL QBs should be able to make the reads and/or throws. Ridder was ridiculously sharp yesterday, hitting some pretty tight seams, and his receivers were reliable. And this kid can take off and get a few yards with his legs.

    Just pointing out that this Falcons team isn’t dog spit, and we certainly need to figure out how to move the ball better. We have a fantastic kicker! And yet we can’t even get on that other side of the field! We waste almost 1 down every damn set of downs on a run that goes nowhere. I’m still trying to figure out how THAT play call keeps teams honest.

  16. Carter Says:

    Wow, Joe, 5 things and no mention of the position you say all the time is the most important in football? Cult of Mayfield much?

  17. Onetrickpony Says:

    I thought I’d die laughing when the whole line jumped off, except for the center.
    Now that is Buc ball

  18. ModHairKen Says:

    The OL is putrid. Those penalties for false starts and illegal shifts or formation are embarrassing. Canales is suffering through the promotion. He’s still finding his feet. It’s a big step.

    The Defense is full of loafers. They have no leader. David, yes playing well. But not inspiring others. Winfield, lights out. But not lighting up others for failing.

    Pass plays are pathetic. White is just a player. Nothing special. He should be demanding to take over the Offense. But he’s weak. Hainsey is the worst C in team history. Technique and fundamentals? He’s soft. He’s weak.

  19. WillieG Says:

    I see 1 win in the next 6 games. I also see a top 5 draft pick and a new head coach. Hopefully, it isn’t Canales.

  20. Rich Says:

    It was never more obvious than yesterday…45 is not even an average LB, Bowles is not a capable head coach, Canales is in over his head at this time, our team is soft and lazy. When you’re out hustled, out coached and expect good results it’s not going to happen. I could go on and on but suffice it to say ….the Bucs are a sad bunch right now with no evidence to indicate that it’s going to change. I said it at the end of last season…there should have been a complete overhaul of the coaching staff….the head coach, special teams coach, OL coach are carryover on Arians recommendation. This was an egregious error and it was never more evident than yesterday.

  21. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Make sure to thank Jason Licht for your Oline and RB’s-He brought you all of them.

  22. BUC CHEEKS Says:


  23. rrsrq Says:

    You can barely count future wins and losses. It’s a week to week league, look what happened to Detroit, ATL could lay an egg next week, look what Chicago did yesterday, Bucs can win if they can play mistake free football and not in 1st and 15 or 2nd and 20. Canales can only do so much when your offensive line backs you up with penalties and you can’t run. BTW the holding call on Palmer was trash

  24. TF Says:

    The biggest question is when the Glazers blow Todd Out of Tampa are they going to repeat the mistake of promoting a young assistant to be cheap for 3 years. I would hope that is not the case but you never know. Canales is not ready nor is he a 30 something wunderkind in the mold of Shanahan or McVay.

  25. Boss Says:

    The were saying grips 13

    Calling for them to bring in stick um for evans

  26. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Joe you said you see 3 loses in the next 6 games, I think it may be 4 or 5. I mean if they can’t win a game like Sundays game, we’re in trouble. Remember teams like the Texans has a all new staff, a first time HC and a rookie QB and not only are their record the same as the Bucs but they’re playing better football and so are the Colts

  27. Bobby M. Says:

    Bowles influence on the offense is obvious. I’ll keep saying it…..Bowles isn’t trying to win the game, he’s trying to win the clock which makes his defense appear better than it is. Nobody in their right mind would keep rolling out White, he’s simply not a good rushing back. He’s a 3rd down/2 minute offense type player. The wheels are wobbling on the wagon…

  28. gotbbucs Says:

    I could easily see this team losing the next five games. Desmond Ridder just threw for 75% against our overpaid secondary.

  29. jehzsa Says:

    That game reminded me of a fixed horse race. If the selected horse falters, then it’s every horse/jockey for himself.

  30. Daniel Hammond Says:

    I put it on the QB our defense played lights out football I rewatched the game a few times and Baker had time to throw to open receivers and he just didn’t I don’t know if he didn’t see them or what but like I said we watched and many times open receivers to throw to

  31. Brandonbucc Says:

    They suck, they suck, they suck, they suck, they suck

  32. Steelers fan Says:

    So Joe thinks the game plan was to check down to White? Bakers checking down to avoid picks. Bakers driving this car not White.

  33. StormyInFl Says:

    “Bowles isn’t trying to win the game, he’s trying to win the clock”

    This. Right here. This boob is more concerned about resting his precious defense than scoring points.

  34. Steelers fan Says:

    Bottom line is it wouldnt matter who is back there at RB its not gonna change anything unless its barry sanders. The flaw is Baker and that will be known Thurday and theres no more hiding it.

  35. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Did Bowles actually say he doesn’t know why the team is struggling? WTF if he don’t know who does and hire him instead idiot

  36. Buc'n Enough Says:

    I think they will fire Bowles at the end of the year, the REAL question is, do you fire Licht as well and start all over?

    I believe you do….

  37. G Buc Says:

    What moves would you make with the current cap situation?

    Not many! No money and a front office that won’t kick the can down the road limits any GM.

    There will be changes next year. Unfortunately many of us bought the sales pitch for this year. Some bright spots on the roster but more change is needed.

    Evans and White will be gone next year. Almost certain of it now. D. White won’t be missed. Although I do believe he is injured. Probably a foot issue.

  38. Curse of Gruden Says:

    The Curse’s Five Things:
    1. The D is average, at best.
    2. The OLine can’t run block.
    3. Bucs need a new QB1.
    4. Bucs need a new OC.
    5. Bucs need a new HC.

  39. Easy The Great Says:

    White had a subpar game yesterday leading to several big defensive plays. Id absolutely keep David over White and draft his replacement.

  40. Henry Says:

    This Todd Bowles clown show needs to end and end now. This team reflects his boring, uninspiring personality. I dont care if the players have his back. Heck I would have my bosses back if I were getting paid big bucks to sandbag “Im talking about you Devin White.” I will not be spending Sundays watching this boring, lousy product. Its worst than last year’s mess which was pretty bad.

  41. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Time to pint the bullseye at Jason Licht for this poor offensive construction, just because people in the organization say the OL and White are good does not make it so

  42. Couch Fan Says:

    Sorry Buc Fans but there will be no playoffs or division title this year. With the exception of the good start, this was/is the team I’ve expected to see all along. All there is to look forward to is the firing of the coaching staff at the end of the season and then a rebuild. Hopefully…

  43. Since76 Says:

    The organization must decide if Mayfield stays the starter so we can have a high draft pick for the new head coach next year. We will be picking high if he remains behind center.

  44. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Joe Bucs fan may I ask a question? Why is it that this Tampa Bay team can’t be like the Chiefs or the New England Patriots or any other team that is good eat year or even competitive. Why must we as fans wonder what the season will bring every year? Damn!

  45. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I understand that he can’t make many changes with the short week , but what I would like see is, if the same crap starts in the buffalo game which I figure it will, sit some people. Mayfield White whatever it take. I mean at least show you’re trying to win

  46. garro Says:

    I think these guys are mentally tougher than Joe thinks and will bounce back. Also Atalnat will revert to there former selves. Percentages from PFF? Really Joe?

    Go Bucs!

  47. HC Grover Says:

    Mayfields strenght is escaping onrushing D linemen. But once he scrambles he can not find the open receiver. Trask is more accurate but can not escape as well.

  48. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bucs don’t have the physical interior Oline, physical TE or physical RB’s to have a decent running game.
    Bucs passed twice as much as they ran yesterday- didn’t help.
    When you can’t run the ball, the opponent’s safeties can take away the deep pass.

  49. DS Says:

    It’s impossible if you can’t run any team can just drop 7 and just wait. Also where are the screens?

  50. Couch Fan Says:

    I just want to know hows brilliant idea it was to hire a HC whos philosophy is so incredibly different than what we had that won us a Super Bowl. It’s basically the exact opposite. This makes no sense to me, it basically set us up for failure.

  51. Couch Fan Says:

    whos brilliant idea*

  52. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    What happened to Evans? He was having a strong game the 1st half with 70 something yard and a TD, then they went away from him in the 2nd half. They had many red zone opportunities in the 2nd half and not one to Evans to try for a TD, instead field goals.

  53. Give it a Rest, Trask Brigade Says:

    If Trask plays Bucs are 0-6. Mayfield is basically playing on offense by himself with Evans and Godwin – with losing 1-2 snaps per every series to -2 to 2 yard runs.

    Blaming the QB of the worst run-first offense in the league is asinine.

    When the team decides they’ve given up, they’ll put Trask in. Not sooner.

  54. It's Corn Says:

    How insignificant it will be when the 7-5 Falcons play the 4-8 by that time Bucs…

  55. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    My 5 Things:

    1. 4th & 6 on the first drive, just inside the 50? STUPID! Set the tone.

    2. NO outside runs, NOT 1, ever!? Screen pass, with blockers? Never.

    3. Baker threw to covered guys MANY times. Multiple receivers & defenders in the same area, often. Baker is not the only reason but, this may be his ceiling, especially with no run game.

    4. The defense didn’t stop ATL, ATL stopped ATL with 3 red-zone fumbles. ATL should have won by 24. Desmond Rider missed on 6 passes!? Did their punter even see the feild? He must have, I simply don’t remember due to his scarcity. Bowles & his “D” are prouder than they are astute.

    5. Clock management on last the offensive drive was dreadful.

  56. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Please play Tucker Thursday, this is his stomping ground!!! saw him destroy defenses at Syracuse….Will be sitting behind Bucs bench with my son and his 2 buddies!! Please show up Bucs!!!

  57. Bojim Says:

    As I said I think White would make a good 3rd down Barack. As to It takes time – Time waits for no one.

  58. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    Is garro NDog in a new incarnation?

    This team is in free-fall and has no clue how to pull out of it.

  59. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Evans and Godwin are always covered. The problem with both of them is they are too slow,, yeah they can catch the ball but they cannot create a separation with the secondary. So now you have to throw the ball like a jump ball with a 50/50 chance of getting caught either way. RB is not helping most of the time he loses yardage. MAn, this team is a disaster !

  60. Carter Says:

    Give it a Rest, Trask Brigade Says: “If Trask plays Bucs are 0-6”

    BWAHAHAHAHA give it a rest FSU Boi.

  61. Wesdabucfan Says:

    Rachad white is terrible. wasn’t baker wasnt the defense. Rashad white is trash. Period

  62. BigBucJoe Says:

    Why has no one commented on Bowles’s inexplicable decision to go for it on fourth and six on the Bucs’ opening possession??? Same guy who decided not to go for it on fourth and two last week when they were down two scores late in the game. Bowles has no idea what he is doing as a head coach, and his defense let Desmond Ridder march the Falcons up and won the field all day.

  63. MelvinJunior Says:

    Yes, Sparrow… No one is open. I think a lot of it is scheme/play calling and Baker not being able to see over the line or make quick decisions, Etc. The lack of having a running game for sure doesn’t help, but the overall talent and skill level on this team is just not very good, and has been waaaayyy overstated/overrated/overestimated by the local fan base. I just can’t see the talent ANYWHERE. Gotta Blow-It Up. Restart. Speed. SPEED. And then, more speed. Like, in Miami… Speeeeeeeed.

  64. Tony Marks Says:

    The fun thing with these comments and the NFL is you got to play the games and they often don’t work out as we have already seen this season as they do on paper – upsets are the norm .

    A win against the bills or the niners and the whole blog community will switch again. Besides if according to bucs fans we have no QB and no running game and the Falcons just barely beat us – theres no way to pencill in any wins or losses for them. Could be hard to take the top spot in the division again or drop dead easy

  65. JN Says:

    3 homes losses… 2 were certainly better teams in Philly and Detroit… but Atlanta? No way. The wheels are about the fall off the Bowles bus. When you have first and goal from the 8 you put the damn game away and score a TD. This offense stinks. Just mediocre at best. The fact of the matter is the Bucs are NOT talented enough to win with just being mediocre on offense. And that is being kind.

  66. MelvinJunior Says:

    Draft-Picks. Clean House. Harbaugh. College OC (or Shanahan-tree and McDaniel-like) for an eventual new modern day elite ‘playmaker’ QB. Offensive-Line. And, SPEEEEEEED. We gotta do it! 💯

  67. Tony Marks Says:

    Jack Sparrow Says:
    October 23rd, 2023 at 10:04 am
    Evans and Godwin are always covered. The problem with both of them is they are too slow,,

    Might not be popular but I really liked what I saw out of the team when ME was briefly injured. The ball went to anyone open. The one downside to a star receiver is the QB can over rely on trying to get the ball to him.
    but yeah I would think thats the obvious plan of all DCs – take away Evans and Godwin and that’s likely the ball game.

  68. Buccos Says:

    I thought Baker played well and so did the defense. These are the top two teams in the division and it showed. We are competing. That’s all that I ask. It’s a far cry from the days when we we used to lose 42-14 with the great Gerald McCoy and Swaggy Baker

  69. My Momma Says:

    Could Licht Bulb have drafted Devon Achane like My Momma wanted, and drafted Mauch a round later? What do you think Joe?

  70. rrsrq Says:

    Five Things
    1. JL ignores IOL and RBs from DI schools that really run the ball well (the linemen he brings in have to learn a new position)
    2. JL has done well with FA OLBs but not in the draft (no pressure from OLBs)
    3. I think the plays have been there to play with both the Lions and Falcons but the players have converted
    4. Play McCullum and Delaney – effort alone will make a difference in the pass defense
    5. Move Baker out of the pocket more, did not we hear that in the preseason that was one of his strengths, because the stats say that he has had the most batted down balls of any QB over the last few years

  71. Carter Says:

    Buccos Says: “I thought Baker played well and so did the defense.”

    You’re half right: scoring 13 points IS NOT playing well; holding the other team to 16 points IS playing well.

  72. Mike S Says:


  73. Marques Says:

    Go with Kyle Trask. Baker is not the answer. I’ve seen enough. Baker would be a good backup if he would accept that role. As for Trask? We don’t know. What we know is this team is young and not good enough to make noise in the playoffs. Let Trask run the show until the end of the season. This way we will know for sure what the next step is.

  74. Buccos Says:

    I was in the Trask fan club in the preseason but I am impressed with Baker to this point. I think he has done enough to keep going as the starter. He was the one who got us in field goal range. That game should have gone into OT. The defense uncharacteristically, let us down. I thought it was a great game. Not every day can be your birthday. Sometimes you’ve got to take it to the chin. We need to continue to get better. We have a very young team

  75. TonySoprano Says:

    Can you please stop calling the stadium the House or Licht? This team is a mess and you treat JL like he’s an infallible god and RayJay is his church where people go to worship him.

    He has a huge hand in this terrible team but no blame ever seems to be pointed his way. Huge holes at RB, TE, C, OLB, S, Dline, QB. And Licht has invested heavily in a lot of these positions, but many of these draft picks and hand-picked FAs have been complete misses or JAGs. The guy has 3 winning seasons out of 10 and is about to be on his 5th head coach.

  76. Pewter Power Says:

    Winfield has always been a stud the moment he stepped on the field, Ryan Neal is taking the shine off of him.

    I’m hoping he isn’t the LVD safety version of him. A decade of losing made people forget he was putting up better numbers than guys getting pro bowl selections

  77. Robert Storey Says:

    Bearded Bob says Baker ain’t no flutie. Height can’t be taught. Put in Kyle. He has all the tools. Baker lost his tool belt