Three Days To Get A Running Back

October 28th, 2023

So Thursday night, the Bucs’ run game, specifically running back Rachaad White, appeared to show signs of life.

Was it a mirage or a sign of things to come?

As the stat geeks would say, “small sample size.” Thursday night in Buffalo (9 carries for 39 yards) was one of White’s better games as a runner playing in the western hemisphere.

Joe would be irresponsible not to point out the Bills have one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL and were missing several key defensive starters due to injury, including stud Pro Bowl linebacker Matt Milano.

Joe doesn’t think the Bucs can afford to lure themselves into believing average running against a bad run defense signals White’s awakening as a running back on the North American continent.

Joe wants to believe what Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales has been preaching for weeks: That the run game will eventually, gradually, blossom. That it only takes time.

Besides, let’s say the Bucs do go out and get a decent weapon at running back and White also demonstrates Thursday was no fluke, that he’s turned a corner. All of a sudden you have a strength and defenses would have to gameplan not just for one back, but for two.

There is no good reason why the Bucs shouldn’t go get a running back by Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline. That is, if they are serious about the playoffs and not just virtue signaling.

32 Responses to “Three Days To Get A Running Back”

  1. Beej Says:

    Did it seem to you like most of the successful runs came off the left? Hard to tell, Prime didn’t have many replays

  2. Cleanhouse Says:

    We should get Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, and or Leonard Fournette, use white on 3rd down or on wide

  3. dmatt Says:

    We need a defensive end. Is Frank Clark available. It’s time to get aggressive n bring in some true grit fighters. I’m tired of watching JTS impersonate a football player, it’s obvious n sticks out like a sore thumb that he’s a FAKE. Bowles WAKE UP! Do u know what Shanahan n McVay would do with Rachaad White. Don’t beat RWhite down, encourage him because he’s lights out as a receiver. He’s a beast in the pass game. I’d give Sirvoncea Dennis a chance to start cause he’s hungry n trade DWhite to get a DE n decent rb. This coaching staff is awful. Our punt coverage team cannot get to the runner after 60 almost 70 yard punts.

  4. Allen Lofton Says:

    Well Joe we’ll have your question answered in THREE days.

  5. Popcorn Mike Says:

    To me that was an improvement even if against a bad run defensive team. Hell until Thursday night, we couldn’t run against any defense.

  6. Texasbucsfan Says:

    Successful running strategy takes time! This is a complete joke. Either you have an unsuccessful running back or a poor game plan. There are 3 things to make any strategy successful. Number one – You need knowledge. Number two – you need skills. Number three – you need motivation. This set of success is lacking in the bucs game plan and coaching. Time for a change in either the coaches or strategy. Go Bucs.

  7. JPilk Says:

    We need to be sellers, not buyers.

  8. Havenbuc Says:
    It’s way worse than we thought. I know a free agent back that’s turned plays just like that into 98 yd house calls. SOMEBODY TELL LICHT TO GET ROJO ON THE PHONE

  9. K_bassuka Says:

    Sometimes I wonder how much Maybefield has paid to Joe to keep him from posting anything negative about him and blame everyone else. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Mayfield has always left receivers open down the field. This years he’s leaving wide receivers and running backs wide open underneath and down the field.

  11. rickym Says:

    This offensive line is terrible. Baker is under pressure on every throw and must release the ball early to avoid sacks. On running plays the intended hole never materializes and we expect the back to improvise and hope he finds an alternate route to the designed one. Because the pass protection is awful, teams do not fear the passing game and load the box for the run. I’m not saying White is a great back (he’s not) but the Bucks need a MAJOR overhall of the offensive line. They truly need a new center and two new guards.

  12. power sweep Says:

    Who does Joe suggest for trade bait?

  13. #99 the big fella Says:

    Devin white looks very bored. He is uninspired to say the least. Trade him now and get a running back. I also think it’s time to trade for someone who can get sack a quarterback.. If we don’t make any moves we are not going to win this division. The glaziers cannot be happy with the home losses.the hot seat is getting really hot for Bowles.

  14. K_bassuka Says:

    @rickym get out of here with that BS. The OL is giving the failed OU product plenty of time to miss on wide open receivers down the field. Not the OL fault Maybefield is playing bad.

  15. Alanbucsfan Says:


    That video you posted is a clear example of a Buc (Palmer) missing his block that resulted in a potential big running play turning into a lost opportunity.
    And that is what has been happening consistently with Bucs running game- a different player on Oline or TE or receiver not maintaining their block, missing their block, not driving on their block or using wrong body leverage on blocks and getting beat.

  16. CyberDilemma Says:

    It shouldn’t go without saying that all of White’s longest runs this season have been negated by Palmer’s boneheaded holding calls. Adding those runs would significantly change his YPC.

  17. BucFanforLife Says:

    Let’s face it guys. We’re gonna be good enough to barely miss the playoffs (if we’re lucky) and having a midling draft pick as a result. Hope we can find a decent back soon to help Baker since I really like how hard he’s trying to win for us.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Your daily countdown to the 31 Oct trade deadline has now got me intrigued Joe. After the trade deadline passes on Nov 1st, will we see a JBF article titled something like ‘No Trades: Jason Licht Flushes this Season Down the Toilet?’ Or will it be more along the lines of ‘Todd Bowles is Toast’.

    Obviously neither Todd Bowles nor Dave Canales can initiate a trade for a RB. Neither of them can add a quality TE. And obviously the OLine belongs to you-know-who. THAT’S all JL’s bailiwick. So without reasonable upgrades to weapons & blocking to win in this league, who gets canned when this season turns further south? Bowles? Canales? The rest of the coaching staff? Or Licht?

  19. Buccos Says:

    There is one thing I always say. You have to play in order to win. If you don’t try to win the Super Bowl then you definitely won’t win it. Get us a decent running back, stay healthy, continue to improve and get hot at the right time and anything can happen

  20. Havenbuc Says:

    Alan it looked to me like the dude line up over Palmer wasn’t pressed on him & probably got a free release to the runner. Edmonds hits that hole and it’s a 15 yd gain atleast.

  21. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    A center and right guard who aren’t overmatched every play would be a good start. (Giving Mauch a pass because he’s a small school rookie, not NFL strong yet. He could come around with pro strength and conditioning). Hainsey is not a center, center of gravity too high, a good 6th man for the OLine, not a full season starter. The kind of guy GM’s love because it saves roster slots when you’re versatile. BUT I’m seeing a straight line runner when i watch White, and just doesn’t cut it for a bell cow back; he’s a great option for 3rd down swing passes, not so much as a 1st down bull

  22. Mike S Says:

    Won’t happen. Bucs need draft capital.

  23. Lakeland Steve Says:

    It will give us a clear signal whether the Bucs brain trust really believe the Bucs have a shot at the playoffs or just going to play out the season as is and wait for the draft. I got to believe that if the Bucs really wanted to win this year they would have already going out and gotten a running back.

  24. Bobby M. Says:

    White had a statistically solid game but let’s be real 39 yds rushing is a joke. In 20+ games he’s looked capable 2x? This team needs a back that runs with authority, I’m tired of watching us tap dance for no gain, especially on short yardage. Go get Henry….or Cook….or the RB from Denver. White is doing the exact same thing Fournette did, he needs serious competition to bring out the best in him. There’s nobody to challenge White and it’s become a problem

  25. Destinjohnny Says:

    Should get a song and say Jason draft some offensive lineman who can play

  26. Ed Says:

    For those of you clamoring for more draft picks it’s not the quantity it’s the quality and Licht doesn’t draft very well. Other than Winfield who have the Bucs drafted after 2019 that have been able to help them win games?

    Certainly not Devin or Rachad White. Not Hainsey, Mauch or Goedke. Seriously the best draft pick that actually makes plays every game besides Winfield is Jake Camara.

  27. Destinjohnny Says:


  28. American football Says:

    The San Francisco 49ers won’t have to worry about operating their offense without starting quarterback Brock Purdy under center in Week 8. Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Purdy has cleared concussion protocol and will enter Sunday without an injury tag against the Cincinnati Bengals.

  29. Jvato24 Says:

    Keep Baker, moderate deal, draft a QB, a RB and interior OLINE and get a Safety!!! Boom, fixed near term and long term

  30. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Baker is a midget. He can’t see over the LOS because he is a midget.

    Sorry but he has to go. Not winning with Baked.

  31. Joe in Michigan Says:

    optimisticbucsfan Says:
    October 28th, 2023 at 9:51 pm
    Baker is a midget. He can’t see over the LOS because he is a midget.

    Sorry but he has to go. Not winning with Baked.
    Uh, you must not understand what “optimistic” means. Please change your name to Negative Nancy and stop the false advertisement.

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Dont need a RB, nearly as bad as we need a Center, a TE, and a safety.
    RBs can run if there is no blocking