Peter King: Baker Mayfield Is On Very Thin Ice

October 17th, 2023

“Mike, I hate that guy.”

The NFL super insider of NBC Sports, Peter King, says many things that put Joe into full head-shake mode, but King demands attention and consideration because he has so many great sources and talks to so many powerful NFL people regularly.

Heck Bucs general manager Jason Licht even allowed King to sit in on his virtual, COVID-changed draft room on the first draft night of 2020.

So before the Lions neutered the Bucs on Sunday at The Licht House, King was on Pro Football Talk with fellow NBC insider Mike Florio.

There, King said that while the Baker Mayfield’s rise in Tampa is legitimate and something King never thought would happen, he believes Mayfield is on thin ice.

“I think a bad game or two is not going to get anybody to think Jared Goff is not the guy for the Lions; a bad game or two by Mayfield would make people think, and I believe even internally [at One Buc Palace] people think, ‘Uh, maybe he’s not the guy,” King said.

“This is not necessarily about Baker Mayfield proving in Week 6 that he’s the long-term quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s gotta stack a lot of really good games together for them to not be looking for a quarterback this offseason. It’s very, very simple.”

On Sunday, Mayfield proceeded to drop a clunker against the Lions. So per King’s take, if Mayfield does that again soon, his Bucs future is in serious jeopardy.

Joe doesn’t think the Bucs’ quarterback situation is nearly as “simple” as King makes it out to be.

If Mayfield has a good season and stays healthy, it’s extraordinarily hard to believe the Bucs would let a quality quarterback under 30 years old walk out of the building — unless Todd Bowles is fired and there’s a new head coach. And yes, Mr. King , a good Mayfield season can include a few bad games like Mayfield delivered on Sunday.

Suppose the Bucs finish 9-8, make the playoffs and keep Todd Bowles. That probably locks them up the No. 19 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the slot for playoff team with the worst regular-season record.

In that scenario, there’d be nothing stopping the Bucs from still drafting a quarterback.

Joe will remind readers that King picked the Jameis Winston-led Saints to be the No. 1 seed in the NFC last season, and for Atlanta to win this year’s NFC South.

116 Responses to “Peter King: Baker Mayfield Is On Very Thin Ice”

  1. Marine Buc Says:

    Baker missed several open downfield throws against Detroit. Could have been game changers if caught.

    If this continues the Bucs have to give Kyle Trask a shot at starting a few games.

    It’s not like this Mayfield led offense is playing very well – 18 points per game, unable to run the ball and not being able to throw a pass longer than 12 yards will get you beat most of the time…

  2. Manny Says:

    Play the guy who actually won training camp AND threw deeper in preseason AND has long term potential. Oh … wait … We can’t do that, it would upset the FSU Fan Bois.

  3. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Mayfield had an off game and so did Herbert last night- when QB’s are off target, it’s very difficult to win.
    It’s up to Mayfield whether he remains the Bucs’ starting QB

  4. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Rightx3 it’s a conspiracy

  5. SlyPirate Says:

    3 Guys on Offense to Watch
    1. Baker Mayfield started extremely well but it was a lot of dramatic runs. Can he improve passing, or will he decline?
    2. Mike Evans was looked at as an aging star that may be on the decline. He started great but now he’s dropping key passes and piling up injuries. Can he hold up?
    3. Canales is a rookie OC that’s grossly out classed by legit DC. Can he level up or is he out of his league?

  6. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    Obviously, Mayfield didn’t have a great game. – BUT….

    That crucial drop by Evans on 3rd down killed our vibe and we were ‘chasing’ the rest of the game and trying to make up for past mistakes and it effects our entire flow/ mojo on offense the rest of the game.

    And Yes, Mayfield overthrew Palmer on that 1st deep ball, but on the 2nd one, Palmer was turning back and looking back for the ball way too early and it caused him to slow down a bit and caused the ball to go over his head. Palmer’s mistake on that 2nd deep ball, Mayfield threw a good ball to a good spot if Palmer runs full speed.

  7. Leighroy Says:

    Having one off game is permissible. Being ineffective vs good teams is another. Baker is 34 of 62 for 55% on 352 yards 1 TD and 2 INTs combined vs the Eagles and Lions. His QB rating and QBR for both games are poor (if you’re into those stats too).

    I have higher aspirations for a franchise QB than beating the mediocre teams and folding like lawn chairs to the good ones, en route to a 9-8 Division championship / wild card exit.

    I don’t know if Trask is the answer or even an upgrade but before the end of the year we need to find out if the status quo continues into November.

  8. Watch More ALL22 Before Commenting Says:

    Go watch the All22. Mayfield played a decent game, but Palmers route running was off most of the game and the misses on the deep shots look on multiple reviews to be receiver slowing their route to look back rather than QB overthrowing.

    Mayfield is taking the blame, but the entire offense is to blame, and I think specifically Palmer and Evans route running left the points on the field.

    More that than though, the bad OPI call and the no call DPI on the final drive likely cost 14 points.

    A lot is being made of Mayfield’s “overthrows” when the bigger concern should be on the Lions knowing the Bucs playcalls and jumping the routes in the flat and blowing up the screen game. The Lions were over it from the first drive.

    Unless you’re willing to dive into the game film and analyze you don’t see what’s actually happening on a play and its easy to blame the wrong player.

  9. Pewter Power Says:

    Man a lot of guys like him couldn’t wait to pole on the guy. He’s no Patrick mahomey but man does every starting quarterback in the nfl will be at any point of its history. Can he be a serviceable or place holder yes.

    At least We didn’t pay a boatload of money for him like the saints did so in this division I think we are in pretty good shape compared to the other 3 teams

  10. Bruh Says:

    Erik Hessin is 100% right about Palmer, trust your qb and run the route.

  11. Joshua porter Says:

    This team not being able to score more than 18 a game is more than just Mayfield. Evens dropping first downs and tuddies in almost every game so far this year. I really think they should have paid him . I think this contract is in his head and he’s pushing to much. Bucs imo draft a qb in round 1 no matter what happens this year. Cuz bucs will want another prove it year from baker before he gets any serious cash guarantees. Go bucs

  12. uhmmm Says:

    Manny Says:
    October 17th, 2023 at 10:56 am
    Play the guy who actually won training camp AND threw deeper in preseason AND has long term potential. Oh … wait … We can’t do that, it would upset the FSU Fan Bois.


  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    Mayfield did not lose that Game. The team did. I’m sure coaches will use our game as a clinic for 3rd down conversions. Goff mastered them on Sunday. Baker plays well on Sunday, and we are back on track. Better yet, our defense has got to show up and get some pressures and sacks. That was the big problem.

  14. Buddha Says:

    The Lions quarterback completed more than 30 passes and you are going to blame the loss on our quarterback. Is difficult to score points when you never get the ball. Time of possession killed the Buccaneers in both of its losses. Let us not fall asleep on Atlanta. They had a very good off season and there was not strapped by the salary cap. They have not had to pay a lot of money for a quarterback unless have been able to shore up a lot of their weaknesses.

  15. D Cone Says:

    Believe half of what you read and nothing of what you hear. Have to believe it when you see it. Doubt Mayfield will lose 4 more in a row. Two possibly as Falcons or Riddler had a real sticker Sunday also. 3 young guy picks in Field Goal Range and were more in the game than the score shows. Week 7 uis a must win for the Bucs as to not go on a possible 3 game skid with the Bills following. Must win for Ridder too if he has not been benched already for Heineke.
    If Baker is kept another year don’t be surprised if Trask follows Mayfield’s M.O and asks to be traded. I got a feeling he might be a Viking next season. H

  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Kind of hilarious how he barely talks about the Bucs this year then only does when given any opportunity to talk negatively about Mayfield

  17. Hodad Says:

    You don’t have to be an NFL insider to know if Baker plays three games in a row as bad as last Sunday Kyle Trask will get an opportunity.

  18. Manny Says:


    Why would it take 3 games? WTF?

  19. Manny Says:

    uhmmm Says: “Manny Says:
    October 17th, 2023 at 10:56 am
    Play the guy who actually won training camp AND threw deeper in preseason AND has long term potential. Oh … wait … We can’t do that, it would upset the FSU Fan Bois.


    ^ When you can’t refute fact, resort to nervous laughter.

  20. tampabuscsbro Says:

    I usually hate Peter King’s takes. But it’s by no means off base this time.

    I’m not in favor of benching him but he can’t have another game like that one and has to have some seriously REALLY good performances.

    I thought we would be starting Trask by now at the start of the season. Granted another 2 games like that we definitely should be.

  21. Eric Says:

    No knock on Baker I never saw him as the long term answer just a stop

  22. Bucs Fans Says:

    I’m so over Baker after that game Sunday.
    Bucs would be better to play Trask and get a potential franchise QB in the draft.

    Sadly, there is no future with Baker or Bowles for that matter. Cut em both loose after the season.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Any QB on a 1-year contract is on thin ice…….

    Baker needs to win the games he should win…..and one is Sunday.

    He did have a bad game vs Lions…..but Brady also had some similar games….off target….couldn’t convert on 3rd down…..low scoring.

    I don’t like our playcalling… takes too many plays to get to the red zone…..the more plays the more chances for drive killing penalties…..missed, dropped passes……turnovers.

    We need to air it out early and get leads.

  24. DoooshLaRue Says:

    ME13 is on thin ice.

  25. BillyBucco Says:

    I understand criticism of both Palmer passes can be made ad nauseam.
    The problem in my mind is the OC on this one.
    It’s just like he says with the run game, that it takes practice and doing it over and over to get better. We haven’t thrown deep shots ALL YEAR, and we came into this game trying to FORCE stuff down field ( See Bakers constant pumps before throwing). There was no touch on the overthrown ball at all, Baker literally threw it as hard as he could and HOPED.
    Just because the Lions secondary is banged up doesn’t mean you abandon what has been working with Baker. He has been defined as a game manager and you call plays that give him easy reads and easy throws.
    The Bucs didn’t do that in this game, and then when they FELL behind, the shots downfield got worse. (See the 4 straight passes into the endzone at the end).
    I know that was a prayer anyway but dang. Even the Godwin pass, he was wide open.
    I can put a LOT on Baker, but Canales did him no favors by freaking out way to early. His eyes were ALL OVER that play sheet SEARCHING for something that would work IMMEDIATELY and that isn’t what the Bucs have been doing.

  26. DS Says:

    Sadly Evans is declining Father Time man

  27. Boss Says:

    but, but, but

    evans is 1st ballot HOF

    and the team should sign him to 200 mill and 10 more years!

  28. ScottyMack Says:

    Sorry folks, but the Bucs are not using a first round pick on a QB next year. There are bigger needs such as Center and a pass rusher.

  29. HC grover Says:

    High heel cleats might help Shorty

  30. Tye Says:

    The woas of having the worst guy as HC!

  31. adam from ny Says:

    win sunday…

    go into buffalo and pull the upset on the somewhat shaky bills…

    then we’re back in business as league darlings again…

    it’s so darn week to week in this league…

    but ya better win sunday – and decisively – or gunk could start hitting the fan around one buc

  32. pewter941 Says:

    One week the crytics want to crown you, the next week they want to see your head roll smh

  33. Since76 Says:

    I’m all for having Mayfield put together 3 or 4 good games together. He has had one mediocre game and the rest are ehhhh or terrible.

  34. Joshua porter Says:

    Bucs just flushed the edge don’t see them doing that again so quick and they just re did Shaq deal so now we’re probably stuck with him as well…..

  35. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Baker is good at slinging the football, it’s up to the others to figure out a way to catch it…. Does Baker have to do everything? lol

  36. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Baker has never been accused of being a “great touch passer”

  37. Posey99 Says:

    I believe there is a very slim chance the Bucs let baker play the whole season AND draft a QB next year. It’s either baker plays well and takes them into playoffs or baker falters and Trask gets a shot. Still a chance we draft a QB next year but not without the above happening.

  38. Bucfan Says:

    The Bucs are just too damn predictible. Run,run, pass punt!!!!

  39. TB bolts Says:

    They owe mayfield nothing. Trask has waited and trained hard for his chance. He could’ve seen and made the throws baker couldnt sunday. Bakers too short. Even with time in the pocket he gets happy feet and has no eyes with the lines pushing up into him. Too small.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    Peter King is a whuss, but just out of curiosity Joe, did you mean to put a question mark after your ‘Baker Mayfield No. 1 Free Agent?’ article last Friday?

    BTW, always get a kick out of looking back at some of the pre-game articles’ titles to compare them to what actually transpired in the game. Let’s see …

    o ‘The Breakout is Coming (Oct 12th) (Nah, not yet)
    o ‘If the Bucs Are Going to Have a Run Game, Now is the Time’ (Oct 13th) (If only it were so)
    o ‘Keeping the Mojo Rolling’ (Oct 13th) (We tried)
    o ‘Pro Bowl Baker Mayfield?’ (Oct 14th) (oooh, another question mark)
    o ‘Dogfight on Deck’ (Oct 14th) (Well, we had half a dog in the fight)
    o ‘Early Scores Critical for Bucs’ (Oct 14th) (Could run that one again this Friday)
    o ‘Jared Goff Not Much of a Road Quarterback’ (Oct 14th) (Bet he used that as bulletin board material)
    o ‘So, About the Bucs Secondary’ (Oct 15th) (Question answered?)

    And my personal favorite …
    o ‘Put-Em-On-Your-Back Game for Baker Mayfield’ (Oct 15th)

    Guessing that the Nostradamus Award for Predictive Writing goes to …
    ‘Put-Em-On-Your-Back Game for Baker Mayfield’

  41. Tbbucs3 Says:

    To the idiots calling for Trask to start….sure let’s tell Kyle Trask on a Tuesday that in 6 days you have make your first career start to play the Atlanta Falcons in a divisional game while we’re currently in 1st place.

    Meanwhile were gonna bench Baker Mayfield who’s by all accounts has exceeded expectations this season but we want to appease the Florida Gaytor fanbase…..

    Just next level stupidity but somehow I’m not surprised.

  42. tbc 1 Says:

    Baker will have a winning season and let him go on the open market and put trask in as your qb. Trask was a wasted pick our 3rd string qb is so much better than Trask. Anyone else sick of seeing a run up the middle for no yards

  43. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I think Peter King is on thin ice. His prediction accuracy %, is lower than any QB.

  44. Since76 Says:

    TBbuc……..Please watch the games. Watch Mayfield. He’s not very good. How many games does it take. He didn’t do much in preseason either. Why is there so much blind love for Mayfield. Am I missing a couple games where he just blew up. What is it.

  45. JN Says:

    Through 5 games Baker has exceeded my expectations b/c I had none. I mean I didnt think the Bucs future QB was on the 2023 roster. Maybe they have their guy. Maybe they don’t. Too early to tell. Playing Capt Obvious, he didnt play well versus the Lions. Mayfield needs to make those throws and play with more consistency. With the run game sucking, it’s up to Baker and the pass gm to play with the same efficiency of the first four games (minus the Eagles debacle). And they need more splash plays. And I love Mike Evans, but what’s with the damn drops? And PEOPLE – Trask is NOT the answer.

  46. Craig Says:

    I’ll be nice and wait until after the Atlanta game before breaking out an icepick.

    If Desmond Ridder outplays Baker it will be time to try the other option. Of course Desmond can look better if our defense misses as many plays as they did last Sunday.

    Baker could have been better, but the defense needs even more work. Goff couldn’t make any 3rd and short plays, but 3rd and long looked easy for him. Bowles needs to get the DBs in order or this season would have been long with a prime time Brady under center.

  47. westernbuc Says:

    Outside of Baker having a MVP caliber season we’re going to be looking into QBs in the draft. Signing him to a Geno Smith type extension wouldn’t preclude us from drafting a guy

  48. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Since76, how about you take a look at the standings.

    Mayfield has certainly played well enough despite 0 running backs and 0 tight ends. why in the world would anyone expect Trask to come in and start lighting it up? Cause he almost beat bama?

    The NFL is extremely hard to play quarterback in especially when your team offense isn’t stacked like the 49ers…if it wasn’t for Mayfields escapablity the Bucs are likely 1-4….this isn’t Madden or college.

  49. tampabuscsbro Says:

    No Manny the QB that turned the ball over a lot less and made more deep passes in camp didn’t win camp.

    Nonsense. This site places WAY too much emphasis on what QBs and players did in college.

    Then again we had 5-6 years of the jay miss defense force with about everyone.

  50. Manny Says:

    Craig ~ “Baker could have been better, but the defense needs even more work.”

    Scoring 6 points far is worse than giving up 20 points.

  51. Manny Says:

    “is far is worse”

  52. DBS Says:

    Son of Trask is back under yet another new name.

  53. D-Rome Says:

    It’s one game. This game could easily be on Dave Canales as well. Did you notice that most teams this weekend didn’t go over their projective scores? This is the week where defensive coordinators figure out teams since there was five weeks worth of tape.

  54. TB bolts Says:

    The defense has won every single game this season… When baker plays a half decent team and puts up 6 points (or chase does) The excuses start pouring out. All the gator haters know that once Trask is in its over for mayfield. Sorry florida beat up on your teams for a couple seasons but its the NFL now and Trask deserves a chance to show what he can do. Mayfield and his 18 ppg is pathetic.

  55. StormyInFl Says:

    “TB bolts Says:
    October 17th, 2023 at 12:46 pm
    They owe mayfield nothing. Trask has waited and trained hard for his chance.”

    They don’t owe Kyle a damn thing, either. If he’d shown ANYTHING in two years, they wouldn’t have even brought Mayfield in.

    A couple of meaningless preseason games against UPS drivers running vanilla defenses, and some of you are ready to crown him. Good lord.

    Here’s reality – Baker isn’t a world beater, but for this offense he’s better than Trask. Facts. Those plays where Mayfield had to use his legs don’t happen with a statue like Trask. You get results like Brady last year – minus the ability to diagnose a defense at that level and get rid of the ball quickly.

    At best, this team is 1-4 if Trask had been named the starter, and I’d be willing to bet the same people ready to bench Baker after a 3-2 start would be preaching ‘patience’ and other such nonsense if it was Trask.

  56. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Everybody in this offense is in thin ice. Each one of them will probably be just a backup option to other teams. Evans compared to others looks like a a backup, Godwin a backup, some OL’s are backup compared to other teams. Including Bowles is probably an Assistant DC and OC Canales probably just an Assistant QB coach.

  57. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I don’t agree with P King on nothing but I agree with him about Mayfield being on thin ice. Mayfield have played ok but hummmm at times I am concerned The must frustrated thing about the Bucs as of now and I say now because it’s still a lot of the season left is, we got a new head coach, a rookie QB and staff down with the Texans and they are 3 and 3

  58. gogabuc Says:

    StormyInFl Says: “A couple of meaningless preseason games against UPS drivers running vanilla defenses, and some of you are ready to crown him. Good lord.”

    That’s funny. Mayfield threw all of 15 passes in preseason against the same “UPS drivers running vanilla defenses” and yet that was good enough for you to crown him, right?

  59. Rod Munch Says:

    I said all offseason the Bucs would get off to a hot start, but Mayfield would end up being benched after the Buffalo game.

    With that said, I hope I’m wrong – and frankly Mayfield has mostly played much better than I thought he would. Except for this last week when he was awful.

    But, here’s the thing, it’s up to Mayfield to not make one bad week in to three bad weeks in a row. I can not possibly see the Bucs not losing in a very ugly style in Buffalo and Mayfield looking terrible — so that means it’s all comes down to this Atlanta game. If Mayfield bounces back and looks good, then the Bucs can still be 4-3 at the end of the Buffalo game, and if Mayfield has a winning record, even if he’s awful in that game, I don’t think he’ll be benched.

    However, if the Mayfield is bad this week and the Bucs lose, it means you’re looking at a 3-4 team, where they’ve lost 4 of their last 5, and if Mayfield is the primary reason why, coming off a Thursday game, I could see the change being made….

    ….If it wasn’t Todd Bowles that is, he’ll go down with the Mayfield ship, and it will require the Glazers ordering him to bench him before that will happen.

  60. RamblingRhino Says:

    Manny, And those #colapseforCaleb groupies as well.

  61. Richard Dickson Says:

    Atlanta is shaping up as a must-win, especially with the Bills, the suddenly not-easy-out Texans and the Niners on the horizon.

  62. adam from ny Says:

    what if:

    they build baker a special pair of cleats with “lifts” inside…

    you know, those things that make you taller…

    then baker trots out onto the field at 6’4″…

    heck, if the donald can wear them, so can baker 🙂

  63. Oz Len Says:

    I’m from Ohio so I’ve never seen an FSU game. But what I’ve seen of Kyle Trask was not impressive, even though what I did see this summer was supposedly his best work yet. If you want a glimpse of his future career track, look up Brian Hoyer. In defense of Trask, I think he could of made the Buckeyes as a 2nd or 3rd string QB, maybe even got a scholarship.

  64. LOL Bucs Says:

    Baker is good enough to get us 8-9 wins and maybe a division title in a weak nfc south. Then we will get embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs. I don’t want to be an nfc south contender. I want to be a Super Bowl contender. Let’s play for the draft and get a true franchise QB in here. We should also trade ME13 to Denver for Javonte Williams. Payton desperately wants leaders in Denver, and Williams gives us a quality RB1 that would be under contract for at least next year.

  65. UKBuccaneer Says:

    If Trask was ‘the guy’ then right now he’d be ‘the guy’.

    We’re going with Mayfield, and if he isn’t the long term solution we’ll get a FA QB or draft a new one. Trask has had long enough to prove himself to the organisation and they’re clearly not sold.

  66. Tony Says:

    Is it Canales thinking dink and dunk works or is it Baker that just can’t throw it 12 yards down the field? Wouldn’t hurt to try Trask being he is known for getting the ball down the field. It may be beyond these coaches heads though.

  67. StormyInFl Says:

    “UKBuccaneer Says:
    October 17th, 2023 at 2:47 pm
    If Trask was ‘the guy’ then right now he’d be ‘the guy’.

    We’re going with Mayfield, and if he isn’t the long term solution we’ll get a FA QB or draft a new one. Trask has had long enough to prove himself to the organisation and they’re clearly not sold.”


    But don’t tell the Trask groupies this. They obviously know better than the coaching staff that’s seen them day in and day out.

    If Trask had shown any development, Mayfield would be playing somewhere else and Trask would have a couple of nobodies backing him up.

  68. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m starting to think its time for Mr. King to retire and hit the rockin Chair.

  69. Todd Rolls Says:

    Baker might be ok no long term deals though.

  70. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    It would be cool to see Trask in a real NFL game, or three. Just to end the mystery.

    I’m curious, honestly.

  71. PLawson Says:

    Many of the comments are not surprising but also ridiculous. Good Lord, it wasn’t Mayfield who lost the game. The Lions controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, with Goff picking apart the zone and getting little pressure. Much is made of the two passes to Palmer that could have changed the game, but if you watch NFL football with any frequency you know that the hardest pass to complete is the long downfield pass to a speedy receiver. Most of them are not successful. So he was six inches too long to a receiver he hasn’t played with a lot so far. Bowles had a bad game. Why did he not blitz on the 3rd and long plays that were really the key to the game. Goff’s long TD pass was thrown much worse than Mayfield’s passes to Palmer. It was underthrown and should have been intercepted but the CB wasn’t even looking for the ball. Blame to go all around but the continual judgments of QBs after each game. Seems like a lot of people didn’t like Baker to begin with and want their original opinions to be confirmed.

  72. Brandon Jeff Says:

    Baker has 6 “Big” things working against him.
    1. He’s not tall enough.
    2. He’s vertically challenged.
    3. He’s height deficient.
    4. His eyes are too low.
    5. The offensive line is too tall.
    6. He’s just too dam short.

    Having said that, with his running ability and experience, he was the smart choice to start the season.
    With a new offensive line, new OC and new scheme, I’m impressed with what he has accomplished. I just don’t think a game manager can put this team on his back. I don’t know if Trask can do better but I think his ceiling is higher.

  73. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    My full list of things, Baker is really good at:

    1) stiff-arm


  74. David Says:

    Baker sucks as he said himself after his poor performance against Lions.Baker completed ony 55% of his passes against Eagles and Lions, 1Td and 2 int’s, and qbr rating of 35. scoring total of 17 points.

    So far he has had two horrible games out of 5 games against two good teams. How many games doe it take to bench him?

  75. David Says:

    Baker will have a great game against Falcons. LOL. Why ? Guess. Falcons are no good.

  76. Big Red Says:

    Neither Baker nor Trask are long term, franchise QBs. But we have a better chance at winning games with Baker under center.

    I love Mike Evans but he has always had an issue with dropped passes. The best thing about Mike is that he hasn’t peaked or reached his full potential. Barring injuries, he still has room to get a lot better. I say it all the time, but he’s a late bloomer when it came to football. Think Antonio Gates. Basketball first.

    He’s a consummate professional and true team guy. Super rare in sports with multi millionaires. He’s an emotional player and I’ve got nothing but respect for the guy. That said, it would be illogical to pay him top 5 WR money. If he can get that contract elsewhere, it’s a business and he’s earned the payday. We need cap space.

    It’d be even more illogical to pay Baker QB 1 money. Baker’s a good plug in player, start for a year or 3. But not if you gotta pay him 15 to 20 mil.

  77. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Common sense tells me that Baker has a higher ceiling. He doesn’t have the prototypical height and he doesn’t have the blazing speed most NFL covets. So how then did he get picked #1 overall?

    The biggest problem you all are missing is the league worst running game. It made it very difficult on Brady last year and it’s making it harder on Mayfield this year.

    Brady worked around it somewhat with his quick release and short passes. Can Mayfield do the same? Would throwing 40 times a game result in many more fumbles and interceptions?

  78. John Says:

    Before the Lions game, every bucs fan and loud mouth radio host was saying Baker was the best thing since ice cubes. The most important free agent at the end of the season. I thought to myself, what are these people thinking. They played a couple trash teams, now they’re better than the Brady yrs. No matter how much Bondo you put on a junker, it’s still a clunker.

  79. WyomingJoe Says:

    Trasklodytes beware of what you wish for! However, when Mayfield pulls off 11 wins and we take the South, the Bucs will use a 3-4 round pick and grab a young QB. That leaves Trask as trade bait. God this site is depressing…

  80. David Says:

    Bucs running game has nothing to do with Baker missing wide open Palmer twice and Mike E. for batted ball for 3 Td’s.

    His ceiling is short as his height.

  81. stpetebucfan Says:


    Some excellent analysis. I thought Mayfield was in synch this season with CG14 and ME13 but had trouble finding the rookie Palmer Sunday. Your explanation makes perfect sense with the route running of a rookie less than stellar.

    I also agree about 3rd downs. Canalas did not outcoach the Lions DC former Saint Aaron Glenn…will that guy haunt the Bucs forever? While Ben Johnson clearly outschemed Todd Bowles on 3rd and long…repeatedly.

    Sometimes you get the Lion sometimes the Lion gets you. I like the talent matchup but I agree it was a TEAM loss starting with poor schemes from the OC AND DC!

  82. David Says:

    Captain Baker, stop blaming the rest of the team for this blow out loss and claim that the team sucked. no Sir you sucked. A good leader will own it and stops pointing fingers at the others. You underperformed not the OL, receivers and the defense. Lions as wells Eagles stopped the run and dared you to throw and you failed.

  83. Robert Says:

    The Bucs lost to the team with the best record in the NFL. Give me a break. The 49ers lost to a backup QB for Cleveland on Sunday. All I heard was Brady sucked now Baker sucks. We got rid of Steve Young in the past by overreacting. This team is miles ahead of where everyone thought they would be. Takes time to gel. Bryce Young is 0-6 currently. We beat New Orleans in New Orleans. Brady didn’t even do that. Get real people. Our fan base is horrible. More Lions fans than Bucs fans on Sunday. Thought I was at a Rays game. Kyle Trask couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat

  84. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    The Lions are an above average team. The Eagles are an elite team. I’m ok with those two losses. I didn’t expect Tampa to win against either of those teams. A lot of fans on here seem to be forgetting. The National media had Tampa winning 5 or 6 games this year. Tampa is currently 3 and 2 sitting on top of the NFC South. Calls to bench Mayfield are ridiculous. Peter King is referring to whether or not Tampa will want to resign Mayfield to a long-term deal at the end of this season. Of course the front office isn’t sure if they will sign him to a longterm deal. At this point there’s too many variables. If you ask me this offense hasn’t played up to thier potential yet.

  85. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Stop giving Baker crap!! There are other teams in the NFL that are 3-2 and no one is demanding a new QB.

    If you think he’s too short, try rolling him out.

    If you want to run the ball, don’t do it when there are 8 men in the box.

    If you want to stop a team on third down, then stop putting your CBs 5 yards behind the first down markers.

    If you have a plan and it doesn’t work, try something else.

    Stop blaming the players for bad coaching!

  86. Irish Laughter Says:

    If Tampa doesn’t go 12-5 this season than Bowles needs to go. The Bucs are loaded head to foot. There is no weakness like they had for the previous three seasons with Brady weighing them down (right Joe). Now the team can fly. My prediction, The Bucs beat KC again for their third SB and Mayfield is MVP.

  87. stpetebucfan Says:

    @David….Jeebus if you’re going to lead the chorus of negative nellies here could you stop embarrasing them and yourself and pay attention to what players actually say?

    You said… “A good leader will own it and stops pointing fingers at the others.”

    “We sucked today,” said Mayfield, who completed 19-of-37 passes for 206 yards and an interception for a total QBR of 22.9. “I sucked today, we sucked today — it was awful. … If we play like that, we’re gonna lose every time. Defense and special teams did an amazing job yet again, and offense — we just need to pick our s— up.”

    You seem to be slow on the uptake so I invite you to simply read down to the second line where Mayfield says…again QUOTING…”I sucked today,”

    Did Baker steal your girlfriend in college. Your hate has grown irrational.
    He added “WE” suck…was he wrong…ME13 certainly didn’t have an outstanding game…how about Baker’s running game…they really helped didn’t they!!!

    He’s a team leader who claimed responsibility but pointed out it wasn’t just him and he held his teammates ACCOUNTABLE without singling out individuals.

    BTW to David and all the nattering nabobs of negativity…Baker had a pass tipped and it fell into a Lion’s arms. Goff who IS MUCH TALLER…also had a passed tipped in pick six territory.

    As for “short people” one of them at QB certainly had his way with the Bucs through many games, and Drew Brees could not scramble as well as Mayfield.
    Do we really have to go back through NFL history for more examples?

  88. David Jones Says:

    I saw 3 easy passes dropped! That could have changed everything! It wasn’t just Mayfield. The running game is still sub par….Makes it harder on Mayfield

  89. Mark hardt Says:

    Herbert was atrocious last night. Bench him.

  90. Larrd Says:

    King is a simpleton, which is why Baker Derangement Syndrome comes so easy for him.

    All of the Joes’ favorites—Kerwin, king, Beckles—seem like a-holes, imho.

  91. Shempster Says:

    Baker didn’t lose that game ! Our OC and our Defense lost it. Period!

  92. Bojim Says:

    Still a lot of football left. Stay with him.

  93. Steelers fan Says:

    The bucs need to get Baker out the sooner the better. Trask can lead this team to the division title and im tellin you this team is dangerous in the playoffs with Trask and the D and the WR weapons. The run game will open up once the Buc have someone who defenses rerspect at QB. The prototype QB

  94. Debbie Says:

    We all know this year we had to tighten our belts. It is the year to pay for our Superbowl win. Quit whining. Evans left with a hamstring last week. He still played. You dump on a rookie, and trash the starting qb. Embrace the team and coaches we have. This team is learning. We cannot pay for another player. Deal with it.Go Bucs!

  95. David Says:

    I do not hate Baker. Now, I love him as a back up. I thought he was a true number one overall draft pick not Goff. However, Goff has proved me wrong as a Lion.
    This is what Baker said;

    ” I sucked today, we sucked today — it was awful. … If we play like that, we’re gonna lose every time. Defense and special teams did an amazing job yet again, and offense — we just need to pick our s— up.”

    No doubt. Yes, Baker did say “he sucked today” but he also said “we sucked today”.
    There is no place for that. First what the team had to do with your poor performance,
    even if they did, the true captain/leader would just shut up and own it and wouldn’t reflect a negative image on his teammates who just finished the game in the locker room. A TRUE LEADER WOULDN’T SHARE THE BLAME, HE OWNS IT.

    We understand. You had a bad second game against a good team throwing more picks than Td’s 2I Int to 1 Td. You were well protected while missing wide open receivers and the batted ball.

  96. David Says:

    Luke Goedeke had an excellent game against really defense and I don’t think he would deserve to hear, we sucked today.

  97. LuisAngryBuc Says:

    Oh please. This is coming from the tool that said the Bucs would be a 3-14 team. Trask is not ready. He crumbles on blitzes

  98. Xfiles Says:

    The Roswell Crash, Kennedy assassination and Baker Mayfield…. it’s all connected.

  99. unbelievable Says:

    Buddha Says:
    October 17th, 2023 at 11:32 am
    The Lions quarterback completed more than 30 passes and you are going to blame the loss on our quarterback. Is difficult to score points when you never get the ball.


    Uh, why do you think the Lions had the ball so much?

    Because our offense couldn’t do squat. 3 and out, 3 and out, turnover, 3 and out, FG, 3 and out, etc., etc.

    Defense held up for as long as they could.

  100. Old School Bucs Says:

    Wait, I am confused. I thought Baker was better than Brady? I thought the Bucs were better off without Brady now that Mayfield is here? Help!

    Thank goodness Brady retired from this wack job organization!!! This org and the so called fans on this site have their heads so far up their ask it is just so stupid!

    Wait until the Bucs start dropping games in the next few weeks. Holy crap this site will be calling to fire the hot dog concessionaires and the parking attendants. Because the idiots on this site actually think they are responsible foe wins and losses. Just pathetic!!!!.

  101. garro Says:

    He’s Ba Aack!

    Good lord! Whats it been a week since his announcement that he was wrong?

    This dude needs to get help.

    Go Bucs!

  102. steele Says:

    Besides the fact that Peter King is typical national mediot who is full of hot air, wrong and a fool, I will take the devil’s advocate position here. Mayfield has exceeded expectations. They were low expectations. He is delivering the kind of average output expected, plus slightly better here and there. His ceiling is in Jeff Garcia range, and he’s about there, for better and worse.

    It is what you get when you fail to sign or draft a bona fide long term answer at QB and choose to waste a season in transition, with your HC istill Todd Bowles, and your OC a first timer. Because the NFC South is as bad as it is, they’ll get away with it, and the actual quality of this team will be obscured.

    Just a few years ago, this was a Super Bowl champion with Tom Brady. Until there is a collective decision to actually construct the roster to be that good again, it’s going to be this far lesser product.

  103. No I in team Says:

    Plawson is right. It’s the same Baker haters from preseason and long before. He may not be the best ever, but wtfi?? I’m pretty sure we’re not last in pass rushing because he’s scrambling for his life and how’s that rushing attack helping the qb?? There’s no guessing that one. A WHOLE TEAM EFFORT Earns a loss to a good team that simple

  104. No I in team Says:

    How many completions does Baker get if he stays in the pocket? Lmao maybe Tom Brady 2.7 sec release last year help completions and Bakers scramble for his life and make plays this year but ya bash him good because he’s playing league min. for the best or better than ANYONE would predict.

  105. Returnin da luv Says:

    Baker called. He say,step outa da madden video game and meet him on the field for lessons on falling down.

  106. tbc 1 Says:

    trade mayfield and lets get Brady back because he did so much more for the team last year-these two losses are on the TEAM not just one player. Why are all you Mayfield haters anyway can just see you sitting on the couch instead of being at the games get with it because Baker is the qb and if this team is going to win we need everyone to be on the same page

  107. Bbro Says:

    Mayfield was the first one to step up n take blame so cool your bs n let’s see how he responds. You can tell he wants it bad so give him a chance. P. S. I’m a Florida Gator too but I’m not for pushing Mayfield out just to get Trask in. Let it work it’s coarse. #GoBucs

  108. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Joe, if ANYONE cares what Peter King thinks they’ll go read his boring azz articles. No need to recap what nobody under the age of 65 cares about.

  109. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Joe, I’m old AF and I don’t give a spit about the dude so there’s no way your prepubescent commentators on this site even know who he is. Peter King is as irrelevant as the rotary phone. (Which I’m sure Joe misses)

  110. RamblingRhino Says:

    “Peter King, says many things that put Joe into full head-shake mode,” Hey Joe does that Full Head-Shake mode make you add all those Red former posts, and acts Peter King has done in your time as JBF leader? God I just pass those posts by everytime. It surely does cause me “Head-Shake” moments..

  111. Sacker58 Says:

    Erik Hesson,
    Good assessment, dropped balls certainly don’t help especially bye your star player on offense.
    The Lions game mimicked the Philly game in my mind.
    And yes,palmer slowed a little turning back on the second deep ball,rookie mistake.
    The leaders on offense need to lead bye example ..
    The defense could help bye get g the ball back and giving the offense more touches.Third down and more than 10 nu.erous times and they give it up.
    Something g is wrong g with the scheme when that happens more than a couple times.

  112. BucFanSince76 Says:

    Peter King = 🤡. I would give more attention to my dog’s assessments of the BUCS!

    Baker will be FINE and he and Bowles will be here next year. We might lose Evans, not based on his performance, but because we can’t afford his asking price.

  113. vadertime Says:

    Since I became a Bucs fan once the Goat arrived, I have been watching every game this season. I used to live in Tampa a long time ago, but never was a Bucs fan. Now I live in SW Florida and I am a Bucs fan. Two things need to happen. 1) Bowles need to go. His simple-minded, conservative approach to keep running the ball even when the Bucs are only gaining 1 or 2 yards per run is a losing proposition. 2) Baker needs to be let loose. He is a gunslinger. Let him rifle that ball deep into the enemy territory. We have 2 maybe 3 excellent receivers – use them. This run, run, run throw approach is a lose-lose approach. Tom Brady carried Tampa on his shoulders. Baker can’t, but surround him with a half-way decent O-line and let him throw that ball deep. If Baker doesn’t work out, then so be it – 1 million is very cheap in the NFL. We can move on next year if Baker is not the guy. However, Todd Bowles will never be the guy who takes the Bucs back to the promised land – only the Goat could do that and he did in his first season in Tampa. Bring him back as a part-owner, an advisor or something along those lines like Miami did with Marino, a great QB who never won a superbowl. Cheers.

  114. kaimaru69 Says:


    How many QBs have success with no run game, and running on 1st and 2nd downs leaves you consistantly in 3rd and long

  115. Oneilbuc Says:

    Kaimaru . Funny you would say that because I remember Jamies not having a good running game and people said that’s just an excuse for Jamies when he was here in Tampa. Now depending on the quarterback if you like them then yes the running game matters. But if the media and the fans don’t like him than it’s call a excuse for the quarterback. Lol 🤣🤣

  116. Nope Says:

    Baker sucks, and so does Tampa ghey. Welcome back to the 80s Joe! That’s why the sucks can’t fill their own stadium with sucks fans. Detroit didn’t neuter Tampa ghey, the free shoes fan base did.