Odd Explanation For Ke’Shawn Vaughn Use

October 4th, 2023

Sneak was freed.

Sunday’s 2023 debut of running back Ke’Shawn “Sneak” Vaughn presumably was because he’s a good football player and had jumped undrafted rookie Sean Tucker on the depth chart.

That may not be the whole truth.

Offensive coordinator Dave Canales was asked about the rare Sneak sighting and had a unique response.

Vaughn played 21 snaps against the Saints, more than Tucker had in any prior game.

It seems Canales thought Vaughn was the Bucs’ best option to diagnose the Saints defense on the fly.

“Who’s been around playing against the Saints longer than Sneak, you know, as far as in the backfield goes? So he’s got the experience. This is a really good defense. They do a lot of cool things, whether it’s first, second or third down and some of the packaging,” Canales said. “We felt like Sneak gave us the best opportunity that if they did do something exotic, he would have the eyes that have seen it. You know, if they did something in the run game, he’d be able to find his way through those things. And I thought he did a great job in the role that he played.”

Joe was intrigued by the answer. Did Vaughn win the No. 2 job in the film room last week, being quick to decipher the Saints defense?

Or did he get so many snaps and carries Sunday (9 rushes for 16 yards) because the Bucs were down on Rachaad White entering the game?

While Canales said Vaughn did “a great job,” Joe thinks Vaughn blew an opportunity to shine. After getting 17 carries all last season, Vaughn had to be drooling at all the carries he got Sunday but he did little with them.

Next up is the Lions and their second-ranked run defense on Oct. 15. Veteran running back Chase Edmonds could be back healthy by then.

Regardless, it will be very intersting to see how the RBs are used in that game.

28 Responses to “Odd Explanation For Ke’Shawn Vaughn Use”

  1. Bama Rich Says:

    Joe, I’m suprised no one has mentioned Rashad Penny. He’s buried on the Eagles depth chart and shoud have some familiarity with Canales’ offense.

  2. Bama Rich Says:


  3. Andrew Fish Says:

    kinda wish we had a bruising power back. If we are only going to get 3.0 ypc might as well make the defense feel it and force them to gang tackle more. that would probably help our PA game as well. And in the 4th quarter maybe the defense will be a little more tired.

    right now our back finish runs like Warrick Dunn. missing the hits. they just don’t have his moves or speed to make it not matter.

  4. Marine Buc Says:

    Perhaps it is because Vaughn isn’t very good and is a below mediocre NFL running back…

    Bring back Downtown Ronnie Brown.

  5. JimBobBuc Says:

    Sneak moved ahead of Tucker in this game, likely because of pass protection. Tucker was healthy and played in special teams.

    Both Sneak and White got blown up a couple of times for a loss or no gain. Sneak had some good runs like White but didn’t get as many carrys and a higher percentage of blow-ups late in the game in obvious run snaps. I think the best place to use Sneak is in passes to the flat, and maybe some screens. White rarely makes people miss, but he did much, much better against the Aints.

  6. K2 Says:

    Tucker needs to improve on Pass Pro. I still believe Tucker is the better back…and has break-away speed. I wish the Bucs would try to get Tucker on the edges more…because that’s where his speed will make the biggest difference.

  7. MelvinJunior Says:

    I’m guessing Tucker might be feeling a little down and frustrated, after having to just sit there on the bench, while witnessing this miserable so-called “running game,” & without even being given a CHANCE… Could’ve landed him in the ‘dog house’ maybe, a little, for the time being!!!! I wonder what a deal would look-like, with Vaughn, JTS, a 5th that could turn into a 4th for Jonathon Taylor (w/1000yds rushing (&/or) 1250 all-purpose yds)… I would do it. Right NOW!!!!

  8. RGA Says:

    What’s the common denominator with the poor play of every running back to line up behind the QB? It’s the offensive line, Fournette last year, White, Vaughn and Tucker. The offensive line is adequate at pass protection and losing the battle in the trench at run blocking.

  9. Pewter Power Says:

    There I am at the barbershop and ESPN was showing highlights of the eagles game so I asked by barber if he saw the game and, the shop got really quiet. he said no then I replied don’t watch it because it wasn’t worth the time. As if he was trying to stop me from going in on my to l team he replied one of them is here and the chair was turned around as if Dr. evil was sitting there sneak Vaughn looking at me. Didn’t say a word though and never saw him leave. That was the only time he was elusive

  10. Cobraboy Says:


    I have no idea what Canales is talking about.

    Sounds like jibberish.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I thought Edmonds had to sit out 4 games….

    And I agree……none of our RBs run well because we don’t block well for them.

  12. Eckwood Says:

    Sorry , I still like Vaughn but he is def a back that will get better with snaps and once he does get going he at least goes forward , not sideways or backwards . Very confident if given the same number of carries at the end of the year he would have a four yard ish avg and the most 15 plus yard runs of the current Bucs RB s . He is not a jet sweep guy nor anything more than an easy ball pass catcher ……. White really hasn’t been used in any difficult routes/ throws but I think he could be to some degree , def more so than Vaughn . He running style is a highschool style that looks great with no pursuit and that seldom happens in the NFL . Can a back run 20 yards with one cut or no cuts accelerating the whole time ………. Terrel Davis Yes …… Emmit Smith Yes …..Jamal Charles Yes ……….. Charles Sims No , White No …….. Barry Sanders was def an exception to the rule but when he saw a clear lane he was full speed forward .

  13. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    There are a few good FA rnning backs available that would be better than Vaughn. He is not an NFL caliber RB.

  14. Brad Says:

    trade for Jacobs. the Raiders are beyond terrible. He is playing on a one year deal. I worry that Taylor won’t play unless he gets a deal.
    Should cost whatever round comp pick they will get when he leaves to get him now.

  15. Hodad Says:

    The results were the same, notta. Need an upgrade at back.

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m going to take a guess that perhaps the team has figured out that defenses know if Tucker is in the game, it’s a run play, since he isn’t a good pass blocker and isn’t out there on passing plays, in general.

    For the Saints game, what I noticed was even when Vaughn was in the game, on 3rd down, White was back in.

    So, putting those two things together, I think the Bucs didn’t want to overuse White since he’s the only RB they trust to block on 3rd down. And since there’s no holes to run through and they’re just running the ball to meet some random quota set by Bowles, well, just use up Vaughn for those runs since no one is getting anything on those plays.

    Just speculation, but that would make sense. If that is true, it means we won’t see much of Tucker until they think he can pass block.

  17. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of UniqueModernArt.com Says:

    Vaughn looks too slow to be an effective NFL RB.

  18. cmurda Says:

    Jonathan Taylor. Make it happen Licht.

  19. Old School Bucs Says:

    Here we go again with the running backs. Geeze you need a good oline who blocks well enough for the backs to be able to use their talent. This will be proven once again against Detroit. Then after that game the idiots on this site will be clamoring to get new backs. Just pathetic!!!

  20. Heath Hunt Says:

    Can’t believe someone compared these RB’s to Warrick Dunn!

  21. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I’m no rocket scientist but shouldn’t Canales and the other coaches be preparing ALL of the backs to recognize these “cool and exotic things” that the Saints defense does?

    Sneak “has experience vs the Saints”? From where? Watching from the sidelines and film room I guess. From what I can find he’s only played in 3 games against N.O. and one game he had zero carries. In his other 2 games he had:

    12/19/21: 3 carries for 19 yards (6.3 avg)
    10/01/23: 9 carries for 16 yards (1.8 avg)

    Not sure how many total snaps he was on the field for in those games so unless Canales is talking about pass pro experience, I’m not sure what he saw this week to say he “did a great job”. 12 rushing attempts for 35 yards against the Saints over a span of 4 years with the team doesn’t spell “experience” to me.

    I’m with Cobraboy. WTH is Canales talking about?

    Bonus question: Anyone know which NFL OC leads the league in minutes behind a microphone? Lol

  22. orlbucfan Says:

    A lot of these RBs can catch the ball. So, if that’s their strength, take advantage of it! Canales has been here long enough to see it. He’s still learning the strength of the offensive players he’s got. Can’t wait for the next game!! I have to admit I feel for the Lions’ fans cos I know what all those years of losing do. However, rooting for my Bucs!!

  23. Eckwood Says:

    I like the J Jacob’s thought

  24. unbelievable Says:

    RGA Says:
    October 4th, 2023 at 1:35 pm
    The offensive line is adequate at pass protection and losing the battle in the trench at run blocking


    Ding. Ding. Ding.

    And I think the real reason Tucker didn’t play is b/c he can’t pass protect yet. Think about the Eagles and Bears games… every single time Tucker was in, their defenses sold out to stop the run. Because we ran it every time. Because he can’t pass protect.

  25. adam from ny Says:

    tucker’s a little small…

    sneak is now a little slow…

    white needs to get focused…


  26. garro Says:

    Tucker has the speed and quick twitch to break one. Neither White or Vaughn have shown that. Pass pro breakdowns can get your QB on the IR, that could be a legit concern, and not sure about Tuckers hands just yet. Could also be that he is still picking up the offense, as he missed all that time in camp.

    Go Bucs!

  27. TDTB Says:

    Canapés was asked by management to play sneak so they can finally know whether to fish or cut bait at end of season. Would like to see if Keift can run anything remotely close to Alstott-like. Put he and White in the backfield and opposing defenses will bet run but wouldn’t know who. All this talk of White needing a bigger hole to run through screams fullback to me.

  28. Craig Says:

    To me it looked like Rachaad had no good runs until he saw Sneak get some.

    Yes, Sneak got landed on by the D-line of the Saints a few times. That happens to even the best backs.

    If the O-line gets blown up there is nowhere to run, but when the line gave him a chance he did shine, some were the best runs of the season.

    Then Rachaad came back and seemed to have drunk the Kool-Aid. It outs some fire in his runs and he complemented the effort Sneak put into it.