Lavonte David Was The Giveaway For Baker Mayfield

October 9th, 2023

Gave Baker Mayfield a sign.

UPDATED: Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield hopped on the “Pat McAfee Show” last week and, of course, he got in Bucs talk despite being on the “College Gameday” set in Dallas as BSPN was pimping the Oklahoma-Texas game.

McAfee wanted to know from Mayfield if the veteran quarterback had an idea the Bucs would be a good team this year. Mayfield said he got a sign during mandatory minicamp.

Lavonte David took off OTAs, which are voluntary. He has the luxury of doing that. David has the street cred and the experience in Todd Bowles’ defense. He’s earned the right as a 12-year veteran.

So when David showed up for minicamp, he opened Mayfield’s eyes.

“Early on in OTAs when we were starting to compete with each other I realized the talent that we really had,” Mayfield said. “And then mandatory minicamp came around and it was my first time seeing Lavonte David play in person, how he was shooting the gaps. And I was like, ‘Sh*t, we’re gonna be pretty damn good.'”

That actually wasn’t the first time Mayfield saw David. In fact, the Bucs got an overtime win over the Mayfield-led Browns in Mayfield’s rookie season thanks to a key play by David late in the first half.

On fourth-and-two from the Bucs-11 with 26 seconds left in the half, Mayfield dropped back and tried to run for the touchdown. He ran left and crossed the line of scrimmage and David caught Mayfield from behind forcing a fumble out of bounds.

If not for David’s play, Mayfield likely scores.

So yeah, Mayfield knows whether David is still sharp. Apparently, David impressed Mayfield in underwear football so much that Mayfield believed he and the Bucs would be all right.

11 Responses to “Lavonte David Was The Giveaway For Baker Mayfield”

  1. stpetebucfan Says:

    Lavonte certainly has the talent and now Bucs fans hope the longevity of London Fletcher who played until he was 38!

  2. Mark hardt Says:

    That is pretty strange that Lavonte stopped Baker at the goal line when Bakes was a rookie. And now they are team mates.

  3. garro Says:

    LOL Mayfield needs to remember that LBs can hurt you. Not just LVD.

    Go Bucs!

  4. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’ll never forget that look on Mayfield’s face when CC hit that 59 yard FG to win the game lol.

  5. orlbucfan Says:

    LVD is a class act, both on and off the field. He’s been my fave since his rookie year.

  6. Ron Matthews Says:

    Really happy he has joined the Bucs, I believe he will do rather well this season, baring injuries not just to him but the rest of the team
    GO BUCS!!!!

  7. fred Says:

    I need David and Evans to retire as Bucs! Please!

  8. BAKERSBucs Says:

    Hello Fred says after that post I need to ask. Are u a communist

  9. Brandon Says:

    I knew we’d be pretty good when our defense was looking on paper better than last year’s version, our special teams were going to be definitely improved with a kicker with more range and the absence of Jalen Darden, and our offense would be better with the removal of three of the biggest anchors on the team last year… Leftwich, Brady, and Fournette… those three had us stuck in the mud all season last year. Just an average scheme and average QB play would have us better than last season… and thus far, we’ve been better than average in both. Again, this is a 10+ win team.

  10. Jeremy Groves Says:

    Lavonte might be one of the greatest linebackers ever! Go Big Red! He’s a forner Nebraska Husker!

  11. Schindler Lisp Says:

    @ Jeremy Groves – we can all tell your from Nebraska too… spellcheck is your friend… Let Baker bake!