If Rachaad White’s Slack Isn’t Used Up, Then What’s The Point?

October 15th, 2023

Struggling Bucs running back Rachaad White.

Joe is almost to the point of thinking the Bucs don’t know how to tank for a quarterback. Joe isn’t there yet, but is close to coming to this conclusion.

If the Bucs were trying to tank for a draft pick next spring, then all of this stubborn usage of Rachaad White would make sense. Exactly what does it take for folks at One Buc Palace to realize Rachaad White ain’t it?

The Bucs are trying to win. They are still in first place in the NFC South, by the way. So if they are trying to win, what is this fetish with trotting out an RB3 disguised as a starter?

White has played 23 NFL games. He’s had one good game. ONE! Out of 23.

If Baker Mayfield threw three picks in 22 of 23 games, he’d be run out of town. If Tristan Wirfs gave up two sacks a game for 22 games, he’d be cut. If Lavonte David missed eight or nine tackles a game 22 times out of 23, the Bucs would have shipped him off for a bucket of used footballs.

But White stinks up the joint week after week after week and can’t run the ball. Yet he stays? Is he related to Team Glazer?

Hell, in the second quarter, all White had to do once was stutter step to the right and he had tons of daylight in front of him. What did he do? He stood behind an offensive lineman and got tackled for a loss.

Joe swears you could drop a $20 bill on the sidewalk in front of White’s feet and he wouldn’t see it.

The way White doesn’t run, coaches are about to lose the locker room. Hell, if Joe can see it, players surely can see the lack of production.

Baker Mayfield said the offense needs to get “p!ssed off enough” to start running the ball better. The way it’s going, White’s lack of production will do the trick for the other 10 offensive players.

34 Responses to “If Rachaad White’s Slack Isn’t Used Up, Then What’s The Point?”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  2. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    LICHT IS 100% TO BLAME!!!!!!

  3. ElioT Says:

    He thinks he’s Laveon Bell. Not going to end well.

    Worst running game in the league and ITS NOT CLOSE!

  4. CheckYoself Says:

    Hahahahahahah but I thought White was the answer at RB????

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    No Elio T

    …..you have to have a running game to begin with in order to call it the worst running game in the league…….cause this damn team doesn’t even HAVE a running game.

  6. Dewey Selmon Says:

    What did Dirk used to say? “you have what you have, no one is coming to save you”.

  7. Mickman Says:

    White has to stop stutter stepping to the hole. It is there, just run right to it fool. If you don’t your never getting a second contract anywhere! Your not Barry sanders!

  8. Haley Says:

    Play calling and dedication to an absolutely failing run game is atrocious. Fail from the top.

  9. firethecannons Says:

    Trade him before the deadline–to who??? Put Ko KIeft in as running back.

  10. K_bassuka Says:

    It’s hard to run when your QB1 doesn’t connect on the long ball… just saying since Joe scare to say it!

  11. Bucs4Life Says:

    Yeah he’s missing something, but he’s clearly better than Vaughn so stop running Vaughn so much in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

  12. TonySoprano Says:

    Really surprised they gave up on Sean Tucker so fast. White is proving he ain’t it. Vaughn clearly is nothing special and hasn’t shown improvement since he was (over) drafted.

    Everything about out offense just seems slow, and White is a big part of that

  13. Nprbuc Says:

    Time for White to go to RB3. The results of the experiment are in! He has ZERO vision, should be on Dancing With The Stars where he would star and crumbles when touched. It’s sad when we are 3+1 or 3+2 and we HAVE to pass! Put Vita back there on short yardage. It worked well for Chicago withthe refridgerator,back in the old days, where Todd likes to live. VV can play FB or run the damn thing. Who can stop him with a full head of stem when double can’t hold him when he is playing with his hand in the dirt? Get creative for God,s sake!

  14. TDTB Says:

    They had keift at fullback in the opening series (didn’t really utilize him as a lead blocker though). I was expecting that to continue but I didn’t notice that set again the rest of the game. Like it was said above, nobody else is coming so they need to use what they have in an effective manner.

  15. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The Bucs have 0 running backs, Vaughn is useless and White would be too if it wasn’t for his occasional pass catching ability.

  16. HC grover Says:

    They can lose to Atlanta to remedy this.

  17. HC grover Says:

    White runs like there is fly paper at the scrimmage line and he gets stuck. Super Fly

  18. Bobby Says:

    Leonard Fournette is still available and out there. Why doesn’t Jason bring him back!!!??

  19. rrsrq Says:

    RBs do not have the vision you expect from an NFL RB. I criticized our run blocking and it is pretty bad, RBs are hit in the backfield, but as I watch other teams, I see really good RBs make something out of nothing, our RBs make less out of nothing

  20. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Leonard Fournette is still available and out there. Why doesn’t Jason bring him back!!!??”

    Because 2022 happened….

  21. CheckYoself Says:

    ^^^as bad as Fournette was last year he’s still better than White LOL.

  22. Frank Pillow Says:

    Release him. Time to send a message.

  23. steele Says:

    White is exactly who he has always been. Many of us in here warned from the minute he was picked. He is not a feature back, a power back, nor is he immediate or explosive. Slow-mo, tip toe, needs-yards-to-get going long strider, better at pass catching and a 3rd down option.

    Until this roster has a legit feature back that can carry an offense, forget smashmouth.

  24. Canabuc Says:

    Lions were one of the top run defenses in the league giving up 3.3 yards per carry on average. Rashad White actually averaged more than that. You can’t blame him that he got a total of seven carries in the game because the offense could not sustain drives. They were also playing from behind the whole game so it knew defied the run game.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    You watching this Bills game.

    Can you believe this scrub the Giants have at RB? LOL! He’s got to be the worst RB in football, he’s got 14 yards on 13 carries. Give me a break. They need to cut him, he’s terrible, he’s the reason their run game isn’t working.

    Who even is this scrub. Some guy named Saquon Barkley. More like Turd Barkley if you ask me.

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    Canabuc Says:
    October 15th, 2023 at 9:43 pm
    Lions were one of the top run defenses in the league giving up 3.3 yards per carry on average. Rashad White actually averaged more than that. You can’t blame him that he got a total of seven carries in the game because the offense could not sustain drives.


    And he got hurt, and Vaughn did a lot worse.

    But no, stop making points based on logic and stats. White isn’t making everything happen on his own, and everyone knows every other running back in the NFL does it on his own. You need to join the mob, or be accosted by the mob. You’ve been warned.

  27. Rod Munch Says:

    OMG did you see this clown Barkley get stuffed at the line before halftime? What a trash player. They need to cut him at the half. That is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what your blocking is, you need to teleport yourself into the endzone on that play, no excuses.

  28. Old School Bucs Says:

    Now all the askwipes that were screaming to get rid of fournette for white want to get rid of white for a draft pick??? Same losers saying the bucs are better off without brady!!! This site is just so full of losers!!!!

    Same idiot. Losers talking skilled positions. The problems are in the oline and the defense. The oline is second tier at best and the defense cant find its ask in a game against a good team to save its life. And that is when it is healthy.

  29. Tim Says:

    It’s time. I want vea as rb1.

  30. Melmcclell Says:

    Yep. Just as I thought. Rod has NO ‘friends’ in real-life, whatsoever. I mean, commenting on/talking (to ghosts) about the Giants & Bills Game in ‘real-time’ on a BUCS Website/message board is very odd.

  31. Buccaneers fan Says:

    Give white one more shot against the Falcons. If he sucks trade him and bring back playoff Lenny. Baker and the offense is extremely talented it’s just thar they get flustered and nervous when they face a tough team. They could’ve beet detroit and Philadelphia they just get nervous. Team still has games to go. Go bucs!

  32. Crickett Baker Says:

    IDK why people think we would find a trade partner for Rachaad when he hasn’t yet done much for us to even want to keep him. GEEZE.
    I may not agree with the Muncher much but I thought his Barkley stuff was apropos and pretty funny.

  33. Pewter Power Says:


  34. Bucs4Life Says:

    Amen brother! I 100 agree with every single written word, enough of this bull$hit.