Have Bucs Peaked?

October 22nd, 2023

Taking the next step.

So who is going to win the NFC South? Right now it looks like only the average team will survive.

Joe firmly believes if the Bucs beat the Dixie Chicks today, the Bucs have a stranglehold on the division. Think about it, the Bucs will be 2-0 in the division with wins over the slimy Saints and the Dixie Chicks.

Does anyone really believe the Bucs won’t sweep the Stinking Panthers when they play in December? Carolina, under meddling David Tepper, may just have launched his coach Frank Reich by then.

And the slimy Saints sure look like they are about ready to meltdown with receiver Michael Thomas throwing all sorts of shade on Twitter at Derek Carr. And we all saw how Carr melted down on Chris Olave Thursday night when Olave sure looked like he pulled a cancer Desean Jackson stunt and quit on a route.

Dan Graziano of ESPN isn’t quite ready yet to start drinking the Bucs Kool-Aid. He was way down on the Bucs before the season — same reason many were — but Graziano said he’s feeling better about the Bucs after watching them pound the slimy Saints (Graziano sat next to Joe in Lincoln’s Tomb in New Orleans for the Bucs’ win over the slimy Saints).

Still, Graziano confesses, he thinks the slimy Saints will eventually rise up (yeah, Joe knows that’s a Dixie Chicks saying).

“Jeez, tough call,” Graziano said of predicting the NFC South champ. “I like the Buccaneers a lot more than I expected. Their defense looks really good, and quarterback Baker Mayfield is operating the offense confidently.

“They beat the Saints head-to-head pretty easily in New Orleans. But I’m still going to pick the Saints here, mainly because I think we haven’t seen them play their best yet.

“Derek Carr wasn’t healthy in the Bucs game, and as his shoulder improves and the passing game comes together, I think we’ll see New Orleans get humming at some point. It’s not a comfortable prediction by any stretch, but I’ll take the Saints by a whisker.”

To be fair to Graziano, he typed this before Thursday night’s slimy Saints meltdown (wasn’t that fun to watch?) so Graziano may have a different feeling right now.

Still, this game today is huge for the Bucs. Joe really believes with a win, this could be a huge springboard.

Joe fears that if the Bucs lose today, before the Bucs play their next home game against Tennessee Nov. 12, chatter about who will coach the Bucs next fall will dominate Bucs talk throughout the area.

18 Responses to “Have Bucs Peaked?”

  1. Tye Says:

    It is a MUST WIN if the Bucs want to redeem themselves from the shellacking by the Lions…

    Lose to the mediocre Falcons and 4 days later get torched by the Bills and things get to circling the drain quick…

  2. CTBucs Says:

    With the Bills coming up on a short week, this is definitely a must-win. This could be a confidence booster, where we can soundly defeat a division rival. OR this could be the letdown game where the first wheel falls off and we drive into a ditch. This game has a lot more on it than a lot of people are saying. Go Bucs!

  3. CTBucs Says:

    Tye 100%. I was basically typing the same thoughts when you posted

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Get this feeling that the Bucs season will turn on this game. Win and we have a great chance to go about 10-7, win the NFC South, and play a playoff game at home. Lose and that record will likely turn to closer to 7-10, we’ll miss the playoffs & things could get ugly.

    Big game. Beat the Falcons, get to 4-2, then prepare for a REALLY hard 5-game stretch … AT the Bills (Thurs nite), AT the Texans, here against the Titans, AT the 49ers, then AT the Colts. That’s our make-or-break stretch IMO, but it all starts today.

  5. BillyBucco Says:

    On the flip side, if the Bucs Do whip the Falcons, everyone will be talking about beating the Bills.
    Crazier things have happened.
    I do expect to see a better offense today.
    If not, then I’ll gladly flush the toilet myself.

  6. garro Says:

    Why is anyone aking this question? Why ask Graziano?

    We just beat the Saints at their place and are leading the division!

    Go Bucs

  7. Hodad Says:

    Back to Bowles job security Joe? Firing coaches is always the answer. Just look how good it’s working for Carolina.

  8. Dan Naughton Says:

    Need a tough running game. And tight end roll outs

  9. BucU Says:

    Cade Otten better start blocking better. He was atrocious against the Lions. Block better or sit him down.

  10. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Saints ain’t it

  11. Beej Says:

    “BillyBucco Says:
    October 22nd, 2023 at 3:52 am
    On the flip side, if the Bucs Do whip the Falcons, everyone will be talking about beating the Bills.
    Crazier things have happened.
    I do expect to see a better offense today.
    If not, then I’ll gladly flush the toilet myself.”

    and THEN the Bills curbstomp us, and it’s back to “collapse for Caleb!”

  12. geno711 Says:

    One of my biggest concerns as the season went on was the Offensive Coordinator.

    I lot of OC’s can be pretty good at first. Then when there is more game film on their tendencies, the opposing teams get a read on how to stop an OC’s tendencies.

    I am not saying that Canales offense can’t get better. But I am just as worried that it might get worse.

  13. Carter Says:

    Lots of mockery of Desmond Ridder on this site, yet he has a higher yards-per-pass-attempt than Baker Mayfield.

  14. Brandon Says:

    I honestly DGAF what most writers think now just like IDGAF about what they thought when they said we’d be in the running for first pick in the draft. A smart person should have been able to see the team was better in all three facets: D, ST, O and saw we’d be better than last season. The three biggest things holding back the O from last season are gone and don’t have new teams for a reason… Brady, Fournette, Leftwich.

  15. Larrd Says:

    To be fair to Graz, his prediction looks terrible.

  16. Jeremy Says:

    Go BUCS!!!!! Play good football and don’t make dumb decisions

  17. Todd Feury Says:

    Please Todd Bowles take your football and leave Tampa, please , 11 -12 make you a official loser. You have proven you stink as a head coach

  18. PowerOfPewter Says:

    Yes. 2 years ago. Arians quit while he was ahead.