Greatness From Trey Palmer

October 2nd, 2023

Taking nothing away from rookie sixth-round pick wide receiver Trey Palmer’s stunning touchdown catch yesterday, but Joe mostly wanted to type this up to show off the fantastic photo from the iconic photographer on the scene.

Look at that catch. What a perfect illustration of Palmer’s athleticism and focus, and how contested the catch really was.

Palmer was running away from the ball — the fade route — and turned perfectly, elevated and Joe’s photos show he got his feet in bounds with plenty of inches to spare.

For those wondering, Scotty Miller (Falcons) and Breshad Perriman (cut by the Colts) have combined for zero catches this season.

24 Responses to “Greatness From Trey Palmer”

  1. Baking with Canales Says:

    Palmer is baking with Canales!

  2. Drew Says:

    Kid is amazingly gifted. As well as Thompkins. Loving this!!!

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    Great finds.

  4. BucU Says:

    Keep it rolling Trey!!

  5. Obvious Says:

    What a Great picture! I opened it up and looked at every single pair of eyes on the play. It really holds everyone frozen in time. And ALL EYES are glued to the battle
    between these two gladiators. “EXCEPT” for the kid with the saints shirt and (what looks like “red ear muffs” on and just above the refs shoulder. He seems to be waving to Casper the friendly ghost somewhere else. And he doesn’t seem to be aware that he’s at a “foozball” game.
    He’s not very clued in to what the rest of the entire stadium is watching in amazement at. He is missing (according to the picture), A WORK OF HUMAN ART! I suppose the red ear muffs speaks to what type of a kid we have there as I’m pretty sure it’s NOT “ear muffs” weather. What a waist of a Great seat!

    Then again, according to his shirt, again, he’s a Saints fan… And is the future of their fan base. The future apparently ISN’T very bright…

    GO BUCS!

  6. Zoocomics Says:

    You got a freeze-frame of the angle Baker threw that ball to Godwin on that slant that he almost took to the in-zone? Damn near Mahomes like. Nasty.

  7. Bucsministerfuller Says:

    i see no reason to take a cheap shot at Scotty Miller.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Seems to be a red zone threat……I’m interested in using his speed on some deep routes and slants.

    Thompkins can catch most anything thrown his way.

  9. Ed Says:

    Trey Palmer has earned more targets. He has demonstrated that he has great hands. His speed is high end. Not sure if he can run all of the routes yet but his ability to make big plays is going to help the Bucs for a long time.

  10. Wild Bill Says:

    The Bucs have several new young receivers who are fast, can sky for high throws and have great hands. They need to be utilized more often after showing out at key moments in this game.

  11. Lord Cornelius Says:

    We have a really good WR room. Palmer/ #3 is a 4.3 burner who can make contest catches, and Jerret/ Thompkins are both very athletic guys who can make people miss and have both made plays at times.

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    Sixth round rookie pic? Wowsers!! Typical Licht and gang doing their homework. Great photo showing why I like pro football.

  13. Fred McNeil Says:

    It’s good to see the new kids play so well.

  14. teacherman777 Says:

    He backed up Justin Jefferson and Demar Chase!

    This guy is special!

    6th rounder?

    @licht – please keep drafting LSU guys! (Palmer is not really a Nebraska guy)

  15. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    Bucs are playing great, but I’m still wondering why we haven’t seen a single throw to Palmer ‘over the top’ of the defense…

    He has to be able to break free and get some separation on a go route at some point in each game, I’m sure… C’mon, let’s hit a couple deep shots to him. Baker’s def got the arm for it.

  16. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Bucs have upgraded the WR4 and WR5

  17. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I’m sure ESPN will include this on the “You got Mossed” segment.

    This kid has consistently shown a desire to “go get it”. Not an ounce of timidity (sorry, Scooter fans but Miller played a little scared).

  18. Buccos Says:

    The kid has talent. Licht is the MAN. Even Hall and JTS are starting to look better

  19. stpetebucfan Says:

    Great catch and solid game by Palmer but Devin Thompkins was the eye opener…running with abandon and making his own spectacular catch.

    He also looks steady this year fielding punts. I think he has a ton of upside if he stays healthy. Who doesn’t root for a guy 5-8 155lbs making it big in the NFL.

  20. Mike Johnson Says:

    Hope we make more playing time available for Palmer and Thompkins. They both gave us that energy burst throughout the game yesterday.

  21. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Big Play Trey

  22. westernbuc Says:

    Tbf to Scotty Miller, not a lot of complete passes coming from Ridder

  23. Bucs4Life Says:

    I love this kid! He is special no doubt.

  24. garro Says:

    He got more air than I thought on that one for sure.
    Thanks Joe!

    Go Bucs!