Goal Of Many Bucs Fans Seems Shattered

October 29th, 2023

Market watch.

With the trade deadline coming in two days — Halloween! — one great big prize many Bucs fans were hoping somehow came to Tampa Bay is apparently off the market.

Beastly running back Derrick Henry of Tennessee is in the final year of his contract. The Titans aren’t going anywhere but the toilet (is Mike Vrabel the most overrated coach in the NFL?). Henry seemed like a no-brainer trade piece at the deadline.

It seems that won’t happen. Adam Schefter of BSPN reports that the Titans have told Henry’s representatives that the team won’t move Henry this week.

Man, Henry would have been just what the doctor ordered for the Bucs, who more often than Joe was comfortable with on Thursday night struggled against one of the worst run defenses in the league (though Rachaad White showed a few signs of life).

Henry being off the market should not stop the Bucs from acquiring a running back.

48 Responses to “Goal Of Many Bucs Fans Seems Shattered”

  1. Hodad Says:

    If the Bucs were to trade for Henry they should make him QB. At least he can see over the line of scrimmage!

  2. HC Grover Says:

    Maybe we can get a trade for Mason and Smith.

  3. Eric Says:

    Lol that’s like buying an expensive car but you still live with your Moma fix the interior online first then worry about a top shelf running back or maybe just maybe you will find out the ones you have may not be that bad after all!

  4. adam from ny Says:

    there is heavy heavy talk in new york on the radio that the jets are completely over dalvin cook and shopping him big time…

    he was a total insurance policy for breece hall’s repaired knee…

    yet breece has shown he can withstand the weekly wear and tear of the nfl to the average of something like an unstoppable 6.5 yards per carry…

    so they want to unload cook’s big contract, and feel comfortable to go with hall and whatever’s in the cupboard

  5. bucnjim Says:

    What would they have to trade for Henry? 1st round, 2nd round? This team has way too many needs on both sides of the ball unfortunately.

  6. adam from ny Says:

    also i heard in titansville, that’s all just a ploy…

    the real deal is supposedly you have to totally wow the organization with your offer if you really want henry…

    basically you want henry, the titans gotta fleece you

  7. power sweep Says:

    Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times has an interesting take on Baker Mayfield in the loss to the Bills:

    “He went 9-for-10 for 86 yards when targeting the running back in the flat. He was 16-for-32 for 151 yards when targeting everyone else.”

    There you go. A good dink-and-dunker and a bad passer. Just what we need in a franchise quarterback. /s

  8. Leighroy Says:

    Trading anything more than a 6th round pick to salvage… what exactly… from this season seems like a bad choice. Best case they win a seal division or secure a wild card, and then lose in the playoffs.

    Only contenders or bargain hunters should be deadline buyers, and we only qualify as the latter.

  9. DBS Says:

    power sweep . you still have not figured out what gives you away have you? I will give you 1 clue. The new name and always same attacks on Mayfield and Joe.

  10. WyomingJoe Says:

    I suggest that the renowned Rick Stroud, the dink and dunk writer from the TB Times, takes a break and watches the YouTube video “Money Where the Film Is” highlighting Thursday night’s game against the Bills. I love the honest analysis this guy gives on Baker – both good and bad.

  11. Beej Says:

    White is the only one open every time–they’re dropping the safeties into coverage, so EVERYONE is doubled up. If Mayfield was woefully inaccurate, he’d have more picks.

  12. DS Says:

    A trade for a back was never gunna happen

  13. Kevin Says:

    I would inquire about stetson Bennett who the rams are not using currently……

  14. tbc 1 Says:

    They need a tight end as otten cannot block and does not run good routes.

  15. Bucfan593 Says:

    Joe I think you are the only one who wants to trade for a running back. I’m full sell right now. QB of the future should be the only thing on our mind.

  16. adam from ny Says:

    white has been getting slammed hardbody this entire season for his running inside the tackles…

    but man oh man the dude is pretty nice as a receiver in space…always has been…

    yeah we gotta fix the inner line and get some blocking and push, but we really do have a pretty nice receiving/3rd down type back in white…

    he’s really good in that aspect…now we just gotta find mike alstott the 2nd to pair him with

  17. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Again with the Derek Henry chatter, Joe? Henry is not a guy that can get hit behind the line and succeed. He’s been that way going all the way back to college. If your OL doesn’t let him get 3-4 strides before contact he goes nowhere. How exactly does that style work with the current Bucs OL?

    Also, do you really think it’s a good idea to give up draft capital for a SB push in a year in which the team is eating $75 mil in dead cap? What kind of logic is this?

  18. Kevin Says:

    Get a bargin deal from jaquars they have plenty of decent running backs

  19. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    Trade for cook

  20. Beej Says:

    Cook and Henry both are on the backside of their respective careers. I guess of the price was right…. But you’re probably spending a 2 or a 3 for a guy with 1-2 seasons left

  21. dmatt Says:

    Com on folks, which is more important, a running back or a coach. The data don’t lie. I will keep this as a reminder.

    Buccaneers average
    points per year.

    Coach Dirk Koetter

    Coach Bruce Arians

    Coach Todd Bowles

  22. darengibo Says:

    No moves needed unless it is part of rebuild. This season is a take your lumps and pay the piper season.
    Don’t let a mirage fool you into making moves reserved for contenders as that would at best make us pick #18 in first round.

  23. ShakeandBaker Says:

    Pretty sure whichever this Joe is the only person in Tampa who thinks a trade for an over the hill Henry will magically fix our offensive line’s inability to creat holes. I would bet my Licht never had any intention of doing something this stupid.

  24. ShakeandBaker Says:


  25. BucsFan81 Says:

    What can we get if we trade Bowles that’s all I want to know!!!

  26. kyle Says:

    Power sweep? Did you actually watch the game Thursday? Mayfield had no time to drop back and pass without guys all over him. All he had was the short options.

  27. Marine Buc Says:

    It wouldn’t have made a difference. I’m glad we didn’t waste draft picks on signing Henry.

    We have the worst interior O-line in the NFL.

    Mauch and Hainsey are rated close to dead last and Feiler isn’t rated much higher.

    Plus our TEs suck at run blocking as well.

    No other teams wanted Henry either or else a trade would have happened.

  28. gotbbucs Says:

    I surely hope ownership put a moratorium on trading away future draft capital for this regime.

  29. DBS Says:

    I don’t think this team makes any moves. They will wait until the draft or off season.

  30. Beej Says:

    Eating $75 mil in dead cap all at once, can’t imagine ownership expected a lot. No way we were gonna beat Bills, Eagles, Niners, prolly not Lions or Jags either. How we do against the REST is the thing. Losing to Atlanta bodes ill for that part

  31. Voice of Truth Says:

    Dmatt with the winning take

    Todd is the Dirk Koeter of Defense, period

    None of this gets fixed until the coaching staff is cleansed

  32. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Jason Licht always thinks he is the smartest guy in the room and that is why he will NOT sign a RB. Licht is stubborn to a fault and always wants to prove HIS GUYS are up to the task.
    I have some news for you Licht , your guys aint getting it done. Your Oline and RB’s are putting up even more putrid rushing numbers than last season and nobody thought that was even possible. Your Dline is not getting pressure or hits and very few sacks. Your QB took 7 plus minutes to score when he was down 14 with not a lot of time left.
    Licht is underperforming big time.

  33. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    If you can get a RB for a day 3 draft pick do it – if you can retain the player in 2024. Then it’s like you’re drafting early and might get better value.

  34. Rich Says:

    45 for Davin Cook…..only problem is that the jets won’t do that deal

  35. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Agree with a lot of guys here, $75m dead cap hurt big time this year, my opinion taking your lumps makes for a faster turnaround. And seriously losing Jensen hurt more than losing Brady. Two years of a crappy run game without him

  36. Defense Rules Says:

    Beej … ‘White is the only one open every time–they’re dropping the safeties into coverage, so EVERYONE is doubled up. If Mayfield was woefully inaccurate, he’d have more picks.’

    Mayfield was 7-for-7 when targeting White in the Bills game … for 70 yds (Results were 3, 20, 7, 6, 20, 9, 5 yds on those plays). You’d think with a 10 YPC average that most of them would’ve led to 1st downs, but in fact 4 of the 7 led to 1st downs (very good results targeting White IMO).

    So I don’t know where Stroud got his numbers, but that leaves Baker with 18-of-35 for 167 yds to the rest of his receivers, not counting the 3 sacks that were obviously attempted pass plays. Not hard to see who needs to step up though: everyone not named Godwin 5-for-7 (54 yds) & White 7-for-7 (70 yds).

    o Evans: 3-for-6 (39 yds) … 6.5 yds/target
    o Palmer: 3-for-6 (22 yds) … 3.7 yds/target
    o Jarrett: 1-for-3 (9 yds) … 3.0 yds/target
    o Otton: 4-for-6 (27 yds) … 4.5 yds/target
    o Durham: 0-for-1 (0 yds) … 0.0 yds/target
    o Edmonds: 2-for-3 (9 yds) … 3.0 yds/target

    Looking at that production, I kept thinking that this must be the easiest offense in the NFL to defend against. We’re not pushing the ball far enough down the field & forcing the defense to spread out.

  37. Thundersack Says:

    I see the Bucs just rolling with what they have as they are bent over this year due to the cap issues created from the Super Bowl run.

    With that being said, it would be pretty cool if they got some interior OL help with a low cost trade. Stealing an above average center/guard in a trade may help more than a RB this season if the salary fits with our current cap.

  38. Joe in Michigan Says:

    HC Grover Says:
    October 29th, 2023 at 8:05 am
    Maybe we can get a trade for Mason and Smith
    Hahahahahaha, still crying over two washed up, overpaid guys! You probably miss Kyle Rudolph, too. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. ChiBuc Says:

    Canales’s inexperience and lack of creativity are glaring and Todd appears incapable of making any adjustments. In fact, it seems to be the same game plan week after week, half to half, qtr to qtr regardless of the opponent or situation. He doesn’t seem capable of coaching a disciplined team (hurry up is off the table because of penalties…wtf!!) I hoped Todd would be better than his HC record indicates, but he is what he is… and the rest of the NFL seems to know exactly what to expect from his teams.

  40. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    White is a horrible runner when he has the ball period but at least he is open when he catches it. A 5 yard catch and run is better than a 1 yd stuff at the line. Henry would barely do any good because the line cannot run block. Too weak and small and it barely is sufficient in pass protection.

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Trade for nobody….they don’t have the money anyways. Geesh!

    Go Bucs!!!

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    If we only had Zack Moss we’d be 7-0 right now.


  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – Yards per target is not a stat anyone cares about, because it doesn’t tell you anything. If you take a bunch of deep shots and don’t get them because the QB is inaccurate, how is that not the WR doing their job?

    The stats that people care about are average depth of target.

    Evans was wide open all night and Mayfield wasn’t getting him the ball, or if he threw it his way, Mayfield was completely inaccurate. I mean the TD pass was bounced off a Bills head, it was another garbage pass where he got a lucky bounce. Also Evans did have a big play, for what, 35-40 yards, that was called back on a hold that didn’t affect the play.

    Saying Evans needs to ‘step up’ is a very stupid hot take.

    What needs to happen is for Mayfield to be benched, as he stinks. I don’t personally care about protecting the football, I care about scoring more points than the other team, and Mayfield stinks at that.

  44. Blue Ridge Buc Says:

    Nope – Time to sell off (13 & 45) and head for the draft.

    The team will still be competitive in the division but who really cares — the goal is to be a SB contender, not just squeak into the playoffs by winning the worst division in professional sports.

    Clear out the coaching staff on Black Monday.

    QB – move on from Mayfield with a vet FA
    RB – keep White as 3rd down back, cut everyone else
    OL – draft early or sign a Center in FA
    WR – not a weakness, even without 13

    DL – Cut JTS
    LB – Re-sign LVD and keep going
    CB – Ya, its been a costly mistake that cant be fixed until ’25
    S – Sign Winfield now

    Draft priorities: QB, C, RB, WR, S, OLB

  45. Darin Says:

    Looks like we have canales floating in our bowles.

  46. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Wasn’t Joe the only one wanting this?

    The would be ‘some person’, not ‘some people.’

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Blue Ridge Buc, this is LVDs last year playing.

    You say get rid of Devin…but you do not replace him?

    Back to the drawing board.

  48. garro Says:

    Who is the guy in the picture # 96?

    Go Bucs!