Buccaneers Crowd Hits 95 Percent

October 23rd, 2023

Joe wrote last week how there were many thousands of tickets available for yesterday’s Bucs-Falcons game and some tickets were going for half price on the secondary market.

So how many fans showed up on that beautiful Sunday?

Official announced attendance was 62,620, per ESPN.com, about 3,200 below stadium capacity. That number represents distrubuted tickets. So the Bucs were 95 percent sold out, but the number of no-shows is unclear and there were a hearty share.

Joe loves when fans support the team, and Joe was pleasantly surprised the official attendance broke 60,000. Joe would have guessed 59,000.

It sure was refreshing to see a home crowd that actually had a vast majority of Bucs fans in the seats. Sadly, that did nothing to spark a Bucs team that has gone from sluggish to sloppy and sad.

43 Responses to “Buccaneers Crowd Hits 95 Percent”

  1. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Sadly 2023 Bucs are no more than what was expected.
    Baker was hired for 4 million bucks (dirt cheap) to fill a roster spot, NOT to be the savior of our Bucs. Bucs had only one QB on the roster, Trask, with no game experience. Licht alluded several times the Bucs were going to play on the cheap this year, payoff the superbowl cap, sign a lot of young players, dump a lot of retreads and be ready next year to enter the QB sweepstakes. Win a few games along the way thats gravy. I believe Jasons plan is to get your new QB, head coach and staff next year. (fingers crossed).
    I don’t believe any additions by trade deadline.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    Funny because from the TV feed it sounded like Ray Jay was empty.

    But home crowds at Bucs game have always been notoriously quiet / uninvolved. At least for the last 15+ years or so…

    The fan base has the same level of passion and pride as the head coach, and most of the players on the team – very little.

  3. First Name Greatest Says:

    After the last two Home performances I wouldn’t begrudge anyone for not going.

    This team is not fun to watch, and let’s be real this is supposed to be entertaining

  4. Popcorn Mike Says:

    That’s decent with the way the Bucs have played since last year. But, as I have said many times, if we win they will come

  5. Steven007 Says:

    I was there and it was nice to see a predominantly home crowd. Alas, it didn’t seem to help much. Though. It was a close game. All game obviously. This town has always been an event town, probably due to the distribution of people from all over. During the gruden years. It was fairly raucous. And then again with the Brady era recently. But unlike other teams with rabid fan bases, like the browns and niners and chiefs, who usually have great vocal crowds, even when they’re not doing well, the transient nature of this town will always lead it to being an event town. So we will have to have a great team to get the fans. If not, it’s always going to be what we’ve seen this season. Lots of bears fans, lots of lions fan, lots of eagles fans… Interesting that the falcons are so close geographically but they don’t seem to travel very well.

  6. Rayjay1122 Says:

    When the offense is on the field my eyes glazed from extreme boredom mixed with a splash of hopelessness.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Statistically Insignificant Reader Says
    “Sadly 2023 Bucs are no more than what was expected. Baker was hired for 4 million bucks (dirt cheap) to fill a roster spot, NOT to be the savior of our Bucs.”

    I have to disagree.

    I believe Bowels wanted him to be just that. Otherwise, we would have tanked from the start of the season.

    That said…failure on both parts. He’s NOT the savior…and we won’t get the first pick, not with the Panthers having it. They won’t trade it to us, that’s for sure.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If we throw both games against the Panthers. we would still need them and a couple other teams to win some other games.

  9. Jack Clark Says:

    RIP no risk it no biscuit. Todd Bowles is the grim reaper of taking the life away from his own offense. His defense would be great though if he had good edge rushers.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m normally against tanking…but we’ll be starting over with QB and Coaching next year anyway, so we may as well take the chance in the draft.

  11. SlyPirate Says:

    The Bucs fan base is all in when the Bucs have a great product but doesn’t tolerate a bad product. This is such a good thing because it forces change …

    Fans stop showing up > Ownership make less money > Licht works his magic

    The Bucs used this year to clear up the financials. I expect a big name QB or rookie behind center and a big-name coach on the sidelines. Next year will be exciting. Each loss can be seen as a positive.

  12. Elite Vita Says:

    Attending yesterday’s game .
    I felt:

    Most seats were filled
    Plenty of Bucs fans in attendance
    The crowd was “loud enough”

    Sadly I don’t think the reason the team isn’t winning is due to the fans not being able to “spark” the team. The players make excellent money and if that doesn’t spark them what about personal pride?

    Respectfully Submitted

  13. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    See the bucs drafting in the top 10. From there anything can happen if Licht wants it to.

  14. RGA Says:

    I believe Carolina traded their first round pick to the Bears.

  15. Joshua porter Says:

    After yesterday I’m all on board for a top qb. I have defended barker but he just isn’t it. Even jamiss was able to score points ( yes for both teams ) but still he wasn’t missing wide open wr or just not seeing them at all and I thought baker had touch with his long ball. He had Hollywood brown as a wr in collage and could hit the burner down the field now he can’t hit the side of a barn

  16. HC Grover Says:

    We have to lose both games to Panthers for top pick.

  17. D-Rome Says:

    Hey guys, remember how great it worked out when the Bucs tanked in the draft?

    Yeah, me neither.

  18. Mike C Says:

    Nah, Washington had one on the “best” fan bases ever when a team sucks for a few years all but the most loyal “stupid?”(like myself) go away, Denver crowds are not scaring anyone these days, they were loud as hell back in the day.

  19. ModHairKen Says:

    D-Rome, no one will tank. They don’t have to. They are just weak, poorly motivated and the coaching is a joke. They will play to the best of their mediocrity and lose without intentionally trying to do so.

    How can any coach explain the 3 penalties in 4 plays? Mauch and his poorly timed hold? Mayfield and his poorly timed overthrow INT? Those stupid young WRs that fumbled and committed penalties?

    This is bad coaching. Bad playing. Lack of attention to detail.


  20. Mike C Says:

    Heck even Green Bay back in the 80s (last time until now that they didn’t have a hall of fame QB smh) had empty seats all over the place.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Nice picture selection Joe.

  22. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Bonzai

    The Panthers traded their first round pick to Chicago.

    For Brice Young.

    Chicago might have a chance to have the 1st and 2nd pick of the draft if they continue losing along with Carolina. But they won on Sunday… lol.

  23. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Talk about tanking, we don’t need to. Unless Bowles make some changes soon we’re gonna end up 6 & 11 anyway. I really don’t think we have to draft in the top 5 to draft a franchise QB. We just need to make a good choice and have someone on staff that can get the best out of a good QB. Just see L Jackson 32 in the first round and a few others

  24. RSJCheapseats Says:

    Unless the Bucs are a Super Bowl contender attendance isn’t great. The tickets are priced like Brady is still here – but he isn’t and are overpriced.

    I sit in the cheap seats but only 10 rows from the edge of the upper deck (and I have for 20 years). Attendance was bumped up by an influx of Pat fans (as was this blog). Now we are a normal team again and the attendance has declined again. Tampa isn’t a great sports town really. They Rays are great and don’t draw. The Bucs will not sellout home games unless there are thousands from the other team.

    The Lightning have been very good for a while – and are the exception.

  25. Erik The Viking Says:

    11-13 is the only numbers that matter. Bowels is an absolute loser as a HC.

    If not for Arians, he never would have won a thing as a coach.

    Time to dump the excrement bag and try building a winner.

  26. Tye Says:

    6 games and and looking more and more like their HC (meek and weak) it will be no surprise if the rest of the home games are empty stadium….
    No support for the team determined to employ the worst HC in the league!

  27. Boss Says:

    The GOAT is gone. The young bucks, inspired by pissed off holsovers who think brady was a liability,,,,,blew their wad and now the old dogs meds are wearing off.

    excatly what I said would happen.

    they get punched in the mouth….but don’t have the balls to get back up.

    This team is soft, and the coaching if horrible.

  28. Morgus the Magnificient Says:

    I thought they removed Jon Gruden from the Ring?

  29. D-Rome Says:

    I thought they removed Jon Gruden from the Ring?

    You can remove Jon Gruden from the Ring, but you can’t remove the Ring from Jon Gruden.

  30. DBS Says:

    Probably a very old picture.

  31. Elite Vita Says:

    True Morgus….. I believe Arians name should be up in that spot. But I’m probably mistaken.

  32. Voice of Truth Says:

    5 empty seats in our row yesterday

    Expect more of the same for the remainder of the season

  33. Joe Says:

    Yes, let’s just draft a franchise quarterback in the next draft. It’s easy. Just look at Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Johnny Manzell, the list of great ones goes on and on. Oh . . . wait . . .

    Beyond stupid. People with the above mentality really believe a wishbone offense will work in the NFL. smh

    Guess the Bucs shouldn’t have drafted a right tackle in the first round in 2020 because the last time the Bucs drafted a right tackle in the first round he was a bust?

    JTS is pretty close to a bust. Guess the Bucs should never, ever draft a pass rusher with the first round, right?

    Boy oh boy, what horrible selections the Chiefs (Mahomes), the Bills (Allen), the Bengals (Burrow), the Crows (Jackson), the Dolphins (Tua) made. Absolutely killed their franchises, didn’t it?

  34. Bojim Says:

    And they all left unhappy.

  35. BucsLifer Says:

    Brutal game yesterday. Hot as hell and just bad football. It was hard to watch.

    We haven’t drawn hardcore crowds since the early Gruden years but they’ve been worse in recent decades. I’d say 30%-40% of the fans don’t get to their seats until the end of the 1st quarter, then they leave early for halftime, get back to their seats at some point in the third quarter, and then leave early. God help us if it starts to sprinkle.

    Our fans don’t know to make some noise until it’s third down and they are prompted to “make some noise.” Often, you’ll hear large groups of people chanting “TAMPA!! BAY!!!” while the Bucs are on offense. Just not smart fans.

    At any given point, huge groups of people are not in engaged in the game or in their seats, but instead, are finding shade in the concourses or lingering in the end zone areas.

    Yesterday, it was hot, the fans weren’t excited, and it felt like this took the energy out of the team. It also didn’t help that every time the defense was on the field, they were subjected to loud, shrill snippets of blasting 80s hair metal rock. I get it; our aging fans gotta have their Motley Crue and GNR and AC/DC, but what about something to get the players hyped every now and then? Our playlist was notably “older” yesterday. A few true golden oldies and a bunch of 80s metal.

    Cringe moment: Our fans were perhaps loudest yesterday when “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was played.

    Check out Ticketmaster and look at any game. There are HUGE swaths of seats available. This is why our stadium is packed with visiting fans. There is significantly more supply than the home crowd demands, even at massively reduced prices prior to gametime.

    Overall, yesterday’s game was a poor experience. Bad, sloppy, penalty-laden football in the heat, with low fan energy and crappy music.

  36. HC Grover Says:

    Buclifer they should of played ‘Dead Skunk in the middle of the road’ ….they stunk to high heaven.
    White went left when he should of went right. Phew

  37. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @Carter kind of misleading stat you have there. In history there’s a 48% you win if you have a QB drafted in round 1 as your starter. However, if you adjust for Brady (the statistical exception and best QB ever) you have a 56% chance of winning the Super Bowl with a 1st round QB as your starter. You also have a 79% chance to play in the Super Bowl if you have a starting QB drafted in the 1 at round. That number includes Brady.

    Can’t diminish that value of a blue chip QB prospect just because there’s a chance they will not be successful.

  38. Mike Johnson Says:

    I suspect after Thursday night, there will be thousands of walk up tickets
    available at Ray Jay.

  39. John Mason Says:

    Yes Joe…….not many Falcon fans in Tampa and Falcon fans don’t travel well.

  40. A Bucs Fan Says:

    It’s a short sighted stat because it doesn’t matter how many are drafted. It matters who goes to the Super Bowl and who wins. The historical and present data overwhelming supports drafting a QB in the first round.

    You will have to account for Brady as a statistical outlier in any model of probability because he was a generational talent/winner.

    The facts are in the history of the Super Bowl you have a 79% chance to MAKE the Super Bowl if your QB was drafted in 1st round. In the past 23 years (since 2000) it is 78% even with Brady starting 10. Now this is where the evidence gets skewed it tells us that if you only have a 40% chance to win a SB if you have a 1st round QB starting. However if you adjust for Brady your chance of winning with a QB drafted outside of the 1st round (unless you have Brady) goes down to just 13%.

    SO your best bet to making the Super Bowl is to have a QB drafted in the 1st round and unless you have Brady as your starting QB you are also more likely to WIN if your QB was drafted in the first round.

  41. Aaron Says:

    I’m for tanking for a new coaching staff.
    I agree nothing is guaranteed new QB or Staff, but I haven’t seen anything to make me excited to be a Buc fan either

  42. Morgus the Magnificient Says:

    If the Rays can get a ridiculous 1.2 billion dollar stadium (so we can see empty seats on TV), why can’t the Bucs get a 1.2 billion dollar INDOOR stadium???

  43. Oneilbuc Says:

    Man some of you so call bucs fans talks a lot noise about being real fans and y’all don’t even show up at the game. And I’m talking to the people that live in Tampa and that can afford to go. This got to be the worst the fan base in the NFL. Man if you can afford it and you live in Tampa you should go and support the team are less you have church and you get out at 1 pm but other than that y’all should be at the game if you can afford it.