Would You Believe?

September 23rd, 2023

Impressed with Bucs.

Ian Beckles is talking Bucs. And Joe is listening.

The former Bucs and Eagles starting guard hopped on his “In the Trenches” podcast and broke down the team as a whole and some individual players after the Bucs beat up on the Bears.

Beckles likes where the Bucs are standing entering Monday night’s game against the Eagles.

“To this point, I didn’t see the Buccaneers being 2-0 nor did I believe you did,” Beckles said.

Here is Beckles riffing on the Bucs:

* “Baker Mayfield, to this point at 2-0, couldn’t play any better. I don’t know how he could. To have him play better would be to have him throw the ball more and I don’t think anybody wants that. … Am I ready to sign the paper for Baker Mayfield [as Bucs quarterback] in the future? Not yet.”

* “For those who crucified Todd Bowles as a coach, better keep watching,” Beckles said. “Because Todd Bowles’ boys are playing for him right now.”

* “Offensively, Dave Canales has to be getting applauded as much as Todd Bowles at the moment,” Beckles said. “Right now, Canales looks like the right guy. At this moment. I like what I see offensively.”

Beckles said some things need work.

* “Cody Mauch struggled a little bit,” Beckles said. “Right now the right side of the offensive line with [Luke] Goedeke and Mauch is a question.” Beckles noted a penalty last week on Mauch on third down that eventually forced the Bucs to punt. “Those are the things that hurt you later on in the season.” Beckles thinks Goedeke and Mauch will improve as the season progresses.

* Beckles said Canales is doing a strong job calling plays that help the offensive line out. “It couldn’t be any better.” Beckles guessed it had been years since the Bucs had eight first downs rushing in a game. (It happened at least once last season.)

* Beckles is a harsh critic of Joe Tryon-Shoyinka and this pattern continued: “JTS looked better than he has in the past. But I don’t get enamored with plays. I get enamored with play.” Beckles scoffed at JTS’s two sacks claiming one was because Chicago’s tackle trying to block JTS was gruesomely bad and the other sack Beckles waved off as a “coverage sack.” Beckles added of JTS, “He has to start running through people. … Gosh darn it JTS, you have to come up with some nasty.”

* On Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett: “Shaq Barrett is an em-effer. I want 11 Shaq Barretts on my team.”

* On the Bucs’ talent on the defensive side of the ball: “We have some dawgs on this team.”

* On Antoine Winfield: “Antoine Winfield is a great football player and he is getting better.”

* Beckles is an old-school Big Ten offensive lineman. So naturally he believes in pounding the football. He’s pumped the Bucs are trying to muscle their way into being a running team. “It’s been a long time since the Bucs have tried to jam the ball down someone’s throat. And what’s the result? The Bucs win by 10 points.”

* Beckles said “on paper” the Eagles are one of the best teams in the league. After two weeks, while he wouldn’t bet on the Bucs, he wouldn’t be shocked if the Bucs beat the Eagles. “I’m not saying it can’t be done.”

* On Mike Evans: “He ain’t got the same wheels as he used to. He ran out of gas a couple of times. But who gives a crap?”

* On Bucs’ young defensive backs: “That [Zyon] McCollum kid? I like him. I like McCollum. He’s turning into a dawg. That [Christian] Izien kid? You gotta love that. They are going to get burnt every once in a while. That’s going to happen. But you’ve got to like the way these guys are developing, these young football players.”

* On Vita Vea: “Vita Vea is a problem. When he realizes his potential — I don’t think he does yet.” Beckles loves how Vea is developing the Hump Move popularized by Reggie White. (“I’ve had him hump move me a couple of times and your feet come off the ground and it’s not a pretty thing.”) Beckles said when Vea has used that hump move, he hasn’t seen an offensive lineman stop that yet. “With those stubby little arms, he’s too much. Stay healthy Vita, stay healthy. That’s all I’m asking. That’s the most important thing.”

* On Tristan Wirfs: “Pretty soon I am going to get tired of talking about Tristan Wirfs. … When you ask me who is the greatest tackle to play the game, I want to say Anthony Muñoz, Walter Jones, Orlando Pace, there are a few others in that conversation — [Jon] Runyon at right tackle. I forgot Larry Allen. Tristan Wirfs is about ready to jump into some of these conversations. For him to go from right tackle to left tackle — it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. He’s the best pass-blocking offensive lineman in the league. … He’s going to catch all the monies.”

* Beckles summed up the Bucs: “So after two weeks, what kind of football team do we have? We have a football team that fights. We have a football team that ain’t scared of nobody. If the Buccaneers go 1-2 the next three games and are 3-2, I’m not going to be upset. Not when you look at who they played.”

22 Responses to “Would You Believe?”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Beckles mostly states the obvious……so he’s mostly correct….I agree that 1-2 in the next 3 would be good……2-1 would be fantastic.

  2. Allen Lofton Says:

    That’s some high praise coming from Beckles. Can’t wait to see the Canales offense improve each game – especially the running game.

  3. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    No penalties no turnovers and we’ll be fine. The Bucs will win this division again. If I hear one more national analyst say New Orleans is good because they have Michelle Thomas back I’m going to vomit. What has Slant Girl done in the last four seasons? Give me a break. I don’t like the match up with the Eagles but next week we’re going into that cesspool in Louisiana and winning by 10!

  4. garro Says:

    Beckles = BS

    Go Bucs!

  5. Usfbuc Says:

    Having watched our divisional opponents play so far this year, it’s going to come down to us and the Falcons. The Saints and Panthers both look bad.

    Prior to the start of the season I had the Eagles as one of our losses but they have not looked nearly as dominant as I expected. I think we can pull off the upset.

  6. ShakeandBaker Says:

    This team is so much more fun to watch than last year’s team. During the offseason I had my doubts but these guys are flying around out there and playing with so much energy. Last year the lack of urgency was infuriating at times. If they keep playing like this, win or lose I will be proud to support them. LFG!

  7. David Says:

    Agree with all of it except JTS. JTS is playing with a motor we didn’t see last year. He is getting after it.

    I was surprised he did not mention D White.

  8. BillyBucco Says:

    What’s McFarland saying these days after his entertainingly bad quote?
    Dang I can’t wait to see what these azz clowns have to say after a Tampa win Monday.
    Quez Watkins has an illness and even if he makes it back, shouldn’t be full speed.
    Avonte Maddox has shut down Evans at the LOS in the past and them losing him can’t be overstated.
    I think Cade Otton has about 7-85-1 in this game too, because their LBs are not that good without Nakobe Dean.
    This Eagles squad seems ripe for the picking IMO

  9. Fred McNeil Says:

    Yes, they certainly are a team we can be proud of. The attitude is so much better this year.
    And UsfBuc, I agree 100% that Carolina and NO both looked like crap on Monday Night. It’s a shame somebody had to win that stinker of a game.
    My only concern about the upcoming Saints game is the short week playing on the road. Carr is perfectly mediocre. We should still beat them.

  10. Fred McNeil Says:

    Yeah, I agree that JTS is much improved.

  11. Infomeplease Says:

    I’ve seen quite a few NFL games this season. Dallas has looked incredible. Of course with the ACL injury to Diggs and the hamstring issue to their center, things may regress. That said, IMHO if the Bucs play their best they can compete for a win against any NFL team. The Eagles are a good test for the Bucs! We’ll see how that goes on MNF!!

  12. Joe Says:

    I was surprised he did not mention D White.

    He may have. it’s a 26-minute podcast. Joe wasn’t going to trasncribe every word! 🙂

  13. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Love what the Bucs are becoming. I want a win super bad vs the eagles but if it’s a close game the Bucs fight hard and we come up short that’s ok. Eagles are a darn good team defending NFC champs they got ballers at every position and multi ballers at same positions. The dudes back up are starters on any other team that’s how stacked they are. Go out there Bucs and fight so hard these guys wanna quit by the 4th and never see us again. Let’s gooo

  14. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I admit I was talking smack before the season but now I love the way this team is fighting. The team we had last season was soulless and didn’t seem like they were playing for anything. I think Mayfield and Canales brought motivation and energy to this team something Bowles doesn’t have but the combination is working beautifully and they have this team ready. I know it’s only been two games but I can see that these players are oozing with confidence. Something that wasn’t there last year, the Brady affect lost its luster now it’s the Mayfield affect and for the first time in his career besides the short stint with the Rams he has excellent coaching.

  15. Sly Pirate Says:

    Beckles didn’t see the Bucs 2-0. Shocker.

    50% of Joe’s Fan base (Joe included, minus the run game) saw: Better OL, Better OC, Mobile QB, Faster Defense, Pro Bowl players at every level, and lot’s of Pass Rushers. We knew this was a better team. Beckles didn’t. Beckles, once again proves, he doesn’t know sh*t.

    Fun Fact: Beckles has never been on a winning team. College or Pros. Beckles is LITERALLY a loser.

  16. Mike C Says:

    Facts Sly

  17. D-Rome Says:

    Beckles spot on as usual. He’s right about JTS and he’s right about Wirfs. Bucs need to make sure Wirfs retires a Buccaneer no matter the cost.

  18. Richard Says:

    Why would anyone listen to what that BS he puts out? Cmon Joe….

  19. Lowest Common Denominator Says:

    Is this journalistically ethical? I’m leaning towards no unless you have some kind of agreement with Beckles. Because if you don’t you essentially just stole Beckles’ intellectual labor instead of giving a short synopsis and sending potential viewers his way.

  20. Esteban85 Says:

    Stubby little arms? Pretty sure that is an inaccurate description of Vita Vea. Coming from Beckles who is dwarfed in size compared to #50. Vea is the best 3-4 nose tackle in the league

  21. Joe Says:

    Why would anyone listen to what that BS he puts out?

    Why not? He played the game. Joe never did. Does Joe agree with everything he says? No. Beckles is far more right than wrong.

  22. Kidfloflo Says:

    Ian played his ass off on bad BUCS teams, was he all pro? No, but in the scrum, loves his city and our team, I like that he doesn’t sugar coat everything, he has great knowledge, and played against beasts back in the day when the game was much tougher! And lastly anybody who survived Perkins like 6 a days with no water breaks earns my respect