Prediction: Mike Evans Blows Up Monday Night

September 23rd, 2023

Strong performance expected by Eagles expert.

Mike Evans is going to damage the Eagles secondary.

That’s what BSPN Eagles beat writer Tim McManus senses will happen Monday night when the Bucs host the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles in prime time.

The reigning NFC champions, McManus types, already are banged up physically just two weeks into the season. Starting Eagles nickel corner Avonte Maddox is out for the year with a torn pec.

McManus feels the Bucs would be downright stupid not to exploit a reeling Philadelphia defensive backfield.

Bold prediction: Mike Evans will find the end zone twice. He is coming off a monster six-catch, 171-yard performance against the Bears, and now faces a banged-up Eagles secondary that just lost slot corner Avonte Maddox for the year with a torn pec. Mario Goodrich got his first action as a pro in his place. It’s a safe bet the Bucs will line Evans up inside to try to take advantage of Maddox’s absence.

Evans is hot as a firecracker. He is nearly 25 percent of the way to hit 1,000 yards (again) for the season. In fact, Evans is off to his best two-game start to a season.

Yeah, at 30.

If the Eagles are that hurt in the secondary, it shouldn’t be just Evans who has a big night. Go ahead and focus on No. 13. That way No. 14 will feast (and beast) as well.

44 Responses to “Prediction: Mike Evans Blows Up Monday Night”

  1. ATLBuc Says:

    And numbers 10 ans88

  2. DungyDance Says:

    Sounds similar to the circumstances heading into the Pittsburgh game last year. Eagles pass defense just about dead last in NFL too. Canales is not arrogant, inept, and unprepared like his predecessor was, so we should see this situation exploited this time. But Mayfield got somewhat lucky scrambling out of a collapsing pocket too many times last week. We’ll need to fix that in order to let the passing plays develop.

    Also I’m kind of stoked for the 7pm start. A whole lot nicer for a work night.


  3. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I don’t see anything special about Philly’s DBs. If the Eagles didn’t have the best defensive line in the league, the DB group would be less than average.

  4. MadMax Says:

    Oh yeah, NFL already on alert but about to be set on fire monday night. Im starting a new job so I’ll miss it but catch the replay when I get home. ME13 will work his mojo again with Baker, you can count on it.

    I did a 15 on 6 to get 711…fl st -2.5….colorado +21…Lions -3….Broncos +6.5….Bears +13 (KC never seems to cover the spread)….and Cowboys -12.5….and then a straight up 20 on my Bucs with a friend. We shall see.

  5. Oddball Says:

    Let’s face it our record in prime time games ain’t the best. We need to be doing it better and cleaner than the other guy.

  6. Boss Says:

    They did not really attack a weak bears secondary. I see no reason why they adjust this time. As long as BM does not lock into ME and try and force something I think we will do fine. ME is not really a slot guy. I think trey has a big night. I see him taking one to the house.

  7. Lt. Dan Says:

    Although he hasn’t done much yet this year I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Play Trey gets most of the slot receiver snaps.

  8. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Pay Mike

  9. garro Says:

    I’m sure Canales is licking his chops. thinking of ways to exploit them, and how to keep Baker upright in order to do it. Moving him around is what I expect. Some bootlegs etc. Keep Philly guessing and gassed.

    Go Bucs!

  10. A Bucs Fan Says:

    He’s going to be doubled all game. Could be a big night for Trey, CG, or the real dark horse is Cade Otton because the eagles linebackers cannot cover and he went back to wearing no gloves which worked for him all throughout college. If I remember correctly he went 6 for 6 last week without them too.

  11. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Jerry Rice getting 1200 yards at 40 is physically much MUCH more impressive than anything Brady did in his 40’s. You have to be infinitely more fit, and still need to possess the requisite speed to create separation and get open. And he got hit much more. This was also accomplished when much more physicality was allowed and training camps were actual training camps. I know, neither here nor there to article, but it somewhat triggered me when I read: “and he’s 30.” No reason Evans can’t go another 5-6 yrs at 80-90% of his physical peak with the nutrition and less work load of todays players

  12. adam from ny Says:

    right now evans is to the bucs as the bucs are to the nfl…

    he def had a huuuge game last sunday, so his stats are blazing rn…

    the bucs are 2-0, so with a big potential win vs philly they could be the sleeper kangs of the nfl by tuesday morning…

    well……if evans has another huuuuge game, we will beat philly…we need about 27 points to win monday…and if mike is partly responsible in 14 of those points with 2 tds, i think we def squeak out another td and 2 fields goals to bump it up to a 27-23 victory in a hard fought battle…

    how lovely would it be if baker and mike put up another 150 and 2 tds together…

    i’m kinda thinking you’re gonna get a little more godwin this monday, yardage wise…

    and you gotta realize mike had just shy of 110 of those yards last week on 2 big catches of about 70 and 40 yards…immediately creating a mega-game on the stat sheet…

    then his other 4 grabs averaged out to an ample 15 yards per catch…equaling a grandiose game…

    any time mike has a huge game with 2 tds in our so called run based offense, we should be able to sniff out victory because we should be able to muster up another 10-13 points from the addition of another td and a field goal or two…

    especially if our defense continues to fly around there and hold teams in check

  13. BillyBucco Says:

    ME13 wasn’t a slot guy in the past, but he has played way more slot than he ever has in the 1st two games.
    If Slay shadows Evans like he did Jefferson last week, taking Slay out of a true outside position CB would be advantageous for both spots.
    No way Mario can cover Godwin outside.
    Trey Palmer either for that matter.
    If Slay doesn’t follow Mike inside then ME13 will feast no doubt.
    Also, the way Baker is throwing the come back route, I can see an out an up working to perfection in this game.
    Baker might seriously throw 4 TDs.

  14. adam from ny Says:

    also palmer and his speed might really be the x factor for us…

    more than ME13 and CG14 are needed to pull out a win…

    can sneak have a big night ???

    or otton on some deeper routes than usual…

    somethings gotta give to beat this tough philly d

  15. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @BillyBucco – as long as he has time to throw it. That’s the big question.

  16. Infomeplease Says:

    Won’t be long now!! MNF!!!!!

  17. BillyBucco Says:

    I have a stat for you
    Through 2 games Philly has allowed almost 700 yds and 7 TDs to QBs.
    Now granted, they both threw over 40 passes but that is gonna be what it takes in this game IMO.
    What about either of the Patriots or Vikings makes you think their offensive line is elite?

  18. BillyBucco Says:

    I also have another stat for you.
    Through 2 weeks Philly leads the NFL is QB pressures and QB hits, yet they are tied for 19th in the league in sacks with only 4.
    Bucs are 5th with 8.
    Kirk Cousins got pressured bit still threw for 364.
    Baker has been lights out with his release, so I’m truly not worried about the timing.

  19. Duane Says:

    If the offensive line protects Baker Mayfield long enough for him to get the ball to Mike, yes, Mike can have a big day. The Eagles defense was very good last season in getting to the quarterback and squelching offenses, however, not so good this season to date (25th in yards allowed, tied at 18th in sacks). Two games is not much of a data set however, so we really don’t have a good idea of how the Eagles defense will do against our offense. I do believe the Bucs have a better defense than the Eagles do, but the Eagles offense (5th in points for), at least on paper, is better than the Bucs offense (16th in points for).

    Again, very small data set. This game is not destined to be as lop sided for the Eagles as so many of the experts think.

  20. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @BillyBucco – can’t speak to the Patriots at all but the Vikings oline is rated in the top 10 for pass blocking. Bucs are 27th. Baker definitely pulled a Houdini act this past Sunday with 17 pressures and no sacks (6th most pressures in NFL history). Not sure that kind of performance can be repeated consistently. Though I am optimistic.

  21. It's Corn Says:

    And Palmer. And maybe Thompkins opens up deep.

  22. Jw94buc Says:

    Joe I’ll be really let down if Evans is a no show for my fantasy league lol 😂 jkjk Go Bucs. Get it done any means necessary

  23. A Bucs Fan Says:

    6th most pressures with out a sack in NFL history**

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I REALLY want to beat the Eagles. I still have flashbacks to the Dungy years.

    That said…I’m not sure who will win this one.

    Rooting for the Bucs, of course…but this could be a dangerous game for Baker Mayfield. The Eagles are a reckless, violent team, and injury to Mayfield is a possibility. Especially with the way he runs.

    Mayfield’s second game was much better than his first game in my opinion. I still need to see him against a good team. The Eagles are better than the first to teams, but they still are not a really good team.

    Still…Mayfield can earn a few points with me by beating them because I truly can’t stand the Eagles.

  25. Brian Says:

    He SHOULD, however our o-line is outmatched against the eagles d-line. Not sure he’s gonna have time to hit on the deep routes this game.

  26. BillyBucco Says:

    Yep I agree that was Houdini like, but it could speak to a fast release. I guess it depends on what you consider a pressure? I think it has more to do with making a QB move off his spot, than calculating how long after a pass he gets hit etc. I’m hoping we get a few roughing the passer penalties without him getting mangled lol.
    I think the 4 sacks speaks to the back end not holding up, which teams so far have exploited.
    According to Lineups for instance Minnesota started at 11 and are now at 14.
    Patriots are 23 and started at 22.
    Tampa was supposedly 31 and are now 25. I think it’s kinda hard to tell so far through 2 weeks, but toed for 1st with 1 sack and toed for 1st with no turnovers makes me think they are possibly better than advertised still. Now the run blocking has surely brought there ranking down to date. I think for a 2 game period to gel, they will only move up.
    Either way, I don’t see Baker running for his life the whole game or anything.

  27. Bucbob Says:

    Brady dieting, spin moving, hammy free, YAC, GOAT inspired, Mike Evans is showing us how he “TOO” may be playing to the tender young age of 45!

  28. Joe in Michigan Says:

    But, but, but…Da Bucs Guy (aka Undercover Saints Fan) says we need to trade all of the good players before “the collapse”. Although he/she hasn’t been right on anything yet, he/she can’t ALWAYS be wrong, right?

    Oh, and some needs to do a wellness check on “Dan”, he hasn’t tried trolling today, from what I’ve seen.

  29. Duane in Sanford Says:

    2023 Mike Evans is breaking tackles. The Eagles will have to pick their poison on Monday. They will need high safeties just to make sure Evans can be brought down. We win the turnover margin again, and I think we get a statement win on Monday. I want the win against New Orleans more, but the Big Storm is flowing, and I will now ask the Football Gods for a 4-0 start. I think the beauty of this roster is that there are a few playmakers on both sides, and its hard to account for everyone. LFG.

  30. adam from ny Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    The Eagles are a reckless, violent team,

    agreed man….

    and also throwing the whole ronde barber shutting down the vet thing in their face that night isn’t going to make a lot of old school eagles players, staff and fans thrilled…it’s like throwing bad sh!t in their face a little…

    hopefully i’m wrong on this one

  31. adam from ny Says:

    but as long as ronde has that mcnabb voodoo doll tucked away in his sports coat, we should be good 🙂

  32. SB~LV Says:

    I am hoping Palmer has breakout game has ME &CG get the defenses best DB’s

  33. orlbucfan Says:

    Refs will be a factor in this one. BM is starting to connect with receivers like Otton. Also, don’t forget STs.

  34. NE Fan Says:

    Oral, stop with the refs. Why in God’s name would the refs be out to get the Bucs??? The Eagles are about to welcome the Bucs to the NFL.

  35. Shane Callahan Says:

    NE Fan: Get a life.

  36. Shane Callahan Says:

    I get it! NE Fan is jealous that the Bucs have Mayfield and the Pats are stuck Mac Jones…

  37. Shane Callahan Says:

    I was a die hard Marino fan back in the day, but lived in OK. The last thing I wanted was for the Dolphins to succeed after he retired because I didn’t like how that would look. NE Fan is actually a die hard Brady fan. I’ve figured out his issues. Do yourself a favor and leave this site. You’ll feel better.

  38. NE Fan Says:

    Shane I stated in a previous post I would take Baker over Jones but that could change after Monday night. FYI, Patriots beat up on the Jets.

  39. Sly Pirate Says:

    “Hot as a firecracker”


    Is that a saying? It doesn’t make sense.

  40. HC Grover Says:

    Palmer will have some big plays. Beagles are scared of Godwin and Evans.

  41. D Cone Says:

    Perhaps Canales will try to ‘Exploit’ their Rookie DT by running it up the Gut. He’s a Rookie, based on that, as far as I have seen above can be had.
    Although Eagles do have their Pro Bowl Safety and Veteran DB back from Injury their three Rookie CB’s come from Big Schools (Bama, LSU, GA) and have lined up against receivers in the League. On a short week they may have been exposed by the Vikings but they have now had a long week to prepare.
    Anyone that thinks that Eagle DB’s are a weakness and thinks an UDFA Safety on the Bucs squad is not is only looking at one side of the coin.

    This game like any other is going to be won in the Trenches.

    Don’t be Lollygagging because it could be a real Slobberknocker.

  42. Joshua porter Says:

    I don’t think the eagles believe in themselves. All of them talk about there being something missing …. bucs 28 eagles 17. Bucs keep there 17 points streak alive this week. Go bucs

  43. Old School Bucs Says:

    How can he miss with the sniper Mayfield!!! Mayfield isnt Tom Brady. Mayfield can pass!!! I suspect Mayfield and Evans hook up for a record breaking 500 yards on Monday night!!!

  44. Kidfloflo Says:

    May I ask my fellow bretheren, if the hard rock app is now taken down, and gambling not legal in Fla, how does every one get action$$ on games? Asking for a friend