Ross Tucker: Bucs Would Be Smart To Swap Mike Evans

September 5th, 2023

Future discussed.

Former NFL offensive lineman and NFL on current CBS game analyst Ross Tucker sympathizes with Bucs stud receiver Mike Evans.

Tucker, a Princeton grad who spent five seasons in the NFL, said on his podcast “The Ross Tucker Podcast,” that anyone can understand why Evans wants to get paid.

“No problem with his agent doing [lashing out last week] because Mike wants to get one more big bite at the apple before he goes into his last year [of his contract], before he potentially gets injured or his production goes down with a quarterback that’s not Tom Brady,” Tucker said.

All fair points. Especially with Evans now playing for Dave Canales, a guy who like head coach Todd Bowles wants to run the ball more and shy away from an offense that Evans has thrived in since 2016, a vertical-throwing offense.

So if you are not sold on Baker Mayfield at quarterback and believe Evans will get far less targets, then you probably think Evans’ streak of nine straight 1,000-yard seasons is about to snap.

“So it’s very understandable why he wants to get this contract,” Tucker said.

However, Tucker doesn’t think it’s so wise for the Bucs to sign Evans to a big contract. Like so many outside the Tampa Bay area, Tucker doesn’t like the Bucs’ offensive line and scratches his head as to why the Bucs didn’t upgrade the league’s worst rushing attack.

And no, Tucker is not as sold on Mayfield as Bowles.

The smart thing to do. Tucker thinks, is to trade Evans to a contender and get a decent pick or package for him.

“From the Bucs’ standpoint, does it make sense to give Mike Evans this big contract?” Tucker said. “I would argue it makes more sense to consider trading Mike Evans.”

Joe can guess one guy who might break out into cold sweats if Evans is dealt: Todd Bowles. Just like Joe banged the drum months ago that Bowles would almost assuredly going to go to war with Mayfield over Kyle Trask because Bowles needed wins, you think Bowles wants to see Evans shipped out?

Joe is sure if word gets scattered around One Buc Palace that Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is fielding calls from fellow general managers on fishing expeditions for Evans, then Bowles will have plenty to say about that.

It’s never too early to stock up on Big Storm Brewing beers, including Bromosa Tangerine IPA, as you prepare for Week 1 of the NFL season.

25 Responses to “Ross Tucker: Bucs Would Be Smart To Swap Mike Evans”

  1. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Straight up for Jonathan Taylor, why not? Good for both teams…

  2. Mike Alstott Jr. Says:


  3. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I personally as a Bucs fan don’t want to see Evans in another uniform, so in imho I think the franchise should give him the contract just because of the person and player he was for this team. Being so unselfish and Bucs first is priceless and he deserves it. I think this whole season depends on how the defense plays.

  4. Smashsquatch Says:

    Trade him if the season turns south. Keep him if we stay in the playoff picture.

  5. DS Says:

    It’s business, get the pick and secure the future

  6. Cobraboy Says:

    There is way too much future uncertainty to spend Big Bucs on an aging guy, no matter how much we love him.

    This team could have wholesale changes next season if things go south.

  7. Bucsalltheway Says:

    No no and hell no

  8. Nicky666 Says:

    Man what a bitter pill to swallow if they deal Mike – I would really like to see him finish his career with us I feel like he’s earned that – but I totally understand why you trade him now before his value decreases – just sucks because he’s the greatest offensive player in Buccaneer history – having said that I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day and GO BUCS! 🙂

  9. No mercy Says:

    Like others have said, it depends on how we look before the trade deadline. If we look like we’re contending for a top pick trade him. If we look good enough to win the division keep him. I trust Licht to find receivers in the draft if we go the Caleb Williams route

  10. zzbucs Says:

    When you are a fan, is not just salary cap, money, contrats, there is an emotional aspect on it, specially whith players you really like admire and can still produce….ME13 is the perfect example of it….

    Makes sense to trade him, if you can get a juicy trade? Of course it does,…
    Do I want ME13 to be traded? Of couse I don´t, he is my favourite Buc ever, and I am not a kid, I am 50 years old and I saw the Sapp´s Barber´s Lynch´s etc etc!!!

    Because my emotions get involved, and I don´t have a problem with it.

    The opposite comes with Devin White, If we can get something if we traded, let him go, Because I am not emotionally involved with Devin White by any means…..

  11. First Name Greatest Says:

    Do you want to sign a 31 year old (in 2024) wide receiver who is rumored to want Cooper Kupp money? Or do you want to re sign Winfield (who doesn’t have a 5th year option) and resign/extend Wirfs?

    I doubt D White will be back, and if Mayfield plays like he did in 2020 you can’t let him walk.

    The Bucs already have $20 Million wrapped up in Godwin and he is a free agent after next season, they are paying their starting CB’s both top 15 CB money, and have dead money in 2024 in Gage and Jensen who will likely never play for the team again.

    Can’t sign everyone no matter how much the fans whine

  12. Cover deuce Says:

    DK Metcalf has had zero issues getting to 1k in this offense and his avg depth of target in the same scheme was only 2 yards less than Mikes over the same period of time. Why anyone – much less you guys – keeps citing this as a reason Mike might not make it to 1k is a mystery to me bc it has no basis in reality. It’s a purely speculative point, and the only reason you guys keep repeating it is it distracts from Team Glazer mismanagement.

  13. G8tRh8r Says:

    Mike didn’t look old vs Jaelon Ramsey

  14. Blue Ridge Buc Says:

    100% agree!

    By the time the team would be ready to seriously contend – flaming out in the first round is not contending – Evans will be well into the wrong side of 30. The value is simply not there.

  15. PewterStiffArm Says:

    Just let the damn season start. I have been watching this team since 1979. I can tell if they are going to stink or if they have any type of MOJO. Mike will get his catches and yards. Canales will definitely work with his eleventh 1,000 yard season.

  16. Rick Says:

    100%… given our cap situation, if Mike Evans wants to be paid $20M+, this is the only way it can end. I do love him and think he has a reasonable chance of playing at a high level into his mid 30’s given his size and catch radius, but the draft capital for a player who is worthy of a $25M+ per year receiver contract should be impossible to pass up for a team who is years away from being a contender and who has multiple young players due for another deal who ideally could be part of the core on a future contending Bucs team.

  17. Marine Buc Says:

    Wait and see how the first half of the season goes. If the Bucs are winning then keep the team intact and hopefully win the division again. If the Bucs look bad then let the fire sale begin.

  18. Dlavid Says:

    Trade him now and get on with the draft !

  19. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Why trade a proven player for an unknown quantity? Mike Evans has delivered for the Bucs every year no matter who was throwing the ball to him. He has sacrificed for this team and these fans. Mike deserves to finish his career in Tampa, and the fans deserve to see that too. Sapp and Lynch should never have worn another uniform. Please don’t make that mistake again.

  20. Joe in Michigan Says:

    There are plenty of examples of WR’s still being good after age 30, usually the great ones are good into their mid-30’s. Mike Evans is great. Would you want to see him on another team for a draft pick that probably has a 50-50 shot of being an NFL player?

  21. BillyBucco Says:

    Please stop with ME13 deserves this or deserves that based on off the field stuff.
    This is football and it’s about projecting his worth in the future.
    What he has done before has no bearing.
    It’s not like he was the CEO of Microsoft.
    He will decline eventually and just like the Vegas oddsmakers on this team, they BELIEVE it will ne sooner rather than later.
    Plus, isn’t Kupp injured?
    Amazes me how many guys sign a huge contract and then are mysteriously injured.
    I absolutely LOVE ME13, and no way do I pay him $25 million a year, right now.

  22. Divis Says:

    Keep Mike. Johnny Wilson to the Bucs.

    *Play Season with Mike, retain him with agreed deal. Pick up Wilson in 2024 Draft. Have him learn under Mike (same skillset). Mike hangs em’ up as a Buc and his legacy continues on through a Rookie he directly mentored (more so than receivers under 6’5). Of course this is if Bucs QBs can prove to at least win Division.

    Mike retires a Buc, and Bucs receive 6’7 M1K3 replacement. Fire Them Cannons.

  23. Dave Pear Says:

    This is why Ross Tucker yacks about the situations he doesn’t understand, versus coaching the situations he doesn’t understand (like Bowles).

  24. Herbiebuc Says:

    Nobody before the season was talking about evans falling off and not being his usual self. So why now!? everybody wants to trade him I don’t get that logic WE ARE NOT REBUILDING‼️‼️ WE LOST ONE IMPORTANT PLAYER From last year AND HIS NAME WAS SEAN MURPHEY BUNTING 🙃 we also lost a QB that was a detriment more than a benefit. We gained youth at the right spot and a new offensive coordinator that believes in the run game ! Our defense could be scary hood if JTS can finish a sack! The anals that want mike evans to be traded are the same people who underrate him every year. Don’t fall for the hype !! This is a 10 win team on thier way to 3 consecutive division titles ! Mike will resign this offseason after going off for another 1000 MARK MY WORDS @JOE

  25. garro Says:

    Wow Tucker strikes again!

    He needs to stick to breaking down film.

    Go Bucs!