Peter King Triples Down On Bucs-Will-Suck Call

September 2nd, 2023

Jason Licht weighs in on NFL super insider Peter King.

It seems Buccaneers fans got to renowned NBC Sports super insider Peter King, so much so that he said of fans complaining about him picking teams to stink, “It drives me crazy.”

After the NFL Draft, King released his power rankings and put the Bucs at No. 31 overall. The backlash came and King responded in his weekly column.

This week, King responded to the Mike Evans contract situation and rolled that into his pick of the Bucs being awful — one from which he won’t back off.

“I gotta lotta guff in the offseason and when I rated the Bucs 31st on the list,” King said. “I don’t know if they’ll 31st, but they’re not going to be ninth. They’re not going to be 16th.”

King continued and his frustration with fans was evident. “Everybody is not going 11-6.”

Joe finds it comical how King is so sure the Bucs won’t be the 16th-best team in the NFL. For those wondering, King is on the Falcons bandwagon this season after picking the slimy Saints to be the No. 1 seed in the NFC last season (with Jameis Winston at quarterback).

Bucs general manager Jason Licht might have said it best on SiriusXM NFL Radio last month.

“You know what, I want everybody to keep thinking we’re the 30th best team,” Licht said. “Peter King can keep saying that. I don’t care.”

37 Responses to “Peter King Triples Down On Bucs-Will-Suck Call”

  1. ATLBuc Says:

    He’s always wrong. What’s the big deal?

  2. unbelievable Says:

    lol exactly. The vast majority of these guys are COMPLETELY wrong with well over half their predictions every season.

  3. unbelievable Says:

    Being a good journalist does not make one a good psychic.

  4. Pryda…sec147 Says:


  5. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Good journalist? Hahahahaha!

    This dumbfounded dipsh it is wrong more than he is right. We’ll see, I’m of the opinion that the Bucs have talent and players that won’t QUIT, unlike some of their “fans” (HC Grover, DS, etc.).

  6. NCBucfan Says:

    What a dumb a$$!

  7. Pewter Power Says:

    The problem with Peter king and the big mouth analyst and writers outside of Tampa is the selective amnesia, they’ll never go on record saying oops I don’t know about football as you think I do

  8. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Who is Peter King?

  9. All_da_way Says:

    I mean if the Bucs starters are injured this team can easily be picking in the top ten.

    But if the starters for the Bucs stay healthy they can easily be a middle of the pack team.

  10. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    The fact that this guy is well paid to do what he does is a shining example of what is wrong with mankind.

    Self-absorbed, know-it-all, elitist jackass

  11. Sly Pirate Says:

    Does he come out and admit he was wrong … when he’s wrong? Never gonna happen.

  12. BillyBucco Says:

    Dude thinks he is Martin Luther King or something

  13. Capt2fish Says:

    Peter King is the guy who got Bernie Kosar fired from doing color for browns pre season games on local TV. Bernie was being critical of the St Louis Rams reciever corps coached by Jeff Fisher at that time. King and fisher are buds so King went on a crusade to have bernie fired and he was. Btw- bernie for all of his post nfl trials and tribulations is a pretty good analyst and was spot on with his criticism. Yeah- King is about as objective of a journalist as Rachel maddow. What a hack.

  14. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    Has Peter king ever liked the Bucs? What an idiot. Just goes for the captain obvious teams. No skill to seek a true winner. That being said we maybe win 7 games. Go Bucs!

  15. HC Grover Says:

    Super Bowles going for a perfect season with shorty Mayfield as his field general. Just glad the season is here win or lose. I am ready for football season.

  16. Nick2 Says:

    I think if King picks against us it’s a positive sign. He’s definitely not psychic.Jameis lol

  17. Jack Clark Says:

    “Joe finds it comical how King is so sure the Bucs won’t be the 16th-best team in the NFL. ”

    The only thing comical is thinking we will be the 16th best team with Baker Mayfield’s sorry as

  18. Herbiebuc Says:

    This could be a blessing in disguise for THIS season. If mike is looking for a 25+ mill/yr contract he’s gonna have to show the Bucs and the nfl world that he hasn’t lost a step. so that means he should have a helluva season which could only mean that the Bucs are doing ok 👍🏿 and then we pray he forgives us and take 18mill/yr in the offseason 🙏🏿 i really don’t wanna see mike in a different uniform. He’s the only player I can brag to my friends that hate on my Bucs 🥹

  19. No mercy Says:

    I stopped listening to him after he pounded the desk for people to draft Romeo Doubs in fantasy football last year, who didn’t do Jack sh!t. That’s when I realized Peter King is just another one of those guys who gives his opinions without any actual football knowledge

  20. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Pretty sure every Bucs take from this guy is negative. He hi cares what he thinks or any other hater says. Let me hate. Like what Carlton says we gone wreck 💩 lol let’s go Bucs

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Could be the worst team in the division. Don’t know. But first half dozen games should tell us how good or bad this team really is.

  22. Everything is just horrble! Says:

    8 more days

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    USF rushed for over 370 yards today, and lost by 17.

    Chicago lead the NFL in rushing, and had the #1 pick in the draft.

    Bowles thinks you win by running the ball, like it’s 1965.

    Even a woke warrior piece of garbage like King can figure out how this ends.

  24. Obvious Says:

    King has one of “those” faces. It’s just “So Punchable”…. 💥💥💥💯

  25. Pewter Power Says:

    The crazy part is the number of fans treating Mike like he’s Will Smith and slapped the hell out of the Glazers. Everybody all offseason talking about how many more years he could get his 1000k no matter who was quarterback. Now it’s actually Bucs fans treating him like the number 30 means something significant. He has enough value to make y’all think he can get you a high draft pick. Fools this man hasn’t given anyone a reason to think he can’t be productive on a 3 year deal.

  26. Winny Testaverde Says:

    I prefer when Joe uses the pic of King with the Ogilvie Home Perm and Coke bottle bottom glasses…but I digress. As painful as this left of Lenin wing nut is…he has unbelievable access to NFL movers & shakers. He’s never liked the Bucs much…and in turn we don’t like him much either.

  27. Jason m Says:

    F*** Peter King

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    4-13 and let’s hope if it gets really bad…then they lose more, to move up in the draft.

    Go Bucs !!! Yipee!!!

  29. tbc 1 Says:

    team looked good in pre season and no reason to think they suck and go last and get a number one pick in the draft. as a season ticket holder if they dump games and trade away Evans and or Godwin this will be my last year of buying a ticket. Everyone thinks Bradys exit is the end all but last year the buccs would have been so much better if they let him walk. They have there number one quarter back right now and many of you will not give him a chance.

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod Munch … ‘Bowles thinks you win by running the ball, like it’s 1965.’

    False narrative Rod and you know that. You try to make it sound like Bowles intends to mandate that we run the majority of the time. There’s ZERO indication that’s the case.

    Check his run-pass ratios as a head coach:

    o 2015 (Jets): 448 rushes in 1074 plays (41.7%)
    o 2016 (Jets): 418 rushes in 1003 plays (41.7%)
    o 2017 (Jets): 427 rushes in 984 plays (43.4%)
    o 2018 (Jets): 410 rushes in 971 plays (42.2%)
    o 2022 (Bucs): 386 rushes in 1159 plays (33.3%)

    Bowles’ teams average run-pass was 40.3% … his teams ran on an average of only 40% of their plays over a 5-year period.

    Andy Reid, the great offensive-minded HC of the Chiefs, ran on an average of 38.3% of their plays over the past 5 years.

    Another offensive-minded HC, Sean McVey of the Rams, ran on an average of 41.1% of their plays over the past 5 years.

    So Bowles 40.3% run-pass percentage is pretty much in the middle between the two of those pretty good offensive-minded head coaches (after all, they did win 3 Super Bowls between them in the past 5 years). There are plenty of documented FACTS out there if you look Rod to obviate the need for you to make up your own. Saying something often enough and loud enough doesn’t make it become the truth.

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    Oh BTW Rod, USF lost to Western Kentucky because they gave up 41 points. Their defense sucked. Of course their QB throwing 15-for-34 and throwing 2 INTs didn’t help the cause any.

  32. garro Says:

    Joe why why why!
    Why do you torture us with this goof!

    Go Bucs!

  33. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Defense, Rules…. to be fair, the mentality of Todd Bowles is to take the air out of the ball. He stated this last year in the interview with Tony Dungy that was aired during the Bucs and Dallas game week 1.

    To get a very clear picture of Todd Bowles Neanderthal offensive Football vision, you need to see what the stats look like last year in the first 3 quarters before the Bucs were being forced to throw more in the 4th Qtr in so many games, literally Bowles had to be forced to change because they would be losing needed points? If this year follows the same script of neanderthal offense, Bowles will not be coach by Feb 2024.

  34. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    He’s an ass. Injuries determine your season, and the Bucs got dealt a bad hand last year. Part of being old i guess. So all those 2nd and 3rd year players got a lot of reps last year (Hainsey is a great example) and worked their asses off to go from College strong to NFL strong. Eleven wins is definitely on the table, because they have a well coached veteran defense.

  35. Ed Says:

    I wonder if Peter King picked the Rams in the Superbowl last year and the Lions to be a bottom feeder in the basement of NFC Central.

    Picking teams before the season starts is impossible because key player injuries can change the won-loss records overnight.

    How many picked the Cowboys to be a top 5 team last year. Who thought the Eagles would win 14 games.

    It isn’t a science. That’s why power rating change week to week. That is the only way to see the NFL in real time.

    Crystal balls break into worthless glass.

  36. Chris O Says:

    They’re going to suck, by week 5-6 you’ll agree

  37. Adam’s Angry Says:

    Quick Reminder: When Cadillac Williams had his breakout rookie season, he was a near-unanimous Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate. He got every first place vote except for one, which went to NE Patriots Guard Logan Mankins.

    A guard. For OROy.

    Who cast that vote?

    Peter King.