Make The Call!

September 8th, 2023

Flash poll posted at 12:14 p.m. Poll closed at 1:06 p.m.

9 Responses to “Make The Call!”

  1. Henry Says:

    Oooppps, I picked 11 or more by mistake. I thought we were talking about the Detroit Lions.

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    A 52 minute poll? Geez – Joe pullin the ‘ol quick in and out….
    9 or 10 wins!

    Joe likes the quick snapshot, rather than giving more opportunity for a few lunatics to vote on a work terminal, their phone, and then a home computer — or for a Buccaneers’ IT guy to find a hack, or for a team official to send out a group text. –Joe

  3. D-Rome Says:


  4. Tye Says:

    It shows the hypocrisy in the NFL that with all the good weapons on the Bucs, ‘experts’ say they will lose because of Baker BUT the Falcons will win even if Ridder isn’t great….

    (2 wins) Bucs sweep Falcons – Falcons decent defense, questionable qb, good rb but iffy o-line, 1 good receiver…
    (2 wins) Bucs sweep Panthers – no o-line, no weapons, defense is ok… QB rookie
    (1 win) Split with Saints – Both teams have a LOT in common this season

    (3 wins) Should win against the Bears; Texans; Colts…

    (Iffy) Vikings; Titans; Packers, Jags… {Should win at least 1 or 2 of those}
    (Loses) Eagles; Lions; Bills; 49ers…

    8-10 wins IF there is NO significant injuries!

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Over half the people here think this is a winning team? LOL!

    I hope you dummies are right.

    But you’re not.

  6. go dawgs Says:

    i love the bucs and have for 35 years. but the 160 something rubes that selected 9 or 10 wins arent paying attention. This is going to be a disaster! Canales can be hyped up and positive all he wants… Wait until week 8 when teams start seeing his tendencies, that’s when we will see his merit.
    young team, young oc, recipe for disaster.

  7. Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:

    Munch says: Over half the people here think this is a winning team? LOL!
    I hope you dummies are right. But you’re not.

    Based on this poll, more people think it’s not going to be a winning season. But at least you got to call people “dummies” in one of your many, many, posts of the day.

  8. Tye Says:

    Bucs an Average team more so because of the teams they play are mostly mediocre, much like the division… IF anything, It’s Todd Bowels that is the boulder that could sink this team…

  9. OilfieldTrash Says:

    For the record I picked 11+ wins. This team underachieved last year and I think Mayfield is going to be a problem for defenders.