Luke Goedeke On How To Battle Deep Eagles Defensive Front

September 25th, 2023

Fighting stamina.

Joe thinks the Bucs have a much bigger obstacle in front of them tonight than what you see on paper.

Yes, the Bucs’ offensive line isn’t what it was two or three years ago. But it’s better than what so many of the foot-stompers hollered about this summer, and some continue to do so.

However, the Eagles’ defensive front is excellent. And just as important, it’s deep. Very deep. So the Eagles will substitute in waves to spread out the snaps and try to keep guys fresh.

Bucs right tackle Luke Goedeke and the rest of the line will play every snap, barring injury. So Joe asked Goedeke how the line can combat not just good defensive players of the Eagles, but fresher players..

Goedeke said it’s a matter of preparation and trust. The key is learning the moves of the Eagles’ defensive linemen and remembering them like the back of your hand.

“Take the moves that you are [likely] going to get and have the scout teams guys replicate them for you,” Goedeke said of preparation.

Trust is also involved.

“We have a great gameplan against them,” Goedeke said. “So you have to trust that and play freely.”

Trust comes with confidence. If the Bucs are able to get up early on the Eagles and move the ball, trust will deepen.

20 Responses to “Luke Goedeke On How To Battle Deep Eagles Defensive Front”

  1. Bojim Says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Boss Says:

    if they pound the igles like miami did the broncos, then i will be a believer

  3. Georgia Redneck Says:

    Tonight’s game is not the losers of the last two weeks. Philly is real. Wish the Buc”s a lot of luck.

  4. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Good God, Iggles barely scraped past a 1-2 Patriots team and beat the Vikes at home with the same point differential as the Bucs. Granted De’Andre Swift looked like superman against Minnie but he’s hit and miss. Pro tip, theres a reason the Lions moved on. TB has a good team and can match up with the Iggles. These guys aren’t unbeatable

  5. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Lots and Lots of Roll Outs and Runs that involve Pulling and Movement. Do as little as possible that has them going strength against strength. Easier to catch your breath between drives than recovering from exhaustion.

  6. BucU Says:

    The media is gloom and doom. It’s what they do.

  7. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Look, before the season started ,no one thought the Bucs would be 2-0 at this point. The Bucs are playing OK and slowly improving. Bucs don’t have to win tonight for me to believe anything other than things are getting better. Just play hard and don’t totally collapse. Improve our play every week and the wins will come. Shet Happens, Ask Cardinals, ask Dallas about over confidence.

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    Go donkey go!

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘If the Bucs are able to get up early on the Eagles, trust will deepen because they will have the confidence they can move the ball on Philadelphia.’

    Yup, there’s the bottom line. Get ahead of them early, make them play catch-up (typically by passing more), use our run game more to control the clock … piece of cake. We got this, providing we can get off to a fast start and keep the pressure on (can’t go turtle on Philly). Might be easier said than done though, since they’re averaging 30 PPG & we’re averaging about a TD per game less than that.

    Both teams have built strong trenches, on offense AND defense. Eagles are more experienced than we are in the trenches, but I still think we match up with them there quite favorably (we just need a bit more seasoning). I think it’ll come down to which defense can bring the most pressure & force the other guy to make a mistake or two. Bucs win 24-20.

  10. Marine Buc Says:

    If the Texans can whip Jacksonville on the road and the Cardinals can whip Dallas the Bucs can beat the Eagles tonight…

    Bucs need to win the time of possession and turnover battle. No missed field goals and a few big plays from our passing game.

    Go Bucs !!!!

  11. 1#bucsfan Says:

    That’s what is great about the NFL it’s unpredictable. Everyone said the Bucs were going to lose. Everyone thought Dallas was going to beat AZ. Philly is a good team and if we keep it close or win then we will should be looking at a good season. Like someone else comments I just want to see improvements made each week. The in game adjustments have already bin better than last year. JL makin the Bucs great again lol

  12. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Will there be more Eagle fans than Bucs fans at RayJay?

  13. Lord Cornelius Says:


  14. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    This is a very high bar!

    Boss Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 11:57 am
    if they pound the igles like miami did the broncos, then i will be a believer

  15. SlyPirate Says:

    Mauch and Goedeke are about to get an education.


    If the Bucs can prevail (and I think we will) they pass the test. Time to start talking about much bigger things.

  16. orlbucfan Says:

    Weather could turn into a factor. I think we have the advantage on ST. But, no way would I bet $$ on this one. Go Bucs!!

  17. BucU Says:

    I can’t stop thinking What If??? The sports world will go nuts. I’ll go nuts.

  18. captivajim Says:

    the 1st winning team we face this season–its a real test …

  19. Dave Pear Says:

    This guy scares me when he talks but not as much as he scares me when he puts his hand in the dirt. Not many make me miss Kenyatta Walker. . This guy sure does.

  20. kgh4life Says:

    Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Hope the Bucs can punch back.