Logan Hall Quietly Playing Solid Ball

September 29th, 2023

Making plays says coach.

From time to time this year, Joe has noticed defensive tackle Logan Hall making an impressive play.

Yes, that’s significant because Hall, as a rookie, was pretty much invisible. Yeah, he played but was rarely noticeable.

That has changed, if only gradually.

One play in Week 2 was Hall and Joe Tryon-Shoyinka chasing down Justin Fields and burying him just as he got to the sidelines.

The Bucs had Hall add weight in the offseason and basically have Hall playing Will Gholston’s former role as a run-stuffing tackle/end.

So far, Hall’s position coach Kacy Rodgers is content.

“We were talking about him the other day – we see him taking the steps in the right direction,” Rodgers said. “I really do. Me, coaching him, personally, when I sit there and watch him do some things, I wouldn’t have expected him to do at this stage.

“He’s taking steps in the right direction.”

How confident is Rodgers? He said he doesn’t fear putting Hall on the field at any point in a game.

“We have no problem putting Logan out there and we expect him to make plays when they’re there,” Rodgers said. “I can’t sit there and say he should have made this one or that one.

“A couple of them, I would have thought he should have made, but otherwise he’s doing everything we ask of him.”

Progress is better than regression and at least through three games, Joe has noticed Hall on the field — and by that Joe means seeing Hall do something positive to affect games.

22 Responses to “Logan Hall Quietly Playing Solid Ball”

  1. stpetebucfan Says:

    I think it’s tough for all of us to realize what a different team this years Buc’s have become. Still have many great vets and SB winners but not in the numbers of the Brady years which featured a veteran experienced group.

    The Bucs are depending on a lot of guys maturing and figuring things out and not just the raw rookies but some 2nd and even 3rd year guys who hopefully get a chance to find themselves this season and prove their worth.

    I’m very hopeful about the raw meat rookies, some of the other guys IMHO the verdict is still out.

  2. Steven007 Says:

    Hall is trending up but don’t tell the naysayers. They expect a player picked at the very end of round one, essentially a high second round pick to channel Mr. Munch, to play like an All pro from the start. Clearly that hasn’t happened but even I have noticed him playing more solid ball. He’s trending up which is better than trending down. Hopefully that continues.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It would be good to get something out of at least 1 of our last 3 top picks.

    JTS, Hall, Kancey…..not much from them thus far.

  4. RagingBrisket Says:

    So quiet in fact that you cannot detect him making any plays at all. Very stealth!

  5. DS Says:

    Hall been playing good ball, he won’t be a dominant guy but a solid 4-5 sack guy and good against the run

  6. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Takes some time to develop. He’s moving in the right direction. We all know or the smart fans know that Dline guys don’t make a huge impact in their rookie year. He will be a will golston type. Steady Eddie.

  7. Mike Says:

    He’s been compared to the guy he replaced in Gholston and he seems to be following on in that trajectory. Maybe he will be better with more development but I think the Bucs would be fine if he ends up being another Gholston. Solid and reliable.

  8. Suggiefresh Says:

    People complaining about him should realize that he is at least getting reps and learning, and doesn’t seem to be as fragile as those highly touted Pitt boys. Exactly how many snaps have we gotten out of Dennis and Kancey this season. Meanwhile D White is out there making plays with a pulled groin, smh

  9. BucU Says:

    Hilarious article. Lol. That’s the best we can come up with….Progress is better than regression. Well there’s a hot take for ya.

  10. Thunder Says:

    The Bucs should know if Chancey doesn’t play this week.
    He probably has an Achilles problem, not a calf.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    A ‘tweener when we drafted him. He was indeed invisible.
    He put on the muscle, and is making some plays.
    Bravo Mr.Hall. Im hoping you keep improving.

  12. Brandon Says:

    Don’t say this to the extremely low IQ fans that read JoeBucsFan. They think Hall is garbage, they won’t be able to accept that a 2nd year DL is coming along. They think he should be cut immediately because there are better DL wandering the streets as free agents that would be immediate and vastly superior upgrades. We truly have the dumbest fans in the NFL.

  13. Brandon Says:

    Thunder Says:
    September 29th, 2023 at 10:53 am
    The Bucs should know if Chancey doesn’t play this week.
    He probably has an Achilles problem, not a calf.

    Thanks for the insight, Dr Know-nothing. I’m pretty sure that even though the two parts are located in close proximity that being able to determine the difference between an Achilles issue and a calf isn’t that difficult. BTW, if it was his Achilles, he would have been shut down when he hurt it and wouldn’t have been seen on opening day… but hey, you’re a board certified doc and i’ve just been studying and training in sports performance my entire adult life so you probably know way more than I.

  14. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I’m happy Hall is progressing. I hope he develops into an all pro considering he probably ended the career of one of the best centers in football.

  15. Sly Pirate Says:

    I’m amused by “fans” that hate Hall but love Gholston. Look at Gholston’s year over year stats sometime and then come back and tell us how bad Hall is in year 2.

    Hall was the best DL in game one. JTS was the best OLB in games 2 and 3. That’s real. Don’t believe one clip and one bad play in a game not one defender played well in. In fact, Hall and JTS recorded more positive plays against Philly than the rest of the DL and OLB combined. But who cares these two lived at OneBuc all offseason and dedicated themselves to becoming better? Let’s just hate them because of last season. Darn reality! It’s so dumb.

  16. RGA Says:

    Did JTS have a tackle against Philly? He seemed like a fall on the pile guy.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    But the people in the comments here told me he’s a bust, he’s awful, he’s getting outplayed by our 4th string UDFA DT.

    I mean sure, this coach says that, Sapp says the same thing, but I’m pretty sure the commenters here saying ‘he sucks’ know more than them.

  18. Obvious Says:

    Hall’s even playing good ball BUT… He’s not playing 1st Round pick Bad Arse type of ball. See, THAT’S the complaint. I feel like he’s playing 3rd or 4th round pick type of ball.

    I still feel, heck I KNOW Licht IS the est GM we’ve ever had but he has been wanking on a couple of 1st rounders. The jury is still out on Kancey and the SAME is being said of him that was said of Vea because like Vea, Kancey has had a LOUSY start just like Vea did BUT I do believe that Kancey IS GOING TO BE A SUPER STAR 🌟 I really do. I hope to buy his jersey one day type of star.

    Back to Lichts drafts, giving g him a pass on Tryon because of COVID and very little info to go on for almost All of the draft picks. Hall however, I don’t seem to have patience with. I’m just not feeling him… And I feel like Kanceys NO Show status is killing Lichts rep. Honestly, 21 and 22’s picks lack the weight that a first should be sporting.

    Licht Really Needs Kancey to be the “Real Deal” or his record starts to really slip… Ultimately 2 out of 3 ~ 21/22 1st rounders…. Not so great…

    In fact I almost wish someone would slap Tryon around to toughen up his soft arse! I kinda DO wish they would bench him for a game or 2 and put YaYa in there to embarrass him (wake him up) so that he can start playing with a chip on his shoulder. Maybe just keep his soft arse on the bench if Ya Ya is the real deal… Ya Ya is hard and THAT’S WHAT A DEFENSIVE END HAS TO BE!

  19. Scott Says:

    Dude he’s literally rated as one of the worst DTs by pff. Since he has been in teams are running all over us

  20. geno711 Says:

    It is so funny about the PFF takes. Do we really think there is a guy looking JUST at his film all day long and giving accurate assessments without out even knowing the defensive assignments.

    I really do not understand the joebucsfans commentors that do not use the eyeball test at all. If you are an actual buc fan and take time to look at the players you can tell that Hall, JTS, and Goedecke are better this year.

    Hainsey, not so much.

  21. unbelievable Says:

    Hall def has improved. Hope it continues.

    That said- he was a 1st rounder (or very 1st pick of 2nd round?), so, we should expect a little more than Will Gholston level of play, IMO.

  22. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    1st round, 2nd, 3rd whatever. They all come into the league raw and it’s a rarity to see a guy like Micah Parsons light it up from the jump.

    Hall’s extra weight seems to have him playing stronger and angrier. Another year of gaining experience seems to have also made him smarter. Also, it’s harder for these young guys to tune out the “noise” on social media and elsewhere so I’m sure he’s well aware of the criticisms and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

    I definitely see progress as he’s not being manhandled at the l.o.s. like last year. First you get schooled by veteran o-linemen, then you hold your own. Then you dominate. He’s definitely holding his own at this point and showing flashes. If he ends up being “Will Gholston good” rather than “Aaron Donald good”, I think we can live with that.