“It’ll Definitely Grow”

September 10th, 2023

Postgame Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield is on pace for 34 touchdowns and 0 interceptions this season, but he’s keeping today’s thrilling win against the Vikings in perspective.

There is no overreaction Monday coming from Mayfield. He was a humble guy following the win.

Mayfield noted multiple times that the Bucs offense struggled and that it didn’t look quite like the team had envisioned.

“It’ll definitely grow,” Mayfield said of the offense, noting how tough it is to face a Brian Flores defense.

“Every we checked. They would. So that’s kind of the story of what you saw in the first half,” Mayfield added.

“[Flores] is a defensive mastermind. So it was a good test for us for our first match. We’re going to grow. We’re going to get better. Offensively, we have a long way to go. But we’ll take all the wins we can get. It’s extremely hard in this league.”

Joe thought the offense, overall, looked rather solid considering Dave Canales was in his first game calling plays and the Bucs were playing in such a hostile, loud environment. It wasn’t pretty, but it certainly wasn’t sloppy and good adjustments were made.

36 Responses to ““It’ll Definitely Grow””

  1. Cannon Says:

    The play calling was certainly more creative than anything we saw last year.

  2. Buddha Says:

    That opening drive of the third quarter was a doozy. Over 9 minutes of possession. The Vikings looked like they were gassed in the fourth quarter. Got to really like Baker’s humility. That run for the first down and the pass to Godwin on 4th down with the game on the line–those were clutch. No, it was not a 5-star performance, but it provides momentum and gives confidence.

  3. CyberDilemma Says:

    There were actually very few dumb, drive-killing penalties like last season. Much better discipline. The pass interference call on Izien I thought was rather nitpicky on the officials.

  4. Bojim Says:

    Get the stupid out now, then go kick butt.

  5. Dreday Says:

    A mobile QB will make a huge difference this season

  6. J Dubb Says:

    Given that this was Canales first kick at the can and seeing the adjustments made for the second half, I feel pretty good about him. Throw in the TD that we should have had with Kieft if Baker didn’t throw it too high and the Evans drop that would have been a TDand I can say decent about the game he called.

  7. Since76 Says:

    Not a glowing performance but he showed some grit. I think the receivers owe him some drinks for a few drops. The starters needed more playing time in preseason and it shows. That goes for ME too. Good job on the win what a nail biter.

  8. Woodenman Says:

    Where’s Wyoming Joe at ? Baker did not play great but he did not blow it either. Good for him .

  9. monk Says:

    Glad we won….gritty effort. The OL looked weak, giving Baker fits. Perhaps a few screen plays rather than none would help keep pressure off of Baker. I love his energy and “moxie” ….he just needs more protection with play action and screens to back the defense off. But, it’s a win and I’m happy.

  10. Since76 Says:

    Oh…. I do like the occasional shots downfield to keep them honest.

  11. Smoothbayrider Says:

    Mayfield performed his job satisfactorily today. That’s all you can ask of a guy. This team is going to be much better than the perplexperts were predicting.

  12. stpetebucfan Says:


    I take your point the first half…he was clearly struggling. But in the 2nd half he played great!

  13. Cobraboy Says:

    “Game manager.”


  14. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Love how all the Baker haters first reaction is he just played “average”…lmao such haters.

    Meanwhile take a look around the league it’s game 1 and every QB looks rusty…..face the facts, Baker played excellent in the 2d half and came out with the win, all you can ask for.

    The amount of times fans were calling for Baker to be benched for Trask in the *1st quarter* of the season was DISGUSTING. Glad he proved the haters wrong.

  15. No Mercy Says:

    Baker comeback SZN in full effect

  16. RGA Says:

    Let’s not get carried away, Mayfield averaged a paltry 5.1 yards an attempt, that’s will be down at the bottom of all QB’s this week and he is throwing against the 28th ranked defense from last season. The Bucs will take the win, the QB play needs to improve if they plan on making the playoffs.

  17. SlyPirate Says:

    Terrible start but finished well. I think Trask would have made more throws.

  18. Lakeland Steve Says:

    A win is a win no matter how you get it.

  19. Call the Salt Truck Says:

    Mayfield did pretty well, IMO, especially considering his receivers had 6 straight-up drops on the day, including Evans with 2. The list of QBs he smoked today includes Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and Deshawn Watson. All of whom cost ten times what he does.

  20. steele Says:

    A win is a win. A win on week 1 is nice, since openers are often weird (upsets etc.) and bad forecasters. Bottom line, some positives, some negatives, move on.

  21. Eric Says:

    Baker was a bit nervous at the beginning, but settled down and was clutch at the end.

    The run for the first and pass to Godwin on 4th were excellent.

    With a whole new team and offense I would give the man a A grade. Along with our much maligned head coach.

    Let’s stack some wins.

  22. Frank Pillow Says:

    Joe, I’m not going to put a damper on a HUGE win…but the 1st half offense looked like it was Mike Shula all over again. Not to mention R.White looked like he was blindfolded and running in cement shoes. Abysmally bad performance by RB1.

  23. Jonbucfan Says:

    Trask would have crumbled under that pressure! Mayfield had a defender in his grill all day long. I give props for some of those plays Mayfiekd extended with his athleticism. Let it go! Trask is where he belongs…on the pine!

  24. Oneilbuc Says:

    Jon. Baker Mayfield didn’t play all that good bro so let’s not act like he just balled out . Trask would have completed that pass to Keif for a touchdown . And plus Chris Godwin was wide open and I believe Trask would have thrown the ball to Godwin and it wouldn’t have been a 4th down. But at same time Baker played good enough to help the team win so why not just enjoy the victory. Man this fan base just can’t come together even when we win !! Oh and to all you tankers look how all of those rookie quarterbacks played today ? And look how good Brock Purity played we don’t have to draft a quarterback in the first round next year.

  25. Coburn Says:

    Missed some easy ones early but after the hurry up was better. Loved the toughness he showed putting his body in the line but worry about injury. At some point we will have to hope TE can get more involved. Def not our strength but will need to still work them in more

  26. Ed Says:

    David, White and Winfield balled out today. They were spectacular.

    Rashad White was awful, hesitating and dancing. Have to replace him with the younger backs, he is too undecided where to run and looks like he has no break away burst.

    Offense will improve but this is still not a running team.

  27. D Cone Says:

    It’s a win. Bucs offense was directly responsible for 13 points. Offside on field goal gave Bucs an extra 4 and a fumble in the red zone gave Bucs another 3.

    Game easily could have went the other way.

    Without the penalty Bucs we’re 0 for 2 on TD’s in the Red Zone.

    Baker didn’t Blow but almost looked like Bledsoe on the sideline run. If someone is having pot roast with him this week they might want to tell him to be careful. No good to the team with broken ribs. That play will go a long way in the locker room though.

    Very Fortunate Outcome.

  28. Smoothbayrider Says:

    O’NeilSucks is the worst

  29. Dave Pear Says:

    Baker won that game in the 4th. He and Godwin iced it like two all pros on the 3rd and 10 at the end. And yet some are saying Trask would’ve been better. Rubbish. Sheer bollocks.

  30. ScottyMack Says:

    Funny. Check past posts and you will see that virtually all of the people that are still down on Mayfield because he played the 28th ranked defense last year and barely won are the same ones who said the Vikings would beat the Bucs in a blowout.

  31. Esteban85 Says:

    If you are going to quote dudes at least get the quote accurate.

  32. Esteban85 Says:

    From listening to Canales, he seems like a fairly intelligent dude and checks all the boxes for an offensive coordinator. I am hoping, and I know Joe hates the word “hope”, but I hope Canales is a great hire by the Licht/Bowles/GLAZER regime. Intelligence and guile is what is needed in this modern day NFL offense & I think he may have the requisite skills to excel in this league and in the world in general.

  33. Esteban85 Says:

    I love pears.
    The defense, the kicker, and the gajones of the born again head coach is what won this game. Chris and Baker merely did their jobs and sealed the deal but without the kicker and the defense we wouldn’t be in any position to seal this MFer up.


  34. Dave Pear Says:

    Right on, Esteban85!

  35. rv824 Says:

    You Baker Haters really don’t know how good he can be. Man can strait up ball and has the moxie and leadership that few QBs have. He broke the record for TDs by a rookie in only 12 games. Led the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in forever. Sure he isn’t Mahomes, but who is. He was drafted 1st for a reason. Give him time, let his confidence recover, and you wont regret it. He got a straight up raw deal playing through an injury to help his team all season long with Cleveland. Far from a game manager at his best. Go back and watch what people were saying about him in the first 3 years with Cleveland.

  36. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    I always thought Baker than what people gave him credit for. Just needed right team & right situation. I think he found it. We should also give special credit to our new PK. What a job he did. 57yd FG. WOW! where did they find him?