Ferocious Devin White

September 10th, 2023

Big day.

Hats off to Devin White, who came out swinging today in Week 1, ferocious against the run, body-slamming Kirk Cousins in the red zone and looking like the inspirational leader of a damn good defense.

That’s what it’s supposed to look like from White. He’s so freakin’ talented and Bucs fans have seen him play at a dominant level before.

Joe liked how quick White looked today, and some of his angles to the ball were quite sharp. That’s challenging after not tackling much all summer, as is typical across the NFL.

No, White’s not special in pass coverage, but he played a whale of a game, leading the Bucs in tackles (8 solo and 4 assists) and he had one tackle for loss. That was a big one in the fourth quarter after an Anthony Nelson pass rush forced quick throw from Kirk Cousins. It helped lead to a 3-and-out.

If White plays 11 or 12 more games like he did today, the Bucs (or another team) will be drooling to pay him after this season.

Keep it up, Devin!

34 Responses to “Ferocious Devin White”

  1. Austin Says:

    Playin for a contract, dudes a BEAST

  2. Jack Clark Says:

    “Hats off to Devin White, who came out swinging today in Week 1, ferocious against the run, body-slamming Kirk Cousins in the red zone and looking like the inspirational leader of a damn good defense.”

    Sounds like Devin White was right about being underpaid

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If he plays like this all season we can’t let him go….especially since this is likely LVD’s last year…..

    We continue to get production out of Anthony Nelson……

    I’m liking this Izien kid……Palmer, Thompkins & Tucker also.

  4. Bubby Says:

    I’m happy for Devin white. He’s one of our best defenders, despite the garbage you read within these comments.

  5. ModHairKen Says:

    May have been his best game as a Buccaneer.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Cousins ran into the Grizzly..

  7. No Mercy Says:

    No doubt White was lights out today. Great start to the season

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    For the love of God, rush this guy up the middle on every play.

    Yeah, he had a great game – but he should be having exceptional games and racking up sacks. That can’t happen when Bowles has him playing 8 yards deep on every snap.

    White is a true gamebreaker when he’s causing havoc, and he can’t do that sitting back in a zone defense 90% of the time.

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    RodMunch, 100% agree.

  10. D-Rok Says:

    Agree, RodMunch, and have been saying the same thing about White for the last 2 years or so.

  11. HC Grover Says:

    Busc tie with Stainks, Falcons and Panthers in last place NFC South.

  12. RagingBrisket Says:

    White showed why he can be elite. Great football player when dialed in

  13. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Where has that type of effort been from White. He put several hard hits on Viking ball carriers and their QB. Excellent game from him.

  14. Frank Pillow Says:

    Best overall game from 45 since the SB playoffs. He looked like the superstar he was meant to be.

  15. Lokog Says:

    I still couldn’t celebrate anything he did he’s rubbed me the wrong way but we won as a TEAM

  16. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Do it every game!
    Kancey reinjjured the calf, probably big mistake playing him today.

  17. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    You can’t blitz D.White every play. The purpose of the blitz is surprise and confusion, not knowing where the blitz is coming from. That’s why it works. If you blitz him every play the other team knows it coming and it’ll open up the middle of the field all day.🤦‍♂️ Coordinators know this, that’s why it doesn’t happen.

  18. 1#bucsfan Says:

    He was all over the field. Hope he keeps it up. We gunna need all hands on deck

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    Dude played like $25 million today.

  20. David Says:

    Do you want to know why he had some awesome hard hits today… angles.
    The right angle, lights out. Last year, all too often, his angles didn’t seem as good. Maybe he was a step slower so the angles were off because he looked really fast today. Keep it up.!!

    And give a shout out to the timeless LVD. He looks really fast and must’ve had 8 or 10 tackles as well. Together they were awesome patrolling the middle.

    I know some want White to blitz every 3rd down but him and LVD are really good at keeping the play underneath them and not giving up the first down on third and eight or longer.
    I do expect 6-8 sacks from him this year on blitzes though

  21. unbelievable Says:

    anyone making millions of dollars a year to play a literal game, is not underpaid.

    That said, he looked good today, and very fast as you noted Joe. Should see big things from him being in a contest year and all.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    BuccaneEric75 Says:
    September 10th, 2023 at 6:22 pm
    You can’t blitz D.White every play. The purpose of the blitz is surprise and confusion, not knowing where the blitz is coming from.


    I don’t literally mean every play – just like 90% of the plays.

    Also, I understand your point, but I disagree. Special players should be used in a special way, and White is a fantastic interior blitzer, and not only gets pressure on the QB, he blows up running games. The guy runs a 4.4 with remarkable quickness and has good pass rush moves. Literally his only weakness as a LB is that he’s not good in coverage — so there’s an easy solution for that, don’t use him in coverage.

    Again, I totally give Bowles as a pass in 2021 when he had to play a lot more zone because of all the injuries at corner, but since that happened, he’s just refused to go back to those 2020 mutli-blitz man defenses, and that’s what got the ring. If they got back to that, I think they could be elite again, and not just very good.

  23. Fansince76 Says:

    Devin had many ferocious tackles today, he was hitting Vikings very hard
    and i loved every tackle!
    Thanks Devin!

  24. Danny Husak Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, someone once wrote, “Baker has a real good record in domes” I made money. Did the “frozen-one ?” Danny Baker Buc Esq.

  25. adam from ny Says:

    seems the beast has been re-awoken…

    DW came to play like his contract papers were in his back pocket…

    he looked beastly out there

  26. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Rod, I get ya. You have to put players in a position to succeed. I thought Bowles did a great job of that today. I think blitzing White 5 or 6 times a game is good. Any more than that is predictable. You might squeeze a couple more in out of other looks like maybe a 5-2 delayed rush with Hall dropping back, depending on the offense alignment. Either way, White came to play today!

  27. go dawgs Says:

    white was pounding mfers… the hits were loud on tv!! proud of this kid. proud of izienm winfield was all over the field. Shout out to jts and Nelly!!!

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    BuccaneEric75 – Put a 0 behind the 5 or 6, and we’re in agreement.

    I’ll take predictable and effective over watching White flail around in coverage, where he’s clearly not effective at all. And I’m not a White basher in the least, I think he’s incredibly misused.

  29. Tap-Out Says:

    Win Lose or Draw ….if he produces 16 more games like this, he’s a $100 million dollar man …if not here then else where!

  30. Esteban85 Says:

    Looks like he’s due for a big year

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    The whole defense played good yesterday!!!

  32. Ben Harvey Says:

    White has the talent no doubt, keep it up this is what everyone wants to see including not blowing coverage or assignments. The Bucs will pay if the guy plays his a$$ off this year.

  33. garro Says:

    Didn’t notice any of his usual antics today. In position in the run game (mostly), made tackles, and played to the whistle. Still can’t cover worth a flip though and was part of losing his man on at least one big play. Left his man too early on a zone play.

    Go Bucs!

  34. nick houllis Says:

    KUDOS to the Joes for pointing out Whites very good game today.

    Say what you want about the Joes, but I know for a fact they ROOT for the BUCS to succeed, and they just call it the way they see it. The JOES don’t hold a grudge. They didn’t like Whites play last year, and quickly pointed out Whites good play Sunday. thank You Joes!