“It Don’t Matter Who’s Out There”

September 18th, 2023

Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson is an example of a superstar receiver who thrived with nothing-special quarterbacks throwing him the ball for a chunk of his career.

Fellow Hall of Fame pass catcher Michael Irvin is in the other camp. He wasn’t much when Troy Aikman wasn’t throwing him the rock.

Mike Evans, the greatest receiver in Bucs history, is in the special group where Johnson resides. And that was a point of emphasis for former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman today on the podcast that bears his name.

“It don’t matter who’s out there,” Sherman said of Evans’ quarterbacks through his 10 seasons.

Sherman mentioned Mike Glennon specifically, but the list includes Josh McCown, Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick among QBs that have thrown Evans a significant amount of passes. That’s quite a journeyman crew. Of course, Tom Brady came after them, but now Evans is thriving with Baker Mayfield.

If Evans can lock down 1,000 yards this season with Mayfield, that means he would have achieved that milestone in 2014 with McCown-Glennon, in 2017 and 2018 with Winston-Fitzpatrick, and with Brady.

That would be four quarterback situations in 10 years.

No, Mr. Sherman, “it don’t matter who’s out there.”

Joe sure hopes the next Evans quarterback isn’t C.J. Stroud or Kenny Pickett.

26 Responses to ““It Don’t Matter Who’s Out There””

  1. HC Grover Says:

    I saw one play he was 10 yards past the Chicomgo D but Mayfield did not see cause he was on the run.

  2. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I just hope he stays healthy. He hurt his knee against the Vikings and he looked like he was running in pain yesterday. Hope he can heal up with the extra day of rest.

    Could be another big day Monday night with a beatable eagles secondary.

  3. Boss Says:

    ME impressed me yesterday catching the ball on the run.

  4. Lokog Says:

    Who’s #18?

  5. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Pay Mike

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    Yeah Grover, he had Evans wide open, but was scrambling and didn’t see him.

  7. Boss Says:

    I think opposing defenses are losing respect for ME. why else are they letting him run free?

  8. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Running go routes at 1 o’clock in 108 degree weather takes a lot out of you. I hope they give him some extra rest this week.

  9. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    The maroons up here who constantly nit pick him for drops or he slides it no YAC or separation or he pushes or any other number of reasons they come up with to doubt him need to look at themselves in the mirror and see if they are as consistent at a high level fit as long as he’s done it and just keep their thoughts to themselves because Who’s Our Favorite Player Mr. MICHAEL EVANS!” He’s one of our greatest players ever drafted so give the man the credit he deserves loohzers

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Letting him run free”………..don’t be fooled…..Mike is sneaky fast…..has the long legs and can run like a gazalle….or is it Gi$$elle?

  11. Scott Says:

    I wonder if he has or is close to the record for most 1000 yard seasons with different QBs

  12. EternalSon Says:

    Mike looked real sort yesterday. Not used to the yac.

    Good stuff. What an incredible talent!

    Go Bucs!!!

  13. EternalSon Says:

    ..looked really spry yesterday.

  14. Leighroy Says:

    You can add Jonny Football to that list. Mike made Jonny, make no mistake about it. Somehow despite his numerous flaws, Lovie Smith deciphered that too during their visit to Texas A&M and got that decision right.

  15. SirClicksAlot Says:

    Scott, I was thinking the same thing. If Evans can do this again, it would have to be a record at this point. 5 different QBs?!? Off the top of my head, only a few names come to mind that might be close to that- Moss, TO, Tim Brown – most wideouts with 5+ years of 1,000 yards got all of them with 1 or 2 QBs at most.

  16. Fred McNeil Says:

    On that really long play he got away with a pretty good push off.

  17. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Mike had one catch early on where he fell to the ground with no one around him. I almost made a comment on the JBF game day article. Then he had the best YAC I have ever seen from him. I think he was embarrassed. Lol

  18. SlyPirate Says:

    Mike Elevates QBs
    >He won Johnny a Heisman
    >Got Winston to the Pro Bowl.
    >Got a senior citizen TB12 5K yards with Tampa

    As TB12 got comfortable, he started spreading the ball around. Evans was almost an afterthought last year. I expect/hope Baker does the same as he builds rapport with the other WR/TE.

    As much as we love and respect Evans, his time is short (2-3 years). Let’s appreciate it while it lasts.

  19. Ken Daniels Says:

    When will the Brass realize that Mike Evans DESERVES the Money & RESPECT since He IS the BEST reciever the “Yucks” Have EVER had……

  20. David Says:

    He did, but they called him for one earlier that was nonsense so it all equals out.

  21. Navfree17 Says:

    Fred McNeil: Damn man. Sound a lil butt hurt about it.

  22. stpetebucfan Says:

    Last season was perhaps the greatest threat to Mike’s 1000 yard streak.

    Yes Brady is the GOAT. Remember what that is…Greatest of All Time…not necessarily the greatest right now! In fact it’s not everyday that GOATS are even still active which is what made watching Brady special. You could watch history right in front of you.

    Having said that…last season Brady was an old over the hill GOAT like many others who preceded him from Unitas on. It’s hard for any athlete to hand them up. Brady was no more special than others who may have truly been great in their prime but waited a year or two too long to retire.

    IE ME13 played last year on a team that seemed to sleep walk through the season. Pick all the individual problems from injuries to BL to whatever…

    The leadership of this team…coaches AND Brady did not have this team fired up last season. The first two games this season have looked night and day different from last season. The fire and dare I repeat DW45…FUN has returned!

  23. J Says:

    He only needs an avg of 50 yards per game now, that could absolutely change if he’s shutout, just sayin.

  24. BucDaWorld Says:

    @SlyPirate I don’t think Mike was an afterthought, I think you lose AB & Gronk, Chris is coming off of an injury, and the run game lookng like doo doo, teams were effectively able to take Mike out of the game. The problem is Mike is that dude and was able to get open and had some one on ones, Brady was just too scared to be aggressive

  25. Irishmist Says:

    Mike seems to have mastered the Jim Brown trick of looking like he’s exhausted and can barely stand up every time he makes a catch, then running by people the next play.

  26. stpetebucfan Says:


    I grew up with the Cleveland Browns fed into my home market just like the Dolphins before the Bucs.

    Jimmy Brown is my all time favorite player. Talk about a GOAT.

    I suspect you’ve already heard this IM but Jimmy Brown was asked why he walked so slowly, looking like he had just been hurt, on virtually every run.

    His response…If he did that EVERY play the Defense wouldn’t know when he was really hurt. Jimmy Brown was about one thing…SUCCESS..which helped him later in his movie career. He no talented actor but he took that motivation and made a solid 2nd career.

    I wonder if ME13 is a bit like that?