Ira Kaufman Talks Bears Matchup, Inside Bruce Arians’ Disappearance, Unnecessary Subterfuge, On-Field Hopes & Predictions For Sunday, And More

September 15th, 2023

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26 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks Bears Matchup, Inside Bruce Arians’ Disappearance, Unnecessary Subterfuge, On-Field Hopes & Predictions For Sunday, And More”

  1. Jason m Says:

    Carlton Davis always getting hurt . Ridiculous

  2. Charles Says:

    LOL was reading a Jets forum discussion about their QB situation and came across this gem:

    “Paul azar

    Jets should try out the Democrat Party’s thousands of illegals in NYC and see if anybody can play QB.”

  3. Citrus County Says:

    Spies in Ikes office – nice Lee – you just poured a bucket of ice water on that nonsense.

  4. HC Grover Says:

    Sprined big toe.

  5. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Question on the “Chase Edmonds only had 245 yards rushing last year” statement…Is this from the same Joe that has articles about the potential of Ke’Shawn Vaughn? Vaughn only had 53 yards rushing last year, with a worse yards per carry average. I, like you, would like to see a better RB stable, so we can agree on that.

  6. Citrus County Says:

    Let’s speculate: Could Arians be in “Legacy Survival Mode” ? Why the podcasts? That appears to me to be nothing more than a defensive reaction to try and rationalize and explain away an act that he (Arians) fears is at the verge of escaping to the public at large. Remember Anthony Hopkins relieving himself on his lemon tree in the movie ” World’s Fastest Indian” ? BA is watching his reputation and coaching tree wither up. It appears to me the Glazers and Mr. Coach Triple B have aligned themselves against the Kangol Hat. I think BA’s trip to Palm Springs was for the reading of charges and a view of the gallows. In my opinion, the betrayal has ignited a fire in Bowles. The coach that won a SB just a couple of years ago has a name that seems to be unspeakable. Has anyone seen or heard from Leftnut lately?

  7. Citrus County Says:

    To entertain myself this morning I watched the movie Betrayal starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner. The betrayer was a fellow known as the “Scarf”. He was given that name because of the flamboyant scarf he wore.

  8. Joe Says:

    Why the podcasts? That appears to me to be nothing more than a defensive reaction to try and rationalize and explain away an act that he (Arians) fears is at the verge of escaping to the public at large.

    If anything Joe believes this enhances Arians’ reputation. Without his babysitter, Leftwich sucked. Arians tried to give the vibe he was a part-time coach. Remember he said Leftwich did all the game-planning? That was BS.

    The last anyone has heard of Leftwich is when he talked about how it was time for him to leave the Bucs, and when he earlier called Marcus Freeman wanting to be the OC at Notre Dame. Freeman instead tried to hire two other guys and settled on his third option.

    Currently through three games, Notre Dame averages 47 points a game.

  9. J Says:

    Citrus County. Meth capital of the world apparently.

  10. Citrus County Says:

    Why was BA emphasizing that he didn’t believe in firing coaches ? HE WASN’T the head coach, BOWLES was the coach. That implies Mr. Coach Triple B was a figure head and that Kangol still retained the power. The fish rots from the head down.

  11. Citrus County Says:

    The only way BA could have escaped this mess was to have kept his mouth shut and quietly faded away. Jason Licht has been masterful at staying out of it and so has Todd Bowles. Where are all the arrows flying ? Towards BA’s lake house in Georgia. It is only going to get better from here. Just look at any number of politicians caught in a predicament, they always sink themselves. If it was indeed a betrayal by Leftnut, there are likely others in the building that reached the same conclusion. Someone must not be under a non-disclosure. The old saying “hit dog hollers” seems to apply.

  12. Citrus County Says:

    Ira brought up something and I had speculated the same weeks ago; Where was Brady in all this ?
    Brady turned out to be a miserable co-offensive coordinator. Probably not much more than that.–Joe

  13. Citrus County Says:

    Where were the Glazers in all this ? Did they go on vacation and cede all authority to BA ? There are just too many unanswered questions.

  14. Citrus County Says:

    Hmmm…If Leftnut sabotaged the offense in a temper tantrum because he expected the HC job and BA was fully in support of that hire and expected the same, then why didn’t Kangol (the great offensive mind) recognize the sabotage and quietly intervene with game planning and put a stop to a potential disaster to each of their reputations? Was he P.O’d that Leftnut didn’t get the job? Mr. Coach Triple B doesn’t seem to have an out of control ego. It appears to me that Kangol and Leftnut do.

  15. Citrus County Says:

    I know Leftnut got turned down at Notre Dame. My question as to his whereabouts is rhetorical. If BA feels the need to defend himself, why hasn’t boy wonder been found in the media realm somewhere defending himself ? I contend that BA told him stay out of sight and that he (BA) would take care of it. Could Leftwich have a conscious and feel ashamed ?

  16. Citrus County Says:

    Kangol is trying to distance himself from his protege.

  17. Citrus County Says:

    I agree with Joe on the Brady comment.

  18. Citrus County Says:

    Joe: The insertion of your article makes a good point. You would undoubtedly know much more than I do. I know that this speculator, much to my disappointment, will never himself get to the bottom of this mess. There is just SO MUCH that makes no sense and can’t be explained but I have good intuitions with regard to patterns of human behavior. One question leads to another and there are NO answers. Yet

  19. Kaptain Morgan Says:


    Yoders down in Sarasota off Fruitville Rd.
    Great Amish food. Save room for dessert. Get the Peanut Butter pie!

  20. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Great points on Arians. It is extremely disappointing for me to come to the conclusion that BA is seemingly so delusional that he is defending Lefty, even after all the crap he saw last year. Also EXTREMELY crappy to set up Bowles for failure (although this is in hindsight). With this revelation, I’m disregarding most of what I said about Bowles last year. This is his first true year as head coach, and the Glazers should treat it as such. I officially give him a mulligan.

  21. Citrus County Says:

    Thanks Leopold. I’m glad to see some folks agreeing with my theory.

  22. Citrus County Says:

    Bruce Arians aka Kangol and Byron Leftwich aka Leftnut would have been better suited as rocket scientists.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    I’m expecting a low scoring battle that will come down to the last possession, because even though the Bears seem like a terrible team, we typically play down to poor opponents.

    And whenever both Joes and Ira think we’re going to easily beat someone- well… we almost never do lol.

  24. unbelievable Says:

    And half our secondary is injured lol

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Love Bruce Arians……Love Chucky…….won us SBs….

    Hate it that they are estranged from the Bucs.

    You would think with all BA’s friends and connections in the NFL and College he would have helped Byron get a job…..nope….no job for the dope.

  26. Citrus County Says:

    Thought I would sneak one in that no one sees; To Tampabaybucfan, the fact that the Bucs have TWO super bowl winning head coaches that are (as you say) estranged is the biggest clue of all and says EVERYTHING.