Carlton Davis Back At Practice

September 28th, 2023

Thursday injury report.

Well this is good news as the Bucs have just two more practices before playing the slimy Saints in New Orleans on Sunday.

Carlton Davis fully participated in practice today. Davis has been battling a toe injury of some sort the past two week. He missed the Bears game and the Eagles game.

The Bucs today had several players who did not participate in practice, including corner Jamel Dean (shoulder), defensive tackle Vita Vea (pec), linebacker SirVocea Dennis (hamstring), defensive tackle Calijah Kancey (calf) and corner Derrek Pitts (hamstring).

Linebacker Devin White, who was dealing with a groin injury but now has a bum foot, was limited in practice.

17 Responses to “Carlton Davis Back At Practice”

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    Hope Davis doesn’t aggravate that turf toe on the Saints crappy dome turf and have a set back…

    I kind of assumed they would hold Davis out this week and give him 2 extra full weeks (with the bye) to get as healthy as possible.

    Turf toe can be a VERY bad (and often times re-occurring) injury depending on the severity.

    Man – that must have been one hell of a hamstring injury that Sir Dennis is dealing with. He hasn’t practiced in well over a month. Sucks that White now has 2 injuries and Dennis isn’t even available to help and get valuable game reps….

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That’s good news on Davis….we can handle one of our CBs out but not both….

    Delaney & Zion are developing nicely. Izien seems to be already developed.

  3. Just Saying Says:

    Devin with a bad groin was getting isolated out wide on a wr in the eagles game with motion. Could just see them coaching us into a bad situation for White.

  4. gofortheface30 Says:

    What good is Devin White if he is going to be running 5.4 40’s, and can’t house an int return with nothing up open field ahead of him.

    Also just LOOOOVE how Tampa said they held Kancey out after 11 plays against Minnesota as a “precautionary measure” as if they are just easing him back in to things. Yeah…ok. Meanwhile 3 games later he still can’t even practice much less play. The sooner we can all accept that this is pretty much how the year is going to go, the sooner we can be at peace with it. We’re scrappy, semi talented, we will have our little 7-8 win season and then ultimately being the victim of Detroits first playoff win in 800 years in the wildcard round. But ill watch anyway in the less than 1% chance that they rediscover 2020 (devin white) go 12-5 and end up as a legitimate threat

  5. Buddha Says:

    They won’t go 12-5 unless they improve markedly. The running game should improve but I can’t see how it will improve significantly. The offensive line actually has been better than expected. The schedule-maker didn’t help, giving the eagles two extra practice days and the Saints one. Baker is the wild card. He looks and acts like a seasoned quarterback. He has been smart with the football, making only one really bad decision. The Eagles clearly were better and took advantage to of our injuries. It’s a game of inches. The Eagles converted that pass (barely) over Dean’s outstretched arms. We miss a touchdown throw that Mike usually catches. We are stuck with some very good players and some marginal starters still learning. It’s been a fun season so far. This is a motivated team and I expect them to continue to outperform expectations.

  6. 757Buc’em Says:

    Keep Davis on the sidelines for the season him and Dean and find a way to rid of them in the off-season

  7. Obvious Says:

    I’m with Go for the face concerning Kancey and the rest of the situation.

    Man the communication breakdown is REAL between the public and Bowles…
    It makes me “Dislike” him Very Very Much (Bowles).. In fact I resent him for it.

    Anyways, WHEN IS OUR GUY COMING OUT TO PLAY!???! Is he at least on the side lines during games? To be honest I wouldn’t know. I haven’t actually seen an actual game. (Looking down in shame) I’ve been working during the early games on Sunday and the late one on Monday night. And I won’t get to see the aints game either. I guess me not being able to see Mondays game, WAS A GOOD THING! But I DID hear it! And what I heard….. sort of broke my heart. I mean an intercepted ball stolen by Delaney, with an immediate fumble… Frustrating 😤

    At this point, I’m gonna skip work for the game that Kancey FINALLY gets to play.

    Kancey, where are you buddy? Come out and Play!

  8. BucU Says:

    Kancey = Russell Gage Jr. He and his Pitt buddy Dennis are completely blacked out media wise.
    What’s wrong with these 2 bums?
    They’re young men. How the hell can Kancey still be out with a calf strain? This guy has been out since training camp! Is the dude actually 43 yrs old? He’s not making many fans down here that’s for damn sure. Ridiculous.

  9. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Kancey and Sirvoccea totally wasted picks. Man up and get on the field! Ridiculous!!

  10. TonySoprano Says:

    Seriously Joes, do you have any insight on Kancey? He strained his calf on July 30. It’s 2 months later and he can’t even practice. This clearly wasn’t a precautionary measure; how serious is this reaggravation? Is he limping when you see him?

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    DVR. New tech. You can watch games after they have been played.
    And the Calijah thing seemed a little beyond obsessive.
    He’s 5’10 and 280lbs. My guess is that hes gonna spend his career on IR.
    Meybe he can move to LB

    Doubtful, but we can hope

  12. deuceswild78 Says:

    overreact much…. let me guess you gave up on Vea when he missed games his rookie season too. Beat the Aints and were 3-1 and life is good. Way more concerned with our running game than if a rookie can get on the field

  13. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    The Kancey calf issue, along with other players’ “lingering” injuries makes me wonder 2 things.

    1. Are our training staff personnel any good at their jobs?
    2. How committed are these players when it comes to sticking with rehab and treatments? Do they just show up on a trainer’s table for a shiatsu massage then head out to the clubs at night? These are young, elite athletes after all.

    It’s a head-scratcher

  14. GumboIsForWinner Says:

    I just have one ask for the Bucs.

    Stop LYING about injuries. This is clearly not a precautionary measure. Dude has been out for 2 months. For all we know his foot actually fell off and they are looking for it. But the stupid response is always the same. There is no advantage to lying. Just say what it is and move on.

  15. Thunder Says:

    If Chancy does not play this week it’s his Achilles, not his calf

  16. Joe Says:

    If Chancy does not play this week it’s his Achilles, not his calf

    Spoke with Kancey (off the record) yesterday. It’s not what you suggest. Do know Kancey is very frustrated he’s not on the field.

  17. GumboIsForWinner Says:

    Well damn Joe. Is this a coaches decision or a head trainers decision?