Are Things Finally Starting To Fall Into Place For Baker Mayfield?

September 21st, 2023


Joe has no idea why Baker Mayfield fell apart in Cleveland. Joe has no idea why a pair of teams gave up on Mayfield last year. But something is going right for the former No. 1 overall pick with the Bucs.

Is it because Mayfield is playing for a team and an organization that believes in him? A team that has his back? A team with a good defense that takes pressure off him? A team with a pair of stud wide receivers that few quarterbacks have the luxury of throwing to?

Whatever it is Mayfield is getting the job done through two games.

Former NFL offensive lineman and current NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger does a lot of All-22 film breakdowns on Twitter and this week he highlighted Mayfield.

One thing stood out to Baldinger: Mayfield already has his timing down with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Baldinger stopped the tape a couple of times to show how Mayfield already had released the ball but Evans and Godwin had yet to make their breaks.

When they did, the ball was right there for them.

Who knows if the Bucs’ carriage turns into a pumpkin Monday night? The Eagles are a real test for the Bucs’ offense and it’s remade offensive line and barely functional run game.

But if Mayfield continues to play well combined with the stingy Bucs’ defense, they could pull off an upset.

44 Responses to “Are Things Finally Starting To Fall Into Place For Baker Mayfield?”

  1. Pewter Power Says:

    I think the offense can be good against anybody but if Kancey doesn’t play, am upset will be really hard

  2. Darin Says:

    Let’s not get carried away. Without a couple ill timed Viking turnovers the jam is outa our doughnuts.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Looks like splitting reps with Trask didn’t hurt Mayfield’s timing with his receivers.

  4. adam from ny Says:

    it’s because he’s the polar opposite of tommy b, and it might be just what the team needs after the lull-full zombie fest that went on last season

  5. Pryda…sec147 Says:

    The eagles are so beatable ! We gotta play smart physical ball don’t shoot our selves in the foot

  6. Baking with Canales Says:

    Last year’s solution for this offense:

    Baking with Canales!

  7. Buc Unto Death Says:

    Fortunately, the Bucs have skilled coaches and players who watch film. There is a gameplan to beat the Eagles with our talent, including weaknesses. Looking forward to Monday’s game!

  8. SB~LV Says:

    2 dots
    15 more to go

  9. Colonel Angus Says:

    Let’s dial it back fella’s. If the Bucs didn’t score more points than the Vikings and Bears, we’d be 0-2.

  10. orlbucfan Says:

    I still don’t get why the Browns let a QB go who helped take them the playoffs??????????? Mebbe it’s me being a long-suffering Bucs fan, but I call that one STUPID! And, BM was a number 1 pick? I sure wouldn’t call him a bust like JW. BM is also getting into sync with the other receivers like Otton. Now, if he will kindly learn how to slide.

  11. BucU Says:

    Kancey is this years Russell Gage.
    Been out for over a month. Total dissapointment.
    Another brittle Buccaneer. Just what we needed.
    He’s a bum as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Bobby M. Says:

    Mayfield reminds me of Alex Smith. Everyone called him a bust despite having 3-4 different head coaches/coordinators in his first 5 yrs. He actually became very consistent with the Chiefs until Mahomes was brought in. Mayfield is capable of getting wins and playoff spots….will he carry you deep in the playoffs, probably not but step 1 of any SB quest is getting in the playoffs and I think he’s capable of doing that. As a fan, if you make the playoffs, it’s been a fun/entertaining season.

  13. Buc Unto Death Says:

    There are lots of pessimistic fans in the comments. Injuries killed last year. Regardless, that is in the past.

    This year, expectations are low. If we thrive, we may have our franchise QB. If we fall apart, we might get a good draft pick.

    Keep in mind, we have dead cap money, yet we are competitive. Next year, we have money to resign Evans IF we are doing great and he wants to stay.

    Plenty to look forward to. Negative NayBobs need more medication.

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    What QB hasn’t fallen apart in Cleveland lol?

  15. Pewter Power Says:

    Kancey is this year’s Russell gage really!! Vita Vea didn’t start day one either

  16. #99 the big fella Says:

    Darin, Did you forget to change your diaper today? you sound a little pissy

  17. lambchop Says:

    I don’t think Jalen Hurts is playing up to last year’s level just yet. I saw somewhere that through two games his ranking among QBs isn’t that great. It’s a consolation as he is due for a breakout. He will light us up with their two stud WRs for the first half. We never have a clue until we get torched a few times. But, this defense bends, but doesn’t entirely break in the passing game, so there is hope. But, this is the real test.

  18. Fred McNeil Says:

    Let’s face it: the Browns are the most aptly named franchise in sports history. They’re not hot, they’re a big steamin’ heap. Did you guys stay awake for that Stinkin’ Panthers game? They now have their very own #1 pick and they are exactly the same as with Baker. They stink. The Rams sure stunk it up last year.
    The Bucs aren’t just a last chance. They’re a new dawn for Mayfield. The Vikes and Bears were a decent breakfast. The Eagles are gonna make a fine lunch.

  19. word Says:

    in the same post you write that 55000 fans show up to every game and then write that no one cares about the Bucs. You are an absolute genius!

    real men never “lol”

  20. buccanstopit Says:

    BucU Says:

    Did you have the same opinion of Vea? Same situation

  21. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Well DAN….you care about the Bucs enough to constantly show and spew your negativity. You apparently are on here because you have no friends and are bed wetter which gives you your sour outlook on life. I know you can’t help it.
    What a nice life you must live.

  22. Brandon Says:

    Dan Says:
    September 21st, 2023 at 8:47 am
    No Baker still sucks and has played 2 cupcake teams and
    defenses, lets see how he does the next 2 games, the Eagles D will expose this fraud as well as the Saints D, He will toss 5-6 Ints over the next 2 games…

    Baker stinks, Bucs stink, they have no fans, 55,000 show up per game w 25,000 of those fans being from the other team… No one cares about the Yucs lol…


    And your team is who? Wait… nobody cares. Why would anybody care about some loser that has nothing better to do than go to another team’s news site and try to troll their fans? You’re either in middle school or you truly have nothing going on in your life… either way, pathetic.

  23. SB~LV Says:

    Kancey .. I hope it’s really his calf and not what it attaches to

  24. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    The year Mayfield got injured was supposed to be Browns Super Bowl year, because of the playoff win at Pitt and almost at KC. His play fell off dramatically, they missed the playoffs, and the Bengals went bowling instead. That was the unforgivable sin, and they went courting Massage Man. End of story

  25. Bob C Says:

    Long time Browns fan… I decided to drop them and follow Baker first to the Panthers, then the Rams after the Browns hired DW… now enjoying watching the Bucs win. The Eagles will be a real test on MNF. Looking forward to a great game… hoping Baker wakes up feeling dangerous!

  26. Kitsune Says:

    @orlbucksfan “I still don’t get why the Browns let a QB go who helped take them the playoffs???????????”

    Good question. I was a Browns fan. One of my earliest football memories was listening to the ’87 AFC Championship on the radio and hearing The Fumble happen. A couple years later The Drive. And those are pretty much the highlights of the decades of following the team.

    So I was pretty livid that the QB who helped the team get back in contention and win a playoff game in Pittsburgh got hung out to dry by the team after playing injured for most of a year…especially factoring in WHO they replaced him with and what they gave up & paid for that person.

    It was the last straw. I still cheered for them after 1-31.

    Many other CLE fans felt the same, but we just got labeled as Baker fans not Browns fans. Of course, some of those folks were huge Ohio State fans and I’m guessing they never forgave Baker for “planting” the flag on their turf.

    I do cheer for Baker, but I didn’t care one way or the other before he was drafted by them. I certainly don’t think he’s the best QB of all time, but he gets way more scorn than he deserves. It doesn’t make sense to me. He will have off games. But he’s not the garbage many want to paint him as.

    Now I cheer for him because he deserved much better. I hope things work out for him.

  27. Kitsune Says:

    LOL…I’m not sure why I said a couple years later. It was the same game…I meant a couple years later they lost to Elway in the AFC Championship AGAIN. Need an edit button.

  28. Infomeplease Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. BM6 has played well through week 2, he can document that with 2 Ws and the 10th best QBR in the NFL. MNF will be a big test of this offense, BM6, and the defense q! We’ll all see how that goes soon!

    I’m glad to see the Bucs receiving some respect from the national media. The power rankings have the Bucs moving up too. As high as 9 (Rich Eisen), as low as 22(USA Today- Nate Davis) and an average of 15 (out of 6). That’s progress after starting out in the low 20s! Can’t wait for MNF!

  29. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    “The jam is outta our donuts” Ira needs to use Darin’s expression on the podcast

  30. Craig Says:

    Last chance motel, and a thieving in law can make up for a lot of motivation deficits.

    Maybe he can keep it , he has already doubled his Carolina wins.

  31. stpetebucfan Says:

    Finds himself is an apt description but I prefer “rediscovers” himself combined with the opportunity to prove it.

    AGAIN..Cleveland has sucked for a LONG time. Mayfield not only got them to the playoffs he won a game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs and then gave a solid showing in a close loss to Mahomes and the Chiefs.

    He got injured…playing for perhaps the worst ownership in the league now that Snyder is gone…along with some really horrid coaching..he gets dumped.

    How do you discover anything about him in a partial stint for the Carolina? Did the Panthers make the playoffs after he left? His time with the Rams is marked by winning his first game after a very short time with them.

    I get the pleasant surprise he represents resurrecting his career…but such total shock means a lot of people have their heads up their arses.

    Now will he have a 3 or 4 int game in the future…perhaps…he’s not Brady the GOAT, but he CAN be as good as Brady the over the hill GOAT.

  32. aleyz2020 Says:

    I believe “Dan” is chumming the wrong waters again and should join “NE Fan” swimming the Boston Harbor!

  33. Jack Clark Says:

    Dan Says:
    September 21st, 2023 at 8:47 am
    No Baker still sucks and has played 2 cupcake teams and defenses, lets see how he does the next 2 games, the Eagles D will expose this fraud as well as the Saints D, He will toss 5-6 Ints over the next 2 games. Baker stinks, Bucs stink, they have no fans, 55,000 show up per game w 25,000 of those fans being from the other team… No one cares about the Yucs lol…

    You obviously care about the Bucs enough to read Joe’s articles first thing in the morning to post angry comments because your feelings are hurt lol…

  34. Waterboy Says:

    In his last year at Cleveland, the locker room became a bit fractured as Baker had trouble connecting on the field with OBJ. At a certain point, certain players became team OBJ & Landry and certain players became team Baker. The Browns management decided to pull the plug on Baker and not further risk alienating other Browns players even though they had cut ties with OBJ during the season. The Carolina situation was even a greater mess than in Cleveland where you had a college coach masquerading as a pro coach in Rhule.

    Baker’s Rams tenure showed what he can do with great coaching. Baker wasnt great but he was definitely serviceable on a Rams team that was already bleeding talent by the time he became the starting QB.

    Overall- Baker is not a top 10 QB but he is someone that can function in the 10-20 range when healthy, given good coaching and in the right locker room situation. He appears to have that in TB now. He has weaknesses and he will never be a prolific drop back pocket passer because he doesnt have the height and vision and arm angle to get balls consistently over the height of his NFL lineman. But when used in roll outs, play action and short drops on quick slants, he can be just as effective as any top QB.

    So the floor with Baker on this year’s Bucs team with the current schedule is probably around 7 wins (heck they are already at 2 wins) and ceiling is likely at 10 wins which should get them into the playoffs. If the Bucs had a great running game then maybe he could squeeze another 2 wins out of the team and be a real contender for a conference final. Baker 2023 version is superior to the Brady 2022 version we saw!

  35. Cobraboy Says:

    Cleveland was a mess when Mayfield got there with OBJ as Chief Clown, Carolina even worse while in tank mode, and the Rams already had spendy QBs.

    And folks wonder what “happened” to Mayfield?

  36. Pewter Power Says:

    It wasn’t that Russell gage got injured of course that happens, but to keep getting injured over and over no Kancey had one injury and they are smart to wait until he is 100% not 90%. He’s not Russell gage so I felt the same about vea.

  37. 420kitty Says:

    Baker can turn it around with all the support of the organization. He is a dude. Bucs may have their future franchise QB in the building. Baker has to be accountable and Bucs should held him accountable too. Bowles has the experience to make this young man reach his full potential and by doing that he will be at his best too.

  38. Dwayne Cone Says:

    In 2020 Cleveland had Receivers that got it in the End Zone 27 times and Backs that punched it in 21 more @ just under 5 yards a carry I can understand why the Browns made it to the Playoffs. With Tampa scoring 32 TD’s in 2022 all the Bucs need is a 50% increase over last year. Only thing I know of that can Increase that fast is Inflation. Here’s Hoping.

  39. Duane Says:

    Even if Joe “has no idea why Baker Mayfield fell apart in Cleveland” it was pretty obvious to anyone who was following the Browns in his last season there (2021). Baker injured his shoulder early in the season and was never the same the rest of the year. I remember listening to various NFL talk shows and analysts frequently wondered out loud why the Browns didn’t put Mayfield on IR, let him get surgery for a return the next season. But the Browns forced him to play, he didn’t get better, and they cut him by the next season.

    As to why Mayfield didn’t succeed with the Panthers last season, it’s pretty obvious that the Panthers had a huge number of problems with coaching and roster, and were the sick child of the division. Can’t blame Mayfield for that. And as for the Rams, they already had their bazillion dollar starting franchise quarterback and only needed Mayfield’s services for a handful of games at the end of the season … after their starter recovered, they just didn’t need him anymore.

    Now, at the Bucs, Mayfield has landed with a team that clearly needed a starting quarterback. And the coaching is good, a defense that is mostly the same from the Super Bowl season, some great receivers, an improved offensive line, and an offense that really fits his skills well.

    It really shouldn’t be a shock how things have turned out for Baker Mayfield. Let’s all hope he continues to thrive here with the Bucs. It is in all our best interests that that happens.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    Seen a lot of comments about Baker in Cleveland, Baker in Carolina, Baker in Los Angeles. I appreciate stats for their historical perspective as much as anyone, but analysis should be much more than just looking at the past. Ideally it’s more about where you are & where you intend to go.

    In Mayfield’s case, he’s got 3 things going for him right now that he hasn’t had a bunch of in the past. For one, Canales’ offensive system FITS HIM very well, and capitalizes on his strengths. For another, he’s got some pretty solid offensive talent around him, to include a good (and young) OLine to protect him. Lastly he’s got a very talented defense to back him up, to keep the game close, and to (thus far at least) keep us ahead on the Turnover Differential. Add those things to a very positive locker room … and now fan base … and Baker is baking. This is turning out to be a fun ride.

  41. Dave Pear Says:

    Damn impressive performance. Keep it going, Bake. Just stay healthy, please.

  42. LANshark Says:

    It’s AMAZING how many life-long fans the Clowns lost signing the Pervert in Chief. I am one of them. When PIC and ownership and coaches are gone, I’ll be a Browns fan again, maybe. But I am enjoying watching Baker – his stats are a heck of a lot better than DW’s at this point.

    Also, DW needs to phone Baker and ask how to stiff-arm without getting the Face-Mask penalty.

  43. Shane Callahan Says:

    Once again, things “fell apart” in Cleveland because Baker played with a broken arm for 15 games, and the owner is a shady moron. Things “fell apart” in Carolina because the entire organization sucked terribly. Things didn’t “fall apart” in LA; they were devastated by injuries, and he actually did better than anyone could’ve ever expected. I truly wonder how some folks become sports writers.

  44. garro Says:

    Baldingers breakdowns are a must if you want a better understanding of the game, and what teams are doing.

    Go Bucs!