Who Was Kyle Trask Throwing To?

August 27th, 2023

“Put me in, coach.”

Man, this Big Play Trey Palmer, the guy makes an eye-popping play in every game he’s taken the field for the Bucs.

The rookie from Nebraska continued that last night when in the middle of the first quarter, Palmer skied high on a Kyle Trask throw down the middle and climbed over Crows linebacker Del’Shawn Phillips.

Palmer’s skywalking catch set up a Trask to David Wells six-yard touchdown pass on the following play for a 14-7 Bucs lead.

Watching from the press box in the southwest corner of the stadium, Joe sure thought Trask was targeting receiver Kaylon Geiger on the play, who was running in front of Palmer about three yards away from him.

Joe spoke with an offensive assistant coach about the play in the locker room and he wasn’t sure who was targeted, saying he was looking forward to talking to Trask to find out.

Joe spoke with Palmer and Geiger and neither knew who was the Trask’s target. They both saw the ball headed for them and tried to make a play.

“I don’t know, I just saw the ball and got the ball,” Palmer smiled.

Geiger seemed more stoked about Palmer’s catch than Palmer.

“I was going through the middle and my man was looking at me,” Geiger said of Phillips. “He wasn’t even looking at the ball, he was looking at me. So he didn’t even see the ball.

“That was a great play by Trey. I did think the ball was coming to me but I saw Trey come out of nowhere — he swooped in. That was a great catch.”

Plays like that ought to elevate Palmer to the No. 3 receiver position. First, defenses have to respect his crazy speed. And all Palmer needs to do is repeat what he has done in each preseason game: Make a big play.

What more can you ask from a No. 3 receiver?

28 Responses to “Who Was Kyle Trask Throwing To?”

  1. Obvious Says:

    Could you imagine what this guy could do as a safety? I wonder which pays more because this guy might be able to get an interception or Two PER GAME!

    HMMMMMM! Interesting…..

  2. Obvious Says:

    This guy would be a one man Wrecking Crew as a defender!

  3. Bucs 95 Says:

    He was throwing too door dash drivers and future amazon prime drivers especially that one who dropped that game sealing TD in the 4th

  4. PbnJ Says:

    I wasn’t thinking that harshly about the guys in the pattern on the play above, Buc 95, but it was similar. It is either that or Canales has a play where three receivers run routes that all come together 15 yards downfield. Three receivers there within five yards of each other.

  5. MadMax Says:

    Yep, we’ve got our #3…and Moore and Geiger will battle for the 4…Thompkins our return guy and our 6th

  6. Steelers fan Says:

    He wasnt throwing to Godwin thats forsure like Baker did 4 outta his 6 passes and a TD.

  7. Larrd Says:

    I’d say Palmer the third guy, Jarrett at four. Palmer looks like a better punt returner than Tompkins, too. Decisive and fast fast.

  8. K_bassuka Says:

    Love Palmer I hope he continues playing like this and improving in the regular season. Go Bucs!

  9. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    One of those two ran the wrong pattern.

  10. rrsrq Says:

    I believe receiver three will be Moore just because of his experience but I also believe that will only be on paper, they will dress five. I think Vaughn will make the team, but may not dress on game days, so Ko Keif who loves to road grade will be the H-back

  11. Shakeandbaker Says:

    Concerning that Trask is throwing in the direction of five defenders. That pass was def not intended for Palmer but good thing he did get it. The pass was behind a little and could have been a pick if not for him.

  12. Zoocomics Says:

    It’s tough to nit pick Palmer, as he’s had a great preseason, but when he muffed that punt late in the game, you can’t help but be reminded that this kid slipped late in the draft. And why? He attended 2 good colleges, on of which has been churning out stud NFL WRs, he’s got good size, excellent speed, but wait, the hands! It was worrisome enough by scouts for him to be passed up all the way until the 6th Round. Just feels like this kid will require volume to maintain that confidence because he’s going drop balls and right now with Evans and Godwin on the field, he’s the new Scotty Miller. Maybe he’s targeted 2/3 per game? Those looks will come on 3rd down plays. He really has to make everyone of those targets count.

  13. David Says:

    Trask looked pretty good. Did have a handful of overthrows, two to wide-open people, but it’s preseason, that can slide.

    I’m wondering who he was throwing too as well but more importantly,
    who ran the route wrong or the wrong route completely. They shouldn’t both be there.

  14. Obvious Says:

    He was clearly throwing to Geiger and the trajectory was there. Palmer literally changed the script. He did something that is normally just not done. He looks like MJ on that play. He jumped higher than the average bear and ripped the ball right out of the sky. He plays like he’s the only guy on the field. In my humble opinion, he would make one heck of a defensive back if he had gone that route.. He just went and got that sucker. He suren made it “look” easy!

    I suppose I’m a little more impressed than a few others…. It just doesn’t look like an average play. I’m not sure how or why he made it that far down the line but I consider him a Steal in the draft in the sixth round. Simple as that…

  15. BillyBucco Says:

    I wasn’t the wrong route completely. Palmer just got too deep and it was intended for Geiger.
    They do a lot of layering on routes to suck up the safety and hit behind.
    Just look at the Godwin TD with Kieft
    Worked like a charm and nobody complained he was within 3 yards then.
    We are going to create our own zones it seems.
    Canales looked lights out last night, and the penalties were much better
    I think this team might thrash Minnesota.
    Winfield and LVD didn’t play and they picked on White and Delaney.
    Remember no Kancey up the middle either.
    Now it’s time to start hearing he is ready

  16. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Best WR corps Bucs have had in a long time-Jarret is also very good.

  17. D Cone Says:

    Game Ball Canales. Tight end sweep was a very good call on opening drive. Motioning halfback in like he’s going to protect and send him right back out on a route. Making sure his Back Up QB knows to kill the play and not himself.
    Doing his homework and knowing where the weaknesses are attacking. First TD and one dropped late were both against the rookie and sixth on the depth chart.

    Honorable Mention to Baker Mayfield and the entire starting offense.

    Over all the team looked good at times and not so good at others. Couple weeks and we will see a lot more of what they have.

  18. Give it a Rest, Trask Brigade Says:

    He was throwing to the Raven’s safety.

    Palmer bailed him out. It’s clear on the reviews.

  19. frozenbuc Says:

    Joe always has to sow doubt on Trask’s good plays. Hmmm.

  20. JimBobBuc Says:

    I agree with @BillyBucco, on Godwin’s TD, Kieft ran the wrong route (too deep?). On Palmer’s catch, he ran the wrong route (too deep). We have to remember that these receivers can run the wrong routes and make the QB’s look bad. These are the subtle things that mean the difference between success and failure. With the young WR’s, and the new offense for the vets, these route combos need to be corrected.

  21. frozenbuc Says:

    That pass is exactly the type of pass Trask threw countless times at Florida – just high enough where only the receiver could catch it. Same pass he threw last week to Palmer. Soon Joe will get it.

  22. Watch More ALL22 Before Commenting Says:

    Trask’s new throwing mechanics make him throw high and inaccurate when he is trying to throw with velocity. This was observable in numerous training camp clips.

    I’ve reviewed this pass 10x and it is going right for the BAL defensive back if Palmer doesn’t go through his own man and snag it out of the sky.

    This was one of several risky throws by Trask and his deepball was off all night, from the first pass to Moore to the endzone fade & out route late in the game.

  23. WyomingJoe Says:

    Steelers Fan… give the Baker Hating a break already because you’re making me sick. If Baker had played three quarters plus in that game he certainly would have thrown for a lot more than your messiah Kyle Trask.

  24. frozenbuc Says:

    As soon as Baker throws a TD and gets his game stats up (136.1) he got pulled. Then when Trask comes in and throws a TD and gets his game stats up (137.0) – HIGHER THAN BAKER’S – he stays in to play the rest of the game with scrubs. Joe writes an article that Baker was “perfect” after his TD, but no mention that Trask was even MORE “perfect” after his TD. Hmm.

  25. PewterStiffArm Says:

    Geiger hadn’t even started his process of turning around for the ball. Trey Palmer took control and as we have seen all through practices and pre-season, this kid can play. He isn’t short on confidence and it should translate right into the regular season. Geiger on the other hand has dropped some balls in practice and the pre-season. Joe mentioned this the other day, back to the practice squad and change whatever gloves you’re wearing.

  26. Joe Says:

    Geiger on the other hand has dropped some balls in practice and the pre-season. Joe mentioned this the other day, back to the practice squad and change whatever gloves you’re wearing.

    Oh yes. Dating back to last year’s training camp, Geiger doesn’t have the best hands. He’s better, but still drops a lot.

  27. Buc96NYC Says:

    Honestly, his punt return to me was a bigger play. He just plays @ a different speed. Not scared or hesitant @ all!

  28. JimBobBuc Says:

    Geiger has always been good running with the ball but his drops should send him to the practice squad.