Kyle Trask Has Career Night; Gets Exposed By Todd Bowles

August 20th, 2023

GM Jason Licht weighs in.

What a Saturday night it was against the Jets for competing Bucs quarterback Kyle Trask.

He threw darts, stayed poised, protected the football, didn’t get rattled when Bucs receivers dropped passes, and turned in a stat line worthy of a solid NFL quarterback.

Trask looks more than capable of being a strong backup quarterback to Bucs No. 1 QB Baker Mayfield. It’s a beautiful thing.

Trask finished 20-of-28 with 218 yards and a touchdown. It was the most game action of his three-season career and also his first NFL start.

Mission accomplished if you listened to Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht, who addresed the state of Kyle Trask on the team’s radio pregame show.

“I’m looking for [Trask] to move the ball down the field and score. I’m not looking for him to be Superman,” Licht said of his 2021 drat pick.

Licht also said he wanted to see Trask “take command,” which Trask did against the Jets.

“He can play cleaner. He did a decent job [against the Steelers]. I’m expecting him to pick it up [versus the Jets,] Licht said of Trask. ” … He’s come a long way from where he started OTAs to where he is today.”

As for the apparently somewhat fake quarterback competition between Trask and Mayfield, tonight’s big tell from head coach Todd Bowles was inserting Trask back into the game after No. 3 quarterback John Wolford suffered a scary neck injury.

Bowles said after the game that he didn’t want Mayfield to play behind the backup offensive line. Why not, Coach? Joe will answer that; because Mayfield is the starting quarterback.

Joe gives Trask an “A-” grade for his work this spring and summer. That’s not because Trask is an A- quarterback, it’s because he developed many facets of his game and looks like he belongs wearing an NFL uniform.

Great job, Kyle!

123 Responses to “Kyle Trask Has Career Night; Gets Exposed By Todd Bowles”

  1. Mike S Says:

    Where is Joe and what have you done with him?
    Joe’s here. Joe always loves production. Trask produced tonight and progressed this offseason. –Joe

  2. Obvious Says:

    I never called him this before, but I’m calling this guy 2 new things to me.

    One, officially his name going forward is TOAD BOWLES!

    Two, Our Head Coach just LIED TO THE ENTIRETY OF THE PLANET concerning the ABSOLUTELY FAKE COMPETITION! So he’s a LIER!!!!

    Got no more respect for you mister Toad. You HAVEN’T EARNED ANYTHING BUT MISTRUST! Man I Can’t Wait for them to fire YOU!

    GET OUT!

  3. Obvious Says:

    Joe you should post the press conference for all to hear for themselves….


  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Kid was nailing it in the second half. When they put him back in, I was a little concerned with him maybe getting injured behind that line too.

    Now for a dose of cold, hard truth:
    Trask got player of the game and produced…without the starting WRs and without a good oline.

    Personally, I feel Bowles sabotaged the competition by resting starters.

  5. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Trask won over a lot of fans tonight.

    But his back ggest accomplishment is that he put Bowles of the spot. Kyle showed that he learns rapidly when getting real playing time.

    Every time Baker Mayfield turns the ball over or loses a game…fans will be demanding Trask be put in.

    Week six. That has been my prediction all offseason.

    There was no real competition…but…Trask set himself up to have a shot later.

    I bet Trask gets the majority leader f playing time next week…and a camp meat QB will be signed for the last game.

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s a twist…watch a guy come in off the street, and do so well he gets the 3rd QB spot.

  7. DL Says:

    Weird spot to be in if you are Bowles. There is a very real argument that Trask outplayed Mayfield in preseason. That being said, it’s been obvious for two weeks from the reporting that Mayfield is the starter.

    If Bowles really is motivated by his job security and thinks Mayfield is the best option then great, start him week 1. But how does Bowles look when Mayfield fails, like he will according to his body of work in the NFL and his statistical mean, and Bowles made that choice.

    Trask isn’t likely to fair any better than Mayfield, but there is a world where you go with the player that plays the best over a period of time, no questions asked. Not to mention going with the developmental player without 70 NFL games that actually has a chance to improve may make sense to some.

    And for those that say Mayfield outplayed Trask… sure. Just answer one question for me, how many passes did Mayfield throw vs live defenses in preseason so far? What about Trask?

    Take the whole body of work objectively so far and try and argue Mayfield earned his spot. It’s not realistic, 9 passes in preseason games doesn’t make you an NFL starter, and if you are relying on Mayfields past experience then unfortunately you are left with 4 teams in 3 years with 64 INTs. Solid NFL qbs don’t play for 4 teams in 3 years and have a 2-1 TD-INT ratio.

    Good luck to any head coach that goes with an NFL journeymen that has proved to 3 teams prior he can’t cut it vs a recent early round pick that has shown significant improvement but hasn’t had a shot yet.

    The story gets even better in the 3rd preseason game. If Mayfield is the starter and Kyle is No 2, why wouldn’t they both clearly play in the last preseason game. Bowles seemed hesitant to say they would both play. You’re not sitting Baker after throwing 9 passes so far in live games and you’re definitely not sitting your No 2 to get reps after your No 3 went down tonight.

    Baker throws a pick or two next weekend and Bowles has a mess on his hands. He can’t declare a starter now and if he did it would raise a ton of eyebrows from the fans. My biased advice is go with the QB that played better over the last 3 months. At least you have something performance based to fall back on other than “moxie”.

  8. Goodbuc'nlife Says:

    Don’t we all know who Baker Mayflop is? Trask just needed time and reps. I truly hope politics will not be part of the decision. “Hope”.

  9. Obvious Says:

    On a different note,

    Man, Wolford really has a nice touch on his throws. He actually looked Very Natural and almost effortless as he Dropped Dimes. I would seriously consider him for more than third string. He is or was a STEAL for a third qb on the team. He Really Looked Sharp. And BEFORE someone comments about Trask, you go right ahead and throw Mayfields name in there while you’re at it. Wolford has better touch than both of them PERIOD
    Definitely interesting. Hope he’s OK and this isn’t as bad as it looked in the moment. Good luck John

  10. David Says:

    Good Article Joe,

    Trask goes in the second half and gets injured beyond the third team OL to protect Baker. Can you imagine the headlines tomorrow in NFL ? Todd B. saved Baker at the cost of two injured qb’s ? Possibly destroyed the season without having any back ups.

    Trask has won this fake competition hands down against a failed qb. He played and won his first NFL start without any starters. Just imagine how good Trask could be after paying few more games with the starters.

  11. BUCman Says:

    I don’t want to say I told ya so……..but I told ya so! Kyle Trask can be the man if given the chance to prove himself! This season should only be about developing Trask as our long term future without having to look over his shoulder. You got it backwards Joe! Mayfield is more than capable of being a strong backup to Bucs #1 QB Kyle Trask.

  12. firethecannons Says:

    the pitch to Palmer was sweet and Palmer controlled that ball right into his hands. yeah the game was good. Todd Bowles lied and that is news? why? He lied multiple times last year.

  13. J Says:

    Who’s going to be the 3rd string QB? The kid we just picked up from the Vikings?

  14. J Says:

    Cephus Johnson

  15. Proudbucsfan Says:

    They could call Ryan Griffin

  16. John Says:

    They just lost gage for the season. U think he was gonna risk any starters with Trask? He’s dumb but he ain’t that dumb.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    Trask might have gone 0-8 to start the season, but I’ll take that and the #1 pick next year over watching Mayfield going 2-6 before getting benched, which is what will happen.

    As for the #3, Griffin makes total sense and would be a better fit for this offense than anything Dirk or Arians ran. Personally I’d sign Quinton Flowers, poor guy never got a legit chance in the league, and hey, if we’re down to the #3 QB on what is going to be a bad team, just run the option, and Flowers would be great at that.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Oh man, I haven’t done my yearly game by game forecast, with yearly stats. I’ll have to work on that since I know everyone is waiting for it.

    But, be warned, it isn’t going to be good. Bet the under now before the line starts moving down after Vegas analyzes my data.

  19. HC Grover Says:

    Siart Trask fire Bowles. Mayfield looks capable of backing Trask up.

  20. Daddylonglegs Says:

    It’s all BULLSPIT!! Props to Trask for stepping up his game and showing out. Mayfield isn’t the answer. There’s a reason he isn’t with the Browns, Panthers or the Rams anymore. Bowles has a real dilemma on his hands now. I don’t think they truly expected Trask to come in to camp competing with Mayfield the way he did. Personally, I think they look foolish. You don’t spend a second round pick on a quarterback that doesn’t get a fair shot to start. I don’t care about the lack of experience either. Mayfield has more experience, SO WHAT! There’s plenty of quarterbacks out there with experience, but that doesn’t equate to success.

  21. HC Grover Says:

    Does Joe still want to trade Trask? Good Grief. Trask will be a great QB in this NFL. Way bettah than Mayfield.

  22. Bicemup Says:

    Best qb should start.

  23. JD Still Says:

    Anybody who watched Kyle at Florida for the two years he started and finished his career there as a Heisman finalist , was not surprised by the way he played tonight, in fact tonight was just a typical Kyle Trask game! Remember, When Kyle first started at Florida it was the first start that he had made since Junior High School and he did it in the SEC! Every start he made from then on he got exponentially better! It is amazing ! At this point it is impossible to tell what his ceiling is going to be! Two other gems emerged also, Trey Palmer and Sean Tucker, I think we have found our offense!

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs have created a HUGE conundrum in that it’s multi-faceted. Obviously who SHOULD be the starting QB is the focal point of that conundrum. If Kyle Trask had done poorly last night, most of us fans would’ve been fine with starting Mayfield in Game 1. BUT … Kyle threw a monkey wrench into that scenario: HE DID GREAT against a respectable Jets’ defense. And he didn’t even have the 1st stringers to work with. Take those throws that he made last night, and add Evans, Godwin, White, Wirfs, Feiler (among other starters who rested), and that offense would’ve produced more points.

    But the conundrum doesn’t stop there. Our running game is pathetic, and without a running game, the dink-and-dunk offense simply doesn’t work consistently enough for us to be competitive. Bucs have TWO incredible weapons in Evans & Godwin, and we NEED a QB who can consistently get the ball to them further down the field (where their talents are maximized). Kyle showed last night that he can make accurate intermediate & deep throws, both from the pocket AND on the move. And he can do it without turning the ball over. I admittedly have more confidence in Trask to make those throws than I do in Mayfield.

    I don’t envy Dave Canales & his role in all this. I’m convinced that the 2022 Seattle offensive scheme that he was apparently hired to emulate here won’t work. Seattle finished 9-8 last season, roughly where we did, but they got there in a much different way. Seattle ran a tad over 40% of the time, and did it quite effectively, gaining slightly over 2000 yards on 425 carries for a 4.8 YPC average. Then it took Geno Smith having a career year (69.8% completions for almost 4300 yards passing) to get them to a 9-8 season. And oh ya, he added 366 yards rushing with his legs.

    Neither of those outcomes describes our starting offense with Baker Mayfield leading this team. We MIGHT run 40% of the time, but does anyone expect our RBs to produce 4.8 YPC & 2000 rushing yards behind our current OLine? And does anyone expect Baker to suddenly improve from being a 61% career passer to a 70% passer like Geno Smith did while STILL being able to consistently get the ball to Evans & Godwin down the field AND not turn the ball over excessively? I don’t think so. Last night showed what we COULD be with Trask throwing the ball down the field. Far as I’m concerned, he deserves to be named this season’s starter, and let this young team grow together. That dog will hunt.

  25. Voice of Truth Says:

    Wasting time with Baker – desperate coach making short sighted decisions that will lead to his demise

    When we start 1-5 and Baker gets pulled, Kyle comes in and goes 4-7 to finish the season and we all wonder why we didn’t just give Kyle the reps when Toad is getting fired either way

  26. Keith frye Says:

    I don’t know what you guys were looking at but the td and at least 3 other passes should’ve been picked the dude would never survive against starters period he would have had at least 3/4 picks come on let’s be real he played 3/4th strigers and guys that won’t be on the team period

  27. Richard Says:

    The coach should be bold and proud to start the guy who has performed the best at QB through camp and that has been Trask. Giving the keys to a perennial loser will be huge mistake and be detrimental to Bowels future.

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Who’s going to be the 3rd string QB?

    QB David Blough would be a solid pick up IF Wolford goes in IR.

  29. Bucsfantim Says:

    What I canMt get over is that this man and the whole front office literally bamboozled their whole fanbase, and it’s likely going to blow ip in their faces.

    I’ve lost just about all my respect for this lying coward Todd Blows.

  30. Scott Says:

    When Baker falters and we get a high pick then he too can “compete” with Trask.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Listen, hindsight’s 20/20. It’s easy to throw stones from the stands, but being in the trenches is a whole different ballgame. Let’s see how things play out before throwing punches.

    Ride until the wheels fall off! Go Bucs! 🏈

  32. FairMinded Says:

    Good Lord…we really have the most fickle fan base. Fire Bowles? Trask is some kind of wunderkind? Off a couple preseason games? Relax jeez.

  33. D Cone Says:

    While deciding how I was going to stir the pot today I was listening to a few random podcasts. One guy was saying “Kyle Trask looked good but it doesn’t really matter’”. Sorry Pal but you cannot be more wrong. It matters a lot and not about the Quarterback battle that was supposedly going on.

    Although it was not the best of the #5 defense last year Trask faced a pretty good starting defense. I would say it was at least equal to the starters in the first game.
    Kyle handled the pressure pretty well and if not for a few drops by guys not named Kieft or Otton some drives would have continued. Had TB been able to gain 1 yard running the ball there may have been more touchdowns. That’s Football and there will be plenty of time for that in the regular season.

    Preseason football is for putting together the best Roster and finding out what you need.

    Only QB1 that was not scheduled to play and dressed for the game in week 2 was Kirk Couzens and then it was only the helmet to listen to plays being called.

    Baker Mayfield was set to play but it didn’t fit in to what Bowles and the coaching staff needed to see from Kyle Trask.

    Trask showed them enough in each drive to warrant sending him in for another.
    Except for the pass to avoid a sack he didn’t make many other mistakes.
    Turnover before halftime gave them a chance to see even more of Trask. Tampa got a TD and an almost definite answer as to who WR 3 is going to be.

    By half time Baker’s time had passed. Not literally. Haven’t stirred the pot yet and am not really feeling it today.

    By halftime there was no need to put Baker in. Good or Bad Tampa knows what they have in Baker.

    When Wolford went down and Trask returned and played against talent that he struggled with last year he looked like too much QB for them. One more thing learned from a meaningless preseason game and what they learned mattered.

    What mattered was that the Coaching Staff now know that they have a QB1 and QB2 ( not stirring) that at any given time can come in and run the offense.

    What mattered was the GM now knows he will probably have about 30mil at his disposal in 2024 ( Sorry Tank for Maye fans) to use on other things besides a 1st round draft choice.

    Last nights game did exactly what it was supposed to do and it mattered.

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    D Cone, you hit the nail on the head, bruh. Preseason isn’t just about flashy plays or high scores; it’s about evaluation and strategy. Trask stepping up and showing his mettle against a solid defense speaks volumes. It’s not just about the here and now; it’s about the future, the depth, and the potential scenarios down the road.

    Your point about the GM having more financial flexibility in 2024 is spot on. It’s a chess game, not checkers. And having a QB2 that can step up when needed? That’s invaluable.

  35. Fansince76 Says:

    Trask looked real good in his first start, very encouraging for his development and as the No.2 in the event he has to come in and play!

  36. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    So…..WHERE is all of the love for Thompkins that was being shown on these here pages a week or two ago? Similar to last year, the guy hasn’t done SQUAT!

  37. Red86 Says:

    What is missing from this whole situation? Trask should have around 250 yards from those drops. Completed to 10 different receivers. Most importantly elevated the play of his teammates, which many players that will not be on the team. Trask was nearly flawless in his decision making. That pass to avoid the sack was dangerous. Sure, some hated the check downs, but it was the right moves. You don’t throw deep with pressure in your face. You’re asking for a turnover. You get it to the release guy if open, throw it away out of bound, or take the sack. Just take what the defense give you. Those check down open up the deep balls, because it has the effect making the safeties and corner backs relax over time. Same thing happens when you just focus on moving the chain. The defense get out of character to stop the first down, but leave a vulnerable deep pass from time to time. It’s called defense making adjustments to what is working on offense.

  38. Christina O Says:

    Kyle looked pretty damn good last night. That juke was epic!

  39. Hodad Says:

    Doesn’t matter that Baker starts, he probably won’t finish. Look at his history. Oft injured, or pulled for bad play. He couldn’t keep the job from P.J. masks, or whatever his name was in Carolina. Take heart Trask fans, he’ll be your starting QB sooner, rather than later.

  40. garro Says:

    Hats off to Trask!
    Now that’s Moxie folks.
    A 106 rating behind the worst blind side O line performance I’ve seen in a while.
    This guy deserves some kind of award for dilegence at the very least. Despite the powers that be disregarding this guy for 2 years he has continued to grind. And even with zero first team snaps… succeed! Gotta give this guy all the credit in the world.
    Game Ball goes to Trask!
    Go Bucs!

  41. garro Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    August 20th, 2023 at 1:20 am

    Kid was nailing it in the second half. When they put him back in, I was a little concerned with him maybe getting injured behind that line too.

    Now for a dose of cold, hard truth:
    Trask got player of the game and produced…without the starting WRs and without a good oline.

    Personally, I feel Bowles sabotaged the competition by resting starters.

    Double Ditto from me Bonzai!

    Go Bucs!

  42. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Two things are true: Trask should be the starting QB. Todd Bowles is a liar and should not be a head coach. End of story.

  43. NE Fan Says:

    Aren’t dropped balls incomplete passes??? Vegas has Bucs at 6.5 wins, I just bet $1000 on the under. A LOCK!!!

  44. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Mayfield’s leash will be so short that if he misfires Trask will be in uber quickly. Oline is frighteningly bad , it may not matter who starts with this line, Licht needs to pick up depth at Oline in the form of a veteran at the last cut-this is imperative.
    Palmer is a diamond and expect Jarrett to make the squad , he has major upside as well. Geiger drops too many and so does Wells. Defense is taking the ball away and that was a shortcoming last year.
    Time to CUT LOGAN HALL. Hall has not even hit the stat sheet in either preseason game and he played plenty. Licht laid the egg with this pick so high in the draft. It is time to cut your loss and move on.

  45. Frank Pillow Says:

    The real story is about all the support Kyle rec’d via the running game! 😉
    We’re in deep, deep sh*t if we keep getting blown off the ball.

  46. Darin Says:

    Joe you love production yet think mayfield should start? Umm ok I’ll stop trying to make sense of the that. We know what mayfield is. Production he’s not.

  47. Greg The Truth Says:

    Joe is probably right on Baker being the starter. I just hate the logic. Baker turns the ball over and is moderate at best. Baker is on his 8th head coach. Not all of that is his fault but sure doesn’t indicate that he is a Job saver. As a Gator fan I can tell you Anthony Richardson SUCKS! Yet he is starting. CJ Stroud hasn’t looked great but is going to start. No college player ever came into the nfl already having starts under their belts.

  48. Greg The Truth Says:

    People keep forgetting that Bowels is not the only decision maker. Jason light picked Trask in the second round for a reason.

    Either way regardless of who plays QB there is too much talent on this team to think we are going to get a top 5 pick in the draft. Baker is not our future. He is only making 4 million this year and he will be gone.

  49. Greg The Truth Says:

    Lots of horrible QBs have game experience.

  50. Duane Says:

    Now that JBF and most of the commenters assume that Bowles has selected Mayfield as the starter based on a single comment after losing one quarterback to injury, possibly for the season, it makes good sense to only play the guy who started the game and already has a rhythm going and is much bigger and beefier than the little guy on the bench who had a bad history of injury.

    That does NOT mean Bowles was just mailing it in on the quarterback competitiion.

    During the game broadcast Bowles was asked what he sees in Trask and what was he looking for from the young man. Bowles said that he was not much concerned with putting up stats, but wanted to see how fast Trask moves up the learning curve as a player with very few snaps. And whether he had full command of the offense and could put points on the board.

    If in fact that was the test, Trask passed with flying colors.

    I am not going to have a fit if Mayfield gets the starters job in Week 1 – I like him too. But looking at the body of work this preseason to date, considering Mayfield’s history at not sticking anywhere with his performance and injury history, and considering what Trask has done with his opportunity to earn the job and the respect of his coaches and fellow players, it is clear that Kyle Trask is number one on the depth chart for QB, not Baker Mayfield.

  51. Tbbucs3 Says:

    While Trask played great last night, friendly reminder that so did Skyler Thompson, CJ Beathard, Kyle Allen, Mitch Trubisky, and Blaine Gabbert.

    Skyler Thompson threw 3 TD passes, maybe he should start over Tua??

    It’s PRESEASON y’all! R-e-l-a-x.

  52. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Trask has his first good game in pre season action and most on here are ready to declare him starter. Comical.

  53. WyomingJoe Says:

    The one thing I’ve learned over the past few weeks reading these posts is that you “fans” will turn on WHOEVER the starting QB is! And turn quickly. Trask did have a nice game tonight, but besides the fact that he got lucky on the TD (should have been intercepted), he played against guys who will be returning to their high school teams next next week. There you go, now I sound like all the rest of you.

  54. ChiBuc Says:

    Joe, I appreciate your objectivity throughout this qb “competition.” While some like to paint you as a Trask hater, you were the one who actually have had eyes on him.

    Just imagine where Trask might be now if Christensen, BL, and BA didn’t lock him in the basement to preserve Tommy’s ego. Their disservice to Trask’s development really speaks volumes to Bruce’s & Tommy’s self legacy preservation over the greater good for the team.

  55. Since76 Says:

    Trask out performed Mayfield In camp and what we saw in the games. But Mayfield is the starter. I feel the same way now as when mccown was put in at QB. They are putting Mayfield in because he’s played more games. WTH. I just don’t like Mayfield turnover problems. Same as Winston. Oh well. It’s a BUCS life.

  56. geno711 Says:

    I am with Joe. Trask gets an A- or so for improvement.
    Not an A- when comparing him to average NFL quarterbacks.

    This was his best game but nothing that I said wow on.

    As the game progressed and there was lesser defensive competition, he looked better. Guys dropped balls but there were also bad defensive lapses that made for easy completions.

    That being said, I have always personally wanted to lead the team with Trask because, I am not a Baker fan.

    If either Trask or Mayfield leads us to 3 and 6 in the 1st 9 games, I would prefer it to be Trask, because then we would know that we have to draft a QB next year.

  57. NE Fan Says:

    Chic, do you mean Tommy who brought you 3 winning seasons and a SB? That guy??? After a decade of a half empty stadium and a laughing stock in the league? Don’t fret, your team is back to its losing ways, hang in there a front row seat for $20 isn’t for off.

  58. Tap-Out Says:

    I said in an earlier post that Trask would out play Mayfield and win the starting job!

  59. BucG8R Says:

    NE Fan.. That’s TWO winning seasons and a Cap nightmare in his wake.

    The Super Bowl was great, and you could easily argue it was worth the mess. But Tommy ultimately left a mess behind. Of course, its not all his fault, the Bucs FO can certainly be blamed for the walking mess that is HC Bowles.

  60. Infomeplease Says:

    Trask looks like he could lead this team. He played well. That said, had BM played , he may have had equal or better results. No one knows what would have happened. So, I defer to the coaches who have way more football knowledge than l do. Who have watched every practice and studied all the film. And who also have all their ashes on the line!

    Seems to me, the Bucs have 3 capable starting QBs assuming Wolford recovers soon. That is exactly what DC set out to accomplish! It does seem to be a QB friendly system! And so far, its seems to work! Can’t wait until 9/10/23. Won’t be long now!

  61. Oneilbuc Says:

    NEfakefan . Tom Brady needed a all star team to win Brady couldn’t do nothing without AB and Gronk and that was proven last year. And the Patriots ain’t going to do anything this year. But I will give it to you though you are the number one Brady fan even more than his own kids and Brady don’t even know that you exist on the planet. Lol 🤣🤣 you got to be one of kids lol 🤣🤣!!

  62. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    If Trask is as good as some of you gaytor bois are claiming he’ll find his way on the field

  63. SB~LV Says:

    I hope Mayfield has a great first half next week.
    Not that I am in his corner.
    If he doesn’t well then we will have a QB controversy because reading JL’s post game comments it seems that even with Trasks performance last night
    Mayfield is the number 1 QB and will start the season

  64. Couch Fan Says:

    I see a lot of people trying to convince themselves we have a competent HC who didn’t lie about a “open competition”. Baker sat out along with the REST OF THE STARTERS. That speaks for itself. This was never a competition. The cowardly coach made the cowardly decision soon as Baker signed the contract. Lovie/McCown all over again. And I dont see the cowardly coach ever giving Trask an oppertunity unless Baker gets injured. Been saying it all off season. This team is going nowhere with the cowardly coach in charge. You cant win if you play not to lose.

  65. WyomingJoe Says:

    Get over it. Trask did not outplay Mayfield in training camp and is not a better QB. Your hatred for Mayfield is unfounded because most of you really saw him at his best. But you will.

  66. Pewter Power Says:

    Man y’all got issues. Just because baker was named the starter it wasn’t a competition because your guy Lost and actually rooting for baker to fail as if you know with 100% certainty that they guy who never played against a starting defense will be better but you’re supposed to be Bucs fans?

    Stop pretending to be fans, how the hell do you know trask will be better based on games against backup y’all know about that one bomb in practice to trey over sauce but honestly what else do you know about him in the joint practice? Nothing because you don’t have Bucs practice tape so stop acting like you know more than the people who actually do this for a living

  67. Canabuc Says:

    I will repeat a few comments that I read here that I certainly agree with.

    First of all he did not have Chris Godwin Mike Evans or Rashad White. He did not have Ryan Jensen Matt filer or Tristan Wirfs.

    He played against arguably one of the top defenses in the NFL or at least by expectations.

    He looked poised he made very good quality throws and as others have said outside of one pass to avoid a sack his decision making was spot on and his ball placement was fantastic.

    I know the head coach is playing for his job and perhaps as the mindset that an experienced veteran is more likely to lead a competitive team however it is quite clear as trash gets more live reps which he never really had an opportunity over the last couple of years, that he is showing he has a little something special that may be isn’t as evidence and just run of the mill practice.

    I saw something else post game which was the interview with Kyle Trask and the first time he didn’t seem like a deer caught in the headlights answering questions. At the same time in addition to looking like a true leader of football team he could see a chip on his shoulder developing as I think he also gets a sense that this quarterback battle is somewhat fixed.

    Baker Mayfield is a known entity there is more than enough tape in more than enough games to know his strengths and his flaws. And while there may have been many different circumstances to it he ultimately has been let go by three other organizations who felt that he did not offer them the best chance to win in the end.

    I am a true buccaneers fan whether Kyle Trask or peaker may feel he is our starter I will root for this team however I don’t see the clear cut logic behind starting baker.

    If we start Kyle Trask and he performs well then we certainly seem to have the defensive pieces and with the exception of a possible shaky offensive line I feel we have the offensive pieces then this can be a very good football team and we could have our franchise quarterback.
    If under pressure he doesn’t perform makes a lot of mistakes that lead to us losing games then we will be in position with high draft capital to draft our future franchise quarterback.

    As others have clearly said Baker Mayfield gives us the best chance to not be the worst team in football but his upside is capped to do limitations and another mediocre season of seven wins or eight wins while it might save a coach’s job does nothing to help the franchise long-term.

  68. Oneilbuc Says:

    SB . It’s not about being a gator fan it’s about Baker Mayfield being gifted the starting job. He didn’t earn it and again I’m not apart of the state Florida college football rivals I’m from Texas so I don’t care about Floridas college football rivals. But Trask earned the starting job and that’s a fact just like bringing Brady back last year after they found out he was trying to play for the dolphins and the bucs didn’t trade him like they should have, signing Baker Mayfield was also a bad idea the only thing it did was getting in the way of Kyle Trask development . Because Baker Mayfield is a popular guy and the only reason why he is starting is because of his popularity not his play on the field.

  69. matthew veal Says:

    It’s been painful supporting Trask but I didn’t care.

    I know all the arguments but he us starting to show what he can do and I’m thrilled

  70. Dave Pear Says:

    Warren Sapp was right about the average Buccaneer fan.

  71. Oneilbuc Says:

    Pewter. We know what Baker Mayfield is the guy is Mitchell Trubisky 2.0 and Kyle Trask out played him in training camp and so far in preseason. It was never a competition and you know it . No other franchise does stuff like this but franchises that lose. Even Washington is starting their young quarterback over a veteran because it was probably a close competition. Baker Mayfield is on his 4th team in 6 years and he got out played by a guy with no experience even if it’s not by that much you always go with the young guy in a situation like this. This is why this team has been the most losing franchise NFL history because of bad decisions like this.

  72. Tony Says:

    Please trade Trask to a team that can use him. Baker had double the Int’s over Trask in camp this year. Baker got 64 yards last week dinking and dunking. Hard to believe this coaching staff is this clueless. He was only the worst in the league the last 5 years. Think I may become a Saints fan now lol.

  73. EternalSon Says:

    I’m starting Trask.

    Go Bucs!!

  74. Matt Says:

    The key to all of this understanding Bowles

    1. Todd Bowles is an awful head coach and is unqualified for the job

    2. Bowles will be fired

    3. Bowles is going to do whatever he can to keep his job. That is his goal. It’s not to win a SB. It’s to keep his job.

    4. Bowles is looking it maximizing his chance at 7 wins, which is where he may keep his job. Baker does this.

    5. Trask is high risk high reward. He may need some games to get up to speed. He may just stink. But he may be awesome. Bowles doesn’t want a range of 2 wins to 12 wins. He wants to pinpoint 7 wins

    6. Baker has no upside, but he is experienced and should be perfectly mediocre. That’s his best shot at 7 wins and saving his job

    7. Downside for Bowles is if Mayfield stinks or gets hurt…and Trask comes in with upside then 7 wins may not be enough.

  75. Buddha Says:

    Both quarterback threw one touchdown pass. Baker had a QB rating of 160. Kyle had a QB rating of 106 in one game and very bad in the other. Baker threw 9 passes Kyle threw 40+. Choosing one based on this small sample is absurd. The good news is either one can play. Neither appears to stink. Also aside from the offensive line, the team looks deeper in talent than past years.

  76. Couch Fan Says:


    Exactly right. This is how I immediately knew Mayfield would be starting the second he signed the contract and is why I keep calling Bowles a cowardly coach. He coaches scared and he makes decision based off of fear instead of logic. Sucks for Trask and the fanbase.

  77. ScottyMack Says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that the Bucs only scored 13 points with Trask at QB for the entire game all but 4 plays? He wasn’t playing against the Jets starting defense either.

    True, the Bucs offense only had two known starters playing – the same number as last week for both Baker and Kyle.

    This is why what you see in the preseason doesn’t matter. Until first teams are playing first teams on both sides of the ball, what you see is hardly what you get when it comes to the regular season.

  78. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    The competition was a lot of psychology. For Trask you get him motivated to do his best with a chance of being the starter and you give him some experience. For Mayfield, you get him motivated with the chance he could be replaced by Trask during the season. For Glazers, it gives the perception that Licht/Bowles have done some diligence with having two QBs that can play (by that I mean they can start and have some chance to succeed). For the fans, it’s to try to get some excitement for the season after Brady. If the people on here debate Trask vs Mayfield with VERY passionate opinions then it seems to work to some extent as it’s likely fans not on here are just as passionate and varied in their views of both our QBs. Mayfield will be the starter to justify his much higher salary and if he flops then it’s Trask’s time to prove himself. If he also flops then we hope for a veteran or a good draft pick next season. We are in rebuild mode with our high salary cap issues. I hope we do well but I’m enough of a realist to know this will be a rough season like last year if not worse.

  79. Buc1987 Says:

    Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Trask has his first good game in pre season action and most on here are ready to declare him starter. Comical.”

    Better than what Bowles is doing with lying to fans about it being a competition and basically gifting the spot to Baker. Which is what’s going on per Ira. I’m sure you’re comfortable with that.

  80. ScottyMack Says:

    I guess I gotta wonder … did ANYONE see the game and think, “Holy Cow, THAT is a FRANCHISE Quarterback”?

    No, if people are really honest, they’ll say that Trask is a serviceable QB – one you could use in a pinch and certainly a great QB2, but hardly a Mahomes, Allen, Rodgers or Brady – you know, the kind that you build an entire franchise around.

  81. Kolorado Karl Says:

    Baker has always had a high salary, making him at risk due to the cap. Baker also has only played for really bad teams, but actually helping to turn them around. Now Baker’s salary is reasonable, and Tampa Bay is capable, I expect Baker to shine. As for Trask, his 13-point game last night didn’t impress.

  82. Jack Says:

    I don’t think I have ever posted anything on here before, but here’s my 2 cents. DO NOT START TRASK AT THE FIRST GAMES OF THE SEASON. If you want him injured and out for 6 games or the season then start him right away, but if you want someone to come in after 3 or for games to clean up the mess then he’s the man, Kyle Trask is the standard when it comes to form and progress, but the Oline will get him hurt in the first couple of games if he starts. And we all know that Mayfield isn’t going to cut it, he just has no rhythm and him coming off of the bench, to replace Trask will be a disaster.

  83. Bee Says:

    Trask scored 13 pts without Mike and Chris. Not bad.

  84. Watzz Says:

    Way to go Trask!! Good under pressure and got moves! Love when Ronde announces! Go Bucs!!

  85. chickster Says:

    Trask should be the qb he has more upside than baker its a no brainier our coach lacks how to fire up a team , and i guarantee the players knows Trask is a better player

  86. DFW Buc Says:

    Any stat on “seconds from hiking the ball to throw” on Trask for this game? He sure seems to have settled in. I went through the Aikman rookie year and that was the one thing that improved during his awful rookie year. I really think that Toad Bowels has made a bad decision ( like so many others decisions as a head coach) and is hoping Mayfield can get him a winning season. He knows he’s out with a losing season.

  87. Kolorado Karl Says:

    So that single touchdown which was tipped by a defender to go along with 2 sacks and a fumble is what’s getting people excited about Trask? I don’t think Tampa fans don’t know football.

  88. Bucamania Says:

    Trask is showing he can play in this league. Mad some big time throws and looks good out there.

  89. Elita Vita Says:

    Gotta give Trask a lot of credit. As a Buc he kept taking steps forward to improve despite Brady’s making sure he never became QB #2. He has obviously upped his game pinpointing more of his throws and limiting interceptions. Shows hard work and character. I for one am proud that he is a Buc! Let’s go Bucs!

  90. athens Says:

    Kolorado Karl Says: “So that single touchdown which was tipped by a defender”

    Wrong. The ball sailed over both defenders’ reach and into Palmer’s right hand. Look at the video … sober.

  91. Eric S Says:

    Keith frye Says:
    August 20th, 2023 at 4:59 am
    I don’t know what you guys were looking at but the td and at least 3 other passes should’ve been picked the dude would never survive against starters period he would have had at least 3/4 picks come on let’s be real he played 3/4th strigers and guys that won’t be on the team period

    Get off the boozes and the cheap weed man!

  92. Eric S Says:

    ScottyMack Says:
    August 20th, 2023 at 12:08 pm
    I guess I gotta wonder … did ANYONE see the game and think, “Holy Cow, THAT is a FRANCHISE Quarterback”?

    No, if people are really honest, they’ll say that Trask is a serviceable QB – one you could use in a pinch and certainly a great QB2, but hardly a Mahomes, Allen, Rodgers or Brady – you know, the kind that you build an entire franchise around.

    LOL how many teams have one of them according to you 3 current what a stupid point do you think baker is on their level!

  93. Lovelorn For Brady Says:

    Through my teary ys last night Trask reminded me of the great one.
    Remember Trask has had 2 years in the same room as the great one.
    Trask is a smart guy.

    If I squinted my eyes a little I thought I was watching the great one.

    Start Trask. He reminds me of Brady in the way he moves and looks with the offense (obviously his stats are 0 and Bradys are epic. I’m just saying maybe he picked up the great ones mojo?)

  94. StretchOMatic Says:

    Actuallly….Trask exposed Joe! All we heard from January to July is “he coulnd’t even replace Gabbart, they don’t even dress him for the games, we are in real trouble if Mayfield goes down, blah, blah, blah blah, blah”. By the Oct 15th game against the Lions, when Trask is starts, Joe will say “why wasn’t there a real QB competition in camp, we may not have started 0-4” LMAO!

  95. nick houllis Says:

    HA HA HA ooh my god, im gonna hurt myself laughing… OBVIOUS thinks coaches have to be honest with fans.. LOL. oh my …. change your name dude

  96. George Says:

    I will say that I just watched some of Trask’s tape in college. He makes a lot of beautiful throws that even many of the QBs in the NFL can’t make. He has good touch on his balls. Some of his throws are beyond belief

  97. chickster Says:

    Trask should be the only declension if coach thinks Bake can save his job he is wrong and i do not like our Gm either

  98. chickster Says:

    Trask is young and only get better Baker has topped

  99. ChiBuc Says:

    Personally, idc wh/ qb starts the season. Imo, they are equal atm. However, it is yet another blatant in your face Bowles bones move to not recognize and nurture the potential over the known middle-of-nothing last-shot wanna be wonder boy.

    Joe is rt, Bowles is coaching scared to hang onto a job rather then reaching out to grab victory. This is just preamble to how Todd will coach games this year. Sad.

    What do I know.. Nothing. I’m just here to listen, learn, and spit my own stupid opinions with the rest of you lueggie hawkers

  100. calbucsfan Says:

    KT looked like a starter to me. I frankly don’t recall any throws that were off-target by him. Came out expecting to be on the sideline for the second half and then stepped right in without missing a beat when he needed to replace Wolford.

    This kid is ready, Mayfield is a has-been barely a league average. Let’s give the kid a chance as the starter na let Mayfield stew on the sidelines.

    BTW, prayers to Wolford, heal quick young man!

  101. calbucsfan Says:

    Canabuc nailed it. Bucs should decide to win of lose with Trask, then the QB role for the future will be clearly defined, either with Trask becoming the franchise QB or putting the Bucs in a position to draft one of the 2-franchise QBs coming out of college in the next draft.

    Mayfield may save the Bucs’ HC job, but just another pick in the #12-#15 range. Start Trask and either way, there will be light at the end of this season’s tunnel.

  102. calbucsfan Says:

    that’s “win or lose” with Trask….

  103. BuffBucs Says:

    Great take and the same one I have.
    2023 Bucs goal: 2-3 wins.
    This is a RE-BUILD.
    Enjoy the tailgates, the parties.
    Todd gets us 4 wins he has failed.
    Bucs, Licht, Bowles doing a great job.
    Wait for year after Brady retires to RELEASE THE
    Enjoy the Super Bowl afterglow Krewe!
    We don’t want to be the Patriots in .500 purgatory.
    The NFC is weak and we can keep pieces and keep
    Bucs giving loyal Gator fans something to cheer for
    and a 5-7 years backup or GENO Smith career.
    Be patient. Well done so far Bucs.

  104. Oneilbuc Says:

    Calbuc. That’s a perfect idea bro and I agree with you on that point but the bucs and the fan base rather to lose for the next 5 to 10 years rather than then seeing what Trask can do. They’re are afraid of him being a good quarterback so they rather lose so they can say I told you so . They doubted Trask the whole time he was here. He played good last preseason and Joe couldn’t give him his props. Than Joe and this loser fan base not all of us said that Trask needs to earn the starting job and not be gifted the starting job. And they also started a narrative saying Trask couldn’t beat out Blain Gabbert which now every one knows that he never was given that chance . Than it was Trask has to earn it he shouldn’t be gifted the starting job. So they brought in Baker Mayfield who’s on his 4th team in 6 years and the bucs lied about a quarterback competition and Joebucs knew it was a lie the whole time and Kyle Trask came in and out played Baker Mayfield in Training camp and preseason games . I’m starting to hate this team and this fan base because I’m starting to understand they have a loser mentality. Kyle Trask should be the starter he earned it. Baker Mayfield is the starter because of his popularity he didn’t earn nothing. And next year he would be on his 5th team and this weak fan base will give him a pass.

  105. Buchead588 Says:

    Maybe they just wanted to give Trask the whole game to see how he handled it he only started 1 game before

  106. Wild Bill Says:

    If the bucs design their offense to roll out the qb like Trask did often last night it will slow down the passrush. The bucs o line is a weakness for now, but moving the pocket will help both qbs and buy more time. The Bucs don’t have the blockers for a fixed pocket passer! Brady didn’t have much time to throw or let receivers get open. Trask was mobile often last night. That slowed down the rush and gave receivers time to get deep or open. Regardless of who starts next week there should be more roll out passes! I do think Trask is a legitimate challenger for Baker. Play both next week and move the pocket! Trask showed a rifle arm last night. He is ready if given the chance. All the 1’s and Trask will start next week and play most, if not all then first half. Trask will likely play the 2nd half. Hope he picks up where he left off.

  107. b4l Says:

    Trask already looks like the better QB and the way he is improving at an accelerated rate compared to Baker, who is still just mediocre Baker, not naming Trask the starter today is a crime against the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization and fan base. But bad HCs be bad HCs, and that is what Todd Bowles is. A bad HC.

  108. Tony Says:

    Could there actually be hope for a Gator QB for once?

  109. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Trask will start after the bye week.

    Mayfield is straight up garbage.

    Wishing Mayfield to return to Mayfield of old is a fools errand.

    Bowles is just not a HC.

  110. Tony Says:

    This is my 2 cents in. I am a numbers guy. this is the numbers from there senior year. Kyle played 12 games. BAKER PLAYED 14 games.

  111. Tony Says:


  112. Tony Says:

    The numbers senior year, Trask Per game is Att 36.41, completions 25.08, Td’s Avg 3.58 yards 356.91. Baker Mayfield Att 28.85 completions 20.25, Td’s 3.07, yards 330.50. let’s not forget the on game against the Texas Tech red raiders when they were the worst defense in the in america.

  113. Donald G Says:

    Trask deserves to start PERIOD The first game the oline played sooooo bad. He made some nice throws in both games. This kid works hard. Lets go Kyle show them. If we pick Baker we are tanking

  114. Tony Says:

    He had36 of 27 and 545 yards and 7 Td’s he was lucky to have Mahomes there and such a Ragad defense why Mahomes couldn’t never win there. Then there is what he had to work with , maybe 3 hall of famers called Mark Andrews, Joe Mixon, and 49ers legend from Longview Texas Trent Williams. Mot to mention the other help he had. He was at the rite place at the rite time. Let’s mention Trasks help, lol. One Wr got cut the other Giants cut him and the Te end has did nothing for the Falcon’s.

  115. Tony Says:

    I guess there is not a lot of number guys on the Buc’s that are number coaches, i don’t see it. Maybe it is upper management or is it Dave Canales trying to have another QB to save himself so Canalses. Baker if full of excuses. Only week people would listen to a narcissist Canailles wants to rescue another QB to make him like the Qb savior. When in Fact you have someone who understudied under the goat for 2 years. He is probably better than Canales on calling plays than he is. Why fix something that is not broken? Trask has been to practice before anyone and left after anyone in the last 2 years. Then you bring in the worst QB in the last 2 years to replace his. How stupid is this coaching staff and management.

  116. Tony Says:

    True story, I played with Pat Mahomes Sr. t-ball through high school. he could never beat us when we were little. we picked him up for the playoffs and he had to play for a team named the cheifs. We never lost when we were little and my dad was the coach. Just saw him at the 35 years reunion this last week.

  117. Tony Says:

    Trask is a Brady prodigy for them to go to another system is idiotic. Why fix something that is working. They have a super bowl trophy to show what Brady did. Now to change it to something what has worked for 7 superbowls. Trask knows it looks it and is performing it. They want to goto Baker that has always had help. For them to say Baker is more fit for there system, why change a superbowl system when it works. I know it is Canales first year, but sounds like an ego system when you say it’s my system amd Brady had a system that worked for 7 super bowls. I hope these coaches are not that bumb.

  118. Tony Says:

    Trask would be better than Dave Canales at calling plays. just saying he reads the defense when the do there thing. Also an under study of the greatest to play the game for 2 years!

  119. Christopher Says:

    To say you had an open competition without allowing Trask to play with the starting offense is a joke. I hope Kyle gets the opportunity to go to a team that will give him a real opportunity to compete for QB1

  120. Bucfan94 Says:

    Trask was lied too and wasn’t even allowed to play a preseason snap with any starting recievers

  121. Oneilbuc Says:

    Man this franchise and fan base would have wanted Josh Allen cut they don’t know nothing about what’s going on on the field the only thing most of the people on here knows is names that’s all they care about. The Glazers will make a lot of money this saling Baker Mayfield to the City of Tampa because Tampa is a college town not NFL. And if I’m the Glazers I would move my team out Tampa.

  122. Bucco Bruce Says:

    Never wanted Mayfield here. Always wanted Trask to get a shot after a 2nd rounder being spent and the years behind Brady. Trask also fits this scheme so much better than the old one. If it panned out then we got one. If it failed then we draft one. It was a no lose situation imo.

  123. Oneilbuc Says:

    Buco. You can’t make logic comments like that because you must be a Gator fan or a Kyle Trask fan boy for saying how a lot of us believe. It’s a win win situation if he’s good then we got our guy if he ain’t than draft a quarterback in the first round. I don’t know why these people can’t understand that it’s really that simple bro!! I agree with you 💯 persent!!!