Kurt Warner Says Kyle Trask Is “Progressing” And “Growing”

August 17th, 2023

Kurt Warner on Kyle Trask.

Who better to break down a quarterback than a quarterback?

And it helps when the quarterback analyzing is none other than Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner. When he isn’t busy with his NFL Network duties (he called the Bucs game in Munich against the Seahawks last fall), Warner likes to show up at his son’s practices and games.

You may have heard, Warner’s son, Kade Warner, is an undrafted rookie receiver with the Bucs. Joe thinks, especially with Russell Gage now out for the season, Warner has a fair shot at making the club.

So after Bucs practice on Sunday, Joe talked to Kurt Warner. Joe offered Warner’s take on Baker Mayfield yesterday. Today, Joe brings you Warner’s analysis of Kyle Trask.

Seems like Warner is getting intel from his kid, who had private throwing sessions with Trask prior to training camp.

“Kyle, I’ve only just watched him a little, here and some when he was at Florida,” Warner said as he stood on the sidelines inside the Glazer Shed. “I thought he did some really good things today. So, I didn’t watch a lot of him in college. The book is new for me on Kyle Trask.

“But I’m excited to see [Trask]. Kade has said some really, really good things about Kyle about where he is progressing and where he is growing. So I’m excited to see where he can grow.”

Well, Joe thinks Trask has grown leaps and bounds in just a handful of weeks. Joe has seen Trask practice now in training camp and in underwear football in 2021 and 2022. Back then, Joe did not see an NFL quarterback and isn’t if he was better than Ryan Griffin.

Trask is not the same quarterback. Joe even joked with Bucs suits asking where they kidnapped Trask because the guy wearing Trask’s number and throwing darts and rifling passes had to be an imposter.

It’s been a remarkable transformation.

The problem for Trask is Mayfield, based on his on-field play, is pulling away in the race to start for the Bucs Week 1.

For Trask to win the job, he’ll have to look like the second coming of Tom Brady on Saturday night against the Jets to challenge Mayfield.

Yes, Joe is aware the great Ira Kaufman reported a week ago the quarterback race is already won and the Bucs just haven’t announced it yet.

34 Responses to “Kurt Warner Says Kyle Trask Is “Progressing” And “Growing””

  1. Fred McNeil Says:

    I’m happy to hear he’s improved. We will surely need him at some point. He looked kinda meh Friday night. Not great. Not bad. Acceptable.

  2. BucU Says:

    With no Jensen, a rookie RG and Luke at LT. Does it really matter who’s QB really?
    Just a week ago I was shockingly optimistic overall. This week not so much.

  3. BillyBucco Says:

    First it hasn’t been announced there is no Jensen.
    Second Luke as you call him plays RT.
    In case you haven’t heard man beast Tristan Wirfs plays LT.
    They are still ranked 14 in a preseason poll that has the Jets appropriately at 23.
    Your narrative is old. And wrong.

  4. Obvious Says:

    I guess it was too little too late for Kyle “before” the supposed competition started. The competition was to appease us fans more than anything imho. He HAD TO HAVE made those guys have second thoughts somewhere in there and HE HAS actually given authentic hope for the future because as the info on him through the “lost years”, has revealed that he truly wasn’t in the perverbial ball park as to leading this team BUT he’s very close now. Just not quite close enough to sway the Org overall much less the guy with the job on the line and in charge of the direction this team Will go this season.

    I believe he was picking himself up off the ground pretty well before the start of the season, BUT I believe in reality, the coaches FINALLY focused in on actually helping him reach his potential. Clearly for the first time since he arrived.

    And He HAS turned some heads! If he puts up a Strong performance on Saturday, he may still get the start. I Do Not see that happening. Pretty much No Way. ONLY because of the experience factor however.

    Not much else because they are pretty much dead even. I’m not sure how he could shine brighter? How do you do that?

  5. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Reason Bucs have not named a starter is because they have not made a final decision on this matter. Please do not forget that Trask is the pick of Jason Licht and BA , so do not be misled into thinking our GM does not want Trask to do well for sure. If Baker is named QB1 on Sunday , listen to the description about how very close the competition was , which will foreshadow the switch to Kyle when it happens, and it will happen whether due to Mayfield injury or lack of performance. ME13 and Godwin are hoping Trask is the guy as he is much more capable of putting the ordinance far down range and on target. WR’s want to have the opportunity for nice stat years , especially going into a contract year. Oline better improve fast or none of this QB banter matters.

  6. Buc4evr Says:

    Concern about Trask is that he doesn’t have the O line to protect him while he goes through his progressions. Mayfield is a lot more mobile and can throw on the run. Have not seen that from Trask.

  7. HC Grover Says:

    He can get good rest this year and maybe play next year with the new coach. Not fair to throw him into the disaster after the Bowles-Mayfield flop.

  8. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    “Where he’s progressing and where he is growing,” sounds like he’s talking about a kid going through puberty.

  9. PSL Bob Says:

    I think Trask is going to become the next Ryan Griffin or Mike Glennon. Always a backup on the Bucs roster, but perhaps may get a chance to start on another QB needy team.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Fred McNeil Says
    “I’m happy to hear he’s improved. We will surely need him at some point. He looked kinda meh Friday night. Not great. Not bad. Acceptable.”

    I agree.

    At least he’s shown the ability to learn and improve. That is the main thing. I believe with experience he might become much better.

    BillyBucco Says
    “First it hasn’t been announced there is no Jensen.”

    Exactly what I was wondering. I’ve seen several usernames make the claim he isn’t going to play. Had me wondering if I missed something.

    I believe he WILL play…and that they are just being extra cautious in preseason. He certainly does not need the reps.

  11. Craig Says:

    I can sympathize with Kyle about being somewhat hopeless with no chance of advancement behind Brady.

    Now that he supposedly had a chance to be starter, he could get his hope back and be at his best.

    It probably won’t help at the start of the season but I can almost guarantee that he will be by the end of the season.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So far as the offensive line, no gloom and doom here.

    I did say weeks ago that the line would need a little time to start gelling. Now it seems obvious, but people didn’t seem to get it back then.

    Assuming Jensen is playing center this year…I think the offensive line will improve within the first half of the season…so long as Jensen is in there.

    I so miss Ali Marpet.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m suspecting this next game is going to get pretty violent.

    Lots of penalties as refs try to get things under control…but I’m actually predicting a Bucs win.

    Trask has a chance to have a stellar day.

  14. SlyPirate Says:

    I don’t even know what he said?

    Does he think he can be a starter, career backup, or nothing at all?

  15. 1#bucsfan Says:

    All we can do is ask for trask to keep going out everyday and improve. Baker might be a better option early on in the season if he gets hurt or starts to struggle like he has in the past I’m confident trask will step up and seize his opportunity. Trask has more upside and his more talented than baker. Really only thing baker has is a lot more experience.

  16. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Jose may not be able to tell the difference but apparently there are a lot of people who think Trask is better than Ryan Griffin. That would be everyone associated with the Buccaneers, and the NFL in general. Don’t beat yourself up too much, the Ryan Griffin wing of the Winston mob will be here soon to console you.

  17. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Count on 1 MISSISSIPPI -2 MISSISSIP and the arm going forward before PI and hope for one of those. A PI will help keep the drive alive and increase the chance of Scoring Points. Plenty of tape on the need for a quick release pass over the middle from last year. Could also look into the Jump Pass of Bronko Nagurski from the 30’s.

    Best bet for Baker is a sprint to the outside and make the throws from based on his Highlights his Wheelhouse. Hope he has some of that blazing 4.84 /40 speed left.

    Success is going to come down to Defense and Field Position anyway.

    If it looks like 3 Mississippi protection throw it Deep.

  18. WyomingJoe Says:

    Bucks Fan Since 76… Evans and Godwin would much rather have Mayfield throw to them. I think that Trask is slow on his reads and as Joe said, doesn’t “move” well in or out of the pocket. Lastly, if Baker wins the starting job he ain’t giving it up any time soon, not to Trask and not to anyone else in next year’s draft.

  19. Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:

    1#bucsfan Says: Trask has more upside and his more talented than baker.

    I’m curious what metrics you’re using to determine trask “is more talented than Baker”?

  20. chark Says:

    He uses the ” I dont like baker metrics” u know the qb who only dinks and dunks and wasnt successful in cleveland

  21. Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:

    Well we certainly have the right to like or dislike whoever we choose and that’s always going to be subjective. But what isn’t, is the fact that Baker has outperformed Trask at every level of the game. And that’s a non subjective fact.

  22. Bucs since 76 Says:

    I can’t think of a starting QB in the NFL that had been cut by three teams. Also, Mayfield was release was not due to contract reasons. Now I am sure Mayfield will get the start against the Vikings. Trask is improving and will get his chance this season. However, he needs the reps this preseason to take the next step.

  23. Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:

    Bucs since 76 Says: “I can’t think of a starting QB in the NFL that had been cut by three teams”.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick recently retired but I’m pretty sure he was cut by St. Louis, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston, NYJ, TB and Miami. And I believe he started for 9 different teams during his career.

    If you meant you can’t think of one current starter, then I would say Geno Smith. He was “cut” by NYJ, NYG, and LAC and is currently starting for the Hawks.

  24. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Reality check, Bowles is not down with tanking. He could give 2 fu$$ about TB without him as HC. He lost his HC job with the stinking Jets after he was forced to play rookie Darnold, and he preferred rookie Mayfield. Good choice, the stinking Browns won one game in 2 years prior to him. Old boy ain’t perfect but none of these QBs are. (Tom Terrific had a losing season last year, ICYMI)

  25. David Says:

    Good job Joe,
    You found someone who speaks positive of Trask. Congrats.

    So Trask has been all better than Baker (9 picks) in entire training camp. Now Baker is better because Trask threw a pick on meaningless pre-season on 3rd and 19.

    What a load of you know what. This Bucs club is disgrace to rookie qb’s. They have Baker penciled in as their starter since day one he was hired.

    If Trask does good on Saturday, he shoud be announced as starter . Watch they will drag this competition post third pre-season game until Baker does better.

  26. David Says:

    Trask was set up for failure from day one they hired Baker. They start Baker at home against Steelers 2ed team defense and having Trask to go up against the Jets on the road, should Jets decide to put some of their top players out there.

  27. bobby Says:

    ^ david is 100 % correct.

  28. Since76 Says:

    Rewatching game. Mayfield doesn’t impress. I thought Trask looked better even though he wasn’t given much time. Receivers had drops too.

  29. Tony Says:

    Everyone knows Baker is a turnover machine and dink and dunk. Trask throws about a foot taller and can get it over the line. Trask 19 MPH, Baker 16.5 MPH so Trask is faster. Trask wins turnover battle with less than half of Baker in in practice. A couch potato could have completed most of the throws from Baker against Steelers. Trask had 2 years under the goat. Maybe they should call plays that fit Trask instead of drawing out plays. Teams have easily found out Baker, trap him in the pocket and he throws low so easy to bat it down. He has the most batted balls and int’s since he has been in the league without even playing all the games.

  30. Jared Says:

    Mayfield is getting a $4MM annual salary guaranteed. Trask is making less than $1.3MM. That’s how you know who will start. Whoever gets paid more.

  31. Tony Says:

    If you have had a Superbowl team with a certain type of Qb, and it worked 6 times elsewhere. Why would you go to something different when it is not broken, Trask understudied from the goat and is progressing. To change the offense to another system that is fit for the worst Qb in the last 5 years. What is the Buccaneers thinking? If you Start Baker please trade Trask so he can get a superbowl with another team. This is just common sense! If Dave Canales can’t see what he has. Maybe he should not be here.

  32. Tony Says:

    What worked in Seatle is different here. Call plays that Brady would have done for Trask. It is not that hard. Please do not make it about you and your system but what you have to work with with an extension of Brady!

  33. Tony Says:

    If Baker starts, we know Canales is about his system over the goat. With an understudy of the goat and doing everything he can to be like him maybe Canales is more about himself than what is what is right for the team! It doesn’t take a genius to see what Baker has been in the past plus double the Int’s from Trask.

  34. Tony Says:

    No wonder Baker wants the competition to end now after his dink and dunk eposode in Pittsburg.