Jonathan Taylor To The Bucs “Makes A Ton Of Sense”

August 3rd, 2023

RB Jonathan Taylor.

When Joe watches training camp practices, Joe doesn’t see any workhorse or dynamic running back in an offense both Bucs coach Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator Dave Canales claim is going to be run-centric.

This is why Eric Edholm of thinks the Bucs ought to be proactive in trying to obtain Jonathan Taylor from the Colts.

In recent days, Taylor has engaged in very public sparring with crazy Colts owner Jim Irsay. Clearly, Taylor wants out of Indianapolis (unless he is paid) and the Bucs, Edholm said, should be talking turkey the Colts.

… [I]t’s not as if the Bucs appear to have a sleeping giant in their run game without some upgrades.

Second-year pro Rachaad White certainly appears to have some promise, and it might be too soon to give up on Ke’Shawn Vaughn after 79 rush attempts in three years. But White might be best in a complementary role, and Vaughn has had plenty of chances to earn a significant role in Tampa’s offense.

Canales has spent the past 13 seasons in Seattle, where running the ball was a central component in the attack. The Seahawks have continually replenished the backfield during the Pete Carroll era, and sometimes they seemed to have more options at the position than they needed. For an offense expected to be led by either Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask, beefing up the run game with a workhorse star such as Taylor makes a ton of sense on the surface.

Well, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has  been very public suggesting Sneak Vaughn has gotten a raw deal. And frankly, through a half-dozen training camp practices, three of which were underwear football practices, Vaughn might be the best Bucs’ running back.

Might be (emphasis on “might.”)

Joe has documented several times this offseason how Rachaad White’s advanced rushing stats are terrible.

The problem with bringing Taylor to Tampa Bay? Taylor wants to get paid. The Bucs don’t have any Team Glazer loot to pay Taylor unless they want to backload the contract, which is very dicey to do for a running back.

63 Responses to “Jonathan Taylor To The Bucs “Makes A Ton Of Sense””

  1. LOL Says:

    Yes please. Do it. I would actually be somewhat excited for this season with a splash move like this. As long as you don’t have to give up much draft capital that is. Give them sneak and a 4th rounder all day

  2. CTBucs Says:

    Nope. Running backs aren’t a premium position anymore. Extend Wirfs, Winfield and Evans first. We need to take care of our own and get the cap right for next year and beyond. I have faith in the zone running scheme. Every year Seattle had some no-name back run for 1,200 yards and 8-10 tds…

  3. destinjohnny Says:

    We dont have the team around him, it would be a waste.
    its a final piece thing.
    If we had a great line, id say sure. We have 5 win talent with or without him.

  4. Steven007 Says:

    He might end up with the Dolphins. He would be more affordable than Cook who they’ve also been looking at. And they seem to be able to sign whichever player they want. They also have a very creative running game.

  5. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Pass. There is zero need for a top shelf RB to win the SB anymore. Especially one that wants more than 10 million a season. You can get that production much cheaper. Just look at the past 10 years. I don’t believe there is a single top RB that made top dollar the season their team won the SB in the past 10 years. Even Legarette Blount with the Pats and his 18 touchdowns only made 1 million that season.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No way we should give up a draft pick and scrape up money for a RB…..

    We have no idea how good or bad our Qb will be……sit tight…..suck it up….

  7. Fred McNeil Says:

    We would have to resign Evans to a new deal just to free up the cap space. Taylor has a lot of miles on him. Can he still hold up?

  8. Stormy Says:

    You don’t pay running backs framchise money anymore. The cowboys overpaid Zeke and for what? Nada.

    They break down after about 7-8 years and sometimes sooner. Better to just draft, pay rookie scale and replace. Rinse and repeat.

    These RBs wanting QB, LT or WR money are nuts. As someone said, it’s not a premium position. No RB available (or allegedly available, like Taylor) is worth the cap hit.

  9. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Sneak always looked good to me (when he wasn’t fumbling).

  10. Mike S Says:

    Fun to talk about. Unlikely to happen as Joe said. The money isn’t in kitty for it.

  11. ATLBuc Says:


    Maybe you should change your username to destinyjohnny.

  12. Show Me the TDs Says:

    No need to mortgage the future. What does it get you? A few more wins? I hope the Bucs are awesome this year, but they have zero chance of winning the Super Bowl. Like so many have written, very good RBs can be had for a lot less.

  13. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Seems a bit of trouble for the locker room too.

  14. rrsrq Says:

    He might pull a Bo Jackson, with so many questions on the offensive line, except they could not stack the box with our weapons on the outside. As far as paying him, he is 24, probably a good five years left if we can keep him from getting hit in the backfield. But in the good ol days, i.e., Mike Alstott, a good running back fires up the offensive line

  15. Leighroy Says:

    I love the logic of these National dog-day-filler articles.

    Of course I should take home the red Ferrari bc I don’t have one in my driveway currently and my work truck and mini van aren’t sporty enough! Consequences, context and reality be danged….

  16. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Nope never ever ever pay a running back by then it’s all behind them

  17. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Would be a shocking move after all the dollar store spending talk. Would honestly kind of upset me just because i’d feel misled by Licht lol

  18. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    “Vaughn has had plenty of chances to earn a significant role in Tampa’s offense.”

    “wait, what?”

    Sneak has been in Tampa for three full seasons and hasn’t done squat. If he was going to be somebody he would have been somebody by now… It’s not like he was behind All-Pro running backs on the depth chart.

    He was beat out by ROJO, Fournette, a 3rd round draft pick rookie and a few vets who are no longer in the league…

    At least with Trask you can say – Dude has been sitting behind Tom Brady for three seasons.

    I agree with Joe.

  19. SB~LV Says:

    No thanks
    No reflection on JT

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    Impossible to judge any running back on this roster over the last three years other than Self-Preservation Lenny. Brady wouldn’t allow anyone else on the field with him.

    They aren’t trading for Taylor. Colts will want too much and Taylor wants to get paid. I could see trading for a mid tier running back 1/3 of the way into the season if things aren’t going well, but nobody that is going to be expensive.


    They’ll want a FIRST ROUND draft choice for him……..does that make sense to ANYONE out there??? Especially if Todd Bowles leads this team to a sweet six or seven win season and it’s a higher draft pick!!!!

  22. gp Says:

    Unless the OL has been upgraded/revamped enough to be able to consistently run block, spending top dollar on a running back is foolishly wasteful.
    That “special” back that can consistently produce even when the blocking sucks or is non existent is not currently playing in the NFL.
    The war in the trenches will determine whether we can run it or not, not some flashy running back.

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    @ TOM

    I agree – I wouldn’t trade our first round pick for JT.

    However – I’ve seen a few different trade scenarios. One had us sending our 2024 2nd round pick and a 2025 4th round pick for JT – I would make this trade.

    Obviously the Bucs don’t have the cap space left to sign JT – so all this is just talk until we give Mike Evans a new contract…

  24. Doctor_Berto Says:

    No thanks

  25. Mort Says:

    Love JT as a player and frankly wanted the Bucs to draft him. That being said, this move would be irresponsible if JT is looking to break the bank and because of the required compensation to the colts. I’d trade him for Devin White straight up, but that’s literally the only way that I’d make that happen.

  26. sasquatch Says:

    Can we stop arbitrarily connecting players to the Bucs? The entire offseason is just stupid enough.

    Also, where’s the effing cap space coming from? Until they get the Evans deal done, they’ve got no room to maneuver.

  27. Proudbucsfan Says:

    IMHO I believe key Vaughn is better than Rachaad White. The team and the media over hyped him, in my eyes he hasn’t done anything, he had one good game and it wasn’t even that impressive. I’m a life long Bucs fan so I try to root for all our guys so I hope I’m wrong but that’s what I see.

  28. Toad Bowels Says:

    If there’s no money to pay Devin White and there’s no money to extend Mike Evans how in the heck could the bucks of Ford to sign Jonathan Taylor unless Taylor agrees to play for league minimum in 2023 and gets a contract that’s backloaded. Even then I would think he’d have to sign that contract with the Colts first then get traded as the Bucs would not have the money to accept him in a trade from the Colts under his current contract without cutting a number of key players.

    I know it makes for interesting reading but Joe just wrote an article about the Bucs AC/DC loving GM Jason Licht shopping at the “dollar store” this year by necessity. So in what in fantasy does Joe see a top NFL running back like Jonathan Taylor available at the dollar store?

  29. J Says:

    Irsay isn’t letting Taylor go anywhere.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  31. Pewter Power Says:

    Man if they could pull off that trade other teams would finally fear our run game, Evans and Godwin will wreck offenses. Even by one Leftwich couldn’t screw up that offense. Nah never mind yes he could

  32. BucU Says:

    I think our Oline is going to be vastly improved over last year. The run game should benefit greatly because of it. I’m a believer in Dave Canales now. I was disgusted when first hired but he made a believer out of me.
    We’ll see soon enough won’t we?

  33. Bucs Lives Matter Says:

    I’d love the addition of JT but it’s the wrong time. Bucs are in rebuild mode and can’t afford to be giving up draft capital or salary cap. Even with JT, our QB options are not great and we’d still be looking at 6 wins more than likely. Time to build for the future. White hasn’t been good at all but he may flourish under a better OC.

  34. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    Let’s revisit this debate after preseason…

    I hope Vaughn is able to rise up and become a legit NFL RB.

    But – “Wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.”

  35. Cobraboy Says:


    Just no.

    JT may be cooked. He’s carried a ton of rocks and RBs all have an early expiration date.

    Save the $$$ to make bigger splashes next season.

  36. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    Both those backs had to deal with the Leftwich Effect, so I’d rather not spend picks and future caproom without letting those guys get a shot with maybe a real OC.

    Signing Taylor would make the Bucs what, the Colts? If neither QB pans out this year, why have a star running back raising you up slightly, only to get you a #11 pick instead of a #1.

  37. Tony Says:

    Might be wrong but I could’ve sworn he fumbled a decent amount when he was at Wisconsin, too!

  38. Tony Says:

    I’d rather give somebody like Tarik Cohen a chance who’s recovered from his injury who can do a bit of everything then pay so much for Taylor & give up probably a 1st rounder for him. Somebody like Cohen wouldn’t cost as much either.

  39. Bobby M. Says:

    I think it comes down to ticket sales…..if an investment in Taylor equates to more fans in the stands, buying food/drinks/jerseys….then maybe they pull the trigger, particularly if Trask is beating out Mayfield. I think they wait until they see what their backs can do in a preseason game or two.

  40. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    “You can revisit this all you want, but if Vaughn stays healthy AND looks impressive in the preseason(which he did last yr)”

    Ya buddy – he looked so good that he rode the bench all season.


    “man you better be ready to hear it from me.”

    Cool – I have no problem with that. I actually hope you are right but we won’t know much until after preseason… So let’s just see how it goes.

    “First thing I’ll probably tell you is that your perception of the level of talent in our RB room is as mediocre as you think the players in the RB room are.”

    Fair enough… What happens if Vaughn continues his streak of below mediocre play? I guess I will get to rub your nose in it as well – right?

    I like this. Makes the preseason a little more interesting for me…

  41. sasquatch Says:

    We have the makings of a well-rounded RB squad. It’s not guaranteed, but you have Ra White who has some serious skills. You have Vaughn who hasn’t ever really had a chance. You have Sean Tucker, who has serious skills as well. And then Chase Edmonds has been a productive role player in his career. Would I be interested in letting any of those guys go in favor of a higher priced, possibly worn out back? No. The guys in that RB room are guys we need to ride with. There’s a lot of potential there and no high price tags. You don’t pay a RB unless you’re sure they’re physically up to it for the duration.

  42. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    I’m not alone in my assessment of the Bucs running back group –

    Rachaad White saw 136 carries including the playoffs as a rookie, earning a 66.5 PFF rushing grade, and looks set to be the Buccaneers lead back in 2023. Chase Edmonds leads the backups at the position, coming off a season where many expected him to be a big factor in the Miami Dolphins backfield, only for him to be traded midseason. Ke’Shawn Vaughn has been in the NFL for three seasons now but has topped 60.0 in PFF grade just once.”

    Ranked #30 out of 32… lol

  43. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    “you’re assessment nor mine holds any weight at 1Buc place.”

    We are on a Bucs fan site… Are we not supposed to have opinions? Or are we just all supposed to bow down to your opinions on things? – lol…

    “Cope with that,”


    “it seems like you’re struggling to believe the people that do this for a living don’t have better grasp for what they have on their roster.”

    I actually like our GM. I think he has done a pretty solid job over the past decades. But he has made some mistakes.

    “Me I’m totally fine,”

    I agree. You have the right to have your opinion. I have the right to have mine.

    “I’ll defend our players from their own fans all day”

    OK – fine by me. But you still need to take off the Pewter colored glasses once in a while and see the weaknesses of your team. This RB group is a weakness not a strength.

    “because fans tend to pretend to know more than they actually do like Rod Munch”

    Again – we are commenting on a Buc fan site. We have the right to voice our opinions. If you disagree that is fine by me.

    You obviously think the Bucs have a solid RB group. I disagree. I believe they are the 30th ranked RB group in the NFL. I am not satisfied with that ranking.

  44. Marine Buc Says:

    “Ke’Shawn Vaughn has been in the NFL for three seasons now but has topped 60.0 in PFF grade just once.”

    Ya – this guy is great.


    He’s so great we have been hiding him on the bench.

    Get ready to be amazed by Sneak ya’ll…

    Oh my goodness.

  45. TampabayDJ Says:

    @ Destiny’s Johnny – You sound like one of the fakest Bucs fans ever. No talent ?? You must have just started watching our Bucs when Brady arrived. You are a puppet of buying into what the media has been saying. Bucs upgraded at most positions and got a lot younger and faster. Save your negative messages for the AINTS or some other football team. Go Bucs

  46. Marine Buc Says:

    “Maybe the next time John Spytek calls you up for your opinion on what type of talent to go out and look at, you can steer him in the direction of better RBs than Sneak, lol”

    That’s an easy one.

    Step #1 – Put up a dart board with all the other RBs names in the NFL.

    Step #2 – Throw a dart at the dart board.

    Step #3 – Whichever name the dart hits will be a better RB than Sneak Vaughn.


  47. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    “I think they’re relatively unknown, but I don’t equate that to them being mediocre because they aren’t household names.”

    I agree with you on this. But all we have to base judgments on is past performance.

    I think White will be a solid RB1 if he stays healthy. I don’t have much faith in Vaughn but I am hopeful Sean Tucker can get past his hear issue and become our RB2.

  48. Marine Buc Says:

    “Marine doesn’t want the low mileage car off the lot in Sneak Vaughn, he wants the ’89 Honda DX hatchback with 217K miles on it in Kareem Hunt or Eziekiel Elliot 😂 and he wants to finance it, so the insurance costs 3 times as much as the actual car LOL”

    I like this analogy.

    However – I really don’t believe Kareem Hunt will cost more than @ $2M per season at this point.

    Hardly “mortgaging our future” with that investment.

    Plus – Hunt still would not be our RB1. He would be the RB2 and then Sneak can go play special teams where he belongs.

  49. Esteban85 Says:

    Nope. Don’t want this guy. He’s great but I don’t think we can afford him and I don’t think we unload any picks or talent at this point. I think we scheme our fairly unknown RB’s to success. Run when they think we are passing and pass when they expect a run. Seems simple enough but the last guy did the exact opposite.

  50. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    “Sure, but you do realize there are people in the organization that are keeping a running tabs on every single returning player in order to gauge their development, because teams are invested in these players and plan pretty far of into the future.”

    Yes – I do realize this. I still don’t believe in Sneak Vaughn.

    “I’m about the sum of the parts, haven’t been in a fantasy league in years and the numerical suffixes after RB mean next to nothing to me.”

    I agree. I have never been into fantasy football. However – I still don’t believe in Sneak Vaughn.

    “Whomever is having the best day, needs to get the most opportunities”

    Seems like this has been the case the past few seasons. That’s why Sneak only has 80 touches in three seasons.

    “Brown will probably beat Laird out for his practice squad spot.”

    I hope so.

    “Tucker is over the heart condition and hopefully it’s something that just needed the time to be sorted out.”

    My fingers are crossed.

    “Vaughn can be a complimentary back in this league.”

    Then he better become a better receiver and pass blocker.

    “and Rachaad White is getting called on to spearhead our rushing attack all while returning to a comparable run scheme he had at Arizona State.”

    True – I hope this helps our running game. I believe White can be a solid NFL back.

    “There’s no need to do anything drastic to our RB room. Perhaps they learned last year between Hicks & Julio Jones that signing players for what they were and not what they’ve been lately, is a mistake.”

    I agree – depending on too many old washed up vets is a mistake. I’m not suggesting making any “drastic changes”. I just don’t believe Sneak Vaughn is the answer at RB2.

  51. Davenport Says:

    Backs are the product of the line in from of them. Pay lineman, churn through backs.

  52. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    That is such a wise quote…

    But I still don’t believe in Sneak Vaughn as our RB2.

    I hope Sean Tucker is able to beat him out and Vaughn can “sneak” around the bench.

  53. Marine Buc Says:

    Sorry bud…

    I’m not a WWE fanboy.

    Watching grown men run around in underwear has never been my thing.

  54. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Davenport

    True – however – a RB in today’s NFL needs to be able to break a tackle. Lots of yards are gained after first contact.

    I don’t believe Vaughn is capable of gaining many yards after the first contact.

  55. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dooley

    “Apparently evaluating football players isn’t your “thing” either lol”

    Who is your favorite wrestler?

    Do you like the half naked man wearing the green g-string? Or the half naked man wearing the blue g-string?


    Say what you want but…. Oh never mind.

    Have a nice day Dooley.

  56. C R Says:

    They should have drafted him when they had the chance this guy is a game changer. The bucs will gain instant credibility if they sign this cat.

  57. C R Says:

    I’m glad some of these fans making remarks are not one of the buccaneers coaches these cods making comments don’t have a clue of what a real running back can do to help an offense brainless twits and most of the comments I’ve seen.

  58. PB and J Says:

    @ C R

    I think your right. It seems like Dooley is K. Vaughn’s mother.

  59. Mike Johnson Says:

    Johnathan Taylor still has an awful lot of production left in his tank. And he is quite talented. And there is no way any of you can tell me he is not better than what we currently have. Acquire the man, Jason!!

  60. Marine Buc Says:

    And as always – “Have a nice day”

    Go Bucs!

  61. View from 132 Says:

    Makes sense for who? His agent?

  62. Brandon Says:

    Dumb article written for dumb people to root for. Anybody that thinks this is a good idea is clueless.

  63. B Says:

    Not going to happen with him or any of the big free agent backs because having a non threatening running game eliminates the already slim chance these 2 quarterbacks will be successful and solidifies the plan to tank and get a top 5 pick and justify new coaching staff.