Ira Kaufman Talks Baker Mayfield Announcement Delay, Bucs-Jets Takeaways And Reflects On A One-Year Bucs Anniversary, Debates Kyle Trask’s Good Night, Running Game Outlook, And More

August 21st, 2023

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Iconic Ira Kaufman comes out firing and doesn’t stop in this meaty episode with Joe. Enjoy!

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17 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks Baker Mayfield Announcement Delay, Bucs-Jets Takeaways And Reflects On A One-Year Bucs Anniversary, Debates Kyle Trask’s Good Night, Running Game Outlook, And More”

  1. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    I enjoyed the podcast from the three of you but Steve is correct – you cannot judge the Bucs running game until the starters on the O-line and the starting RB actually plays.

    If the Bucs get to Minnesota and can’t run the ball any better than they’ve done in the preseason then I’ll be greatly concerned. But we don’t really know at this point what it’s going to look like. The players will be different and there will be running plays that the team doesn’t want to put on tape during the preseason.

  2. David Says:

    History and experience means nothing in NFL. There are so many qb’s in NFL with the same experience as Mayfield who has done a crap in NFL.

    Trask has palyed Baker in training campand in pre-season game. Trask was never allowed to compete for the last two years and he shined on the road against one the best defenses in NFL with no running game. I do not give D* if he was playing against Jet’s 2ed team. He was playing with garbage OL and receivers himself who could not catch even the easy passes.

    Who is this guy on the air who is calling Trask TD an incidental catch. LOL. The ball was placed beyond the defender. How about his other pinpoint passes? 36 yard bomb to the undrafted receiver out of his own endzone.

    Give Trask the first team starters and a few games then compare him to Baker.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with Ira that it does matter WHY Brady was absent…..

    Also….this lack of an announcement is totally Bowles…….perhaps they want to assuage Trask…..but ridiculous.

    I think BA & Bowles have mismanaged Trask…..he clearly looks to be capable of being the Brady backup instead of Gabbert.

    I’ll give the Bucs 3 games to judge their running attack.

  4. RuKa Says:

    What is more worrying in this whole Trask vs Baker mess is that the Bucs cannot manage a situation like this… is it that difficult? To at least communicate and be in the same page?!?!? Do you think Belichick or Carroll or Reid or Tomlin would ever, EVER, look like a fool like Todd did?!?!

    This is a little window to how Todd (and maybe even higher above) runs this team!! Do you feel like this is a winning team? That is a team prepared to make an impact? A team ready to play eye-to-eye with the best? Do you have that feeling that the team is being run by competent people that know what it takes to win and have all details under control? DO YOU FEEL IT?!?!

  5. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Canales said he would wait as long as possible to name a starter at QB and he said the 2 key factors would be who protects the ball and who pushes the ball down the field.
    Trask has been solid, but he’s not lighting up the scoreboard and that’s what he needed to do to become the starter. Mayfield is the starter partly because Trask hasn’t taken the job from him.

  6. Dave Pack Says:

    I’ve been a Baker fan. However, being unbiased, I flat do not believe in a QB competition. I’ve never seen it work. If they wanted to sign Baker, so be it. Give him the starting job day one in the beginning or give it to Trask day one and have Baker back him up. Either way, let the team know who your General is gonna be. Don’t play games with it. I’m hoping for the best for Baker but I’m afraid it’s gonna hurt his performance and the team. No QB wants to be looking over their shoulder. Same for Trask or anyone else. Competition is good for other positions, but not the QB. Divides a team and damages the mentality of the QB’s. JMO

  7. Mike S Says:

    Trask’s Preseason Stats to Date:

    26 for 38 68.4 Comp% 317 yards 8.3 yds/att 1 TD 1 INT

    In what is essentially 4 quarters of football

    Outside the INT on his first drive of the preseason – those are pretty darn good numbers.

    The problem with holding sham competitions is the kid gets to play and can force the hand – which he’s doing.

    Come next game – if Trask builds on this with another stellar performance Baker will be holding a clipboard against Minnesota.

    Doesn’t matter what assurances have been made.

  8. David Says:

    Alanbucsfan Says:
    August 21st, 2023 at 5:41 pm
    Trask has been solid, but he’s not lighting up the scoreboard and that’s what he needed to do to become the starter. Mayfield is the starter partly because Trask hasn’t taken the job from him.”

    Has Baker lighten up the score board besides dink and dunk his way to endzone at home against Steelers 2ed team defense ?

    Can Trask throws and catch his own passes or kick FG ? If your answer is yes, then he might have scored 30 points on tough Jet’s defense while playing with future hamburgers flippers.

    Please provide data’s to support your post.
    1.Trask has outscored Baker 13 to 7 so far.
    2. Trask has thrown less interception in training camp 10 to 4
    3. Trask has 8 to 1 explosive plays in pre-season games.
    4. Trask 2023 record do far is 1-0 to Baker 0-1
    5. Trask total passing 317 yards is second most yards in 2023 pre-season among qb’s.

    Trask upsides are unknown while Baker upside is garbage as his past. He will be more concern about collecting his $12M which was ripped off from him by his relative than playing the games if he is the starter.

    Todd B. should be fired if he names Baker simply as a safer choice to save his job with a mediocre record than Bucs future with Trask.

  9. Bobby Says:

    Ira, Trask looked good when you consider this was is first real time playing most of an NFL game and playing without Evans, Godwin, White, and Wirfs and most of the other starters. He looked confident and in control of the offense.

  10. Bobby Says:

    This season feels like it’s going to be a 5 or 6 win season.

  11. Bobby Says:

    After having Brady and going into every season and nearly every game with the assumption that we are competing for playoffs and Super Bowls. This sucks that we have to go back to pre-Brady Bucs ball and not have winning expectations for this coming season. It’s just sad

  12. Bobby Says:

    I believe if the Bucs had the cap room this off-season, the Bucs starting qb would be Derek Carr or maybe even an Aaron Rodgers. Regardless of who if the Bucs had the cap room our starting quarterback would be someone that we all feel conditioned about going into this season

  13. Bobby Says:


  14. Mr. Editor Says:

    I totally agree about Ke’shawn Vaughn! Saying that he’s not doing enough is an understatement, and I want to see him step up. Chase Edmonds had the same blockers as Vaughn and did reasonably well.

  15. New Bucs Fan Says:

    And here is David again to tell us all why Trask is going to Hall of Fame after 2 preseason games.

  16. Dave Says:

    Joe seems excited for us to be the 2022 Panthers, when a coach on the hot seat made the decision to start Mayfield because “he needed wins”. Couldn’t get Mariota? How about Brian Hoyer? Watching Jason Licht squander premium picks is maddening- drafting a QB in the second round when you are in a SB window and need OL depth (see the Rams playoff loss) and then keeping FOUR QBs on your roster? Horrible. Ronald Jones, 2nd rounder, Vaughn, 3rd rounder, Trask, 2nd rounder- just wasting those picks on players you can’t or won’t develop. I don’t know if Trask will be good, but I have 5 years of tape and three fired coaches to tell me what Mayfield will produce. Great season ahead…….and I’ll watch and read- but I will be miserable. But, you can’t complain for five years after winning a SB.

  17. David Says:

    New Bucs;
    I was just replying to Baker fan who were ready to crown Baker as the starter after Trask threw an insignificant pick .