Tom Brady Effect Alive And Well At One Buc Palace, Jason Licht Says

July 26th, 2023

Influence still felt?

Joe wrote something a few times that Joe is sure didn’t go over well within the walls of One Buc Palace.

Players had tuned out the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. Joe used the brutal loss to the 49ers as one piece of evidence.

Despite Brady getting in people’s grills on the sidelines, the Bucs played with their heads colossally planted up their backsides that gloomy, rainy NoCal afternoon, especially on offense.

It almost appeared as if the Bucs gave up that day — and Joe witnessed it firsthand right there in Santa Clara, California.

Earlier in the season, Warren Sapp called out a certain Bucs defender on social media for loafing in a one-score game and claimed the offending party should have “the ‘C’ ripped off his chest.” By looks if not actions, the 2022 Bucs too often did not play as if they were motivated or inspired by Brady. At all.

In the mind of Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, this is nonsense and couldn’t be further from the truth.

Licht took the podium yesterday for a rare July media availability and stated The Brady Effect is alive and well in Tampa, some five months after Brady retired (?).

“We also knew when we signed him that he would have some lasting effects on this team for what he brought – his championship mentality and everything that he brought along with that,” Licht said. “We see that lingering still in this locker room – he’s left a lasting effect on us.”

Joe sure hopes that is the case — for the 2023 season.

One thing Joe was so stoked about when the Bucs signed Brady was the very reasons Licht pointed out yesterday: Brady’s drive to win, passion to play and laser-focused attention to detail would catch on with younger Bucs who would then carry on that tradition and pass it on.

But the way the Bucs played last year, specifically down the stretch and into the playoffs, in particular against the Browns, 49ers, Cardinals and Cowboys, it sure appeared the Bucs had tuned Brady out.

Joe hopes the loafing, lack of mental focus and playing with little heart was the result of something else in the locker room other than self-muting Brady.

19 Responses to “Tom Brady Effect Alive And Well At One Buc Palace, Jason Licht Says”

  1. Hodad Says:

    Time to turn the page. Looking forward to a new beginning. It starts today, go Bucs.

  2. garro Says:

    I have never quite understood any player involved in such a violent game as football needing anyone (not even the GOAT) to motivate them Joe. I played the game. And I never gave less than 100% on every play not even practice. Self motivation is all I needed and all the Rah Rah stuff just pissed me off mostly.

    No-one ever had to “motivate” Brady to be the best Joe. Why play any sport if you are gonna do it half way?

    I firmly believe if you are not fully motivated in the game of football you probably chose the wrong game, and are very likely to be the guy who gets a serious injury. Or just fails miserably…D White and others…you know who you are.

    Go Bucs!

  3. Tony Says:

    Brady skipping preseason practices and games to sunbathe in the Bahamas was the beginning of the end.

  4. All_da_way Says:

    It sure didn’t look like it last year.

    This season I think the players will be motivated to come out of the shadow of the Brady era.

  5. Duane Says:


    “Brady skipping preseason practices and games to sunbathe in the Bahamas was the beginning of the end.”

    Dude – he was trying to save his marriage, he wasn’t loafing. Brady doesn’t loaf when it comes to football, even you should know that.

  6. Joe Says:

    I have never quite understood any player involved in such a violent game as football needing anyone (not even the GOAT) to motivate them Joe.

    Chuck Noll always told his players, “If I have to motivate you, I’ll cut you.”

  7. TB2023 Says:

    Paycheck is the only motivation when one has integrity.

    Byron’s fantasy football grew old like a mold.

    But today is a new day. Now we have Canales.

    Let the REAL FOOTBALL BEGIN!!!!!!


  8. TB2023 Says:

    The NFL is a business. Is time to earn your money.

  9. stpetebucfan Says:

    Reality is that the world revolves on “energy” on many levels including the personal physical energy a human can radiate…or not.

    When I worked in my wife’s Dental office we always began our assessment of employees and potential employees by their “energy”! Did they walk through the back door radiating energy that infected the rest of our employees…sadly in the minority in life in general…were they simply even keeled..didn’t radiate nor did they suck energy…or were they people who were dark holes of energy that took from the rest of the office.

    During all but perhaps the final year Tom Brady was so far in that first category as a guy whose “energy” was so infectious his teams followed along.

    Last season it seemed Brady lost that “infectious” energy whether it was due to age, his family breakup, the realization that with 60% of his Oline gone before the season started chances for an 8th SB were virtually gone, Brady did not look like the same guy and his team did not look like prior Brady teams.

    NOBODY is ever going to replace that aspect of Brady’s game. He’s the GOAT because he was able to elevate his teammates in truly amazing fashion!

    That is my biggest question about Trask. Mayfield clearly brings more “infectious energy”. I said question not conclusion. Brad Johnson is IMHO one of the most underrated QB’s in Buc’s history. He was not an “energy” out the wazoo kinda of guy. But he was a consummate professional who always showed up prepared and led by example. I’m hoping Trask can reach that level.

  10. stpetebucfan Says:

    BTW since we’re talking about QB here just a reminder for the #tankforCaleb club! S.F. spent THREE first round picks and a 3rd rounder to get their “savior” Trey Lance. He’s 4-4 and struggles to stay healthy. So much so that the whispers have already started whether this will be his last year or not. He’s under the same pressure as Mayfield…produce or else!

  11. Dew Says:

    Wirf is motivated & pissed. 98th best player??????

  12. LOL Says:

    That championship pedigree sure showed last year huh?

  13. Wild Bill Says:

    Anybody who watched Brady closely last season knew his performance was off substantially. Lots of reasons have been speculated on and probably his personal life, injuries to some of his best blockers and even his advanced age for a NFL qb all contributed. Plenty of former great pro qbs continued to play after they had declined. Hard to walk away from a job you loved. Sad end for a great player but not a rare event in many sports.

  14. ATLBuc Says:

    It’s hard to be motivated by someone who not 100% dialed in. Last year Brady had many distractions and clearly didn’t put the team first. He probably lost the team when he left training camp for almost 2 weeks

  15. BucU Says:

    Who are u going to believe Jason Licht or your lying eyes? The Bucs quit in that game straight up.

  16. BucU Says:

    When the Bucs quit in that SF game that’s when I started despising Bowles.

  17. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I think the main lasting effect would be on the players who have SB rings having an extra believe and confidence in themselves and the systems that they attribute to that championship and winning (at this point the defense and Bowles basically).

    I don’t think the Brady effect was about motivation as much as confidence and buy-in. When he’s the QB you assume you can basically win a championship if you buy in and go all out.

    When your QB is capable of throwing 30 interceptions in a season how can you approach a game with confidence that if you do your job well you most likely will win?

    I’m guessing that’s ‘the Brady effect’ reality more so than a life changing motivational speaker type effect

  18. CleanHouse Says:

    yeah – it’s called the life draining energy of Todd Bowles. Team is clueless. Squandered 3 years with Brady. Brady won one championship in spite of the Buccaneer way. But it crept back in and is now in the forefront. Welcome back to hell.

  19. unbelievable Says:

    Man I almost went to that game… so glad I did not! lol