Todd Bowles Shuts Door On Tom Brady Talk

July 27th, 2023

The Buccaneers’ head coach is having none of it when it comes to romancing the memory of Tom Brady and its effect on his 2023 football team.

Joe can’t blame Todd Bowles. First, the Bucs offense was miserable last season with Brady. Second, it’s not a healthy way to approach a new season.

If Brady wants to visit training camp and talk to this team, then it’s fine to start talking publicly about a Brady’s effect.

Bowles was asked after training camp practice today if there’s a lingering Brady mentality and if he can feel it. The head coach slammed the door.

“We’ve turned the page a while ago,” Bowles said. “We don’t go back on the past. We can’t worry about or wins, losses and who’s here and who’s not. We’re a different team. We know we’re a different team. We move forward that way. We don’t worry about ghosts from the past or anything else. We worry about what we have now and what we have to do to win.”

The term “ghosts from the past” sure felt harsh, but Joe suspects Bowles also was referring to guys like Bucco Bruce Arians, Rob Gronkowski and Jason Pierre-Paul.

It’s a thoroughly new day in Tampa Bay, and there’s no reason to pretend it isn’t.

29 Responses to “Todd Bowles Shuts Door On Tom Brady Talk”

  1. Boss Says:

    Glad to hear they have moved on…..but bowels might want to learn from the past.

    “We can’t worry about or wins, losses” sounds about right……

  2. sasquatch Says:

    Todd is correct. You can’t feed that beast. You gotta keep your guys, and the media, focused on now. No coach wants to answer questions about their retired former QB, especially when the constant narrative is that your team is sunk without him.

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    So No Mo Fooseball for TB12?????!!!!

  4. Shark Coast Tactical Says:

    Brady missed practice day before game for a wedding, played like poo during said game and lost. Brady doesn’t give af. He’s Brady for Brady. He helped get us a ring. Move on.‘He is no god or angel.

  5. View from 132 Says:

    I would think AB would qualify as a Ghost Buc.

  6. Marine Buc Says:

    Good. Time to move on…

    I doubt he would be a good fit for the new offense being installed.

  7. Arians4President Says:

    I imagine the “ghost from the past” comment was off the cuff, as I’m sure he is aware that simultaneously harsh and vague statements like that are begging to be misinterpreted and upset the wrong people.

    I started thinking what he could be referring to and came up with like 3 and then realized the list could just keep going.

  8. Hodad Says:

    Now if only the media would shut the door on Brady right Joe? What’s with those guys anyways? The only thing I want to know about Brady is who’s he B#nging? With Gronk you always added the girlfriend pic, do it with Brady.

  9. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Tom’s new chick makes old Gisele look like 3 day old leftovers, though he’d be crazy to get tied down again so soon after his divorce.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    “new day in Tampa Bay”

    Man – that slogan triggers me with bad memories of rotten seasons.

    Every time the Bucs adopt that slogan – they Suck!

    I still have a t-shirt from early in the Sam Wyche era (’93?) that says “Its a New Day in Tampa Bay” on the front and “It’s about Buccing Time!” on the back.

    Yea – whatever – the team went 5-11 as usual.

    The only good things that happened in 1993 were the arrival of Hardy Nickerson (214 tackles – can you even imagine that if you didn’t see it?) and the drafting of John Lynch….

  11. Tony Says:

    “If Brady wants to visit training camp and talk to this team”

    No, no, no. Move on. I would see it as an insult to the coaches and players.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Yeah, don’t respect and honor your history – just move on to your 5-12 record as the team fades into anonymity. If any of you morons had a clue as to what is coming, you’d fully embrace that history and beg Tom, Sapp, Brooks, Barber, anyone who isn’t a loser to show-up and inject some energy and attention into this lifeless coach and loser team.

    The loser mentality is truly remarkable in how clueless it is. What a bunch of idiots.

  13. Voice of Truth Says:

    It seems like Todd is not fond of our Super Bowl winning team even though he was a part of it

    How can he not say he is using what he learned from those experiences and HOF players he was around???!

    Maybe that’s why he is a miserable example of a HC?

  14. Wild Bill Says:

    Dear Munchy. Everybody has an a hole. Some are just bigger than others. Right or wrong everyone on here has the right to have their own opinion. If you don’t like it, too fing bad.

  15. Wild Bill Says:

    And speaking of loosers, old Tom Brady lost his last season. Lost his job. And lost his wife. Heck of a year eh? But the guy did have a super career! But time does not stop for any man. It was time for Tom to retire. Fresh start for the Bucs. Hope the team balls out and gives us their best, win or not. As long as an all out effort is there it will be what it will be and most of will watch every game!

  16. Wild Bill Says:

    Last word. There will be a time for Tom Brady to come back to Tampa, walk out in front of the crowd, tip his hat, and be honored with thunderous applause. He deserves it. Hope it happens this season. It would be nice if the entire Super Bowl winning team could join him as well. I have followed the Bucs since day one and the popsicle uniforms. Sat in the end zone seats in pouring rain, sat right behind the bench in scorching sun, and sat high up in a corporate box with all the food and drink you wanted. Truth be told the boxes are too far away. More fun to be down close to the action. Now in my 80’s I prefer my big screen TV and all the close up replays being viewed. So here comes another season! He’ll ya I will watch every game. Win or lose I will cheer for the Bucs.

  17. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Can’t dwell on the Past. If Bowles did he could say if Darnold would have went #1 to Cleveland and Mayfield went to Bowles and the Jets at #3 then He would have never gotten fired and Jets would have won a Super Bowl by 2020. Might get a chance a to see your “what if” this year Todd.

  18. steele Says:

    Bowles and Co. shut the door in his face last season, along with a lot of the locker room. No final all-in. Dismal display. Brady haters can say all they want about his age and off-field issues. If there was a rational plan for a final two years with Brady, there might have been another Lombardi trophy in the case, or at least one or two deeper runs. But no. Bowlesball, malaise, and now who knows what.

  19. Duane Says:

    A whole lotta dumb comments in this thread. SMH

  20. Buccos Says:

    That is probably the best thing I have ever heard Bowles say. Maybe he is exorcising his own past ghosts as well

  21. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Not Crazy about Todd Bowles, but at least he is trying to put all the Brady BullSpit to Bed!

  22. Greg Says:

    He’s an idiot. If Tom Brady rolled up to One Buc with a slurpy in one hand and his junk in the other he would walk into a starting job. That’s just a given. I can’t wait until Bowles is a “ghost from the past.”

  23. RuKa Says:

    I get it…. Last year was bad because he inherited a super-bowl champion group of coaches and had to get rid of them in order to be successful.
    He also inherited the best player to ever play QB, so god forbid he enters the building and destroy Tod’s possibility to be successful… you know, with his handpicked superstars Baker and Kyle…

  24. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Oh that bumbling Bowles..who peaked in Super Bowl 55 and fell off a cliff faster than Devin White. Arians lone mistake as Buc savior was sticking the team with this stiff. Brady got Bowles a division crown in spite of his lousy attempts at “stoic leadership”. He celebrated with “a tall glass of 1% milk and a box of Chips Ahoy”. An actual cringy quote and explains his bulbous boiler/Buddha belly.

    Typically when Bowles speaks he leaves you wanting less…

  25. Lovelorn For Brady Says:

    I knew this day would come, but I can’t escape the crushing emptiness.

  26. stpetebucfan Says:

    Just an honest question for some of the most “opinionated” posters here claiming how bad the Bucs, their coaches suck.

    If the Bucs win 10 and make the playoffs will they really show their faces here?
    Will they eat the crow they would then deserve? We can serve it grilled, baked, or fried!

  27. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Just an honest answer for StPeteFanBoy…yes…I will not only be pleasantly surprised…but will give you your “I told you so” moment in the Clearwater Beach sun.

    Now…if as expected…Bowles and Co. lay a coaching egg…will you refrain from your keyboard karate and tone down the tough talk? Somehow I doubt it given your Bowles like track record in these parts.

  28. PassingThru Says:

    The reasoning is sound, but the problem remains… and it’s Bolwes.

  29. garro Says:

    No Brady this year folks.
    Get your jerseys while you still can.

    Go Bucs!