“There’s Going To Be Some Tough Cuts”

July 30th, 2023

Running backs Rachaad White and Chase Edmonds.

Todd Bowles gave what Joe believes was an important scouting report today on one of his new running backs.

Joe is referring to Chase Edmonds, the veteran free agent signed before the NFL Draft.

Edmonds, 27, has been with the Cardinals, Dolphins and Broncos. He’s flashed on offense, especially in 2021  with 900-plus yards from scrimmage, but perhaps he’s done his best career work on special teams.

Bowles emphasized the complete player that Edmonds is after practice. He also said he likes all the Bucs’ running backs and “there’s going to be some tough cuts.”

“Hard worker. Professional. Understands the game completely,” Bowles said of Edmonds. “We knew that when we got him. We like what we got. He can play special teams as well. He’s a jack of all trades. He can run it. He can catch it. He can pass block and he can play special teams. So the competition is going to be tough.”

After No. 1 running back Rachaad White, the Bucs have Edmonds and Ke’Shawn Vaughn, the veteran who was buried on the bench last season for no apparent reason.

Will the Bucs keep four running backs? The preseason will answer that question, Joe believes. One of the remaining candidates after White, Edmonds and Vaughn will need to be a solid special teams player.

Rookies Sean Tucker (Syracuse) and Ronnie Brown (Shepherd) were damn impressive college running backs but went undrafted. The Bucs also still have veteran backup Patrick Laird, who was on the Bucs’ practice squad all last season. If he didn’t show anything to management, he wouldn’t still be around.

16 Responses to ““There’s Going To Be Some Tough Cuts””

  1. Craig Says:

    I hope they are smarter about it this year. I had so many questions about who were cut last season. especially in the receivers room.

    They cut all of the fast new guys and kept Scotty. That might have helped on special with a K teams, but down the stretch they could of used some speed that didn’t have to jump up to make a catch.

  2. Jack Clark Says:

    Chase Edmonds sounds like a good backup and special teams player. Plus he has more utility than Ke’Shawn Vaughn

  3. stpetebucfan Says:

    I think this bodes well for the RB position but what really interests me is if it also means an improved ST!

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    I am so intrigued by Ronnie Brown. Go watch his highlights, and he looks just like McCaffrey, and his production was insane – 8.5 yards per carry, plus over 50 receptions to go with 25 TDs. You then figure, well, it’s against low end talent and he’s going to be too small, or too slow, but he’s got a 9.33 RAS score, meaning he’s physically elite.

    He runs a 4.44, is super quick (his 10/20 yard splits are faster than his 40), and his shuttle was elite as well. He scores great on his vertical and broad jump.

    The only thing he’s dinged on really is that at 5′ 11″, he’s only 192 lbs, which seems fine to me as he’s not going to be a 3-down back.

    Anyways, I’m really interested to see what he can do in preseason.

    For Tucker, I’ve watched the taped, and he just reminds me of a slow Doug Martin. The tape on him, to me, didn’t match the hype, to me he looks like a classic college RB that just isn’t fast enough in the NFL – but then you get reports that he can some ridiculous 40 time, so if that is true, then I’m totally off base on him – which could certainly be the case as others, who I generally trust, have said he should have been drafted.

    But out of the two, I’m much more interested in seeing what Brown can do since he’s really something different if his skills translate – he could really be a weapon.

  5. Dooley Says:

    “For Tucker, I’ve watched the taped, and he just reminds me of a slow Doug Martin.“

    You’re calling Sean Tucker, a 3 event track guy who was hand timed at 4.33 just 4 months ago a slow Doug Martin(4.55)? That’s a lazy take Rod there are years old scouting reports that say the contrary in terms of Tuckers’ speed and it shows up on tape via play design and his execution of it.

    And Ronnie Brown looks good, but I’m almost banking that the comp to Christian McAffery is because he’s a white RB coming from you, because that’d be equally lazy take.

  6. MadMax Says:

    I miss A-Train so much….we need a bruiser back like that…but i know, good luck with finding that kind of a gem…if they want to get serious, ive got a few names in the pipeline that im watching and keeping tabs on….keeping it to myself for now

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    Dooley – That’s my point on Tucker, when I watch the tape, to me, he didn’t impress me, he looked like a classic good college RB who is too slow for the NFL — but then I see reports that he ran a 4.3x. I don’t see that at all on tape, and that’s why I’m saying I could be completely off-base if that is true. Lots of people, like Chris Simms, who I think do a good job scouting guys, are high on him, so I’m saying I could be completely wrong.

    As for Ronnie Brown, while he does physically look like Christian, and he is white, indeed my analysis of watching him goes deeper than that. Just watch his play style, the way he runs, the quickness/smoothness and natural receiving ability – all that together just reminds me a ton of McCaffrey. Again, it’s against very low level talent – but when you look at his RAS score and see that he does indeed have the size/speed needed for the NFL, he’s just sort of an exciting wildcard. We don’t really have anyone else like him on the roster, that’s why I want to see what he can do against better players. He might be a complete non-factor, which is the most likely outcome, but I just really love his tape and hope he gets a chance to play some passing downs early in games to see what he can do. He’s not an inside runner, I don’t think, but as a 3rd down back, he might be a real weapon. OR not.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    Chase Edmonds looks like he has the potential to be a productive RB for us (5-year average of 4.5 YPC), but Ke’Shawn Vaughn is the guy I’m thinking will surprise everyone this season. He struggled last year (3.1 YPC in only 17 carries) just like White (3.7 YPC), Fournette (3.5 YPC) & Bernard (3.5 YPC) did, but he runs hard & can make people miss.

    Sneak did great in 2021 (36 carries for 180 rushing yards … 5.0 YPC) running behind a solid OLine. But what looks interesting is that of those 180 yards, only 58 yards came BEFORE contact. The remaining 122 yards he got AFTER CONTACT (with 5 broken tackles), giving him 3.4 YAC/Attempt (excellent). That’s impressive. In comparison, in Fournette’s best season (Jax in 2019) he had a 3.0 YAC/Attempt, and last season White had a 1.3 YAC/Attempt.

    Interestingly, had Ke’Shawn broken just ONE of his stuffed runs for 30 yards, his average would’ve ballooned up to 5.0 YPC last season. Then everyone would’ve been touting him as the next Adrian Petersen right here in Tampa Bay. Instead he got caught in the backfield and it wasn’t to be. Fickle finger of fate strikes again.

  9. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Unless Sean Tucker surprises everyone, this is one area I think the Bucs neglected and gotten worse.

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – Chase Edmonds had a fantastic half of one season, then outside of that hasn’t done much. He’s more of a classic 3rd down back, and I think in that role he’s quite secure in his job, unless one of these young guys really surprize. But I think he’ll be solid – however I doubt he can ever recapture the hype he got in that one stretch.

    Ke’Shawn, last preseason, looked like a different guy. Not sure why he didn’t get snaps, but I think he’ll be a solid backup who can start a game or two without killing you.

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    AlabamaBucsFan – Making White a 3-down back will fix all the issues. He’s a special talent, and is going to show it, so long as defenses aren’t just putting 8 guys on the LOS because the QB play is that bad.

    But just getting rid of that idiot Leftwich and his ultrapredictable playcalling is going to be, by far, the biggest upgrade in the running game you’ll see this season. Well, assuming Canales isn’t worse, which I believe is actually impossible.

  12. Reality BucFan Says:

    Easy Money…keep White, Edmonds,Tucker trade or release Vaughn and Practice squad is Laird Again unless He has a Great preseason

  13. Brandon Says:

    If you’re not seeing it on Tucker, you haven’t watched enough. He’s not Doug Martin. Not at all. He’s not as powerful but he is much faster. He’s got a little Tony Dorsett in him. Not as quick but similar build, power, excellent speed. Same gliding style.

    Ronnie Brown… not McCaffrey. He’s more like rhe guy I compared McCaffrey to coming out. Reggie Bush. Similar speed, build, skill set. Bush was 6′ 200-205. Brown isn’t much smaller but has a similar small game. Bush was quicker. Brown faced a much lower level of competition but his dominance is absolutely nothing to take lightly.

    As for why Vaughn was stuck on the bench. That was a Brady call. He doesn’t care if a guy can run, run after the catch. He’ll take a pass blocking guard with good hands over a running vack that can actually run the ball. Vaughn was definitely our best runner last season but couldn’t see the field because he wasn’t a great pass blocker or receiver.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    Brandon – Doug Martin was literally an ALL-PRO runningback. So yes, I do not think he is at all Doug Martin, if he is, he’d have been a 1st round pick. Comparing him to Doug Martin is a compliment, the issue, on tape, was that he doesn’t look to have the speed that you need. But if he’s anywhere near as good as Doug Martin, it will be a home run.

    As for Brown – sure, I can see the Bush comparison, but I also think Bush and McCaffrey are similar players. Not saying Brown is any of those guys, but he just reminds me of them vs low level guys – then when you look at his workout numbers and realize he has NFL speed and quickness, and is big enough — he’s just a very interesting player to me.

  15. ScottyMack Says:

    My take is that Vaughn will never be a RB1 nor will Edmonds. I’d cut Edmonds first (every other team that has had him has already done it) and Vaughn next. Give the younger guys a shot!

  16. garro Says:

    I’m hoping that there are a bunch of tough cut positions this year.

    That can be a very good sign for us.

    Go Bucs!