Ira Kaufman Engages In Feisty Devin White Debate, Talks Latest Mike Evans Snub, Explores Why So Many National Analysts Are Burying The Bucs, And More

July 16th, 2023

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10 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Engages In Feisty Devin White Debate, Talks Latest Mike Evans Snub, Explores Why So Many National Analysts Are Burying The Bucs, And More”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Evans will make the HOF

    White will perform well in 23

    All eyes should be on JTS & Hall…..

    We have a good punter….

  2. Bobby Says:

    Hey Ira, we still need another edge rusher correct? Barret’s contribution is very questionable this upcoming season considering all the circumstances surrounding him. JPP is still available??? Bucs could maneuver some cap around and bring him back for this coming season. Think bringing JPP back for one season would be in the team’s best interest.

  3. Bobby Says:

    I also believe Kancey is going to be an outstanding threat to opposing offenses this season. But is that going to be enough of of a rush??

  4. Bobby Says:

    Hey Ira, heard you say on this podcast that the HOF voters laugh you out of the room everytime you bring up Mike Alstott. I just watched a video of his highlights to remind myself cause it’s been along time since I saw him play l. Omg, how is not in the HOF. Screw stats, if you apply the eye test when you see his highlights omg how is he not in the HOF. For 6 yrs he dominated the league. Opposing teams didn’t have an answer to stop this guy week end and week out. It’s garbage that Alstott is not in the HOF, just garbage!

  5. Bobby Says:

    I wonder if maybe the HOF should adjust it’s standards of what is considered a HOFamer, because after looking at the bucs in late 90s to early 2000s, Alstott was outstanding and dominant and so was Warrick Dunn. Dunn was incredible too. They use to compare this guy to Barry Sanders because of the way he juked people when he would run. Now Dunn is no Barry but name another running back in football that met the eye test to incredible play and looked similar to Barry. Yet Dunn isn’t even considered for the Hall of Fame either, what!?? Why!?? Cause if stats, garbage.

  6. Bobby Says:

    They let Terrell Davis in the HOF and what was the length of his career what like 6 yrs!!! Why not Alstott and Dunn!??

  7. Bobby Says:

    While we are at where is the love for James Wilder!! He was another outstanding and dominant Buccaneer running back!! How about Jimme Giles!!! Giles was just as good if not BETTER than Travis Kelce and George Kittle before those guys were even thought of!!! As you said Ira, lot of Bucs hate going on in that HOF voter panel.

  8. Bobby Says:

    Just watched a highlight reel of Jimmie Giles, a game commentator called Jimme Giles the fastest tight end in football!!! And Giles isn’t in the HOF why!!??

  9. Bobby Says:

    You know what tell those voters that now the Bucs have 2 Super Bowl wins in franchise history while some franchises are still searching for there 1st SB win. Get over there Bucs hate. Give this organization the respect it deserves!! Are the Bucs consistent winners over multiple decades no!! But what franchise is, it’s hard to win game in the NFL let alone consistently win most of your games year in and year out and that should be taken into consideration when deciding who gets in the Hall. I rest my case, thank you and Go Bucs!!

  10. Bobby Says:

    And the Bucs would look alot different historically today if they didn’t make 2 of the biggest bonehead moves in NFL history. 1st is Ray Perkins who is coach that sired Bill Parcells by the way!! If Ray Perkins didn’t trade Steve Young after 1 season!! Who knows what the Bucs would have turned out to be in the late 80s. 2nd bone head move was to waste a top draft pick on Bo Jackson when Bo already said prior to draft he would never play for Bucs and he would choose to play baseball if the Bucs drafted him. Well Bucs drafted him anyway at what number 1 overall and he played baseball for a year then the Bucs just let there rights to him go and he was able to be apart of the Raiders what a year later after his intial draft. 2 of the some biggest boneheaded moves in NFL history right there led to the horrible years that followed. But since then Bucs turned things around and now we have more SB wins then many of the NFL franchises in the NFL. Go Bucs!!