Antoine Winfield, Jr. Thinks Buccaneers Are Pursuing Tom Brady

July 14th, 2023

Perhaps this is why the Bucs bizarrely closed their first 2023 three training camp practices to all fans.

Could it be that the team wants to avoid total chaos at practice in case Tom Brady makes a surprise return?

Bucs safety Antoine Winfield, Jr. thinks a Brady return to Tampa Bay remains possible, so he said on The Richard Sherman Podcast this week.

“I’m sure we’re still reaching out to him trying to see if he’s trying to come back to the team,” Winfield said of Bucs management. “Hey, it could happen. Anything’s possible.”

Sherman, the former Bucs, 49ers and Seahawks cornerback agreed and said, “Look, I don’t put nothing past [Brady]. This is a crazy world and he a crazy guy. …” Winfield replied, “It’s up in the air, man.”

Joe can be sure the Brady commentary from Winfield certainly was not the Bucs’ company line. But interestingly, Winfield did emphasizee the company line on the Baker Mayfield-Kyle Trask competition at quarterback. “It’s really 50-50 between those two guys.” Later in the interview he used “50-50” to describe it again.

94 Responses to “Antoine Winfield, Jr. Thinks Buccaneers Are Pursuing Tom Brady”

  1. Craig Says:

    I, for one, don’t really want him. He was just a shadow of himself last season and it didn’t look like something a few protein shakes could fix.

    It is true that the offensive scheme was something from a kindergartner, but Brady should have been able to overcome some of it, instead he was a big part of the problem.

  2. SufferingSince76 Says:

    That’s crazy talk.

  3. HC Grover Says:

    I will take it. One can only hope.

  4. Beej Says:

    If he hasn’t been doing his daily four to five hour workouts like he’s been doing for the last decade, he’ll never be able to play again

  5. View from 132 Says:

    Why not call Troy Aikman? Or Dan Fouts? Or Bart Starr’s ghost? Enough already with Brady. It was fun, but come on.

  6. Steven007 Says:

    With there being no conflict of interest with his new Raiders association?! I would certainly think so. Not that there’s a snowballs chance of this ever happening. But I never thought he’d come here in the first place either.

  7. Steven007 Says:

    * would there be…

  8. Buc4evr Says:

    Brady no way at this point. I would be OK with Ryan or Wentz if they showed up at training camp.

  9. Dooley Says:

    Should be noted that Sherm & Winfield chuckled through this exchange about Bradys’ hypothetical return to Tampa. It wasn’t a serious contemplation about there being any chance Brady does come back.

  10. Marine Buc Says:

    Get the GOAT back on the boat!

    Better free up some salary cap money if true. Plus this move will insure our salary cap is a total mess again in 2024…

    I highly doubt this will happen but it’s fun to kick the idea around this time of year.

  11. Pewter Power Says:

    He said he really want to wear these throw back uni’s. I would be cool to see him on the field for that. We won that throwback game in epic fashion. It was all downhill for josh freeman from there

  12. Boss Says:

    no thanks. Tom, enjoy your retirement from playing

    no way he signed on with toilet bowl again.

    toilet bowel……..I can’t wait until next year, new coach, top pick in the draft…..

    Brady HC with % ownership….but he would never do it. does not seem like the baby sitter type with loads of patience and comfortable being mediocre like 80% of the HC’s.

  13. BillyBucco Says:

    With Dave Canales’ offense?
    Yeah right.
    I can see Brady rolling out to his blind side lol.

  14. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    After a couple of practices with Mayfield and Trask, I am sure there has been many calls to Brady.

  15. Dooley Says:

    “toilet bowel……..I can’t wait until next year, new coach, top pick in the draft…..”

    Proof that some fans dislike Todd Bowles so much they are rooting for a factory reset of their favorite football franchise. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but the only thing I embrace in losing is the lessons you can learn.

  16. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady is done. The man hasn’t been working out all season. That’s the biggest tell he’s finished. He’s maniacal about his off-season preparation. He weighs about 160 pounds now. He’s too busy attending parties and banging models. He can still sling the ball. He has better velocity on his passes than Trask, but his legs are finished!! It was time. He will be 46. He can’t just roll out the bed and suit up.

  17. JD Still Says:

    So , the rumor is Brady is returning , to a team with an already maxed out salary cap, a totally new offense that requires a qb to be mobile , a new OC , and an unproven offensive line, so the rumor MUST be true! LOL!

  18. D-Rok Says:

    Before he podcast taped:

    RS: “Hey man, let’s screw stuff up and mess with people’s minds, aight?”

    AW: Chuckles, “Why not? What’d you got in mind?”

    RS: “Let’s say TB12 *might* come back, and see how many people take it seriously?”

    AW: “You aint right, dawg, but I’m down.”

    Cut scene to 2 people rolling on the floor laughing.

  19. pepsi Says:

    Last year brady had D.Smith in his worst season of his career, rookie goedeke at LG for nearly half the season, backup center Hainsey, Mason and Wirfs.. and his OC was leftwich. IF he were to comeback it would be behind a complete different Oline and a new OC whos name is not leftwich.. no doubt the team would be functioning much better than it did last year. This is also why i think the Bucs will be better this year than they were last year even with Mayfield behind center instead of Brady.. last years Oline was a train wreck and our incompetent OC couldnt help the situation – not to mention Brady was mentally off last year due to personal life reasons.

  20. ATLBuc Says:

    50-50 means Trask starts. Mayfield has to outperform him by a wide margin to start. If it’s close, Trask gets the nod.

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    Winfield Jr = STUD

    What a talent considering he was drafted later in the 2nd rd….

    I sure hope Winfield can avoid injuries this year – get the 4-5 INTs he’s looking for and really earn that nice fat 2nd contract – along with an ALL Pro designation….

  22. pepsi Says:

    For people saying Brady was cooked last year – please explain to me week 16. How did a cooked over the hill QB manage to look the best he has in his 3 years on the Bucs in week 16… its because he wasnt cooked at all, the team was a disaster (specifically the Oline).

  23. D-Rok Says:

    ^^^ Agree, Pepsi. If he was washed, it would not have been possible for that performance against the Panther’s. Those 3 TD’s to Evans were SO pretty. A lot went wrong last year, but that game told me Brady was not washed.

  24. shankasorous Says:

    Antoine forgot Gronk. Gronk is coming back too!

  25. Fred McNeil Says:

    It sounds like a click bait fairytale to me. Fun thought tho.
    That said, would I want him back? IDK.

  26. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Doesn’t Brady’s ownership with the Raiders bar him from playing on the Bucs?

    I would think so.

  27. Onetrickpony Says:

    He forgot Mike Alstott,he is coming also

  28. Fred McNeil Says:

    IDK if the Raiders deal is through yet. The owners have to approve it.

  29. Fred McNeil Says:

    I got a training camp tryout too.

  30. Bobby Says:

    If we get Brady back for one last ride at another Super Bowl attempt!?? Omg!!!! Let’s F****** Go!!! We got a retooled O-Line, Witfs is LT, we got Kancy at D-Line too. We got Jensen back too. Still have Evans, Godwin, Devin White,David, Davis,Dean, Winfield, Vea. Come on Brady come back for one more!!! Let’s F****** Go!!!

  31. CleanHouse Says:

    I’d take him every day all day until he wants to stop- last year he was messed up because of his family

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sure, he can defer payment and we can have a $110 mil dead cap in 24,25…..

    No thanks…..lets see what we have and draft a QB if we need.

  33. Cobraboy Says:


    This spit gets old.

    Even if true, who are the Bucs cutting—several players—for Brady?

  34. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Translation, the Bucs defense saw how sad the offense looked and are hoping the Bucs brass gives Brady a call. Brady is not coming back! We are going to have to live with who we have this season and hoping Canales can work a miracle.

  35. Todd Rolls Says:

    Hey Dooley Todd Bowles sucks period we aren’t rooting we just know how it’s gonna turn out, stops being an emotional hemofeeliac, 1-2 wins and new everything Bowles couldn’t win with an all star team and Brady he blows.

  36. Timothyvelasquez Says:

    He had a good season stat wise . Imagine if online was healthy d bad barret all yr closer games . What if lol

  37. Hodad Says:

    If Winfield thinks Brady might return he needs to get in concussion protocol. Two more weeks, and Joe won’t need to make up stories. Come on Joe, you know he wasn’t serious.

  38. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Tom Brady

    He a crazy guy

  39. Bobby Says:

    Come on Brady come back, Let’s Go!!

  40. lambchop Says:

    I just love all these armchair gurus who never played organized team sports spouting off about what Brady can and can’t do, as well as say he was a shell of himself with 60% of his OL a rotating turnstile. Yea Brady fell off and so did the run game? Magically?

    I would take Brady over what we have IF the right side of the OL is above average and his personal life is sorted. Does anyone think Canales will pigeon hole Brady in an offense he’s not comfortable in? Canales is a rookie OC.

    But, Brady isn’t coming back. I really think last year’s divorce woke him up from his obsession with playing football.

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Craig Says
    “I, for one, don’t really want him. He was just a shadow of himself last season…”

    He had some off the field personal drama that had him distracted, but last year wasn’t even close to his fault. Even distracted he can win big.

    Last year was more about the team health and roster losses.

    I will never bet against Brady…but…this team is I full rebuild mode. We would be able to give him what he needs.

  42. Bucswin Says:

    I wouldn’t say no. But the drama/distraction would be off the charts. Looked like last year was one year too many. But at least the divorce is over. GO BUCS

  43. donuts Says:

    When it comes to high profile athletes, one rule is true….follow the money. I wont say much more but Tom does have some reasons to follow the money this season.

  44. DBS Says:

    Last I heard. We may even have the USFL QB in the mix. That would not at all. But one thing is for sure Brady is not coming back. I would take Alex McGough over what we have now..

  45. J Ghotier Says:

    Considering Brady was here last year (and with his own hand-picked dudes) and we only averaged 18 points a game anyways, I think Brady for this 1 possible year just hampers Dave Canales growth and Offense in his first year in the OC position. Don’t think it’s best for our team going forward tbh….but it is Brady nonetheless and I’d be an idiot to not welcome him with open arms IF 🤷‍♂️

  46. captivajim Says:

    Brady will NOT play for Any team with bowles as HC …….

  47. Bobby Says:

    Look, Spongebob is gone and so went his terrible gameplaning against the Steelers last season. Canales is here with alot of promise. Ryan Jensen is back and that is going to be HUGE for this team. In my opinion I think Jensen is one of the hearts and true leaders that push thus team to Ws. Wirfs is at LT now too. Kancey is going to wreck opposing offenses and be dominant. Yes, Kancey is going to be do dominant! We still have Evans,Godwin,Vea, David,D-White,Davis,Dean, Winfeild. The NFC is still the easier gauntlet to go through to get to this season’s Super Bowl when compared to the AfC. Come on Brady, come back, Let’s Go!!

  48. Oneilbuc Says:

    Bonzai. That’s not a good excuse for how he played last year distraction are for losers. The only team that blame distraction are losers because Brady showed didn’t show it last year. He left for days to go on a vacation not to mention he went behind the bucs back to snig with the Dolphins. And he went to a party a day before the game and didn’t even ride with the team to the game or back from the game. Brady time has come to a end just like every other Hall of Fame player .

  49. Ben Harvey Says:

    Although it won’t happen, Brady is officially retired. If whatever reason he did come back, I think he would be ultra motivated. Brady’s distractions combined with Bowles and Leftwich’s terrible coaching contributed. I don’t believe Brady could have gone from the best 2022 passer to mediocracy on his own. He still could play if needed and we all know what happened when ppl doubted Brady…Superbowls

  50. Oneilbuc Says:

    No more Brady it’s time to move on remember you guys want Caleb Williams next year!! I have never seen a fan base like this in all my life watching sport !!

  51. donuts Says:

    Caleb could be a bust much more risk than flying with #12.

  52. Oneilbuc Says:

    Ben . People said the same thing last year you never bet against Brady if they bring him back I would love to take that bet . Brady would be good only if they give him another all star like they did in 2020 2 guys left and Brady sucked last year. It wasn’t all his fault but he played a major role in the bucs losing last year.

  53. Tuddie Time Says:

    I can’t believe anyone would not want him back! In 2020, he led us to the promise land with a torn MCL. The following year we nearly made it back while he was recovering from MCL reconstructive surgery!

    I would love Brady back! He didn’t like how things ended last year, and I would think he would like to have a do over.

  54. Statguy Says:

    Brady by now has probably been poking some IG models lol, so he may have more pep in his step lol.

  55. Duane Says:

    He could be missing the game at this point of the year, and he is likely better than Baker and Trask, but no way he wants to work with a new OC. Team Glazer would love to plaster him all over RayJay, and we could likely pencil in the NFC South for another season. They can still move money on Shaq and ME13 to fit him in. I would rather roll with what we have for the cap savings next year.

  56. Oneilbuc Says:

    At this point any bucs fan that wants him back are losers when it comes to football. I see why the bucs are the most losing team in all sports!!!

  57. Bucanero Says:

    I like to daydream sometimes but it’s not a good habit

  58. sasquatch Says:

    It’s nuts. Winfield is just talking out of his A55. It’s not happening, and it’s doubtful he’d go back to Tampa if he did want to play.

  59. gp Says:

    I’d be all in on a Brady return if only to give Oneilbuc an aneurism!
    Just kidding, don’t wish that on anyone.

  60. Oneilbuc Says:

    GP . Trust me bro I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they did !! But I know one thing it will solidify to me that the bucs are a bunch of losers and they don’t care about winning they care more about money and they believe that the fans are a bunch of suckers that’s what it will tell me!! And I wouldn’t spend one dime on a ticket because I know that’s what the organization is doing playing us for suckers!!

  61. Oneilbuc Says:

    Joe I knew you would put my comment in moderation because you are helping the bucs organization sale tickets lol 🤣🤣🤣!!

  62. TBfan Says:

    Rumors all week at a local gambling spot…more than one player has hinted

  63. Destinjohnny Says:

    No way will he want to play behind this line
    It’s the worst in football

  64. Oneilbuc Says:

    GP . I don’t lose sleep behind football bro that’s why I can criticize Brady when he plays bad and most of yall on here can’t!!

  65. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Breaking news: I think Brady has moved on, to “Plan B”
    Brady must have failed to inform Winfield, or the Bucs?

  66. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Are we still clinging on to Brady?
    The best hope, the Bucs have seen in umpteen years?

  67. Bucschamp Says:

    And that’s how you beef up your podcast

  68. Cobraboy Says:

    Money aside, he’d be a perfect fit in a new offense that requires the QB to run waggles and sprintouts since those defined Brady’s career…


  69. LOL Says:

    No thanks

  70. Oddball Says:


  71. Lovelorn For Brady Says:

    Stop toying with my heart

  72. Oviedo Jim Says:

    Stop the bull crap.

  73. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that I read something that said that since Brady is now a minority owner of the Raiders, he could come back to play BUT it would take unanimous agreement of all 32 owners to allow it.

    In other words, fat chance. Too many are glad to see him ride off into the sunset. Lol

  74. Rip 3303 Says:

    What is your problem Oneillbuc ? I get you don’t like Brady and you think the team needs to move on from him .but to flat out say he sucks in just stupidity on your part .for 1 he won us a Superbowl in 2020 .took the team to the NFC Championship game in 2021 and last year won our division and had the most pass receptions .the most pass attempts. Threw for almost 30 touchdowns and around 4000 yards passing .those 3 years are the best 3 consecutive years of this franchises history so get off the dumb s*** .Brady is better than 3/4 of the leagues current quarterbacks and as far rolling with Trask and Baker in your mind would be better for the team ? Seriously you really expect any of us to believe that??? It’s obvious you are a Brady hater even when he was winning .and saying if the team took him back they are lovers? And as for any of us on here that would want him back are lovers??? Seriously dude what are you 12 ??. You have no loyalty to the greatest Quarterback in the history of the NFL .Thats a fact whether you like it or not so give it a rest

  75. Lovelorn For Brady Says:


  76. Rip 3303 Says:

    Just wanted to correct my earlier comment were it says lovers it was supposed to say losers in both places

  77. Vancouver Buc Says:

    ^^^^^ 💯💯💯💯 Bring the GOAT back! 8 Rings baby.

  78. adam from ny Says:

    omg bring back tommy b !!!


  79. garro Says:

    I think the odds are better that I land Gisele and go on to be a star on the talk show circuit, than TB12 comes back to the Bucs $hit show.

    Go Bucs!

  80. R0n@Tampa Says:

    We have a dynasty to build. Bring back Brady win our 3rd then with Trask let’s get the 7th title and pass New England in 2030. We all believe!!! Go Bucs!!!

  81. R0n@Tampa Says:

    If we believe in the focus anything is possible.

  82. Oneilbuc Says:

    Rip. So now facts means hate Brady did suck last year because he’s old and he washed up. You wish Brady was better than 2 3rds of the quarterbacks in the NFL at 46 lol 🤣🤣. Tom Brady is just a name now that most of yall can’t let go . The only thing Brady will be good at right now is getting coaches fired because a weak fan base like most of yall will blame everyone but him . But to bad he ain’t coming back so get over it and move on the man haven’t mentioned the bucs since he left the only team he talks about is the Patriots. He showed y’all how he felt about the bucs last year on his way out so stop kissing his behind Brady don’t want to play for the bucs. Joe you need to stop with the begging your master ain’t coming back!! Lol 🤣🤣

  83. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    IMHO, this is such a Non Story.
    Brady is not returning to Tampa, so forget about it.

  84. Rip 3303 Says:

    Oneillbuc .dude I never said I thought he was coming back to the bucs .I honestly don’t think he would but my point is that he didn’t suck last year and it was more of a team decline and injured players that led to the early exit in the playoffs. But are you even a Tampa Buccaneers fan ? cause it really doesn’t come off like you are .if you were you would give Brady the credit he deserves for wat he did for the organization .and his age obviously didn’t effect his ability to win and my GOD dude where is your loyalty for bucs players .they had always been bottom dwellers in the league til they brought Tom in and instantly they win the Superbowl and win division titles and you have nothing good to say about that ? I don’t get that .you call the fan base losers if they have loyalty. you call the organization losers if they think about bringing him back ?.and worst of all you attacked Joe Buc on his one platform call him a loser and accused him for trying sell tickets? He is the voice of the bucs dummy that’s wat he is supposed to do things to help the team .and he’s a sports journalist this is wat he does for a living .you are making as much sense as Antonio Brown and trying to cut Brady down and give him no respect for wat he’s done for the bucs .clearly you are a hater and a idiot to boot

  85. Oneilbuc Says:

    Rip. Did Brady help us win a Superbowl of course he was the starting quarterback. But to give him all the credit for the bucs winning a Superbowl like what you and the rest of y’all is not a fact it’s plan crazy. And I don’t know how old you are or how long you been a Bucs fan but the bucs did win a Superbowl without Brady my guy !! And they can do it again but maybe you believe in losing on purpose just like Joe does just to get a quarterback that the bucs probably ain’t going to develop according to their history. I don’t believe in tanking for no player and to me if you do believe in losing on purpose than yes you have a losing mentality to me . I’m willing to bet you that the Steelers ain’t talking about tanking for no quarterback. I bet you Green Bay ain’t talking about tanking them or they’re fan base. Tanking is for losers if the bucs tank they will suck for the next 5 years. I will never believe in tanking like Joe does and it’s only one of Joes I’m talking about!!!

  86. Oneilbuc Says:

    Rip . And yes to you Brady is exempt from criticism I know what my eyes saw last year you can put your blinders on all you want but the truth is the truth.

  87. steele Says:

    Eternal nonsense. Enough already. Brady probably didn’t really want to come back last season, but losing $ in FTX, problems with Bundchen, etc. etc. tipped him to try one more, against reason. And what did he get for it? A non-all in, nothing from Bowles, a patchwork roster with JAGs, no new infusion of (all-in) talent, psych malaise and a bad locker room. That was not a red carpet treatment for an old GOAT who needed total support to succeed. He won’t come back to this mess, especially now with even more uncertainty and a new Rah Rah Canales system that will surely demand a mobile QB.

    It’s Mayfield’s team until it isn’t, boys. Get used to it.

  88. Mike C Says:

    Oneilbuc let’s go back and look at how well your comments aged….. like milk bro, just shut up already.

  89. Oneilbuc Says:

    Mike C. And can go back and look at your post and see how you make excuses for Brady’s bad play. So you shut up you know what I want to see the same excuses for Baker Mayfield because when he starts throwing picks I’m going to blame everyone else but him that’s what I’m going to do!!! Let’s go Baker Mayfield!!!

  90. Mike C Says:

    J O K E ! Biggest one on the site 🤡

  91. Mike C Says:

    Last time we got into it someone looked up your joke of a past, posted it, and you disappeared. Do that again without the embarrassment this time smdh

  92. Oneilbuc Says:

    Mike C. I have never disappeared I stand on what I saw and just like I said about Brady in 2020 at the time when they snig him no one knew AB , Gronk and Fournette was coming to the team. Again once AB and Gronk left how did Brady look? And it’s funny because Brady actually played with the same team Jamies had for the most part and how it worked out for Brady. Oh yeah it was because he didn’t have a good running game but I remember when all of y’all told me that a running game don’t mean nothing when Jamies was the quarterback. I was told that I’m making excuses for Jamies remember now go look that up. No body care about a running game until Brady got here and that’s a fact!!!

  93. Mike C Says:

    JAMIES? you are still on that dude…. for real? CLOWN SHOW!

  94. Oneilbuc Says:

    Mike C. I’m just showing you how you don’t call it like you see it that’s all . You judge players with your emotions. If you like them then you will make excuses and if you don’t like them then it’s they’re fault on why the team lose . Most of yall on here ain’t no different from the media. If media like them you love them and they don’t you hate them. I’m just a guy who see right threw the media and their agenda so I don’t base my view about a team or a player on how they feel about player or team. Patrick Mahomes will past Brady numbers and they will be saying he’s the goat . Then another quarterback will play in his 40s and pass Mahomes up and he will be call the goat because football is soft and water down that’s why most NFL ledgens don’t even watch any more. They all say the same thing this is not the game I know. Go see what Charles Haley said on that podcast he was right that’s why ain’t no goats in football.