Tristan Wirfs: Franchise Building Block

June 22nd, 2023


The Bucs have a building block.

Yeah, Joe could argue that the Bucs have many building blocks. Disgruntled inside linebacker Devin White could be a building block if he wanted to stay with the Bucs.

Antoine Winfield, Jamel Dean and Carlton Davis are good building blocks for the secondary.

Vita Vea is no question a building block for the defensive line.

In looking at the Bucs roster and documenting what he believes is the best building block for each team, former scout and NFL defensive back Bucky Brooks says the Bucs have one building block that sticks out above all.

That would be left tackle Tristan Wirfs.

…Wirfs checks the box as an elite edge blocker with the size (6-5, 320 pounds), strength and length to stymie pass rushers in space while also pummeling defenders in the running game. Although the 2021 All-Pro tackle has earned honors and accolades for his work at right tackle, he possesses the athleticism and agility to make a move to the quarterback’s blind side. Whether the Bucs need him there — general manager Jason Licht said after the draft that Wirfs’ move to the left side isn’t “etched in stone yet” — and whether it’s Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask under center are yet to be determined. Given his versatility, adaptability and elite skill at a marquee position, Wirfs could be essential to a championship puzzle.

Joe sure hopes this move to left tackle is as easy as many want to believe it is and as Brooks thinks it is. One problem Joe has with it is, can or will Wirfs be as dominant at left tackle as he was at right?

Wirfs may have been a Hall of Fame player if the Bucs had left well enough alone.

Something else planted in Joe’s brain about Wirfs comes from a former Bucs offensive lineman, Ian Beckles. Last year Beckles said on his podcast that he’s worried about Wirfs’ ankle injuries.

Beckles said once a big guy starts having ankle injuries, it’s common for that to be a recurring issue.

Joe’s crossing his fingers on Wirfs, who had ankle issues the past two seasons.

20 Responses to “Tristan Wirfs: Franchise Building Block”

  1. Buddha Says:

    So much paranoia. He likely will end up one of the greatest offensive lineman of all time, another GOAT.

  2. SB~LV Says:

    Yep !
    On many levels, what a gem of a find !

  3. Salary Cap Hell Says:

    need to tape and strengthen those ankles

  4. Rand Says:

    Don’t jinx him

  5. garro Says:

    Way more worried about who is replacing him.
    In fact the entire right side. I haven’t been this worried about the O-line since 1976-1977. LOL
    Don’t get me wrong… I like the Mauch pick and hoping Goedeke shows me the “glass eater”.

    But I am way more confident in Wirfs handling LT than a rookie and a1st year guy who stunk it up last year at guard. Guard, in my book is easier than tackle.

    Go Bucs!

  6. Hodad Says:

    Joe, don’t worry, be happy.

  7. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    Moving Wirf is a better gamble than signing Mayfield as an starting QB.

  8. BucU Says:

    The very LAST player I’m worried about is Tristan Wirfs. He will dominate the left side just like he did on the right.

  9. Brandon Says:

    His chances of getting into the HOF are better in being an elite left tackle than right. Elite left tackles are hard to come by as it is a far more coveted position than RT. If Wirfs doesn’t make it, at least it was attempted because it will be far easier to find an effective replacement for Wirfs at RT than a LT.

  10. Tap-Out Says:

    Use him all along the OLine, giving Defensive Coordinators that one extra thought process to go thru …they’ll be like where’s Trent! Use him as a pulling guard, he’ll play him at center, cross train and cross play! The game is changing right before our eyes! …Left Tackle, Right Tackle …just call him The LineMan!

  11. Rand Says:

    Just read from CBS news that DeAndre Hopkins would like to come play for the Bucs. ..that would be interesting. We could release Gage

  12. Jerid421 Says:

    If Jason Licht was smart, he would have just traded the Dolphins for Tua (a lefty) and kept Wirfs at RT until he can draft the LT of the future.

  13. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    It all depends if he makes that switch effectively. Otherwise you took the best right tackle and made him an average left tackle, and fill his right tackle spot with someone arguably below average.

    Defenses will line up their best rushers on whatever side Wirfs is not on, so you don’t really gain a ton by filling that left side. The days of Reggie White on the blind side pass attack are over.

  14. Kgh4life Says:

    BUCS don’t have any money.

  15. Eckwood Says:

    1. Beckles is correct , they had better custom braces and wrap his ankles . Could be a career thing if it happens a couple more times .
    2. If he succeeds , shame on the Dumb Jock disease not moving D Smith to right two years ago …. That’s their job !!!

  16. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    I’m thinking the change to LT might be a positive for his ankles. His body shifts will be mostly opposite what they were when he was on the right side.

  17. garro Says:

    You lose me when you mention anything that originates from the talking heads national sports “journalist” camp. Might as well say my neighbors cousins wifes friend says…We local Bucs fans know who our players are and who needs to step up and who the keepers are. I personally have very little respect or interest. Pat Kerwan is the only one I can think of right now who I want to read or hear from.
    Go Bucs!

  18. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    So yeah, let’s have a pretty good blindside protector if we’re lucky, even though we shouldn’t have spent draft capital to move up nor valuable salary cap money to acquire…this non-existent pretty good LT candidate. No, let’s let Baker get even more jumpy than he already has learned to be by…having this magical mediocre LT that was magically out there. OR, simply shift the most athletic tackle in the league there. TOUGH DECISION.

  19. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    I’d rather use the second round value and try Goedeke or Mauch at RT than have Hall, Vita, & WHO? at defensive line & using two picks to pick that pretty good LT. Kancey was absolutely needed. I thought you were all about pass rush with draft picks (OLB Josh Allen vs. Devin White). Or was that the other Joe, who knows.

  20. My Momma Says:

    Joe says:Last year Beckles said on his podcast that he’s worried about Wirfs’ ankle injuries.

    This has been on My Momma’s mind too.