Overcoming Kyler Traskfield

June 23rd, 2023

Defense is the key.

So, just for argument’s sake, you are not a believer in Baker Mayfield. And you scoff at the notion that Kyle Trask is a starting NFL quarterback.

Well, what then?

What then are the Bucs to do about winning? That seems to be the stumbling block for Gregg Rosenthall of NFL.com. In looking over the roster, Rosenthal isn’t sure the Bucs can rely on any area of the team to carry them to the playoffs.

I’m not sure what to make of this Bucs squad. A winning record isn’t out of the question if everything breaks right, but none of their strengths look strong enough to make up for the quarterback position.

Well, if one is to believe the Bucs’ best quarterback will be playing Saturdays in college this fall, as always, rely on the defense and run game to fill the void.

Joe thinks the defense has a shot to be surprisingly good. The secondary should be damn good. The replenished front line has a chance to be quite good. Inside linebackers, provided Devin White’s head is in the game and not focused on his next contract or horsies, should be dominant.

The key with the defense, in Joe’s mind, is the edge rush. If the light bulb finally clicks on for Joe Tryon-Shoyinka and/or Logan Hall, look the eff out. This defense could be stellar.

The run game? Hey, it was the worst in the NFL last year. Only place to go is up.

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