Biggest Snub Honor To Mike Evans

June 19th, 2023

It’s not just Joe who was horrified by the annual top-100 players list produced by elder statesman NFL insider for CBS Sports, prickly Pete Prisco.

Prisco puts a ton of work into his list, and he explained on CBS Sports HQ that it’s a cross between what a player did last season and what he’s projected to do this coming season. Film study is a big component, Prisco said, and then there’s more honing and film work after Prisco runs picks past heavy hitters around the National Football League.

Retired defensive end Leger Douzable, who played for Todd Bowles with the Jets, is Prisco’s colleague at CBS and he wagged a finger at the top-100 list.

Arguably the biggest snub went to Mike Evans, per Douzable. Evans didn’t make the cut.

Douzable rhetorically asked Prisco, “How many 1,000-yard receiving seasons does [Evans] need?” to be considered a top-100 player.

The first appearance of a Tampa Bay player was right/left tackle Tristan Wirfs, who ranked No. 46, after fellow offensive linemen Trent Williams, Lane Johnson and Andrew Thomas.

Prisco inserted Lavonte David at No. 71 overall and Chris Godwin at No. 90. They are the only three Bucs in the top-100 while Evans and Antoine Winfield, Jr. got honorable mentions.

Joe wonders what Devin White has to say about this list?

23 Responses to “Biggest Snub Honor To Mike Evans”

  1. WillieG Says:

    “Joe wonders what Devin White has to say about this list?“

    I’m thinking something along the lines of “I’m a top 5 player! Look at my tape from the playoffs during our Super Bowl season!”

  2. 1sparkybuc Says:

    I don’t know how many WRs made the list, but Mike definitely should have been included. Our guys always seem to get disrespected. He’s going to need to beat Jerry Rice’s consecutive 1,000 yard seasons in order to get into Canton. Tampa Bay has been the league’s red-headed stepchild forever. Apparently that’s never going to change.

  3. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Thats criminal. I hope this fuels ME13 fire to show these clowns what’s up. Like sparky said the disrespect some of our guys get is ridiculous. ME13 did a 1k with mclown n glennon throwing him the ball 1 year. Come on that along should put him in the top 50 lol

  4. SlyPirate Says:

    You reach 100 just simply by selecting the top 4 players at every position, plus a couple of ST players. I wouldn’t put Evans or Godwin in the top 4 WRs.

    Cool LVD made the list. That’s crazy someone recognized him.

  5. Jason Says:

    How about top 12 wr?
    Basically 3 receiver positions. Right?

  6. Dooley Says:

    Mike’s been gettin snubbed since his rookie season, and by my count it hasn’t stopped him from being a top WR in this league. Top WRs have fluctuates year to year, what’s kept Mike Evans relevant is his consistency and a relatively clean bill of health in 8/9 seasons.

  7. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Mike Evans is already in some really good company, and still playing.
    He’s already mixed in with some all-time greats, statistically.

  8. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Davante Adams recently ranked the Top 5 WR’s for SI and Evans was in that group and here is what Adams had to say about Mike.

    “Mike is the most consistent [wide receiver],” Adams told Marshall. “And that shouldn’t make nobody mad. If people are mad about that, then you don’t respect somebody coming out and doing it since we came in the league together. This man ain’t not touched the rack [1,000 yards] since he’s been in the league — there ain’t nothing you can say about that.”

    Game recognizes game.

  9. Toad Bowels Says:

    Mike definitely belongs in the top 100 and probably in the top 50 though the Bucs offensive play calling woes and Brady’s drop off last year and inability to make touchdown connections other than the awesome three touchdown game at the end of the season probably caused Mike’s waiting for the most recent season to drop a bit.

    I think he’ll have a big bounce back here in terms of touchdowns in the new offense. The box need to sign him to a long-term extension and make him a Buc for life.

    TB3 (Tampa Bay, Tom Brady, Toad Bowels)

  10. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    How to play Mike Evans?

    Just throw the ball, where he can get his hands on it.

  11. Hodad Says:

    Mike has something a lot of those other dudes don’t, a ring. Mike was also a big reason for the ring. Just keep dissing us.

  12. Crickett Baker Says:

    Adams is right but I had to translate “ain’t not”.

  13. BillyBucco Says:

    Throw in Evans as the man with his talent and he is a top 5 receiver.
    Wouldn’t trade him for any of the other WRs.

  14. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Yeah I’m a homer. I’d have had Evans in the top 25, at a minimum.

  15. Derobbins Says:

    If we are talking about top players this season, no way David belongs on the list above evans.

  16. Austin Says:

    Absolutely laughable

  17. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    And that tells you about the folks doing the ratings.
    Complete jokers.

  18. Obvious Says:

    @Bring back

    I want tweak your description a little bit. It should read…..I..

    “Real Stupid” I believe fits better. At that level of RIDICULOUS, being a “joker” isn’t most accurate description of these brainiacs.

    I’d say more but it’s not polite to comment on short bus, “frequent” fliers.

  19. Obvious Says:

    You know when you start writing to fast on a small phone and your fingers are to big and your eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be and you are on the move, and can’t tell what is actually written vs what is and isn’t written there?

    I Really need to put on my glasses!
    Seems that with some wording missing in my comment, Well, the short bus might be headed my way anytime now. So much for “proof reading”

  20. garro Says:

    Devin who?
    Go Bucs

  21. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    His antics in NOLA does not help his cause.

  22. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Hold on now……Trevor Lawrence at 23?!?!?!?! Ahead of Aaron Rodgers?!?!

  23. Ed Says:

    It certainly looked like Brady and Evans were not on the same page last year. Maybe because Brady was bailing out or he wouldn’t hold the ball long enough for Evans to get downfield where he is most dangerous.

    Chris Godwin in the middle of the field was his go-to pass guy. New OC should find a way to take advantage of Evans’ physical advantage vs one-on-one coverage. Not enough attempts to Evans on the sidelines. Mayfield will probably throw some jump balls that Brady never would but with Evans that is a good thing. Evans will fight and come down with those throws. He doesn’t have to be open.

    A great talent to waste.