“Unbelievable Attitude With It”

May 11th, 2023

Bucs right tackle Tristan Wirfs

Tristan Wirfs’ team-first attitude is as big as his 6-5, 340-pound frame.

The veteran All-Pro right tackle is all about greatness and winning, and he’s incredibly selfless for an accomplished superstar who is younger than Bucs rookie guard Cody Mauch.

In what’s expected to be the season before Wirfs negotiates a giant new contract next winter, he’s being asked to learn a new position at left tackle. Not everybody player would be all-in on that kind of relocation at a pivotal time in his financial life.

But Wirfs is all-in. That was the message yesterday for Bucs co-offensive line coach Joe Gilbert. For those unaware, Gilbert coaches up Bucs tackles while Harold Goodwin handles the interior linemen.

Gilbert quickly noted how Wirfs has embraced the left tackle experiment.

“You know, he’s had an unbelievable attitude with it,” Gilbert said of Wirfs. “Every day he looks better and better and more comfortable. Obviously, that’s going to be a process.”

Gilbert went on to talk about how muscle memory will be a key for Wirfs, and he again emphasized how Wirfs has the right attitude.

Interestingly, Gilbert, like Goodwin and offensive coordinator Dave Canales, noted how pleasing it’s been to see 6-6, 330-pound left guard Matt Feiler lined up next to Wirfs at left guard.

Lotta love for Feiler at One Buc Palace. It’s sounding like the 30-year-old Steelers and Chargers veteran is off to an early battle with Baker Mayfield for free-agent steal of the Tampa Bay season.

44 Responses to ““Unbelievable Attitude With It””

  1. SB~LV Says:

    I don’t bet but I would be willing to bet that Wirfs will easily make the transition to LT and become a perennial LT Pro Bowler

  2. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Wirfs is the best!
    Love his attitude and ability.

  3. Steven007 Says:

    Feiler has started almost his entire career. No reason not to be optimistic about a seasoned veteran next to another veteran moving to another position. And you got to love the size and strength on the left side of the line now.

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Haven’t been this excited to watch O-line in a while lol

  5. Dooley Says:

    Big Red Machine

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are loaded with guards…..>Feller, Hainsey, Goedeke, Mauch, Stinnie, Leverett,.Molchon…..

  7. SenseiGinsu Says:

    Wirfs 6’5″, Fieler 6’6″, Jensen 6’4″, Maunch 6’6″, Goedecke 6’5″

    Hard to believe that Jensen is the “shrimp” of the bunch, height-wise (Mauch is the smallest, weight-wise).

  8. Rand Says:

    I see Tristan in the future as the highest paid LT in football.

  9. SomeDudeAtWork Says:

    LOL easy to have a great attitude about seeing how well LTs are paid

  10. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Wirfs deserves what ever amount he wants. Never let this guy go.

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    Goedonkey isn’t a guard.

  12. BoricuaBucfan Says:

    Goedeke is our new right tackle

  13. Mike C Says:

    Dooley, that name has been taken.

  14. Dooley Says:


    we’ve got the gingers to repurpose it

  15. zzbucs Says:

    Wirfs, Evans, Godwing, LVD ,Marpet and a couple more, are the kind of players who put team first…..Something that is surprising on this new generations, where de Lamar Jacksons, Devin white, Antonio Brown, and so many more are the vast majority….and sooner or later if there is no change are going to kill the sport……

  16. Casual Observer Says:

    I wouldn’t bet against Wirfs becoming an outstanding LT. Amazing guy.

  17. G-Buc Says:

    Why wouldn’t you try?! being a supremely confident athlete (Wirfs).
    A Successful transition means only a larger payday for you at “the” premium
    Position on the line.

    I applaud you Tristan!
    No risk it … no biscuit!

  18. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Good news. Thanks Jose.

  19. MadMax Says:

    He’ll be fine….just got to make sure his backup is decent in case something happens…..

  20. Nybuccguy Says:

    Our only O-line issue is a lack of depth at Tackle. We are screwed if Wirfs or Goedeke gets hurt

  21. BA’s Red Pen Says:


  22. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Left Tackle is a much harder position to play than right tackle, because every week a left tackle faces the other teams best pass rushers.
    I am not for moving Wirfs to left tackle.
    I think we need to leave well enough alone

  23. Infomeplease Says:

    Mike C

    How about the Mean Machine! I’m sure those prison movie actors wouldn’t mind!

  24. Dooley Says:

    lol @info works for me

  25. HC Grover Says:

    He can go back to left next year after the Bowles Calamity.

  26. Danati1 Says:

    Lol,..you don’t see him 😭 about his 5th year option…money changes some ppl and not others.

  27. Beejezus-belt Says:

    Wirfs’ ability to play left tackle will cost the team more at contract time. I am sure an all-pro left tackle is significantly more money than an all-pro right tackle. But if Wirfs is an average left tackle that doesn’t help the team at all.

  28. TDTB2022 Says:

    Rand is right! He will be the highest paid LT in his next contract.
    Hopefully we have another Super Bowl win before we resign him.

  29. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Wirfs is the most agile and versatile tackle in the NFL. He could play left or right tackle almost at will. You won’t find many like him in the league. I would feel a lot more comfortable with signing a vet right tackle to compete with Godeke.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs should be trying to get an extension down now, because he’s going to get paid as the best RT in football, and will only increase his value if he becomes the best LT in football.

  31. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I have to say I was definitely skeptical about the Oline this year. Now that the plan has come together. I’m excited and optimistic. I’m expecting a run blocking scheme similar to Seattle. Lots of pulling guards, double teams, and getting a hat on a linebacker. Wirfs, Feiler and Jensen run blocking with Mauch pulling is going to be fun. Bravo Licht… Bravo..

    Candles has to be giddy about running the football this year.

  32. Dooley Says:

    Tristan Wirfs has been good enough to be one of if not the highest paid OLmen in the league, period. It really doesn’t matter the side he’s on, we were gonna have to put his next payday on a pallet anyways

  33. Brandon Says:

    He played three games there his last season at Iowa, he must’ve done well. If he were a colossal failure they wouldn’t have attempted it. The real battles in training camp will be to see who is the RG and RT. Call me crazy, but I have to think Hainsey has a good shot at winning one of those positions.

  34. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Is it Wirfs’ attitude or the salary difference between a RT and LT?….lol

  35. CleanHouse Says:

    Let’s hope this kid doesn’t read too much of his own press. He was anointed by everyone as if he’s already arrived. He needs to stay hungry and focused and take it to an even greater level.

  36. Destinjohnny Says:

    Best right tackle in football bar none

  37. Fansince76 Says:

    Wirfs is the best tackle in football and is on a hall of fame trajectory.

  38. BucaneroJim Says:

    The Lugger Line… luggers were a type of pirate/smuggler/work ship.

  39. BucaneroJim Says:

    or… The Barque Boys… barques another sailing ship used by pirates and others.

  40. Rand Says:

    That’s Bucs ex-right tackle Tristan Wirfs

  41. garro Says:

    I say leet Jensen choose the nickname. He’s the vet and sets the tone.
    He said we are gonna FSPU after all.

  42. garro Says:


  43. garro Says:

    I say let Jensen pick the nickname.
    After all he is the vet and sets the tone.
    Plus he did say we are gonna FSPU

  44. orlbucfan Says:

    Licht drafted Wirf cos he knew the young man was smart and versatile. I am thrilled to see that ME13 (future HOF), ungodly CG14, and the Defensive patriarch LVD will be back this season. And no more Tom Brady—yeah! Can’t wait for preseason to start!