CBS: Too Many Questions Marks For Bucs To Repeat

May 26th, 2023

This is one question.

Joe expects to keep typing the following until training camp kicks off.

Whatever method the Bucs are using to sell or convince the nation that the Bucs can win with Baker Mayfield at quarterback is not resonating. At all.

The latest skeptic is Cody Benjamin of CBS. He ranked the Bucs as the least-likely division champion to repeat. Baker Mayfield is Benjamin’s primary reason (or at least, no Tom Brady).

1. Buccaneers (NFC South)
2022 record: 8-9 | Division title streak: 2 seasons

The talent isn’t awful on either side of the ball, but this is what happens when Tom Brady exits in favor of Baker Mayfield under center. Yes, Brady was sluggish in his final season, but if they could barely control the NFC South with his vision at quarterback, it’s hard to feel good about his holdover staff — still led by the conservative Todd Bowles — fending off the Falcons, Panthers and Saints, all of whom are younger and/or improved, and especially with an O-line also in transition.

Joe thinks the offensive line is full of question marks that seem to be very much overlooked — at nearly every position.

After a shaky rookie season at left guard, can Luke Goedeke prove his worth at right tackle?

Who will be the guards?

Can Ryan Jensen come back to anything close to his former Pro Bowl self after his knee was destroyed in training camp last season?

Yes, Joe knows Tristan Wirfs was All-World at right tackle and maybe on his way to a Hall of Fame career there. Can he flip to the other side and be as dominant?

Joe isn’t losing much sleep over Mayfield (Joe better mention competing Kyle Trask here or Joe is liable to ruffle feathers) because Joe thinks signing Mayfield is a savvy gamble.

However, Joe is very much worried about the offensive line. Way too many question marks for Joe’s liking.

29 Responses to “CBS: Too Many Questions Marks For Bucs To Repeat”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    No Brady to pull HC/DC feet out of the fire in the 4th qtr.

  2. BillyBucco Says:

    @HC Grover
    What record would you realistically be “HAPPY” with this year?

  3. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The Bucs offense will probably be better this year.

  4. Pewter Power Says:

    Damn what a stupid annoying thing to say the hell? If you didn’t win the Super Bowl your team has question marks what am idiotic thing to say. The Bucs o line e we were talking about question marks the year we won the superbowl!! If I’m not mistaken all the same issues as that year. Running back, o line etc stop please stop. It’s dumb even the Super Bowl team has question marks until the season starts and you answer them. Wirfs, Winfield we’re question marks

  5. PSL Bob Says:

    In all these negative assessments, one thing that seems to be repeatedly ignored is the canning of Leftwich. The offense was so terrible last year because the plays lacked imagination and the play calling was terrible. O-lin, agree. That’s a big question mark. But if the o-line can gel quickly, there is no reason (even with Traskfield at QB) the Bucs can’t compete for the Division title.

  6. Lt. Dan Says:

    l is gonna be just fine. I read here a day or two ago that Wirf’s is already comfortable on the left side. Goedeke had his best game at RT (his natural position) against the Falcons last year. Jensen is close to 100% – I think I read that here too. Mauck – may have some growing pains.

  7. DBS Says:

    If all you cry babies can do is b!itch about every article written quit reading until training camp. You have been here long enough to know these opinions are written every year at this time. 2 year old children don’t cry as much as you do about anything written on jbf.

  8. Pewter Power Says:

    Everyone is expecting the defense to be good, if it’s not there’s no saving Bowles. No one is going to fire him post Brady if the offense has good concepts but the quarterback play is bad that’s on Licht.

  9. Mike Says:

    Definitely a lot of questions to be answered, but being an optimist, I’m hopeful things will all work out.

  10. ModHairKen Says:

    He’s got a superficial point. Declined every year under Brady —not because of him. Because Arians left, Leftwich was not good, injuries, Bowles lack of motivational skills.

    Now Brady is gone. Mayfield or Trask is starting. Much younger team.

    All point to worse. But …

    Canales. Healthy Angry Red and Godwin. Faster players.

    Could be better. Not worse.

  11. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    There isn’t a single decent team in our division, I’m not saying the Bucs will be good compared to the whole NFL this year but who should they be scared of in this garbage division? Spoiler Alert: NOBODY. Don’t worry about not mentioning Trask in the starter conversation, his occult doesn’t meet on Friday’s.

  12. zzbucs Says:

    @Joe in Michigan .

    Agreed 100% brother……

  13. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    Most non-Bucs fans writing about the Bucs think “Brady gone = devastation” and that’s as far as they get.

    Thankfully we get to play the games to find out.

  14. Voice of Truth Says:

    Fair and reasonable assessment – there are more bodies on the OLine but are we Ali Marpet good at G? and the RT is just a mystery after 1 meaningless game last year…Wirfs moving, Jensen coming back off injury

    Same on the D side – can Shaq come back? Can the kids step up? How about DivaWhite and his mental ineptitude?

    On paper, 6 wins max

    Prove it wrong Todd!!

  15. lambchop Says:

    That’s fine. Did anyone expect the Sehawks and Geno Smith to do anything? It will be a huge advantage for other teams to look past us this season.

    If the guys stay healthy, I think we can be competitive.

  16. Brandon Says:

    This is funny… the Bucs keep getting called OLD… old where? Lavonte David, Jensen, is there another player in their 30’s that I’m missing… Shaq Barrett… is that three? Nobody ever does their homework on these talking head shows. I’m pretty sure we’re younger than the Saints… and have better talent than all the teams in the division.

  17. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I’m excited about this season.

  18. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Most in the national media do not watch Buc games. The only reason they even checked the box score was because Brady was on the team. They have no idea if the team is trending up or down or sideways.

  19. ATLBuc Says:

    @Mayfield Joe

    Let’s make a deal! Why not take a poll on who we think the starting qb will be and if the readers think it’s Trask, you stop writing articles that allude 100% to Mayfield being the starter. I’m sure I’m not the only one irritated by this literary flaw of yours

  20. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Funny that Jose wasn’t worried at all about the offensive line last year. Anyway, I am a little worried too (again), but I do think the O line will come together. Should be healthier than last year, we hope, and ultimately better.

  21. R0n@Tampa Says:

    but who should they be scared of in this garbage division?

    Every team in the NFL should fear the Bucs. They won a super bowl recently. Nearly repeated, and could have won last year if not for some questionable ref calls in the Dallas playoff game. This is a loaded roster with two great qbs.

  22. Joe Says:

    Let’s make a deal! Why not take a poll on who we think the starting qb will be and if the readers think it’s Trask, you stop writing articles that allude 100% to Mayfield being the starter. I’m sure I’m not the only one irritated by this literary flaw of yours

    Joe doesn’t know that Mayfield is the 100 percent starter, but everything Joe sees and hears it is his job to lose.

    You want Joe to be a fiction writer. Joe’s not a fiction writer. If Trask was taking 70 percent of the snaps like Mayfield did this week, and if Trask was making the same salary as Mayfield, and if Trask was regularly practicing with the first team, then Joe would be typing that Trask is the defacto starter.

    Joe goes to practices and talks to players and coaches for a reason. If you don’t like Joe reporting what he is seeing, what he is hearing, then this website isn’t for you. Joe is sure you can find some site that he celebrating Trask as the Bucs’ savior. Also, be careful what else that site is also peddling.

    No one is forcing you to read any story about a subject you don’t like.

  23. Geno711 Says:

    ATLBuc Says:
    May 26th, 2023 at 9:59 am

    I do not care who is the starter. I have not been a Baker Mayfield fan. I will be now, as it appears he is the player the coaches feel gives the Bucs the best chance of winning.

    I will quickly flip my allegiance to Trask if he is the better dude. Personally, it is better for the Bucs if Trask is the QB because we have him signed for next season at a low rate. It would be wonderful.

    Again, I agree with the coaches and what they are seeing between the two QB’s. They have nothing invested of any significance in Baker. So, let it play out.

    BTW, you were wrong about Brady. I have a feeling that you are wrong on Trask.
    Why get on the site every day and act like Trask has the goods because of something that he did in college. It does not work that way, the NFL is clearly a different league.

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    National sportswriters have our Tampa Bay Bucs ranked as one of the top 5 worst teams this year They are usually not that far off. All because of our QB situation.

  25. ATLBuc Says:

    Joe said: “ Whatever method the Bucs are using to sell or convince the nation that the Bucs can win with Baker Mayfield at quarterback”

    Where did you read that the Bucs were trying to sell the nation that they were going to start Baker Mayfield? Or, were you referring to him being a backup? How do you know that Trask doesn’t get 70% of the snaps on the days you aren’t allowed to be there. Also, the player interviews I’ve read, some said good things about Mayfield when asked about Mayfield and some said good things about Trask when asked about Trask. From what has been written on this site, there is not a factual basis for saying with 100 certainty that the Bucs view Mayfield as their starter.

  26. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Mark my words. This will turn out to be the best offensive line we’ve ever fielded.

  27. Geno711 Says:

    Hope you are right Show Me the TD’s.

    I have a ton of confidence in the Offensive Line coaches but to be great, the players really have to have that skill factor.

    Which of our offensive lineman do you think will be great moving forward besides Wirfs?

  28. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Brady was a handicap last season. We will be better as a team in 2023, no matter who plays QB. Brady wasn’t focused on football. Too many distractions.

  29. TF Says:

    The entire season may come down to Canales. Pure and simple. We know what we get with Bowles. Average leader, annoyingly conservative but respected by the players. I assume they love playing for him because he is opposite of the fiery Arians. Holding no one accountable when they make the same undisciplined rookie mistakes and penalties. Like stupid High School penalties. Anyways back to Canales. He has a ton of talent to work with but he is on an island by himself being so green. Time will quickly tell what type of coach he became from the Seahawks organization.

    One thing I strongly disagree on is the fact that we have weak teams in our division. Weak compared to who? Not weak compared to OUR roster and that’s all that matters. Those SAME “weak” divisional teams beat the snot out of us last year and every single one of those teams got MUCH better this year while we have MAJOR changes on offense and defense this year. We can easily go 5-12. That’s me being a “realist”. Nothing to do with the level of Bucs fan I am or how negative blah blah blah. We just have a ton of unknowns. Truth. Canales is the key.