“That’s Going To Be The Determining Factor”

May 13th, 2023

Bucs QB Kyle Trask.

So Bucs rookies and tryout players are finished running around the fields of One Buc Palace in shorts and t-shirts.

Heck, today’s session was so important, Todd Bowles didn’t even show up. (Joe’s being sarcastic but serious about Bowles.)

The juicy stuff remains the quarterback competition, which will resume next week when veterans return to spring practice.

Will it be Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask? Offensive coordinator Dave Canales says the winner will be who protects the football best, and the bonus factor is who an push the ball down the field well.

” …We’re going to allow us to go into the preseason, let them show us that they can manage to get us into the right play, they can take care of the ball — that’s going to be the determining factor, really, is who takes care of the ball. And then the bonus is who pushes it down the field,” Canales said this week.

Those couple of sentences struck Joe because they were sort of the opposite of the Arians/Leftwich way. Push the ball down the field succesfully and live with the turnovers.

Regardless, there are limits to everything. Jameis Winston proved that by giving the ball away 30 times through the air in 2019. And Joe would wager a lot of cash that Trask will pay much more dearly for preseason turnovers than will Mayfield, when it comes to how much rope he gets from coaches.

Joe is not playing gotcha with Canales, but Todd Bowles did say leadership would be a significant part of winning the No. 1 quarterback job — before he endorsed Mayfield’s elite leadership skills.

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37 Responses to ““That’s Going To Be The Determining Factor””

  1. HC Grover Says:

    Keystone Cops.

  2. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I hope Trask earns the job. He has more upside, (my opinion)

  3. PA Buc Fan Says:

    I agree BEER. I think Trask does have better upside. I’m a Noles fan and can say that. We know what we are getting with Mayfield. Not much. Would rather see what Trask can do and if he sucks like many think he will we will be compensated with a top pick where we can get our qb and many complimentary players drafting early each of the first 3 rounds in what appears to be a deep draft. Just don’t dee the upside with Mayfield.

  4. ElioT Says:

    The most inspiring articles from this outfit centered on Manziel and Winston.

    Classy operation.

  5. Allbuccedup Says:

    Maybe Bowles will resign one can only hope!

  6. Larrd Says:

    I wonder what Bowles was up to during the last day of rookie camp.

  7. godlovesbucs Says:

    You know what baker is. A physically limited small qb who has only excelled in one system. Trask is a complete unknown. You have to find out what Trask is. Baker ain’t winning a SB, but can Trask? I personally doubt it, but let’s find out this year.

  8. Buc4evr Says:

    It really boils down to what each QB can do in the red zone. This team needs TD’s in the red zone, not FGs.

  9. HC Grover Says:

    What if Wolford outplays em both in pre season?

  10. View from 132 Says:

    The return of Bucball of the late 1990s, except even Dungy eventually realized you’ve got to put up points. Those 100 degree home wins with a 6-3 final score were epic defense, but won’t fly in 2023.

  11. Obvious Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^ Can Trask win A Super Bowl? ^^^^^^^^^

    Actually he stands a fair chance with more coaching that he didn’t receive thus far. He has the tangibles and the intangibles as far as everything your looking for with perhaps the fact that he’s not (for the most part) a run around Sue.

    I mean he’ll Absolutely scramble and pick up first downs unlike Brady did in his latter years but what’s more impressive to me is the fact that he sticks in the pocket looking for the play. He doesn’t run scared.

    In fact I’d argue that MOST of the QBs out there aren’t runners by design. I believe it’s more likely that they are running scared for their lives and that’s being confused for some brilliant plan. I doubt it. I believe it takes more nads Not To Run for Your Life on a consistent basis. I’m NOT saying that there aren’t “run by design” backs out there. Obviously there are. I just don’t believe it’s most..

    The guy proved in school that he can not only LEAD A TEAM, but Trask can do it with Authority! He put up STUNNING numbers during his time in college. A TRUE underdog that turned into Super Man when he puts on the pads.

    You know people say ~ “He was ONLY able to accomplish those MASSIVE touchdowns and Thousands of yards because he was surrounded by capable players. WELL WHAT IN THE H3LL DO WE HAVE FOR RECEIVERS? Chop Liver?? Give him a SHOT WITH the BEST that WE have to offer.. That’s how you determination how good he Really is!

    Isn’t a PRO TEAM “SUPPOSED TO” surround their QBs with “capable” players? Well, DUH! Of Course! And if true… Then ALL THE BETTER! Just means he’s used to playing with and dealing with the best a team has. I suppose he wouldn’t look very good or ANYBODY for that matter if a QB is playing with 5th stringers that don’t belong on the field of battle. Why don’t they belong on the field “full time”‽ Well I’m gonna take a guess and say it’s probably because THEY AREN’T TALENTED ENOUGH to be on the field AT ALL! It’s NOT Trasks fault if the guys they gave him to play with for 3 or 4 minutes left in the forth quarter, of a throw away game can’t catch a ball, can’t get open, can’t remember their assignments etc. NOT QUALIFIED and it WASN’T a fair chance for the guy to shine.

    When given A REAL CHANCE with Florida’s best players, HE UTTERLY DESTROYED ALL OTHER TEAMS IN FRONT OF HIM! That’s just the FACTS!

    How many games did he lose? He was up against THE BEST talent that the PLANET had to offer, was he not? HE ALMOST TOOK THEM ALL THE WAY AGAINST THE VERY BEST IN THE WORLD, did he not?

    So the answer to your question I’d say is Yes. I believe he Could take us ALL THE WAY AND WIN MULTIPLE SUPER BOWLS FOR US! “IMO”

  12. CleanHouse Says:

    We suck

  13. Hodad Says:

    I think Bowles was getting his diploma.

  14. HA-HA-HA Says:

    That’s a positive.

  15. Tye Says:

    Smart Money is on Mayfield!

  16. Dew Says:

    Bowles was actually speaking to his fellow grads today. Video on youtube. Congrats to Coach Bowles.

  17. stpetebucfan Says:


    “We suck”

    Speak for yourself! I don’t suck! The Bucs neither suck nor excel. They haven’t taken the first freaking snap of pre season.

    You know what sucks…fair weather fans. ““You of little faith,” Jesus replied, “why are you so afraid?”

  18. unbelievable Says:

    @Beer – I agree, Trask winning the starting job would be the best thing for our team, cuz that would mean he showed more than Baker, who can be a decent quarterback at times, but isn’t taking us to the promised land. (Unless he is somehow reborn under Canales’ scheme).

  19. BUCman Says:

    The best thing for this team long term is to give Trask every chance to be QB1. They need to allow him to make mistakes and learn from them. Problem is Bowles needs to win immediately to protect his job and will trust Mayfield more in the short term to produce W’s. There is a direct conflict here between what is best for the team and what is best for Bowles. This is why Bowles should have been terminated at the end of last season.

  20. David Says:

    Obvious says ;
    “Trask can win us multiple super bowls”
    I hope he wins over Baker if there will be a true competition. Bowles will have short leash on Trask vs Baker because this could be Bowles last season if he loses . If Bowles wanted a true competition he would have drafted someone to compete with Trask. Baker has weak record and he has proven that he is no starter in this league. Trask will beat Baker with a true competition.

  21. Mike S Says:

    Baker has elite leadership skills? Since when? You mean like pissing everyone off in Cleveland so much that they traded for a guy who should be a registered sex offender? Stinking up the joint in Carolina? Headbutting guys in LA?

    Teammates put up with him. Some of them have even trashed him in social media – said he was over rated garbage.

    Joe stop.

  22. Trask To The Future Says:

    The Bucs would be DUMB to make Mayfield the starter. He’s inconsistent and has very little upside. Even if he has a solid season he may stink it up next year.

    This is the season you had the team to Trask and let him start and get plenty of experience. See what his NFL potential truly is. If he stinks it up, then you draft a QB next year with a high pick.

    It would make absolutely zero sense to start Mayfield. ZERO. There is so much downside to him playing half decent (but not great) in a contract year. Bucs might be dumb enough to sign him to an expensive 4-year deal that would set this franchise back a long time.

  23. firethecannons Says:

    sounds crazy, the QB that can protect the ball best and if they can move the ball also well good. evans and godwin are likely not liking it

  24. Rand Says:

    Seems Joe is using his bully pulpit to put his finger on the scale.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    Hodad … ‘I think Bowles was getting his diploma.’

    Saw a media piece last night and that’s exactly what he was doing Hodad. According to the AP … ‘Todd Bowles kept a promise to his late mother and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach is now a college graduate. The 59-year-old Bowles walked across the stage at Mount St. Mary’s University on Saturday to receive his diploma after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in youth and community development.’

    Kudos Coach.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Rand … ‘Seems Joe is using his bully pulpit to put his finger on the scale.’

    Joe has a weakness when it comes to undersized QBs. We all know that Joe would’ve picked Johnny Manziel in the 1st Rnd of 2014 (#7 pick) instead of Mike Evans. Who knows how that might’ve changed Bucs’ history. In retrospect, it would’ve put us in the perfect spot to grab Baker Mayfield in the 2018 draft with our 1st Rnd pick (after we paid a king’s ransom to move up of course).

  27. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Elite Leadership Skills? Would those be the self proclaimed type or actual? Watch the games and see which QB motivates the other players around him to willingly run through a brick wall for him , and that will be your QB-Trask is the real leader through example not words. I seem to remember an Elite fighting force that Major Powers had in “Heartbreak Ridge” , I suspect Trask will lead like Gunny Highway.

  28. TDTB Says:

    Baker is the starter until the second half of the Saints game at the earliest (i.e., the bye week is the earliest a change in starters will be made). They will see if Baker wins the opening games. If not, then they switch to Trask. If Baker is winning and isn’t a locker room cancer, they stick with him.nThere is no competition. That’s window dressing to keep Trask engaged.

  29. Pablocruise Says:

    Obvious, have to agree…..

    It seems forgotten that Mayfield was brought in for “competing” for the QB position. I think that’s fair as they got him cheap and want to see what’s there. I believe the front office knows what they’re doing as when they saw and drafted the person who was responsible for Manziel to have the Sr. season he did, Mike Evans. Trask has proven himself with the number 1’s when he was called on but he has to do it here. I believe he will get a fair shot and REALLY hope the team doesn’t just shoe horn Mayfield in because of his “experience”. Do we see a similarity from when Trask came in at Florida because of an injury and when Brady did the same in NE?? One can dream can’t they?

  30. Obvious Says:

    I kinda believe TDTB is pretty much spot on with how it’ll go down. I have a Strong belief that Bowles is running scared and will make the wrong calls. In fact it’s Obvious….
    Joe’s right in suggesting that’s the way Bowles will go because THAT’S WHAT HE’S (Bowles) HAS BEEN SAYING…. He’s wearing it on his sleeve.

    I also believe it’s fair enough to give Mayfield a shot at it. But that hasn’t been the truth either. It seems CLEAR that they are indeed shoe horning Mayfield in there “regardless” of the talent difference. Or the leadership difference.

    Bowles is running scared and he’s taking bad advice as well. It’s known that Arians thought Mayfield was the Bees Knees once apon a time and maybe that’s where his blind belief is coming from. Maybe.

    One thing is FOR SURE. I believe Bowles FOOLISHLY took Brady for granted. I mean, if I were Bowles I would have had my BEST trainer’s working with Trask to develop him! Talk about SHORT SIGHTED! What did Bowles Really think was going to happen?? He on one had Clearly took Brady for granted (he didn’t even talk to the man) and it looks like he assumed (ass u/me) Brady would be there to save him forever and neglected the relationship. And was taken by surprise when Brady called it quits???
    Didn’t bother to prepare for that possibility!!! NEGLECTED his BEST SHOT AT WINNING in his (Bowles) MAKE OR BREAK LEGACY YEAR!?!? WHAT A SHORT SHIGHTED IDIOT!
    If he had been training Trask this whole time, he would have had a REAL SHOT at being a WINNER this year. Bowles ABSOLUTELY HAS NO VISION OF THE FUTURE. He doesn’t seem to anticipate ANYTHING! He is ARROGANT BEYOND BELIEF with his not only FOOLISH but CHILDISH way he’s handled his OWN Future much less the future of this team! HE DIDN’T SEEM TO REALIZE THAT WE WERE BROKE AND COULDN’T AFFORD TO JUST BUY ANOTHER PROVEN, TOP TIER QB!

    He TRULY is the wrong man for the job. It’s strange to say it considering his accomplishments but from what he has and hasn’t done, well he’s simply not smart enough to handle this. And he FOLDS under Pressure… Folds.
    No vision for the future and so much more

    We truly are in trouble this year and it seems Vegas is right.

    At this point we’re going to need good Ole plain DUMB LUCK to get better than 6 wins. Or just good enough to get 7 and a LOUSY draft choice in case Trask doesn’t work out due to “LONG TERM NEGLECT” to our future that may have wilted on the vine due to NEGLECT! There was NO CYA! Foolish!

    It’s a shame coupled with Lousy management of the team, Neglect, and Blatant ARROGANCE.

    Why am I surprised? Well, I don’t have a good answer for that one because I shouldn’t be…….

  31. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Wear the sunscreen pastey

  32. Duane Says:

    I disagree with those who have low expectations for either or both Trask or Mayfield. I expect that both are talented, motivated, and coachable. Mayfield got an extremely raw deal at the feckless incompetent Browns, when he injured his shoulder severely and the Browns refused to sit him and get the necessary surgery. The season before he produced a winning record and won a playoff game for the all time worst NFL franchise, the Klein Kar otherwise known as the Browns.

    Trask led the entire nation in passing yards and TDs his senior year, and led his team to winning the SEC East, equivalent to winning a NFL conference championship. He spent two seasons learning from the GOAT and is applauded by his coaches as a dedicated student of the NFL game and an extremely hard worker.

    My belief at this time is that the Bucs are fortunate to have two such qualified candidates for a starting quarterback. I don’t expect either will lead the Bucs to a Super Bowl championship this season, as it takes a couple of years of practicing and playing in a new offense and new supporting players. But I DO expect that the Bucs will make a good run at another division championship and therefore a trip to the playoffs. The Bucs will NOT be in the running for the number one overall pick in the 24 draft, as so many now predict.

  33. garro Says:

    Taking every oportunity to stir the pot I aee Joe.

  34. Bojim Says:

    Sounds like they’re looking for someone like a Brady. Trask has already lost. Now I’m pulling for him. But always want the Bucs to prevail

  35. Tvan101 Says:

    We know how Bowles is when it comes to turnovers, Baker will be benched by the bye week.

  36. Ricki Says:

    Joe maybe you should update your article and say why Bowles wasnt there?

    Since you like to be ironic and imply things. Now be a man and update your article.

  37. Smoothbayrider Says:

    Ditto what Duane said . Finally, somebody who sees what I see.